Sunday, December 31, 2006

Auld Lang Syne

Thank G-d, 2006 is finally coming to an end. Put it to rest with a bang, get ready for 2007.

-Globothermonuclear at Upstairs at Sal's on 12th with my bols Crimp Yr Hair DJs

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-Making Time at Transit with Man Man, Pony Pants and an 8 hour open bar (best flier I've seen in a minute)

-Paper Street at the Bellevue with Low B and Plastic Little

-Studio B in Greenpoint with DJ motherfucking Assault

-Cheeky Bastard and GBH at Maritime Hotel with James of the Klaxons spinning. Head to the afterparty at Movida from 3 on.

-Motherfucker vs. Calling All Kids

-Todd P's jawn at Silent Barn with Black Lips and Japanther

-Evildoer's New Year's Party in LA

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury

Clipse, "Momma I'm So Sorry" (YSI link)

Clipse, "Keys Open Doors" (YSI link)

No one thought this would come, but damn if all the bullshit didn't stop and the music industry finally released the Clipse follow-up to Lord Willin'. Hell Hath No Fury is one of the best albums of the year, the best rap album of the year (sorry T.I.), period. In fact, with each listen, it begins to assert itself in the conversation of essential rap albums, according to Pound for Pound. It's not at Mobb Deep's level, although it ain't as far as I would have expected. I mean, how amazing is it that this album not only lived up to the most hyped expectations ever, but far exceeded them.

You've all heard the first two singles, "Mr. Me Too" and "Wamp Wamp." The songs above are the proof that this album is deep. It's a sprawling, complicated album, one that takes the crack rap schtick to an extreme. It's almost the music of the living dead, cold, mechanical, self-loathing, angry, violent.

-Project Matt and DJ Lindsey at Home Sweet Home. Roll through for the best party in the LES, hell, just about the only thing keeping that neighborhood from going the way of the rest of the Manhattan. Say hi to your bol, I'll be there.

-Amanda Lepore is doing a guest DJ spot at Robot Rock tonight

-Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned. Let me take the time to explain to the person who crank called me and whose phone this message was made from, do not test my gangsta. That's your warning.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Favorite Concerts of 2006

My girl Chan live at Town Hall, NYC 2006

Cat Power La Cigale Paris, France November 11, 2005

Cat Power, "The Greatest" (yousendit link) (a taste for those who aren't sure they should d/l the whole show)

I went to lots of shows this year and figured I'd kick off my look back at 2006 with the best concerts I saw all year. For the record, I didn't include any bands that played at DJ events, so no Hot Chip at Making Time or Uffie at Ed Banger Showcase.

1) Cat Power at Town Hall

This was the one, the show that comes to mind when I try to remember why I care about rock/indie music. I had loved Cat Power for awhile already, but it was her latest album, The Greatest, that I considered to be her best. I was incredibly excited for this show, although everyone has heard the stories about Chan Marshall and her erratic behavior in concert. Mang, every single moment of this show was perfect. The new songs were just as good as the recorded versions, the Memphis backing band were smoking, Chan was in great spirits. I won't drone on and on about how good the music was or how beautiful she is, but I will tell one story that sums up why this night was so magical. After a numerous encores, the band and Marshall began to finally walk off the stage for good. Suddenly, Chan ran back to the piano and spontaneously played my favorite song of all, "I Don't Blame You." It was beautiful, sparse, poignant and I believe all for me.

1) Spank Rock at the Mercury Lounge

Thinking back to this show makes me want to cry. It was such a wonderful night, one of those shows as parties that just doesn't happen much anymore. Spank Rock came to NYC and destroyed the city, as the youngest hardest working man in show business did the album, danced, came into the audience, had the crowd dancing from the first beats. It was so unlike any NYC show. Why, you may ask? Because most of the audience had travelled from Philly to see their boy. The end of the night featured a full-on dance party with most of those people on stage. It was beautiful and was a simple snapshot of why I love Spank Rock and why I love Philly so much.

3) Love Is All at Starlight Ballroom

It's a sign of just how amazing the above shows were that this one comes in third. One of the greatest things as a music fan is the unexpected, the band you didn't know about it blowing your mind. Love Is All were the first band to blow me away out of the blue in a long time. I had read about them and knew they existed, but wasn't in attendance for their performance this night. No, I was there to see The Go! Team. Poor Go! Team, as Love Is All blew them away and made the final set of the night irrelevant. LIA

4) Kudu at Nublu, every Tuesday night

Aww mang, Kudu is my group. For real, there's no band that I saw as many times over the course of the year; I was on some Deadhead shit with them most of the year, catching them every time they played in NYC and I was there. I chose their weekly Tuesday residency at Nublu as my favorite show(s), as it was the most amazing experience to watch an amazing, up and coming band perform a few feet from me, giving the audience a chance to see them grow with each gig. I will be telling people one day that I was there in the beginning.

5) Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins at Church sanctuary and TLA

This is definitely the most surprising inclusion on the list for me. At least, if you had asked at the beginning of the year. I was a casual fan of Rilo Kiley, really enjoyed their last album, liked their show at the Troc, but nothing intense. Then, I went to see Ms. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins perform at the First Unitarian Church in Philly and suddenly I was in love. This first show was amazing, as we sat in church pews (as opposed to the normal space in the basement and listened to this wonderul country-tinged music and Jenny's gorgeous voice and all the great songs from the album. She followed it up a few months later with an amazing performance in a much bigger, less intimate venue, which confirmed that this is the real deal. And that Jenny Lewis is a star. And that I will always listen to my good friend TA and her recommendations.

Honorable Mentions) Peaches at TLA, Ratatat at the Khyber and The Presets at the Khyber, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blood On The Wall at the Troc, TV On The Radio and Grizzly Bear at the Starlight Ballroom and Animal Collective at Starlight

Worst Show

1) Gogol Bordello at Troc

I can't even begin to get into all the reasons why this show sucks. This was the night where I became the obnoxious guy, where I probably should have seen the light. Gogol was shockingly average and the opening band was the worst band I heard all year (close second goes to the TLA Jenny Lewis opener). Ugh, this is the last I will ever think of this night.

Worst Idea

1) Four shows in 4 nights.

It took me months before I was ready to go see another concert.

There you have, the best shows I saw all year. I want to thank TA, MG, my bol JT, JK, anyone else I attended a show with and all of the amazing promoters and clubs in Philly and NYC who have brought these amazing shows to us, especially R5 Productions, the best independent promoter in the country. I am really looking forward to 2007, seeing more of my favorites, getting new favorites and having those amazing moments that only come from being in a sweaty club listening to music. Support local music.

