Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Teenagers NYC, Better Propaganda SF and more

While I've been shying away from the next big thing hype shit for awhile now, tonight's Cheeky Bastard at Hiro Ballroom with The Teenagers has me psyched up. For those in NYC, here's your only chance to catch the band for free, as their Bowery show sold out and the Fixed one is $10. Add in a live show by Blacklist, a DJ set by The Teenagers, Sluttt with Redd Foxx and The Ruff Kids and you have yourself a pretty epic night. RSVP at the site for the free admission; 1200+ people have already done so, which means getting there early is a good idea if you want to get in. Once you're in, you can enjoy a Lucky beer open bar from 10-11, 2 for 1 vodka drinks from 2-3 and $4 Sparks all night. 21+, this one may live up to the hype.

-For something like a little smaller and more intimate but just as rad, head to the Common Folk party at Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie St) where the Sweatshop Laborers Johnsville and Lucas Walters have a very special guest tonight, Lauren Flax of White Lightning and the 90s Party and a Pound for Pound post in the very near future. This one's called Freaks, which sounds about right, this is your night to act like one. Lots of great music tonight from various genres, free Shango rum from 10:30-11:30, things kick off at 10, end at 4, 21+.

-If you can't bear the thought of getting on the L and creeping along between Bedford and 1st Ave, head to the Hope Lounge (10 Hope Street btwn Roebling & Havermeyer) for what I think is a brand new party called Oonst Oonst. This one features some great NYC DJs as well, Dances With White Girls and Nick Hook. Dance music, 2 for 1 well drinks, great choice tonight. No cover, 21+.


-Down in Philly, it's another chance to check out the Seclusiasis Thursday party at Sal's (200 S. 12th St) DJ Ghost is joined every week by a special guest DJ, tonight it's Synikal of Tru Skool Recordings. This one should be extra hard tonight, as Synikal will spin some drum'n'bass and breakbeat along with the regular mix of rap, dubstep, grime and bassline. No cover, doors at 9pm, 21+.

-I mentioned this one for the first time last week and logically I made a mistake. So, just to get it out of the way, the Opolis party in Norman, Oklahoma is 18+, so the kids can come out and dance too. Everything else applies, Dylan Mackey, B. and friends, great music, fun times, $3.

-Finally, great night in San Francisco as Better Propaganda celebrates its fourth anniversary by throwing a party at the 111 Minna Gallery (111 Minna St) This one is jam packed, featuring live sets by electronic bands Lemonade, Ghosts On Tape and Official Tourist, plus DJ sets by Big Stereo's Rchrd Oh?! and Ryan Poulsen. It says it's free with an RSVP at their site with a weird registration, but there is a disclaimer that there is only a limited amount of free admissions. I'd just pay the $7 at the door, avoid all of this crap.

100 HZ - Trustlove

100 HZ - Trustlove

100 HZ, "Trustlove (Original 1999 version)" (YSI link)

100 HZ, "Trustlove (100 HZ 1999 remix)"
(YSI link)

100 HZ, "Trustlove (Patrick Pulsinger remix)" (YSI link)

"I love you, but I don't trust you."Oh boy, this one is about as good as it gets around these parts. 100 HZ's "Trustlove" opens with a male voice speaking that very phrase over descending bass notes. All of this is a lead-in to one of the dopest tracks ever, 100 HZ's "Trustlove." The original 1999 version has more of a filthy electro house vibe, with a deep, rumbling bass and jackin' percussion. It's pretty bare bones, a perfect compliment to the distrustful lyrics. About 4 minutes in, pianos are added to the mix, shifting this one into a more of a classic house vibe. It actually works for me, although I'd probably prefer if they had stuck to the main sound, an unsettlingly, unforgettable tune. The 100 HZ 1999 remix sticks pretty close to the original version, making the bass even more a part of the proceedings and adding some effects here and there. I think this one might be the one for the dancefloor.

