Saturday, September 29, 2007

Too Much Love MPLS with James Murphy and Will Eastman!

I was going to make this the event of the night on the strength of DJ Will Eastman of D.C.'s Bliss party coming through as the special guest. Then, I check in tonight and come to learn that the Soviet Panda's Too Much Love party is going to have LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy as guest DJ, that the band would be hanging out and that another band called Arcade Fire, from Canada I believe, will also be in the house partying. I mean, holy shit! Right? This should be a crazy, once in a lifetime kind of night, so get to First Avenue (701 First Avenue North) right now, as it is sure to be packed. $3, 18+, drink specials. For real, this party and these dudes deserve a lot more attention, congrats on a big night, it's gonna be a rave.

James Murphy! LCD Soundsystem! Arcade Fire! Soviet Panda! DJ Talk Radio! Will Eastman! Yeah!

Switch&Sinden BK, Magical Clubhouse NYC, Jordan Z BDay CHI, Check Yo LA and more

Okay, I've had a few shitty days in a row. I need to go out, so this edition of the party round-up is short and sweet, devoid of myt usual witty banter. Switch and Sinden are spinning in Greenpoint at Studio B. Just in case you didn't catch that, Switch and Sinden are spinning at Studio B, i.e. 2 of our favorite producers in the world. Meanred continues to do dope things, Dj Korrupt is headlining, along with Tastenyc, Goodpeoples, Bijules and XLR8R. $12, 21+.

-Stop by Macri Park (462 Union Ave) in Williamsburg early or late to hang with the Sweatshop Labor bols, who are making moves in the blog world, more to come on that. 21+, no cover, fun.

-That new jawn at Don Hill's (511 Greenwich St.) has a flier and a name! Yeah! Magical Clubhouse with Nicolas Kratochvil, Dances With White Girls, Circus 68, Modular NYC, Throne of Blood, BBlessing and others, doors at 10, 21+.

-Happy birthday Jordan Z! Go to his bday party at Debonair Social Club tonight, where the birthday boy, Million $ Mano, Miss Gab and Kampfire Killaz are spinning, vyle of flosstradamus and trouble&bass hosts. RSVP to for free admission and Colt 45 all night. It's a celebration of life.

Jordan Z's Bday Party!

-Life During Wartime start a new monthly residency at The Hideout (1354 W. Wabansia). Bald Eagle has flown the coop tonight, which means you get DJ Mother Hubbard all night, all to yourself. You will fall in love with her! Yeah!

|-It's Saturday night in San Fran, so you're gonna want to be at the Frisco Disco. Tonight's the Muscles record release party with Modular, guest DJ is Holland's Robert Smithee, residents Richie Panic and Jefrodisiac will get you laid. The Transfer (198 Church St.@Market), every Saturday.

-Another massive Check Yo Ponytail by Franki Chan and IHeartComix, another great flier, another amazing night. Bonde Do Role live at 12, Juiceboxxx, The Toxic Avenger and LA Riots, DJ sets by Mr. Chan and Paparazzi. Get to The Echoplex (1154 Glendale Blvd), a part of the amazing Swerve Festival going on all weekend.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ellen Allien - Just A Woman

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Ellen Allien, "Just A Woman" (YSI link)

Ellen Allien, "Just A Woman (Audion version)" (YSI link)

After a night at the Dirtybird monthly, it seemed appropriate to put up some tech-house music that would have fit perfectly at this amazing party at APT. Plus, it ties in perfectly with our focus on female artists, making this a multi-layered post. Yeah!

Ellen Allien is one of the biggest and best names in techno music, an OG legend who has been DJing since the early 90s, holding down residencies in her native Berlin at legendary spots like Tresor, The Bunker and E-Werk. She started B Pitch Recordings, has released a few highly acclaimed albums of her own and did one of the most recent mixes for the Fabric series.

Just A Man/Just A Woman is a 12" release, bringing together two of the biggest names in the game, Allien and Audion, a.k.a. Matthew Dear. Released on Ghostly International's Spectral Sound imprint late last year, each artist came with an original track which the other would remix. 4 tracks, no muss, no fuss. I've put up the B side, "Just A Woman," Ellen Allien's original. I go back and forth on this one, sometimes I really enjoy the song, other times I feel like it's missing something, like it was just not quite ready for prime time. Part of the problem is that I'm used to more maximalist stuff, whereas this one comes in on the minimal end of things. It features a simple, repeating drum pattern that sorta lays down a bed for the synth that comes in later. The synth is the key, as it can either seem really catchy or too restrained, curious to hear what others think. The Audion remix is more to my liking, a percussive burner that has slow build until about the halfway point when it lets loose. The pace becomes intense and you are a long way from the minimal Allien original.