In Flagranti - Genital Blue Room

In Flagranti, "Genital Blue Room" (rapidshare link)

In Flagranti, "Subvariety" (rapidshare link)

In Flagranti, "Uncanny Hinting"
(rapidshare link)

After that look back at electro, let's take a look at one of the new players bringing the genre back to life. In Flagranti haven't gotten the same amount of love as the Ed Banger peeps, Simian Mobile Disco, Boys Noize, you know the list. I think that will be changing over the next few months, so let's do our part.

Genital Blue Room was a 12" from early this year, but don't let the bizarro title scare you away. This is great electro-house music with a distinct disco influence. Not sure which one is my favorite, as both songs on the A side are phenomenal. The title track has a sort of distorted disco sound, what with the deadpan vocals and smeared refrain. It's the pulsing instrumental that really drives this one along, complete with a mild freakout midway through. "Subvariety" is on some totally different ish, as this one is much heavier and punkier.

-NYC, Lit is going to be crazy tonight. One of the best parties, Dirty Down, goes down in the basement, with special guest DJs Dave P and JDH of Fixed and Mr. Andersonic, booty bass master.

-Dimitry is spinning at Diesel in Union Square

-Philly, celebrate the Wooden Shoe's 30th birthday night at Upstair's at Sal's. Anarchy in Philly, motherfuckers!

-Catchdubs and Jones of Caps and Jones, on East Village Radio from 6-8 tonight

-51:51 has the goods on Philly this weekend and for NYE. Don't forget my Philly Weekly preview for NYE and this week's preview of Paper Street's jawn at The Ballroom at the Bellevue. If you want to be on the list for this one, btw, you need to RSVP by tonight. If I'm in the city Sunday, I'll be at Crimp Yr Hair's Globothermonuclearwar blast-off at Upstairs at Sal's, for the record.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jonzun Crew - Lost In Space

Jonzun Crew, "We Are The Jonzun Crew" (YSI link)

Jonzun Crew, "Space Is The Place" (YSI link)

Jonzun Crew, "Pack Jam" (YSI link)

Time for some more classic electro jams. Jonzun Crew are another of the pivotal names that helped define that glorious mid 80s period. This is more on a space-y boogie tip than say the cold machine music of a Cybotron. The group consisted of three brothers, Michael and Soni Jonzun and Maurice Starr. There were a few other members over the years, but this was the core. They got started in Boston, not a city you hear much as a site of any music, to be honest. This one album, Lost In Space, was the only one to make a huge impact, mainly off of the strentgth of these tracks. The band would keep making music into the 90s, but they never really put out anything else that got any attention. In fact, Soni Jonzun and Maurice Starr would have their greatest impact on music in the 90s as the guys who signed New Edition and New Kids On The Block.

"We Are The Jonzun Crew" opens the album and gives you a good idea of what to expect. There's lots of vocodered vocals (is there anything better in the world? besides boobs, sex and pizza), much funkier rhythms than one expects with the electro tag, great synth work. Awesome. "Space Is The Place" is even better, coming with a little darker sound. What I'm struck by is how none of this sounds dated to me; the synths definitely have that futuristic sound, but it doesn't come off as cheesy. Am I just too much of a fan to hear otherwise? Finally, "Pack Jam (Look Out For The OVC)" was my intro to the group and I'm guessing an intro for many people. It's my favorite, similar to "Space Is The Place." What more can I say? You need this in your life.

-Take this time at the end of the year to make a tax-deductible donation to the Save Darfur coalition. This situation is growing worse, as it spreads to neighboring countries. Every dollar counts for Save Darfur, even small contributions. This will all get much greater attention at this site, as I am ashamed to have said so little up til now.

-I've been meaning to mention the loathsome right wing talk radio host Dennis Prager, who attacked the first Muslim representative, Keith Ellison, with lies a few weeks ago. Others have done a good job destroying this piece of garbage bigot, but I wanted to highlight this post by M.J. Rosenberg at TPM Cafe. It turns out Prager sits on the U.S. Holcaust Memorial Council, unsurprisingly an appointee of Bush. He has no business being on that board and every day he sits there tarnishes such an important institution. Write the Museum and demand that he be removed, it's sad that it takes public outcry for this to happen. Thanks to Rosenberg for standing up on this.

-My top concerts of the year post is coming up, complete with a great live show from the #1 performer.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Blow - Paper Television

The Blow, "Parentheses" (yousendit link)

The Blow, "The Big U" (yousendit link)

Aww, fuck it. I can't stay away from you, my dear readers. Fuck taking a few days off, we're back on the grind NOW. What makes me happy? What takes away the tears? That's right, lo-fi electro bangers. The Blow are one of those late-arriving groups that are forcing me to rework my end of the year lists. Thanks to my girl JK for her recommendation on this one a few weeks ago, as her myspace song grabbed me and she informed that they have a crazy good album out. She was right, as Paper Television is one of the best albums of the year, one of those great surprises that make listening to music so much fun, even for jaded fucks like me.

The Blow started out as a one woman band, a vehicle for singer/producer Khaela Maricich. On this one, she's working with YACHT's Jona Bechtolt and I'm hard pressed to think that this one doesn't work better as a duo. What initially drew me in on first listen was the music, as Maricich and Bechtolt have created a wonderful sounding album. I want to call it bedroom electro, but this isn't lo-fi cassette shit. It does feel like something created on a computer, from the drum programming to the nods at every genre imaginable. That's not a bad thing, as it never sounds like it's being done in a show-off way. There's a consistent struggle throughout between a warm and cold sound (mirroring the lyrics),

But, with repeated listens, it's the lyrics and voice of Maricich that holds me. This is an album exploring love and relationships, the struggle to give your heart over in spite of the fear of being hurt. Her voice is gorgeous, conveying all of the complicated emotions. Check this Pitchfork review for a much closer reading of the lyrics. Then, go buy this CD immediately. No excuses.

-LA's indie jam Blow Up invades Miami and the Damaged party at The Mark Out

-James Brown will be laid in state tomorrow at the Apollo Theater. I can't think of a more fitting tribute, as he deserves one last moment in his house. I'm gonna try to make it up to Harlem to pay my respects, despite feeling a bit weird about seeing the body and all.

-Good to see the Nuggets win their first with Allen Iverson, even better to hear the fans gave him a standing ovation at the end.