Unfortunately, I flipped on HBO late last night and walked right into one of the most depressing hour and a halfs you can experience. Dope Sick Love was on and damn if I didn't ignore my better instincts and watch the whole thing. For those that don't know, it's a documentary following two junkie couples as they try to get high and survive in NYC. It's insane, watching them shoot up in apartment building elevators and bathrooms, having sex to get money,etc. Possibly more insane is the fact that all of them are walking the same areas I am, including my beloved LES. The saddest part is that I wasn't sad for these four people and the ones around them they hurt but for myself because of the memories this brought up.Strike that, the really sad part is that these two guys, who clean their needles with toilet water and

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Classic Night Moves NYC, Club Ave LA and more

Every so often a party will come around that excites me, that seems so right. Tonight's headliner, the Night Moves party at 205 Club (205 Chrystie St) is just such an event. Ooh boy, a night dedicated to house music and house music alone in my favorite space in the city with some of my fav DJs, Lauren Flax and Cobra Kai. What more could a boy or girl want? How about a special DJ set by the legendary Junior Sanchez? I'm so psyched for this one, it's time for everyone to show respect to the classic music that has helped get us to current dance scene. The three DJs tonight are the perfect guides for newbies and househeads alike, an amazing chance to hear this music in a sweaty basement for no charge, rather than the mega clubs uptown for 30 bucks. Hosted by Nick the Duke, this is an essential night New York City, show your support.

-You'll also want to stop by The Annex (152 Orchard St) for the weekly High Voltage party. This one's regular strength, no guest DJs or bands. But, like Coke, you'll realize that sometimes it's best to appreciate how good the original is. Dimitry!!! and Prince Terrence will spin all night, the Zygo open bar lasts from 11 until its gone, and you can dance until you can't stand no more. No cover, 21+.

-Ha, Robotic Wednesdays in Oklahoma City step their flier game up tonight. I mean, this birthday-themed one makes me wish it was my birthday and I have a pathological fear of that day. Kittens and photoshopping, yes please. Dance Robots, Dance DJs and rad music, yes please. Get to the Electro Lounge (5929 N. May Ave), wish Blake, Christa, Serene and Albin happy birthday and enjoy a great night. $3, 21+.

-Riverside California goes off tonight, as the Club Avenue Wednesday party at Trilussa (3737 Main St) has a great cast of LA's finest in the house. Acid Girls, Dirty Dave, Billy Noorlag, Jimmy Boy and Rec 1 will be spinning, Gina Turner will perform live and celebrate the release of her new White Panties CD; if you need even more CD release celebrating, there'll be more for Steve Aoki's new LP. There'll be lots of giveaways all night, plus great music running the gamut from new electro and indie dance to rap and Bmore club. 2 rooms, 2 bars, drink specials, 18+. You'll have to message their myspace account to get on the $5 guest list, otherwise it'll be

-Finally, for the minimal heads in LA, check out this party presented by Droid Behavior + Compression, which features Tobias Thomas from the Kompakt label spinning. This is a rare chance for LA people to hear one of the main players in the Cologne scene spin, you're not gonna wanna miss this one. Locals Matt Xavier and Andrew Kelley will also spin, a big night of techno and deep house. Oddly, it all goes down at Crash Mansion (1024 S. Grand), a place that specializes in douchebags and bad rock music in NYC. RSVP now to for free admission. Doors at 9pm, 21+.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Restless Leg Syndrome PHILA, Panic! PROV and more



If you ever had the good fortune of sleeping in the same bed as me, you would know that I have struggled with a disease that seems to have come out of nowhere, Restless Leg Syndrome. Thanks to Philly dudes Dave T and Ryan Nation, I think that I will now be able to associate the phrase with one of the best parties in Philadelphia instead of my unbearable bed behavior. It's Restless Leg Syndrome upstairs at The Khyber, this one's dedicated to the music that matters - house, acid, minimal and electro. This is melt your face, change your life music, spun by guys who know what they spin of. Dave and Ryan have brought in a special guest tonight, Peter Dragontail makes his first ever DJ appearance after a string of rad remixes for Daft Punk, MGMT and Hot Chip. Don't sleep on this party people, once a month, make this a regular stop and support people and parties dedicated to our music. No cover, 21+.