We'll definitely take a look at both of these artists more in the future. For now, I highly recommend copping the 12" or the iTunes mp3s, as "Just A Man" is excellent.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bottle Service CHI, Fashion Week KC, Nicky Digital NYC and more


Lots of fun stuff going down tonight and fliers that make it clear that these are gonna sick parties. Best on both accounts is the Bottle Service party at Empire Liquors (1566 N. Milwaukee Ave.) in Chicago tonight, which features the first Chicago appearance of DJ Will Eastman. I've mentioned him a lot here, a dude doing amazing things in D.C. with his Bliss monthly, peep the flier for the full bio. I'm really psyched that he's going to be hitting up some cities in the US and Europe this Fall, as he's one of the names I think people should and need to know about. Chicago, here's your chance. He's joining DJ Nurotic (that is not my DJ name) and the resident DJ Hiroki for a great night of dancing, multi-genred music and cheap drinks, brought to you by the Dance Party Magic people I believe. RSVP here, no cover, $1 PBRs from 9-10, early bird gets the drunkest. BTW, awesome flier, just awesome.

-You're also gonna definitely wanna hit up the weekly Debonair Thursday party with the Dark Wave Disco bols, Trancid and Mark Gertz. Tonight's edition features a special appearance by NYC band The Glass, who seem to finally be re-emerging after a few years off. They'll be doing half live show, half DJ set upstairs with those guys; downstairs, there's a Kletik Records release party featuring DJs Jason Patrick, Sassmouth, Dave Powers and Frankie Vega. Head to Debonair Social Club (1575 N. Milwaukee Ave.), you're never gonna have to leave the building tonight.

-A little more mid and west, Kansas City celebrates its Fashion Week with a great party at Recordbar (1020 Westport Rd.) Crystal Castles is in the building to kick out the jams with their indielectro sounds, joined by the local DJ crew Nomathematics. Things kick off at 10, go til 1, then the afterparty hosted by West Bottoms Collective starts at 1409 W. 11th St., 2nd floor. KC, it's gonna be a rave! Best of all, it's 18+, so the kids can get in on the fun too. Here's the other flier that really caught my attention, good stuff.

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-Out West, Anthem magazine presents the Back To Cool party at Helio (430 5th Ave.) in San Diego. You're not gonna wanna miss Modular Records' band The Softlightes perform, another excellent group on the Australian label. There's also DJ C-Town spinning music, all from 7-9, rsvp at Anthem to get in.

-In the north and west, Seattle to precise, Club Pop goes off tonight. This one features resident DJs Colby B and Paco providing the best dance music there is. They're joined by guest DJ Marty Mar and bands Protokoll and The Hugs for this one. This monthly happens at Chop Suey (1325 E. Madison Ave.), $8 before 11, $10 after, 18+, get into this Seattle! Hopefully there will be a flier for the October one, as this looks like a really nice party.

-Ahh, finally, back East we are. Thursdays in NYC have a ton of the best weeklies, so that's what we're going to mention. First though, a special event. Nicky Digital is having a photo show at the Lounge, a.k.a. The Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave. btwn 15th and 16th Sts), tonight from 7-11. Anyone who has gone out in NYC has seen the man, possibly the hardest working dude in the city. Show some support, see great photos, hear some great music spun by Lauren Flax and TKOmri and get drunk on the open bar (free beer and booze from 7-8:30, free beer and $% mixed drinks after that). RSVP here, it's the only way to get in.

-Also, a new party in the mix, Coose at Plan B in the East Village. Not sure if this is a weekly or what, but it definitely looks good tonight. DJs Sunjinho, Marc-Alan Grey and others are going to be spinning all night, expect lots of good baile funk, dance music, cheap drinks, free pizza, no cover, that should be good enough to get you to stop by.