Bob Dylan - She's Your Lover Now

Bob Dylan, "She's Your Lover Now" (rapidshare link)

Bob Dylan, "Farewell, Angelina" (rapidshare link)

It's been about 24 hours now since I got an email from my ex where she mentions that she's dating someone new (and makes a joke with it, I shit you not). Always good to know that, y'know, just in case we ran into each other at some cheesy Bowery bar. Oh wait, that wouldn't happen. I ain't even gonna try to get into this or analyze it, as it's time to look forward and this ain't therapy. 2006 has been a bad year personally in a lot of ways, but I'm glad that this is going down now. 2007 is just a few days away and I cannot wait. I have big plans for this site and no good can come of wallowing (okay, I'll wallow for a few days, but you get my point). We're going to spend the next few posts wrapping up the past year, gearing up for the new year and all that it holds. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for what you'd like hear, suggestions on ways to make this site better, your own favorites from 2006w.

This song, "She's Your Lover Now," is dedicated to my ex and her new man. Leave it to Bob Dylan to have even covered me in this situation, the fucked up remains of a broken relationship. Let me quote the liner notes from Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3, as it sums up the song perfectly: "It's a brilliant and complex piece of writing, a dramatized scene for three players, but only one speaker - the singer- who's attempting to unravel a tangle of complicated emotions: anger, resentment, recrimination, dismay, disgust, love, loss, responsibility in the presence of an ex-lover and her new boyfriend. The feelings he has within himself are just as confused, and they make themselves variously felt, ever more grotesquely, either towards her or towards him or towards himself, as the song progresses."

It's one of Dylan's greatest songs, which amazingly was never released. What makes it so great to me, and so much of Dylan's writing does this, is the fact that it's never black and white. While this song (and this post) might seem angry and pitying, there's much more behind. There's as much anger at himself hereThis version is the full band one, and it ends prematurely as Dylan messes up the final verse. Here's the lyrics to that last paragraph from one of Dylan's unreleased masterpieces, as good and angry and complex as "Positively 4th Street" and "Idiot Wind."

Now your eyes cry wolf
While your mouth cries I'm not scared
Of animals like you
And you, there's been nothing about you I can recall
I just saw you that one time
And you were just there, that's all
But, I've already been kissed
I'm not gonna get into this
I couldn't make it, anyhow
You do it for me
You're her lover now

I may take a few days off from posting here, just to get a handle on things and prepare my end of the year lists. Sorry for this, I just need this fucking year to end already.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

RIP James Brown

James Brown, "Lost Someone" (rapidshare link)

James Brown, "Let Yourself Go" (rapidshare link)

James Brown, "There Was A Time" (rapidshare link)

James Brown, "I Feel All Right"
(rapidshare link)

James Brown, "I Can't Stand It" (rapidshare link)

Oh 2006, what a terrible time you've brought with you. I woke up yesterday morning to learn that it was going to continue to cause pain right up until its last days, as James Brown passed away early yesterday morning. There's not much for me to add that hasn't already been said elsewhere. He was one of the looming figures over all of the music that I talk about here, one of those artists that stand above, a la Dylan, Ellington, Miles, Morrissey, etc.

I've been listening to his music today, mainly the Live at the Apollo stuff, as it's quite possibly my favorite live recordings ever, a chance to hear Brown in his most natural environment. The Apollo was like a second home for JB and his bands, a place that established the legend and made him a star. All of the tracks above should remind people of the amazing music that the man made, something that probably got lost as he had his run-ins with the law and became a Vegas caricature. This is raw, emotional, brilliant music that has rarely been equalled. It deals with politics, race, sex, love, women, it's complex and offensive and hard and cold and soft and warm. It's got multitudes like all the great stuff does, and it helps make his death a little more bearable.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah (live a l'Olympia '91)" (rapidshare link)

Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah (live at Bataclan)" (rapidshare link)

Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah (live on WFMU 10.11.92)"
(rapidshare link)

Leonard Cohen, "Hallelujah (album version)" (rapidshare link)

Bob Dylan, "Hallelujah (live Montreal 7.8.88)" (rapidshare link)

John Cale, "Hallelujah" (rapidshare link)

I'm not sure that "Hallelujah" is a Christmas song, by any stretch of the imagination. But, it is a deeply religious song to me and seems to fit this time of year well title-wise. I actually first heard the cover version by Jeff Buckley on Grace, unaware that it was a Leonard Cohen tune. To this day, the Buckley version is the definitive one for me. His voice is so perfect and heavenly, yet simultaneously sad and tragic, ideal for this song. Here are a few live versions, as I assume that everyone in the world owns Grace. If you do not, stop your holiday festivites and buy it right now.

Leonard Cohen is one of those names that always gets thrown out, demeaned as more poet than muscian. I'd probably demean him by suggesting he's a very poor man's Bob Dylan, great songs, less than ideal voice, this song suffers from pacing in my opinion. Clearly Mr. Dylan didn't think that way. Here's a chance to hear Dylan do Cohen's "Hallelujah" as a tribute to Cohen in LC's hometown of Montreal.

What should be immediately recognizable from these two versions is the different ending than the Buckley one. It turns out that Cohen wrote 15 verses to the song, allowing all versions to have their own twists. The Cale and Buckley versions above choose a much more dark and cold tone: "Maybe there is a G-d above/But all I've ever learned from love is how to shoot somebody who outdrew you./And it's not a cry that you hear at night, it's not somebody who's seen the light, it's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah." Indeed. These versions are the definitive ones, honest and brutal looks at the futility and need for love and religion. I hope that you enjoy them.

-Watch this version of "Hallelujah" that Jeff Buckley did on French TV for a show called Nulle Part Ailleurs. It's stunning, it will bring tears to your eyes to see Jeff again.

-Julie G and Stacie George have their Christmas party at the Khyber in Philly tonight, presumably for Jews and alcoholics

-I want to take the time to thank TNT for running an all-day Law and Order marathon today. I also want to thank Chinese restaurants for being open and doin' the damn thing.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Piano and Scene

Re-Up! Two people have made an order. Not good enough, Pound for Pound readers. I cannot think of a better Christmas/Hanukah/Festivus gift for friends and family (the parts you like). Let's do this people! Oh, and whoever left the second comment, please let me know who you are. Inquiring minds.

Since I'm hyping up all the up-and-comers grindin', I wanted to mention one of the coolest sites/businesses I've come across on the Internets. Piano&Scene is a one-woman enterprise devoted to making reading a fashion statement. Ms. Jennifer Cacicio makes buttons to celebrate your favorite authors, a cool tribute to those writers who've made your life better and a great way to put a little style into your look. You can also go with magnets to spruce up the fridge, a nice reminder to get back to your book and stop eating.