-For even more dance music, you can head to Sal's (200 S. 12th St) for the Girls Rule Boys Drool party. Scotty Ack and Diamond Girl give you a night devoted to the indie dance, new electro and rock remixes each and every Tuesday, great young DJs, good space, cheap night to help you get through the week. No cover, 21+.

-I've said it before, this is one of my favorite parties in NYC. 205 Tuesdays, the basement of 205 Club with Jacques Renault and Justin Miller, disco paradise. Tonight is another special one, as Dangerous Dan from the Bang Gang Deejays is the special guest, here's your chance to catch if you missed him at the Tribeca Grand Friday. It's also the last night Jacques will spin, for a bit as he'll be gone until March, so get a final night together and say goodbye. No cover, doors at 11pm.


-Park Slope, how the hell are you? It's been too long since we have spoken. How's Rachel's? How's Suki? How's Maya? It's always nice to see something going on in the south side of Brooklyn, I'm hoping that this Head N Tail party at Royale (506 Fifth Ave) will be a regular night. Carmine P. Filthy will spin all night, expect lots of good electronic music from the darker end of the spectrum. No cover, 21+, awesome flier. Oh, I figured out that Flip Nite Tuesdays means that you buy your first drink at regular price, flip a coin and if you call it right, the second drink is free. Nice concept!

-On my end of town, it's Do It Tuesdays at Hugs (108 N. 6th St) with Carrie Whitenoise and Shinratek. Tonight, they are bringing in the Ladycreme duo from Hyptone Records; I haven't heard them before, but the Brooklyn duo definitely are worth checking out, releasing their own original productions that combine the modern electro sound with acid and italo influences. I expect their DJ sets will follow similar ground, a good compliment to the residents. No cover, 21+.

-It's always nice to see some of new parties start up in places we hope to cover better, and that's the case tonight in Providence, as the Panic party at Club Hell (73 Richmond St). Brad Rhodes and Michael Savant will be the resident DJs, spinning recent club bangers , indie tunes, dance classics, everything and anything good since the 80s. Tonight, you get a guest DJ set by Paper's E-Marce, the Boston dude will spin an indie dance, electro rock set that will go over big. Plus, there's a live performance by Triangle Forest, making this a jammed packed opening night. $5, doors at 9pm and it goes until 1 am, 18.

-I'm not sure if this dANCE party has scared off all comers, but it seems to have become the dominant Tuesday night event in the LA area. Let me first say that this is by far my favorite flier they've done, love the orange, the muted colors and the space-y design. Tonight's edition at Arena (6655 Santa Monica Blvd) appears to pit the city vs. its suburban neighbor, LA vs OC. In from the OC - I feel sick writing that - are DJs Tony Long and Dax, who will hold it down for Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper. LA is represented by the residents, Paparazzi, Bip Jeffington and Joaquin, a battle for the ages. 2 rooms, 2 levels, free parking, $5 before 10:30 with a flier, 18+.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Studio - Yearbook 1

Studio, "Origin (Shake You Down By The River)" (YSI link)

I mentioned Studio recently with their awesome Kylie Minogue remix, needed to put up tracks from their recent LP, Yearbook 1. This album is really just a repackaging, bringing together their earlier West Coast LP and No Comply 12" into a super-dope CD. It's probably easier to say that that is one of the best releases from 2007, one of those albums that seems completely confident in itself, in spite of, or maybe because of, the fact that the music sounds like little else out there.

We didn't really give much detail on Studio when we referenced them previously, so let's do a little background, little being the operative word. The Swedish group consists of two members, Dan Lissvik and Rasmus Hagg, who have a handful of releases on the tiny Information label. They seem to be a part of this cosmic disco/Scandalearic scene that has formed around Lindstrom and Prins Thomas, which has stretched out, slowed down and loosened up electronic music.