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-The Teddybears return to Hiro Ballroom (371 W. 16th St.@9th Ave.) and the Cheeky Bastard Thursday night jawn. I've heard that their performance a few months back was one of the best live sets that's gone down at this party. You'll get a Shiny Toy Guns afterparty late, where Jeremy Dawson from STG will spin along with Sean Fightcats of the Ruff Kids. This one will be packed, get there early and you also get to enjoy Bass Ale open bar from 10-11 plus 2 for 1 vodka drinks (also from 2-3 on the vodka). No cover on the GBH guestlist, 21+.

-Nearby at APT, Dirtybird monthly tonight with Claude VonStroke. That's all I'm gonna say.

-Finally, I love the LES most of all and these are two of my favorite parties in the city, which makes this radical to the fourth power shit. First, the Sweatshop Labor bols hold down Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie St.), as they do every Thursday. If you're not up on this party and these dudes, I feel bad. They throw parties that are about dancing, drinking and debaucherous behavior that you may or may not regret in the morning. In other words, they do it right. 21+, no cover, no excuses.

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-Also, Unstoppable Perfect goes down at Happy Ending (302 Broome St.) nearby. Yes, the flier date is wrong, two weeks off, but that's only because no one has yet recovered from the previous one. Don't hate them for giving 110%.

Marnie Stern - In Advance of the Broken Arm

Marnie Stern, "Vibrational Match"
(YSI link)

Marnie Stern, "Absorb Those Numbers" (YSI link)

I've always been drawn to people who defy stereotypes or succeed in areas that are thought off-limits to various groups defined gender, race, religion, what have you. It explains my obsession with the lives of Jewish gangsters and fighters, for example. Marnie Stern fits right in the heart of this concept, a woman who plays prog-metal music with a technical skill unsurpassed. Others, more versed in the concept, might simply say that she shreds.

Her debut album, In Advance of the Broken Arm, was released early this year on the amazing Kill Rock Stars label and has gotten quite a bit of critical acclaim, most notably a great write-up in the New York Times. I definitely agree, as it made me, about as big a fan of guitar theatrics as I am of breast reductions, rawk out. Okay, I'm too old to rawk out, as I can hurt myself, but I have been loving the album since I first heard it a bit ago.

I figured the only way this review would be interesting is to figure out what makes this one get through and most other metal-ish records fall flat. To boil it down, I'd say that the album loses the aggression that I associate with this type of music, like screamed vocals or masturbatory looooooong guitar solos. Two songs break the 4 minute barrier, the rest are in the 2-3 minute range; when she does go in for the technical, million notes a minute kind of thing, it's usually as concise as these things can be, oftentimes linking up with the furious drums of Zach Hill of Hella to create the sound of a runaway rock train. Most of all though, like most indie/rock music, it's the vocals that take it over the top. Her voice has this great sound, unpolished, girlish at times, aggresive at other times.

Clearly, I recommend this one. Grab a copy here so that you too, when you are in the mood, can rawk the fuck out. Also, if anyone would like to send in some suggestions or recommendations on this kind of music, the metalesque stuff that I know has gotten a lot of attention the past few years, it would be much appreciated. I feel like I should check out this end of the spectrum, see what I've been missing.

Bob Dylan - Theme Time Radio Hour #39 (Tears)

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Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #39 (Tears) (YSI link) (Sendspace link)

Well, I can't let my Bob Dylan readers to get away with a happy time, now can I? Actually, I'm not sure there's any artist that I associate with tears more than Mr. Dylan, so I'm guessing his fans are probably not the happiest bunch to begin with. I dare anyone to listen to Blood On The Tracks, I mean, really listen to the lyrics, within a year of a break-up and try not to cry. Don't fight it, let'em come. There's nothing wrong with a man crying, despte what my bol Mr. Robert Smith says. Hell, I'm crying everytime I write a post, I just dig so deep for each one that all kinds of stuff comes up, like James Brown in front of Powerbook.

Here's the next installment of the Pound for Pound look at the first season of XM Radio's Theme Time Radio Hour, episode 29. It's dedicate to that great musical topic, tears. I'm not gonna lie, for a man as steeped in popular music, this topic seems like shooting fish in a barrell. There's almost too many choices, but whoo boy, Dylan starts this one off with a bang, ? and the Mysterions, "96 Tears." It's such a bang that it's gonna force me to do a post on it, so hold tight on that one. So much excellent stuff on this one, especially loving Bobby Charles' " and some rocksteady!