Head over to Piano&Scene and order your pack of 4 for $12. That's 12 bucks, people! That's two beers or 1 CD or 1 record or whatever. Here's the goal: 20 readers cop 1 pack each. Think of it as your way of giving back for all of the free music here. Or a way to support an independent grinder. Or an artist. Or a city person. Here's the 3 simple steps it takes to make this happen. I'm working on my 4 choices as we speak. I think that I'm gonna go with Samuel Beckett definitely, lots of maybes like Pelecanos, Chandler, Hammett, Malamud, Bashevis Singer, Auster, Camus, Ellison, Richard Wright, Dos Passos, Dostoevsky, Kafka. Yes, that's more than 4, I said I'm working on it. How about everyone leave their 4 choices and let us know that we reached the goal. Go here for a look at some samples to help with the selection.

Yeah yeah yeah, Piano&Scene! Let's do this people! 20 people!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Shirim - Klezmer Nutcracker

Shirim, "Kozatsky 'til You Dropsky" (rapidshare link)

Shirim, "Dance of the Latke Queens"
(rapidshare link)

Shirim, "March of the Macabees" (rapidshare link)

Shirim, "Araber Tants" (rapidshare link)

Shirim, "Tants Chinese"
(rapidshare link)

Shirim, "Dance of the Dreydls" (rapidshare link)

Shirim, "Waltz of the Ruggelah" (rapidshare link)

I've been wanting to do a Hanukkah post, but the time sorta slipped by. In the end, I thought that this post would cover Christmas as well, a klezmer take on one of the iconic Christmas works, The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky. Shirim is an orchestra made up of members of Naftule's Dream, one of the finest groups working in the new Jewish music movement.

I didn't want to tell everyone what I wanted for this holiday, as I felt like that would take the surprise and fun out of it. But, since I still have received anything, I imagine that's a result of uncertainty on what to get the man who has it all. By all, I mean a blog, some vinyl and not a whole lot else. Here are 8 suggestions for those who wish to wish Pound for Pound a Happy Hanukah.

1. A pair of jeans that fit
2. Air Max 1 Kid Robots or Tier 0
3. Scarlett Johansson
4. A mixer
5. The end of 2006
6. 2007
7. Scarlett Johansson
8. More readers and comments at Pound for Pound!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Finger On The Pulse Mixes

DJ Never Forget, Shaken & Strengthened

Terry Diabolik, And I'm Feelin' Good

Awww mang, one of the best things about this year has been my exposure to all sorts of great people doing big things. DJ Never Forget, a.k.a. Greg Bresnitz, is one such person, one of the best upcoming DJs I've heard this year. He's dropped a few mixes here over the past few months, bringing together the best of indie and indie dance on the consistent. I'm proud to have his end-of-the-year mix here, as it wouldn't feel like a proper end to 2006 without his stamp on things. Here's some of the tracks that have knocked him on his ass and killed at his Finger On The Pulse party and radio show. It's a mini-mix of sorts, a lot of heat packed in a little more than 11 minutes, lots of tracks that have featured at Pound for Pound.

As a special treat, we finally have a mix from DJ NF's partner and brother, Terry Diabolik. This one is a soul, r&b, Motown jawn, something different and fun. Think James Brown

Let's see... tracklists for both are in comments. If you like what you hear, you need to come out for the Finger On The Pulse Friday night party. It's at Royal Oak in Williamsburg and gives you the chance to hear all of this good music and make some bad life decisions. Where my European kids at? The boys are doing a European vacation a la the Griswolds, spinning tonight at GrecoRoman vs. Christmas, with stops in Nottingham tomorrow night at Liars Club and Stockholm in early January.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I see really big things for these guys in 2007, look forward to them conquering more cities and clubs. I want to thank GB for his recent shout-out on his radio show and mention of Tucker's passing. It was a really nice gesture, very appreciated. Big things for these guys, Pound for Pound will be supporting the whole time. Now, download those mixes!

Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control remixes Part 2

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way Of Control (Headman remix)"
(YSI link)

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way Of Control (Tronik Youth remix)" (YSI link)

We looked at the first series of remixes for Gossip's big single "Standing In The Way Of Control" and here is the second part. The names may not be as big as the first post, but they make up for it with two of the best remixes. The Headman one might be my choice of the entire lot, a nice, dirty electro-fied version that keeps the punkiness of the original intact. Tronik Youth turn in a disco version that works really well with some gorgeous synth work. What stands out the most in these two versions is lead singer Beth Ditto's voice. It's amazing, so powerful and soulful and both remixers use it to good effect. I'd have to say that the voice helps this band stand out from the pack. I totally imagine her fitting in perfectly back in the Studio 54 days, a disco diva, albeit a riot grrl version.

Buy their latest CD now, as it's a real good one and has not been getting enough shine in end of the year lists.

Thanks to Uncle Grambo at whatevs (dot org) for linking to Pound for Pound's earlier "Standing In The Way Of Control" post. It's all part of a great post on his favorite 20 singles of the year. Mostly on the indie tip, but all good choices and unique from a great site that covers a ton of topics every day.

-Steve at Little White Buds has a great end of the year singles post. Great list, nice and diverse, from T.I. to Martin Buttrich. It's a great site in general, as bol is dropping all sorts of great stuff from all over the musical spectrum. Make it a regular stop.

-whatevs (dot org) reminds my girl Katerine McPhee why she became beloved in the first place. Do not let Hollywood turn you into another stick figure, I won't let it happen.

-I'm sure everyone and their mother has seen this, but I still need to link to the Justin Timberlake SNL skit from this past weekend. "Dick In A Box" is the best thing since Lazy Sunday, as my bol Andy Samberg saves the show again.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cajuan - Dance Not Dance

Cajuan, "Dance Not Dance (The Stripped mix)" (rapidshare link)

Cajuan, "Dance Not Dance (The Pogo mix)"
(rapidshare link)

Cajuan, "Dance Not Dance (Digitalism remix)" (rapidshare link)

Oooh yeah, we're stepping it up this week here, trying to build all the momentum towards 2007. Cajuan is a name that wasn't familiar to me until I heard this jawn, and a look at his discography doesn't suggest he has made much of a name for himself in the past few years (much more active in the early part of the decade). That should change now, as this single is a banger banger banger.

All three songs above are killer, essential stuff for those like me who obsess over this new electro/disco scene coming up. What really makes this one a winner is the simple lyrics about dancing to good music, not dancing to bad music. Cajuan gets all Hamlet on our asses, to dance or not to dance, an essential question that will define your life. So great, has to kill the club. The Pogo mix tends more to a big house sound, while the Stripped one is much more minimal. Digitalism turn in another good turn, possibly the best of the three.