Yearbook 1 is only eight tracks, but it clocks in at over 70 minutes long. There aren't any bad songs in my opinion, a great mix of shorter songs and epic jams, instrumentals and vocals, cosmic disco, pop, electrorock and more comes and goes during the course of the album. Take the track above, "Origin (Shake You Down By The River)." It starts out with an warped laugh moving from one ear to the next, then what sounds like a jet takes off and out of this intro, an awesome, funky bassline, a dreamy guitar and percussion comes in and suddenly a Latin/Afrobeat-ish track quickly comes forward. As the song progresses, the pace picks up and things get more rocking, without ever feeling forced. That might be the greatest part of this album, its willingness to take its time, to not rush. Two of my favorites tracks, "Out There" and "Life's A Beach," clock in at nearly 16 minutes and 13 minutes a piece, mini-masterpieces that hearken back to the disco epics. Man, this is rad music, I can't recommend it more highly right now.

Okay, one big reason for doing this post is to help get the word out and get this CD and all of their previous work a US release. C'mon respected labels, bring this one to the states, the kids are just waiting to have the minds blown by this group. If you can afford it, cop the imported version from Amazon for a little less than $30. Or perhaps a better option is to buy West Coast, the 2006 LP, which is available for domestic prices. I mean, you really need this music in your life, let's hope someone steps up and get their upcoming album a widespread release.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lady Miss Kier in SF, The Teenagers in CHI, LA Riots in PHILA and more

Lady Miss Kier

Really rad party being put on tonight in San Francisco by Big Stereo, Eggs and Mezanine. It features the one and only Lady Miss Kier from Dee-Lite doing a DJ set, a real dance music legend who sadly is probably known only fr "Groove Is In The Heart." But, if you're gonna be remembered for one thing, that's not a bad one. I expect a great mix of house and pop and dance from her, bring some of that late 80s club magic back. If that wasn't enough, you also get a live show by Melissa Logan from Chicks On Speed, Safety Scissors and, best of all, one from Planningtorock, who opened for LCD Soundsystem last year and killed it imo. There's also the Big Stereo DJs, Rchrd Oh?! and Miss Toats, guaranteeing the dance floor stays current and live. Inspired booking here, grab your advance $15 tickets now.

-Oh, San Fran, your choice for tonight just got a lot harder. Pretty massive dance night at Mighty (119 Utah St), as Tommie Sunshine AND Juan MacLean are spinning tonight. Two big names from NYC, should be an interesting mix of more big-room rock influened stuff and deeper, housier music. Lights Down Low's Sleazemore will also spin, good for him. Go here to grab advance tickets with a discount, use SLEAZEMORE as promo code.

-If you want to start the night early in SF, head over to the Beauty Bar (19th and Mission) for the Bad Habits happy hour party. It goes from 7-10, good way to get the night rolling so that you don't have to go from 0-60 at 10:30pm.

-Chicago won't be outdone on the special guest/live show front, as Avant Trill and the Dark Wave Disco have brought The Teenagers to town to melt your faces. Really psyched about this one, as AT and DWD have been doing so many great parties on the smaller side, this one deserves maximum hype. This band has a ton of hype, but they've exceeded all of the unfair expectations so far. Chicago, you're not going to want to miss these guys on their first stop in your city, so get to Sonotheque (. Also, make sure to check out the most excellent Dark Wave Disco DJs - Trancid, Greg Corner and Mark Gertz - who will be spinning all night and reminding you to check them out every Thursday at Debonair. Also, the Avant Trillers Jillian Valentino and Scott Cramer host with Paul In Chicago and CT Couture, is photo-ing, should be an amazing night. Doors at 9, goes til 3am, $4 Goose Island and Svedka cocktails

-In Brooklyn, it's Crooked Disco at Galapagos (70 N. 6th St), Free NYC's party. This one features a video-audio mixing crew from London called Ecletic Method, sounds like something different and interesting. The straight audio part of the night sounds even better, with Seattle's Krnl Panic, Dances With White Girls and DJ Morsy spinning ghetttech, house, electro, rap and everything else you need in your life. $5 with an RSVP to, open bar from 10-11. Doors at 10pm, 21+.