It got me to thinking about tears and music and how it seems to be missing from the current landscape. I can't think of many artists in any genre that seems willing and able to write sad songs, the way that they did back in the day. Am I wrong? Is there something about the current world or music scene that makes these songs rarer? Off the top of my head, it would seem that there are a few indie bands and some r&b artists working in this vein. However, there's no Bacharach-David, no Roy Orbinson or Motown or the 60s girl groups that consistently makes great sad songs. Sorry, this is rambling, I know, just trying to reiterate my point that great, emotional music seems to be out now

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Awesometown LA, Databass SJ, Diplo & Switch PHILA and more


Tonight, LA is the center of the Pound for Pound universe, because of this awesomely awesome Awesometown. Anne Lee and Shadowscene are doing the official afterparty for the !!! show at the Avalon, and they are doing it up right. Justin from the band will spin, as will Desert Eagles, Damager from Rockognized and Ross Angeles from Shoot Out The Lights, should be a good night of rock and lots of Daft Punk for the rock kids. RSVP for free entry, which will also allow you to skip ahead in the line. Shadowscene stays on the steady grind with the photos, 21+, 10-2, $3 Dewar's drinks all night long. Yeah! Blow Up LA! !!!! FYI, that last one is actually me yelling out the band's name, just FYI.

-Hmm, I love the name of this party, Databass. I'm assuming it's an ode to the legendary Detroit ghettotech label of the same name. Since the good dudes behind the amazing Missing Toof blog are behind it, I feel confident in that assumption. Ahh, but who gives a shit about my music nerd trainspotting? This is a party with girls and alcohol! Yeah! Resident DJs Disaster and Basura, plus guest DJ Jeff Jagged, are spinning lots of indie and electronic music and stuff that falls in the middle. It happens at The Blank Club (44 S. Almaden Ave.) in downtown San Jose, starts at 9, 21+, $2 cover. San Jose, stand up!

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-If you are in San Fran, I recommend getting to The Ambassador (673 Geary St.) tonight where DJs Vin Sol and Jefrodisiac are gonna be spinning lots of disco. Disco, great DJs, fuck a flier, just do it.

-205 Club (Chrystie & Stanton) keeps making moves, lots of great parties and DJs at this spot. Like I said, once you bring in Stretch Armstrong for a weekly, everyone needs to take note. Legend, blah blah blah, dude is sick DJ NOW! He has killed everytime I have had the good fortune to hear him spin, now we all get the privledge every week, as he joins Eli Escobar for the Soundsystem party. Tonight's the night to get on board, as they've invited DJ Ayres from The Rub and Tittsworth as the special guests. I mean, whoa! It's gonna be insane down there, no genre is safe. When it gets to hot and sweaty down there, head upstairs for the HeartMe! party in the airconditioned main room. DJs June D, Marc-Alan Grey and Coco Martinez will take care of you all night as well. Doors at 11 for both, 21+, no cover, awesome.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-I think that this is a new party at Happy Ending (302 Broome St.). It's new to me at least, and since I'm ragingly self-absorbed, that makes it new to the world. Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant features three of the best up and coming DJs in NYC - Rev McFly, Morsy and Teen Wolf. I've had a chance to hear the first two a handful of times recently and can say that I haven't seen many DJs kill it like they have. Lots of classic hip-hop, some new shit, this should be a really great night, one of the underrated spots in the city too. No cover, 21+ and 2 for 1 drinks from 11-12.

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-I've been getting into TV a little lately, after a few months of not watching it at all. I think I may put up a post on that, but in the meantime, hit up the G Spa party tonight at the Gansevoort Hotel (18 Ninth Ave.@13th Street) for the premier of a new show on ABC called Dirty Sexy Money. I'm a little pissed, as that was going to be the title of my autobiography, but hopefully they will step it up and live up to that name. You also get DJ Ted the Dillinger, a chance to hang out in a gorgeous, fancy spot that you would never go to otherwise and a unpretentious party.

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-Finally, the Diplo & Switch tour lands in Philly tonight. If you live in that city, the greatest of them all, you need to go to this party. Trust me. There are special surprises for those who show between 8 and 10 at the Starlight Ballroom. Do not stay in! Do not sleep! Wednesday is the new Friday!