-Diplo at Bamboo Lounge tonight in Philly with Brendan Bring'em. You know where to be.

-Dub Wars vs. Trouble & Bass tonight at Movida in NYC, Drop The Lime, Zack Shadetek vs. Joe Nice, much more. Dubstep celebrates a huge year, see you there.

-I want to offer Tara Connor a position as Pound for Pound spokeswoman. Her erratic behavior, penchant for boozing and drugging and sexual decadance are exactly the traits that we celebrate here. It's unpaid, for the record.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanks A.I.

I got the word last night by text message from my father, telling me that the Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson was traded. It wasn't surprising, as I'd been keeping up with the rumors since the Sixers benched him and decided to trade him. It still shocked me though to consider that Iverson was no longer a part of our team or a Philly athlete any more. He's been a part of my basketball life for so long, it's hard to think back to the period before he came.

I don't want to get too much into the who got the better of the deal, right now. I just want to thank Allen for providing me with so much excitement and happiness over the past 9 seasons. I figured that I had grown too old to be a fan of one player still, but I was wrong. I love AI, I love watching him play basketball, I love how he has grown as a man with each year, how he has remained true to his friends, family and hometown. I love that he has represented the hip-hop generation without apology, in spite of the subtle and not-so-subtle racism and haters that have attacked him from Day One. I love his crossover, his teardrops in the lane over guys a foot taller than him, his hustle and willingness to take physical pain. I love thinking back to that NBA Finals run when he took the team on his back for 4 playoff series, almost bringing the city a championship.

We love you at Pound for Pound and will be cheering you on in Denver, as I hope you get the title you deserve. I miss you and the city of Philadelphia miss you. Thanks Allen for all the good years.

Busy Signal

Busy Signal, "Step Out"
(rapidshare link)

Busy Signal, "Lu Lu Lu" (rapidshare link)

Busy Signal, "Not Going Down" (rapidshare link)

After a night of non-stop dancehall goodness, it seemed like the right thing to share some with my dear readers. Busy Signal is another of the big names that seem to constantly be coming up from Kingston. I first came across a mention of him on Turntable Lab, as they hyped the "Step Out" single. He's been around for a few years, but it seems like 2006 is the year that he really began to get some attention.

"Step Out" is the best choice here, a statement that this dude is a serious MC. He's not quite as word crazy as Vybz Kartel, but he definitely runs. This tune has a great refrain, perfect for the clubs with its message of drinking and smoking and dancing. "Not Going Down" is on some sensitive shit, it should be getting constant mention from the genre's critics (why do I doubt that it will or that they even really listen to the music enough to know of its existence). Both songs tend more the calmer, less brutal sounds of dancehall a few years ago. "Lu Lu Lu" harkens back to that glorious period with its sexist lyrics, explicit sexual references and more punishing sound. The Smash riddim sounds real good here, definitely need to find some other goodies on this one.

Buy his debut album
, Step Out, which dropped this year on the Greensleeves label. It's a very good full-length, a rare chance to hear a dancehall artist who can put it together over an entire album. It'll be interesting to see if he can keep it going in the new year.

-A great party for a great cause in LA tonight featuring Blake from Moving Units, Dirty Dave and Anne Lee from BFF and Alex from Imarobot on the decks


-Read Harold Myerson on the new look of the country after the midterm elections in "The GOP's Southern Exposure." Remember last year when the pundits were discussing the GOP's long reign. Uhh, whoops.

-The Fader affair last night was a good time. BD, CH and I got there around 9, which was very lucky as I heard a lot of people got left out. Not sure who waqs spinning, but he played a fantastic mix of dancehall all night long. Unfortunately, Mavado, this month's cover boy, didn't make it to the venue and couldn't play. We did get a set from Vietnam, the other cover profile, who played their southern rock songs until the power went out. It just didn't do it for me

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Martin Buttrich - Full Clip

Martin Buttrich, "Full Clip" (rapidshare link)

Okay, enough of this stupid rock shit. Let's get back to the stuff that matters : dance music! I hadn't heard of Martin Buttrich until come across a mention of his massive single, "Full Clip," which has been getting played by the biggest DJs in the world, including Philly's Josh Wink. Buttrich is best known until now as the producer for Timo Maas and co-producer for Loco Dice. Those credentials definitely couldn't have prepared many for this massive track, a 12 minute techno-ish rager. It's definitely not a typical Pound for Pound track, lacking the filthiness and sick bassline to earn that honor. But, so what? This one has gets under your skin with its hypnotic techno beats, as it slowly but surely builds up steam until it's unstoppable about halfway.

-Do you know how fucked up the Iraq War has become? In the midst of this article about more death, executions, kidnappings and robberies, I read this story:

Hours after the accountants were robbed in Baghdad, guards at another downtown bank opened fire on a funeral procession, wounding a mourner. Police said the guards thought the coffin was fake, and that criminals were masquerading as mourners as part of an elaborate attempt to rob the bank. Police intervened and found the mourners to be genuine.

I cannot even fathom what sort of situation this is, where people are so frightened that they assume the worst about a funeral procession.

-William Arkin looks at the lunacy of our country putting more troops into a failed situation in Iraq

I'll be at the Fader issue 42 release party tonight in Williamsburg. If you see me, say hi as I'm not sure that I'm going to know anyone.

Dylan Monday - A Tree With Roots Volume 1

Bob Dylan A Tree With Roots Disc 1

Bob Dylan A Tree With Roots Disc 2

Oooh, I love good timing. I have been thinking about putting up the unofficial Basement Tapes release for some time, as it's pretty essential music and music critics like Greil Marcus love to jerk off over this stuff (probably b/c it's so hard to come by). After taking a look at The Band earlier today, it seems like the ideal time to look at the songs that Dylan and The Band recorded and worked on in Woodstock, NY.

Background: In 1966, Dylan is on top of the world, having energized rock by going electric, he had a #1 hit with "Like A Rolling Stone," his European tours were already the stuff of legend, he had recently released Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde. He was 25 years old. Then, on July 29, 1966, Dylan crashed his motorcycle in Woodstock, New York. He would hole himself up in the town with the guys from The Hawks (the name of The Band before they were The Band). In this relaxed setting, the guys would spend the day jamming, Dylan teaching them covers, creating new songs from a few lyrics or bars of music.