-A few blocks away, Philly White Ts and White Belts guys, Emynd and B Bliz, come to Williamsburg for the Wamp! Wamp! party at Supreme Trading (213 N. 8th St) They join birthday boy Moe Choi and Erik The Red for night of dirty rap and dirtier beats. No cover, 21+.

-I feel like I can't put this one as top choice every Saturday, but secretly I want to. It's the U.N.I.T.Y. 90s party at Hugs (108 N. 6th St) with Lauren Flax and JD Samson. Tonight, the UK's Daughters of Kaos are the special guests, I'm assuming they will stick to the 90s-only restrictions. No c0ver, 21+, feel young again.


-Late addition, awesome flier. Flagrant Fowl's Cousin Cole and Moonwalk's Rezound are gonna be spinning all night at Hope Lounge (10 Hope Street) This should be a nice relaxed night, Cole and Rezound will spin the classics you love and the stuff you've never heard. Good place to stop in or park it all night. No cover, 21+.

-Philly, this one's important. Pound for Pound has been big fans of LA Riots from jump street, they are making their Philly debut tonight at the Mad Pu$$y party at Transit (6th and Spring Garden) As you may know, I've been a big fan of Philly since I was born at Pennsylvania Hospital, so I want everyone to get to the basement and give these guys the best reception they have gotten on tour. Freak out, dance, drink, kiss, just be yourselves and show them why you are the best city on earth. Brendan Bring'em is upstairs in the main room, spinning his mix of rap, dancehall, pop, r&b, you know him. Go here and get on the list, $5 before midnight if you are on it, free PBR from 10-12. Let's do it Philly, yeah!

-Or you can hit up Live Forever at The Barbary (951 Frankford Ave) with JHN RDN, Designer Drugs and Club Lyfestile, where the dance music will make you immortal. $5, 21+.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Robot Rock With LA Riots NYC, Fixed NYC and more

It's a really exciting night in New York City, a rare Friday night where I would highly recommend a night out below 14th Street. A big part of that is the return to the city of LA Riots, one of those bands that you will not stop talking about once you hear them, a hype band where the hype is deserved. This time, they are playing the Robot Rock party at Le Royale (21 7th Ave South @ Leroy), not sure the West Village is ready for the nasty electro sounds. This party has been big since jump street, another hit for GBH and Cheeky Bastard, DJs Dimitry!!!, Alex English, Marc-Alan Grey and Sujinho will spin before and after the show to guarantee you a dance party. RSVP to to get in for free, $10 otherwise. Doors at 10pm, 21+, don't miss this one.

-My other top recommendation is the return of the Fixed party to the Tribeca Grand (2 Avenue of the Americas), the space where it all began. Dave P and JDH have brought in the excellent Dangerous Dan from the Bang Gang Deejays to headline and melt everyone's faces. Presented by Modular, this should be a really great night, the Tribeca Grand is a super rad place to hang and party, tends to be an older, more fun crowd. I know it seems like a place where lawyers go to die, but it's not. RSVP to to get on the list and get in for free, doors at 10pm, upstairs through the bar area.


-In Brooklyn, Fridays belong to the FUN party at Studio B (259 Banker St) Tonight's one for the rock kids, as Radio 4 and Dragons of Zynth are both playing live. It's a good bill of rock bands that let all sorts of influences seep in like noise, punk and dance. Speaking of dancing, residents Rok One of The Bangers and Eamon Harkin will spin along with special guest DJs The Brothers. Hosted by the Finger On The Pulse guys, you can email them to get on the reduced list at . Otherwise, get your $10 advanced ticket, I'm guessing it'll be $15 at the door. Doors at 10pm, 1+.


-Down in Philly, there's a few good things for those who like their music with lots of bass and/or rapping. The Seclusiasis crew takes over the Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd St) for The Straight Dope party. Residents Dev79 and bd1982 have brought in DJJJC and Honkeytron from the West Wax collective for this night dedicated to rap, booty, electro, dancehall and anything else that works. No cover, $1 PBR and High Lifes until 11pm, 21+.