Radio Slave - Screaming Hands

Radio Slave, "Screaming Hands" (YSI link)

Radio Slave, "Screaming Hands (Josh Wink Interpretation)" (YSI link)

Hmm, it's been kind of a dark day or two at Pound for Pound, lots of weird feelings and neuroses and memories, thanks gmail/chat! I guess I'm taking it out on you, as we're gonna turn to some darker, more mental stuff. Radio Slave fits the bill perfectly, as the dude just does dark and ominous well, y'know?

"Screaming Hands" is actually an older single from Matt Edwards, which has gotten new life from some remixes, but it's still a fucking doozy. To be accurate, the original has been out for at least 6 months or so, dropping on the No Sleep Parts 2 release late last year. The original is just sick, one of those tracks that comes out of the gate strong and doesn't let up until the final drum beats. It's a song like this that makes me wish that I knew more about music production and instruments, so that I could explain what I'm hearing. Basically, the song is built on this crazy siren-y sound that warps and twists throughout; add in some fidgety drums and full-on bass and you have yourself another classic from Radio Slave.

Recently, the song got the remix treatment from Cosmo Vitelli and Philly's own Josh Wink. I can't think of a more perfect combo than Wink and Radio Slave, two dudes who know how to make dark, edgy, when-the-drugs-have-gone-bad music. I can't help but think of Winx's "Don't Laugh," the maniacal acid track built out of the laughter of Wink himself. This one's nearly as good as the original, as Wink has extended things by a few minutes and interestingly taken out that very siren sound that makes the original so dope. This one is all about the percussion, both the hand claps, shakers and the more standard snares. This is a really brilliant remix, it takes its time but never loses your attention.

I recommend grabbing the remix 12" immediately (restocking at Turntable Lab, keep an eye out), as Cosmo Vitelli has a great cosmic disco remix on there. Also, check out Edwards' Rekids label to dig deeper into the man's catalogue and some of the best music coming out in dance music today. I can't recommend the Rekids compilation One more highly, buy it now, do not pass Go.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Outdanced CHI and Still Going DFA Record Release NYC

All's quiet on the western front, but not the midwestern one. I mean, here's another fucking massive rager in Chicago, the city that never sleeps or is windy, whatever, it's the city throwing the best shit right now. Outdanced! is the doing the afterparty for the Metric/Crystal Castles show and it might be more fun than the show. You get DJ sets from the guys in Metric, plus Zebo and Matt Roan, it's hosted by the Kampfire Killaz. Oooh, late update, Crystal Castles will also be in the house and more than likely in the DJ booth as well. That's a lot and I haven't mentioned the $1 drinks and shots special. I mean, who has $1 anything anymore? Get to the Funky Buddha (728 W. Grand Ave.) to join in the fun. Happy birthday to Kampfire Jay, one of Pound for Pound's favorites!

-NYC, there's one really amazing option tonight, as DFA Records hits the basement of 205 (205 Chrystie@Stanton) to celebrate the release of the Still Going 12". Still Going is the duo of Eric Duncan of Rub'n'Tug fame and Olivier Spencer of Manthrax, Spencer'll be in the house spinning along with the Tuesday night residents Justin Miller and Jacques Renault for a night of twisted disco, dirty house, punk funk, all the good stuff. One of my favorite spots, this will be a great time with people who want to dance and DJs who wanna make that happen.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Klaxons Afterparty NYC, Paris, Texas PARIS and more

Listen you can make fun of the fact that this new-rave band is doing its afterparty at Rebel on W. 30th Street or you can lose the attitude and appreciate the epic line-up for this party and have a good time. Spank Rock and Santo Gold live, which is most assuredly a better show than the one happening at Madison Square Garden tonight. Even cooler, Mark Bell of LFO is spinning, lending some rave credentials to the mix. You also get DJ sets from Steve Aoki, the Mystery Jets, The Bangers, Alex English, TKOmri and RKid. Get in for free with RSVP at, Absolut open bar from 11-12, 21+, giveaways from Skullcandy, it's a Monday rave, Dave!

-Another edition of Blogger's Delight at The Knitting Factory, this one is curated by Idolator, which is also celebrating its first anniversary as a web entity. Congrats to them, they're bringing in NYC's My Teenage Stride and Baltimore's Monarch to celebrate in style. Things kick off at 9 pm, no cover, definitely a nice new party on the scene.