I'll have another post on this and am going to save my thoughts on the music for that one, as I need to spend some more time with the music, to be honest. These CDs come from A Tree With Roots boxed set that came out a few years ago on . This release was a marked improvement sound-wise over The Complete Basement Tapes release. Both of those brought together all of the missing tracks that Columbia didn't release on the official album, The Basement Tapes.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Band - When I Paint My Masterpiece

The Band, "When I Paint My Masterpiece" (YSI link)

The Band, "When I Paint My Masterpiece [alternate take]" (YSI link)

The Band with Bob Dylan, "When I Paint My Masterpiece (live)" (YSI link)

In the ensuing week since I posted up the songs for "When I Paint My Masterpiece," I have heard from a few people questioning my lack of mention or mp3s from The Band. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was missing the definitive version of the tune and it was a glaring omission. I don't really have a great reason for not discussing their version, other than my own stupidity and a sense that Dylan and the Band were closely linked and I was trying to go for some versions that hadn't gotten as much shine.

Let it never be said that I am a man who cannot admit a mistake. Here's the album version from Cahoots, the alternate that just came out with the remastered release from a few years ago and a live version that sees the guys backing Mr. Dylan once again. My readers were right, this is a beautiful rendition, perfect for that American roots sound that The Band did so well. Dig that accordion on the album version, makes one imagine that this song would have been playing on the streets while Dylan's character in the song walked the streets of Rome and Spain. I actually prefer the alternate take, as it's more upbeat and sounds more like the Dylan version. In short, I still think that the Dylan version wins out over all comers, but I'm kind of a groupie, so what do I know?

For fellow groupies, give a listen to Dylan singing it with The Band in 1972 in his return to live performance after his seclusion following his motorcycle accident. There's just something to me about the way he sings this song that surpasses all other interpretations. I think that it stems from the fact that I am willing to believe him more than most artists, even Elliott Smith and Levon Helm. That mixture of confidence and weakness, that longing for a woman to protect and support (cf "Shelter From The Storm"), it all sounds so right to my ears, unflinching despite the fact that it doesn't paint him in the greatest light. Or perhaps it's just simply that voice, which sounds like a cry in this live version, a pleading for the masterpiece to come, for the woman to be there by his side to come, for something better to happen.

Make sure to buy The Band's albums, a legendary group who came out from Dylan's shadow (they were his band during the legendary 'electric' tours of 1965 and 1966) to produce some essential music. "When I Paint My Masterpiece" features on Cahoots and Rock of Ages. Thanks to readers AR and my girl MG for the reminder about these quintissential versions of "When I Paint My Masterpiece."

-My bol Elz, a.k.a. The Simple Mission, has some real serious Dylan footage for viewing. Dylan at Newport, motherfuckers, when shit got rill serious. Punk before there was punk.

-Another NYC legend, Nick Catchdubs, spins at the Apple Store in Soho tonight from 10-1

-Dylan Monday is still coming up, I have no idea what it is going to be about, to be honest. I can guarantee that it will be about Bob Dylan.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Regina Spektor Live

Regina Spektor The Paradise Lounge Boston, MA 4.02.05

I'm still working on my end of the year lists, immersed in your geekdom right now. It seemed like a good time to finally put up this live show from a possible contender to make the Top 10 album list, Regina Spektor. Her most recent one, Begin To Hope, gets better with each listen, especially as the weather gets colder and you just want to stay in and read and be melancholy. Can I just say that I am totally in love with Spektor and her music and that you need to buy her two albums immediately as they are some of the most unique, beautiful music being made today? Here's a chance to catch her in a live show from early last year, when she was still touring in support of her debut album, Soviet Kitsch, although there are some tracks from the new album as well. It's a great chance to these songs in the live setting, makes me wish that I had caught her playing small venues as opposed to the Electric Factory (the cavern-like venue in Philadelphia).

Setlist is in the comments. Leave some comments if people are feeling this, as I have a few other shows that I can point up at some point. Buy her albums first, support my girl.

I am back in Philly for a few days right now for family issues, a fitting end to this crappy year. 2007, bring it out bring it out!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crime Mob - Mob Shit

Crime Mob, "2nd Look" (YSI link)

Crime Mob, "Bow That Hoe"
(YSI link)

Crime Mob, "Ridin 26s"
(YSI link)

It's rare that I do a post on music I just got. I tend to sit on everything too long (cf Dylan's new album) and think about it and forget about it briefly and generally try not to get too wrapped up in the whole first past the post scene (Poli Sci majors, holler!). But, along came this mix and all the rules are out the window. I've been waiting for Crime Mob to drop some new ish for awhile, as their last album, Crime Mob, was slept on. Maybe not slept on, as "Knuck If You Buck" did alright up north and "Stilletos (Pumps)" got some shine too. Still, there's nothing I love more than minimalist crunk made on like a Casio with lyrics about fighting and going crazy in the club.

DJ Scream dropped this mixtape, Mob Shit, as the prelude to the album and it is the best thing I have heard ever. Okay maybe not ever, but definitely in the last 48 hours. Their main producer, Lil Jay, has continued on the low-budget, minimalist crunk, reminiscent of some of the early Three 6 Mafia. Brutal drum machine, simple, deep basslines, everything I dream about. Add on top of that the crunkest lyrics, lots of "Knuck If You Buck" quality ish. I got so hyped on the bus ride back to Philly listening to this that I was starting shit with all sorts of dudes. They may not look it, but those elderly Chinese guys are not to be fucked with, FYI. Anyway, cop this immediately, stop worrying about your end of the year list, recognize that this is gonna be the best thing of 2007.

-Project Matt and DJ Complex at Home Sweet Home, flier game is next level. RSVP son, do not miss the chance to hang out with these three!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-Fixed in Brooklyn! Boys Noize and Crystal Castles! Holy Shit!

-Catchdubs and DJ Eleven at Boogaloo in S. Williamsburg for an all-night affair. RSVP to for +1.

-My bol Dimitry and his band Theo and the Skyscrapers are playing the M Room tonight in Philly as a part of Rock'n'Roll Circus

-Monster jumps off again at the Starlight Ballroom, this time with Caps and Jones, stop by after the M Room for one of Philly's best new parties

-Lauren Flax and other NYC stars invade Chicago

-Finally, all the way over to the other coast:


Friday, December 15, 2006

Boys Noize

Boys Noize, "Erole Attack" (YSI link)

Boys Noize is right up there as MVP of 2006, as his remixes have simply killed me all year. The man's basslines are so massive and heavy, he brings that dirty, filthy electro sound that this blog advocates. Here's Side A of the most recent Boys Noize single, "Erole Attack," which dropped on Tiga's Turbo Recordings label. It's not hard to see who this song references, at least title-wise - Pound for Pound favorite Erol Alkan. I could Alkan spinning this out, not sure his name is the first to come to mind though when I listen. It's got a phenomenal, fuzzy bassline, more breaks that one would expect, which at times dulls the impact of the song. It's been getting a lot of mixed reviews, but I'm definitely not down on it. It's not the best thing Alexander Ridha has done, but it's still damn good to my ears.