-Over at the Arts Garage (1535 Ridge Ave), the second Money Folders party happens. They've brought The Philadelphyinz back to rock the crowd with rap and club classics. APT One and Skinny Friedman will be joined by DJ Gravity, plus there are appearances by a ton of rappers. It's 18+, BYOB, $10, ladies free before 10:30.

-Down in D.C., Friday night is your night to spend at Le Freak with Will Eastman. Our bol holds it down at Napoleon (1847 Columbia Road) with a great mix of house, pop, rap, r&b, booty and disco, the perfect soundtrack to kick off your weekend. As always, half-priced champagne from 9-11, no cover, 21+, good times.

-Wisconsin, are you ready? DJs from the west are invading one of your towns tonight, I feel I should warn you. The Too Much Love DJs of Minneapolis - Soviet Panda, Moon Goon's Jonathan Ackerman, Dan Cruse and DJ Tanner - are coming to the Stones Throw (304 Eau Claire St) in Eau Claire tonight and you won't want to miss it. This will be a great night of dance rock, punk, indie, electro and more, all for $3! Doors at 9pm, 21+.

Eau Really? back

-Comeback has come back, Seattle, as the dance party takes over Chop Suey (1325 E. Madison St) You should be glad it is back, as they have special guest DJ Nightschool, a.k.a. Nathan from The Gossip, to take this one to the next level. DJs Colby B, Fucking In The Streets and DJ Porq will add to the dirty, filthy mayhem. Get there before midnight to get in for $5, doors at 9pm, 21+.

-Ahh, another one of my favorites, the Lights Down Low party in San Francisco. I wish I could have put the entire flier here, but this part should be enough to get you to check this out, as I love that quote. Tonight, Sleazemore and Rchrd Oh?! are joined by Eric Sharp for what should be a night of dirty and fidget house, massive electro ragers and all sorts of things in between. Parker Day takes photos, down in the basement of 222 Club (222 Hyde @ Turk)

-Two good choices in the LA area tonight. For my hip-hop kids, check out the Made You Look Fridays party at Detroit Bar (834 W. 19th St), where Pase Rock headlines with Melo-D. Pase is a great DJ, feel like it's a guaranteed good time and hyped crowd with him involved. Melo-D comes out of that line of classic hip-hop DJs like DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Cut Chemist, etc, technically skilled, knowledgeable about the music and mindful that he is spinning for a crowd not their buddies. Devyn C and Mr. White join them in the main room, while DJ Legit, DJ TJ and GMO take over the second room. Presented by Vapors, photos by Shadowscene, rsvp at, $15 admission, 21+.

-For the rock kids, head to Safari Sam's (5214 Sunset Blvd) where it's Club 82 vs. BRMC. This one's the afterparty for the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Keith 2.0 and DJ (N) will spin along with special secret guests. I'm guessing that it may be members of a band that is holding its afterparty here, but you'll have to go there to find out. This one starts after the sold-out show, doors at 11:30, free with a flier or ticket until 1:25, 18+.


Larry Levan - Live At The Paradise Garage

Larry Levan 3

Larry Levan, Live at the Paradise Garage Disc 1 (YSI link) (Sendspace link)

I'm not sure if there's something in the air or what, but this post looks at another musical artist taken from us way too soon. Larry Levan is a legend, a hero for this blog, one of the many people who helped to create the disco sound and scene. We're gonna come back to Mr. Levan a lot, so I won't go on to much about his biography.

One essential fact of the Levan story is the residency at the Paradise Garage that Levan began in 1977. The Garage was located in Greenwich Village at 84 King Street in an old parking garage (hence, the name). Founded by Michael Brody and Mel Charen, it was a member's only place and no liquor, food or drink was served. The club was modeled after David Mancuso's Loft, although its owners intended it to be a downtown version of Studio 54, a gay club for rich white men. From the beginning, though, the Garage would bring in a diverse crowd and Levan's sets reflected that diversity perfectly.