-A really nice party tonight in Philly, it's called Simply Dillaful, a tribute to the legendary hip hop producer J Dilla, who was taken from us much too soon. It features local DJs Jay Ski of the Scratch Mekaniks and Statik of the Ill Vibe Collective, along with special guest House Shoes from Detroit. It's going down at Fluid (613 S. 4th St.), 21+, $5 before 11, $7 after, a wonderful night for a wonderful artist.

-Opposite coast, more indie rock afterparty goodness. The Editors afterparty goes down at the Get Famous party. The band will come through to hear resident DJ HIGHspeedDUB and guests Fembot and Daisy O. rock the dancefloor at the Boa Lounge (8462 Sunset Blvd). Check the site for flicks from previous editions and realize that everyone in LA, including the fucking DJs, are way better looking than me. Ms. Shadowscene will take your picture, so you, you wear something special tonight.

-Of course, there's also Club Genre at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd), the weekly party featuring DJs Luv Tek, S!n, Joaquin and Zendo. You know the deal already, great music, 18+, free before 10:30, $5 all night for ladies, should be a weekly stop for LA people.

-Oh Paris, you just won't let me be, will you? You keep calling me. Here's a sick party going down, presented by 33HZ and Dither Down Records, celebrating the release of the Paris, Texas single with Teki Latex of TTC and Devin the Dude. 33HZ play live, Teki Latex will DJ, along with Orgasmic, the Fluokids, In Flagranti (!!!), DJ Raze of Geneva and the Gentleman Drivers. This madness happens at Le Paris Paris (5 Avenue de L'Opera), will try to get the details about the single out this week.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bliss DC, Too Much Love MPLS, Check Yo Ponytail & Blow Up LA and more

The fast is ended, 25 hours of no food. Why 25 and not 24? Because I can, that's why. This has been a monumental 10 days, on some serious shit, like all awe all the time. I'm talking like Martin Buber stuff here, so focused right now, just wow. Tonight's the time to celebrate life and there's some amazing parties going down to help you do just that. First up, happy birthday to Will Eastman's Bliss party in D.C. Anyone who has ever thrown one party knows how hard that is, now try doing that every month for seven years. Respect. The party is happening at The Black Cat Backstage (1811 14th Street NW), with Eastman and DJ Stereo Faith on the decks, doing it just like it's been going down for all of these years. Again, love the youtube fliers, so nice to see creativity and thinking outside the box. Mazel tov Will, here's to 7 more years of Bliss!

-Yeah! More Pound for Pound favorite linking up for maximum raveage. This one's a Midwest conference of dance music dons, DJs Soviet Panda and Life During Wartime's Bald Eagle. It goes down on Panda's Minneapolis turf, a special edition of his Too Much Love Party at First Avenue. 18+, $3, Minnesota, do not sleep. This is one of the best parties anywhere, this one's gonna be extra dope.

-Back in Bald Eagle's city, Chicago, Blacklisted presents a night of live music and some of the best DJs anywhere. Go Motion! is the live band, Dark Wave Disco bols Trancid & Mark Gertz team up with Vyle of Flosstradamus and Trouble & Bass to rock the 1s and the 2s. It goes down at the Darkroom (2210 W. Chicago Ave.), no cover before 11, $5 after 11, so get there early! 9-3, here's your entire Saturday night Chi-town.

-More Midwest goodness and more anniversary goodness.

-A little quiet in New York City tonight, but that just means that this new weekly (?) at Don Hill's (511 Greenwich@Spring) is your choice. Dances With White Girls of Throne Of Blood and Jess Jubilee of Modular will rock you until you forget that you're in the West Village. You also get Cede and Nicolas Kratochvil, not sure the details on cover and whatnot, I'm assuming that this is the replacement for Misshapes. Basically, I don't know much more than the flier says, so hit it up and tell me everything you know.

-All the way over on the opposite side of the country, Frisco Disco lies in wait for unsuspecting partygoers and young men and women who have yet to experience the dark side. Fortunately, my readers know all about this epic party and the dark side, so there should be no problems. Get to The Transfer (198 Church@Market), let Richie Panic and Jefrodisiac make this Saturday night the best one ever, until next Saturday.