-Mr. Boys Noize himself, Alexander Ridha, is in Philly tonight as a guest of [click]. This is another special one at Medusa's Lounge, the small basement bar that hosted MSTRKRFT a few months ago. NYC tomorrow night. I did a preview for this week's Philly Weekly, one of my better ones I think. I cannot recommend this night more highly.

-Can't stop, won't stop. I also have a big article in the same issue, covering my top 5 DJ/club events for NYE in Philly(Globothermonuclearwar! Making Time!) for all tastes and budgets. What's the only thing I like more than DJs and parties? Jewish girls! Here's my preview for the show Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad, a music/burlesque/comedy jawn.

-Get at me if you are putting together a NYE party, as I'm glad to spread the word about good events that don't cost hundreds of dollars and feature douchebags from Jersey everywhere. Holler at your boy.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls In America

The Hold Steady, "First Night" (YSI link)

The Hold Steady, "You Can Make Him Like You" (YSI link)

It's almost the end of the year and you kno what that means. Top 10 lists!!! Yea!!! Is there anything more blogger than ranking and cataloguing everything you heard and did in a year? No, there isn't. You know your bol ain't above any of this, so you can expect some lists next week. I'm thinking of a Top 10 concerts, Top 1o albums, Top 10 rap singles, Top 10 dance singles, nothing set yet.

All of this is lead-in to The Hold Steady album, one that was released later in the year and I am getting to at the end of the year. Boys and Girls In America doesn't seem like it should be anything I'd love. Dude sounds like Bruce Springsteen, it's pretty straight ahead indie music and I can't imagine girls shaking their asses or boobs to it. Yet, it works for me. I never heard the earlier albums by Hold Steady and its lead singer, Craig Finn, so I didn't come in with any preconceived notions.

What I hear is a real good rock'n'roll album, one that isn't afraid to just rock and write good songs. Finn is the main man, as his lyrics and voice are the main draws. I actually expected a sort of Tom Waits, boozy, depressed steez, but it's not quite like that. It's more of a boozy, good time feel, not really a self-loathing, depressed one. The above tracks are my two favorites, from both ends of the spectrum. "First Night" is a ballad-y number

-Philly, get up on it! Broadzilla tonight at Upstairs at Sal's!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-Thursday at the Bamboo Lounge with Brendan Bring'em

-Peaches in LA, afterparty with Daniel Le Disko

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I-Robots : Italo Electro Disco Underground Classics

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Charlie, "Spacer Woman (vocal)" (YSI link)

Klein and MBO, "Wonderfull (instrumental)" (YSI link)

I've really been feeling the Italodisco lately, and it's probably because of all of the great compilations that have surfaced really. It's nice to see that some labels are taking advantage of the newfound attention on this ignored genre to get then music out there.

I-Robots: Italo Electro Disco Underground Classics is one of the best comps I've seen so far, 13 songs, all from the actual early 80s, the classic 1982-84 period. It's released by IRMA Records, making this an actual Italian release as opposed to another American record nerd compiling a few thousand miles and years after the fact. I've chosen the opening track, Charlie's "Spacer Woman," as it's one of my favorite songs I've heard from this genre. Oh shit, this is a real good.

The other mp3 is the last one on the album, Klein & MBO's "Wonderfull," my favorite instrumental of the bunch. My main complaint with this CD is that it relies too much on instrumental tracks, which makes a harder listen. Despite that, this is a great opportunity to have a guide into a little-known music. Buy it here and let us know what you think.

-Discobelle is putting up their favorite singles of the past year for the entire month of December as part of an mp3 Xmas.

-Gabe Kapler retires from baseball, lowering the Jewish ballplayer count goes down by one. Pound for Pound wishes him well in his quest to be a big league manager.

-Allen Iverson is still a Sixer, although he doesn't seem to have any connection to the team anymore. The latest gossip has a few teams dropping out of contention to trade for him, as well as a few trades that AI nixed. I'm gonna agree with Bill Simmons for once and say that Iverson is a steal for a team. In fact, I agree with every single point he makes, as Iverson still has so much to offer, the rare draw in sports with his play, hustle and mystique. It's a shame that Billy King fucked this team up so bad and that Iverson can't end his career in Philly. A real shame.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control remixes

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way of Control (Soulwax Nite version)"
(YSI link)

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way of Control (Le Tigre mix)"
(YSI link)

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way of Control (Playgroup mix)" (YSI link)

Okay, enough of Bob Dylan. It's time to get back to the present and one of the hottest singles of the year and possibly the one with the most remixes. 8 in total, 6 different remixers. It's ironic that I'm looking at a song called "Standing In The Way Of Control," as I can't even count the number things of standing in my way right now. On the real, I'm like a few seconds a way from some sort of breakdown. I saw two kittens in a lot today and broke down and wept on the sidewalk. Okay, that didn't happen, but I did talk to them for like 5 minutes and passersby were real creeped out.

The Gossip don't make me sad. In fact, they make me very happy, knowing that there is such a passionate, talented band out there still putting out good music despite never quite getting the love and acclaim they deserve. Maybe this single will help change that, as it should bring their music to the dance kids. My personal fave is the Playgroup mix, the one that really creates something new. You get bongos, a few nice breakdowns, a siren-like bass, the vocals work well, a really great tune. Le Tigre meets The Gossio, you're thinking you'll get some riot-grrl, punk steez. You would be wrong, as instead it's a reserved house track. Soulwax Nite Versions keep it on the rock side

-XXXChange and Catchdubs at 205 Chrystie tonight

-Check out Posterati, an amazing old movie poster site. It's not cheap, but some of the stuff is so dope that you need to spend a little extra.

-A few quick thoughts on the Modular party Saturday night. First, the Williamsburg White Room is an amazing space; it's like being in some modern art museum, with minimal decor, straight lines, angles, etc. Second, please leave your fucking cameras at home New York City. We get it, everyone wants to be on some web site the next day, but I shouldn't have 10 people climbing over my back to take a picture of a band or the person standing at the front of the stage. Here's an idea, dance and enjoy the music. Finally, the DJ who spun in between sets absolutely fucking killed it. I didn't see any mention of her name, although I am told it was only her second gig. If she reads this, please get at me as I need you to DJ with me ASAP. Thanks.