I can't begin to tell you how perfect this music sounds to me, from those first beautiful keys on Ashford and Simpson's "Bourgie Bourgie" straight through. I tend to think of dance music as being synthetic, cold, mechanical (and love it for that!), but Levan's DJ sets were the complete opposite. His sets were filled to the brim with classic Philly soul, funk and pop, lovely strings, huge drum breakdowns, brassy horns, as warm as a summer day. It's ecstatic music, joyous, life-affirming. emotional; during the refrain of T-Connection's "In Midnight," I'm always brought to tears, when that bassline goes nuts and Theo Coakley sings "When midnight come around, I really come alive. At Midnight! Oh I really come alive," it makes me feel alive.

For the record, this is the first disc of the out-of-print Live At The Paradise Garage 2 CD set from 2003. If there's interest, I will put up the second disc. Download this, your life will be better from here on out, I promise. Disco will save your life.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Common Folk NYC, Opolis OK and more

This was an easy choice to lead off with, as we have always been a big supporter of the Sweatshop Labor bols' Common Folk party at Home Sweet Home. Tonight looks extra special, as they have a very special guest spinning; DJ Benny Blanco will spin a Disco D tribute tonight. For those that don't know, Blanco worked as an intern for Disco D and was one of his proteges. In the past year, Blanco has done big things with his Bangers and Cash Spank Rock collabo, surely making his mentor proud. I expect that Blanco, Johnsville and Lucas Walters will spin lots of bass, booty music, baile funk and rap. The Fader folks have also given this one a thumbs-up, should be an amazing night and a nice tribute. Shango Rum open bar from 10:30-11:30, no cover, 21+.

-You should also stop by another of my favorite Thursday night parties, the biweekly Unstoppable Perfect at Happy Ending (302 Broome St) rekLES and SeanMF'NRoberts will spin all the good genres you like to hear, from electro to indie to house to 80s, all done with skill and verve. I've said it before, this is a really great party that gets a good crowd that is more into having fun than having their picture taken. Hosted by Julius O. and Antwan of, there's an open bar from 11-12, these two parties are a great 1-2 LES punch tonight, do it. No cover, 21+.


-Further uptown, Cheeky Bastard presents Fully Fitted at Hiro Ballroom (371 W. 16th St) Awesomely, this means that New York gets a live show from Philly's Amanda Blank, the great but way too underexposed female rapper. She's joined by the Spank Rock DJs, Devlin and Darko, plus Spank Rock producer XXXchange, for a night of filthy rap and Bmore club at this great weekly party. Take note that this one starts at midnight, not 10pm. RSVP at the site to get in for free, 2 for 1 vodka drinks from 2-3am. There's already 800+ people on the list, should be big night.

-Brooklyn's Chief Magazine is throwing a party at Galapagos (70 N. 6th St) tonight. They're not being subtle as they've named it Shake That Ass, I'm all for that sort of explictness. Rev McFly, DJ Dirty Finger and DJ TeenWolf will help you achieve that ass-shaking goal with a steady dose of bangers until you just can't get it still. $5 cover, doors at 10pm, 2 for 1 vodka from 11 to midnight.


-Norman, Oklahoma, stand the fuck up! The Dance Robots Dance crew are coming to your city with their weekly Opolis party. Well, actually, it's DJs B. and Dylan spinning electro and dance and indie all night for your pleasure, they do it every Thursday, so I'm thinking you should just pencil this in for the next few months. $3 cover, doors at 9pm, 21+.

-Finally, San Fran's up next in the much-hyped tour by Paris' The Teenagers. This is their live debut in the city and it's fitting that they are joining up with the indie dance mavens at Popscene to make it happen. DJs Aaron and Omar of Popscene and Rchrd Oh?! of Big Stereo will spin before and after, giving you the chance for both a great concert and a rad dance party. Get to 330 Ritch Street, as the magic happens there. $12 for 21+, $13 for 18+, doors at 10pm.