-Finally, Modular did its pool party this afternoon, Franki Chan and IHeartComix picks the ball up and runs with it tonight at The Echoplex (1154 Glendale Blvd). A massive line-up with a Boys Noize and Simian Mobile Disco 1-2 punch. Add in a DJ sets by Dave P & JDH, Mr. Chan and Paparazzi and it's fucking knockout. Photos by Shadowscene, $20, 18+, things get started at 9 pm. Remember to pace yourself though, as you'll also...


-Keep the fun going until the wee hours with Blow Up LA. Ms. Anne Lee and Ms. Shadowscene present the latest edition of the party and it's massive. DJs are Simian Mobile Disco, Dave P & JDH, Star Eyes of Trouble&Bass, C-Town, Louisahhh and DJ S!n. Cash bar all night, including late night, 18+, $5 before midnight if you RSVP at the Urb Magazine site, $10 otherwise, 10-5am, just remember to pace yourself.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Justin Timberlake - LoveStoned/I Think She Knows

Justin Timberlake, "LoveStoned/ I Think She Knows (Roc Mafia remix)" (YSI link)

Yom Kippur begins in a few hours, which means the final meal before the fast. One is supposed to choose a meal that one would want as a last meal, the last thing one wants to eat, since a person doesn't know if they have been inscribed in the Book of Life or not (our fate is sealed tonight). All of which is a long way to say that I won't be posting again until tomorrow night and that I think Justin Timberlake remixed by Justice is one of those last meal kinda of dealies, like pastrami on rye and a knish. Two of the best things in the world, together at once. While this may not be my favorite Justice remix, their "LoveStoned/ I Think She Knows" remix is probably their most accomplished. This is their biggest remix project yet, a huge star and all, lots of pressure and money; they don't back down and take the easy way out. Their chopped-up drums, synths and nasty bass are all there, but there's a funkiness to this one that I'm not sure they've hit before. Maybe it's the strings or the Timberlake vocals, but this one seems like great pop music to me.

All of these tracks come from the LoveStoned/ I Think She Knows 2 x 12" release from Jive, which was the third single to drop from the LP. It's a nice package, although I'm not really sure the remixes ever do anything that interesting. Tiesto is the other big name involved, much bigger outside of Pound for Pound and blogland. The trancemaster delivers a pretty straightforward remix, sounds ready for the huge clubs of the world with a big bass, whooshing sounds, massive synth breakdowns; I kinda feel like it's hard to listen to this one on my crappy iPod headphones, like it's meant to be heard at Crobar at 3AM.

My favorite of the lot is the Mysto & Pizzi remix, a NYC production team known for their hip-hop/r&b work (incl. a track on the new R. Kelly) Here they leave that behind and bang out a club stormer. Nasty bass, pounding drums, some trance-y synths, what's not to like? Love the emphasis on the freaky lyrics, gives it a little darker edge. Oooh boy, more listen, more likey. Finally, the Roc Mafia remix nicely takes things down a few notches, strip out the strings, give it a bouncier feel with a rubbery bass, some flute sounds and other effects.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dark Wave Disco Debonair Thursday CHI, Common Folk NYC and more

There's nothing I love better than to see some of my favorite DJs from different parties come together. It's even better when it means different cities come together. As you can imagine, I'm ecstatic at tonight's Debonair Thursday as the Dark Wave Disco bols Trancid and Mark Gertz have brought in my bol Dimitry from High Voltage as a special guest. Add in the Kampfire Killaz and it's like the blog coming to life. While the headliner isn't a friend of the blog, I can't recommend LA's Them Jeans enough, as it's a great chance to check out two of the best DJs from opposite coasts. I can't recommend this party highly enough, get to Debonair asap, no cover, 10-2, dancing mandatory. The Pound for Pound army will destroy your city next.

-Chicago, you also need to check out the Fly By Night V: The Re Launch, as it promises to be a fcking blast too. Live music from Miss Fairchild, DJ sets by Willy Joy and Capcom of Fly By Night, plus Sammy Bananas from Certified Bananas, all at Empire Liquors (1566 N. Milwaukee). This one's free too, starts at 9, 21+, your Thursday night is pretty set I'd say.