Dylan Monday - Bob Live in NYC November 20, 2006

Bob Dylan November 20, 2o06 New York City, NY Set 1 (part 1) (part 2) Set 2 (whole)

As promised, here's Bob Dylan and his band's recent performance at the New York City Center, a venue I've never even heard of. It's another fine show from this tour, although I tend to max out on these things. Let me first say that this show offers up "Boots of Spanish Leather," the tune that floored me a few years back at the Trocadero. It's a good version, as the band lays back and doesn't drown out the vocals on one of his quietest, most gentle tracks.

Most of the material comes from the new album, Modern Times, which yes, I still plan to discuss and upload (a few tracks). I think that some of the best stuff from this show are the new songs, despite the fact that the band is playing them for the first few times live. You would think that "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding" or "Tangled Up In Blue" would be perfect and the new stuff would sound like works in progress.

Monday, December 11, 2006

When I Paint My Masterpiece

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Bob Dylan, "When I Paint My Masterpiece"
(YSI link)

Bob Dylan, "When I Paint My Masterpiece (Providence 4.11.75)" (YSI link)

Bob Dylan, "When I Paint My Masterpiece (Boston 11.21.75)" (YSI link)

Grateful Dead, "When I Paint My Masterpiece" (YSI link)

Elliott Smith, "When I Paint My Masterpiece"
(YSI link)

In a week that saw someone telling me how little I've accomplished in my life and how I need to get a real job, this song seems so perfect and right to post up. It's been one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, one that the casual fan may never have even heard. It's only official release is on the Greatest Hits Volume 2.

You need this fucking song in your life. This one is for all the dreamers, all the grinders out there trying to do big things, going out on a limb trying to realize something more than the whole make money, work your way up the corporate ladder steez. The title alone has always made me smile, as it's such a perfect phrase, a mixture of sadness and determination. The song fits perfectly with the Dylan themes of

I also included a few covers of the Dylan original, including a magnificent version from the Grateful Dead. The song works perfect for Bob Weir, he's got that forceful, more traditional voice. Ahh, what can I say about the Elliott Smith version? I can't think of a more perfect choice for the singer-songwriter who so much embodied the artist suffering for his art and broken hearts and love and pain. The two live Dylan versions come off the Rolling Thunder tour that I'm obsessed with; I actually prefer the studio version, these versions seem a tad too slow for my ears.

-Augusto Pinochet died yesterday, on Human Rights Day ironically enough. May all of his victims rest in peace. May he not. Spencer Ackerman has an even better take on his death.

-It was International Human Rights Day yesterday, so let me take the time to highlight an organization fighting the good fight on the worst human rights disaster currently unfolding, the genocide in the Sudan. Save Darfur has become the leading voice on the issue, please take the time to sign up for the newsletter, buy some gifts to raise money and/or pledge your time. Read this post by Rachel Sklar at the Huffington Post for even more info and images of this crisis.

-Dylan Monday is still happening, for the record.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Get Dancey Readers!

New Young Pony Club, "Get Dancey" (YSI link)

New Young Pony Club, "Get Lucky (Dancey edit)"
(YSI link)

Another night, another amazing label night in Brooklyn. Tonight Modular People takes over Williamsburg with some of the best bands around and a DJ set by Juan Maclean in their holiday party. What better time to take a look at tonight's headliner and one of the best of 2006 New Young Pony Club. This might be their best track, the one that has translated the most to the club. If my endorsement isn't enough, I'll just remind everyone that it got a spot on the amazing Cut Copy Fabriclive 29 jawn, which pretty much covers every hot song in the new electro&disco world. So, yeah, it's hot, this band will hopefully make bigger and bigger moves in '07.

-Take Back The LES!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-Trouble & Bass will destroy Philly with grime and dubstep at Tritone with the Seclusiasis bols

-Disco D, Caps and Jones and others downtown for a Beautiful/Decay new issue release party

-Matt and Kim are playing in LA tonight

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Juan MacLean - Love Is In The Air remixes

The Juan MacLean, "Love Is In The Air (Mock and Toof remix)" (YSI link)
The Juan MacLean, "Love Is In The Air (Strategy remix)" (YSI link)

The Juan MacLean, "Love Is In The Air (Heart of the Sun remix by Caro)" (YSI link)

Let's make it an all DFA day, as I get ready to head out to their party. The Juan MacLean are a name that I haven't mentioned enough here. One of the main members of the DFA stable, their music falls much more on the dance end of the spectrum than anyone on the label.

-Finger on the Pulse tonight at Royal Oak, Bad Sweater party (it's just a hop and jump from the DFA jawn)

-G-d damn NYC, this is a monstrous night. Freeform Five are spinning in Manhattan for the return of Calling All Kids at Luke & Leroy


-This Catchdubs flier caught my eye and the party name made this so necessary


Arthur Russell - Springfield

Arthur Russell, "Springfield" (YSI link)

Arthur Russell, "Springfield (DFA remix)" (YSI link)

In celebration of the crazy DFA party in Brooklyn tonight, I figured that I would up a few tracks from one of the recent arhive releases of the genius Arthur Russell. We've actually discussed Russell before at Pound for Pound, mainly in the context of the disco-not-disco series. He's a pretty amazing figure who just now getting his due as a musical innovator and dance music legend.

Springfield is a recent release on Audika, the label that is performing a public service by releasing lots of unreleased and out-of-print Russell music. "Springfield" was originally made in 1988 and it's a lot less out there then the earlier stuff. It's a nice, atmospheric track that Russell lets stretch out, bringing some beautiful horns in towards the end. Y'all know I'm a DFA whore, I make no apologies for that. This one sounds unlike anything I've heard by them. It's not like crazy minimalism or jungle, it just lacks the normal buildup of their classics. I actually like it, although I don't think it'll be killing dancefloors anytime soon. It's the lack of bass that keeps it from being that next level type, it's so much more fragile and quiet that I expected. Anyway, give it a listen and then cop the full CD, a mini-companion to Calling Out Context.

-Tonight's the night! DFA Holiday Extravaganza! James Murphy! Tim Goldsworthy! Tim Sweeney! I'm requesting "Haveh Negilah"!

-So pissed that I missed this Suns-Nets game last night, getting to spend my night learning that I'm not successful enough yet. 161-157, like whoa. This is the way I like basketball, although I can understand the people who hate this no-defense. It doesn't bother me, so nice to see dudes hitting shots, dropping clutch jumpers, drives, i.e. excitement.

-Allen Iverson demands a trade. I'm one of his biggest fans, but it's time to end this relationship. It appears that Mo Cheeks has lost this team, something has to change ASAP or this is another lost season.