Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Speaker Junk - Foxxy

Speaker Junk, "Close Your Eyes" (YSI link)

Speaker Junk, "Bounce" (YSI link)

Jeez, more heat. Speaker Junk is, as I'm sure you know, Trevor Loveys and Joshua Harvey, part of the massive Dubsided empire that is quickly taking over the dance music world. Or at the very least the Pound for Pound world. I thought this was a real nice compliment to the Chicago acid house stuff, as I see guys like this holding the torch for that sound and aesthetic. That jackin' spirit seems prominent here

These tracks above are the B-side to their well-known Foxxy 12", the flipside to the houseification of Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady." I actually prefer these two tracks, both are great examples of the Dubsided sound that I've really taken to lately. Sick basslines, cool vocal samples, lots of chopped up drums and quick dropouts, solid drums. I really really like "Close Your Eyes" with its vocal refrain about closing your eyes, forget your name, forget the people, it's got an almost-eerie feel to it, the voice sounds haunted or something. Definitely a little darker and less bootylicious than say, "Bounce."

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Me said...

FYI - "Close Your Eyes" is a reworking of Acen's "Just Close Your Eyes" (massive early 90's rave banger). And that's Jim Morrison's voice being sampled....Acen's "Overdose" was also hugeness too.

Woot woot!
DJ Paul V.