-Back in New York City, the Common Folk are taking over. Well, not literally, as commoners aren't welcome Manhattan, ballers and douchebags only. Except at a few select spots, like Home Sweet Home for Common Folk with Sweatshop Labor NYC. Tonight, the boys are joined by Rage Mountain and special guest DJ Dan Frantic. I've been saying that this party needs to be on your radar, tonight's a good starting point. You will get drunk, you will have fun, you will hear good music, you may or may not get laid. Free Zygo vodka from 10:30-11:30, no cover, 21+.

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-What else do I love? I love when parties have guest DJs from Philly! My boys at Even Further have invited Monica Sharp up from the greatest city on Earth for a night of techno in the basement of Happy Ending (302 Broome St.) Carmine P. Filthy and Rudy Mungi will be on top of their game too. The question is: will you?

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-It's Thursday so you know that Hiro Ballroom will have some great party going down. Cheeky Bastard do it every week, tonight's no exception. Spank Rock's DJ XXXchange is the special guest, along with Throne Of Blood's Dances With White Girls. Weirdly, there had been mention of a live show from Plastic Little, which would have made this a serious contender. It might still be happening, just seems to have disappeared from the flier. I mean, no complaints, top DJs, Lucky Beer open bar from 10-11, 2 for 1 vodka drinks from 10-11 and 2-3, RSVP to get on the guest list for free entry.

-In my hood, the Chicken Coop returns to Savalas (285 Bedford Ave.) in Williamsburg. That means the Hot Hens and Cousin Cole & Pocketknife will hold it down with music from all sorts of genres until 4 am. No cover, 21+, I really like this flier.

-I wish that you could see the pictures for the Swerve party in LA that I'm seeing. Beautiful women, laughing, smiling, looking like they never look when I'm around in essence. Is it in the water at the club? Or is it DJ Daniel LeDisko of LA Riots, is he the key, as his amazing DJ skills, good looks and charm just make women flock to his gigs? You'll have to hit up Scorpion (6679 Hollywood Blvd) every Thursday night to find out, I'm confident that the experiment is well worth your time.

-Finally, our neighbor to the North is in for a serious battle. Catchdubs vs. Canada. For three nights (2 now), Nick will attempt to conquer our unruly neighbor with rap, dancehall, pop sweetness and whatever else it takes to teach the country that America will not be pushed around anymore. Tonight, he's in Montreal at Academy (4445 St-Laurent) with the Peer Pressure DJs.

Caribou - Andorra

Caribou, "She's The One" (YSI link)

I'm excited to finally post about Caribou and their new album, Andorra. I've had this one for a few weeks and it's gorgeous, 60s-inspired pop continues to grow on me with each listen. Caribou is really Dan Snaith, who has been behind all six albums releases as both Caribou and the previous band name, Manitoba. I first caught Manitoba in the upstairs of the Trocadero a few years ago, opening for Junior Boys (or was it the other way around?). I can't remember who I went with or much about Manitoba, but he has my attention now.

Andorra is the first release on the Merge label and it continues to see the band leave behind any remnants of the IDM/electronic sound that they started out with. Snaith seems to be most inspired by that 60s psychedelic pop sound, which was simultaneously catchy yet grandiose, rock'n'roll yet orchestral. Since I'm not knowledgeable about the bands of the era, I'll just mention the Brian Wilson-era Beach Boys, as that was who immediately sprung to mind. Made entirely at his home studio, Snaith also seems to have inherited that experimental nature in the studio that so many of the bands of that era had. Like for the Grateful Dead, say, the studio was this amazing playground where you could fuck around and try the impossible, make the machines work for you. Andorra features multitracked drums and vocals throughout, little sounds bubbling up in the mix, it's clear that dude held nothing back.

What I love most of all is probably the least consequential part, Snaith's falsetto vocals. I'm not sure why I love them so much, I guess because they are so unique and, in a way, gusty, as not a lot of guys are ready to make an album featuring them singing in an unnaturally high voice. It doesn't seem forced, really the opposite, as he sings with confidence. I actually loved the final paragraph (actually the whole review) of this review by Nate Door at PopMatters, as he's got interesting thoughts on Snaith's vocals. He's right, they really are crafted to fit the music; I actually would love to hear the vocals exert more attitude, see them become a more dominant force. "She's The One" is my favorite track on the album and I feel like it's the one where the vocals and lyrics take center stage. I love the melancholy and longing present in both, would love to see future releases go this direction. "Sandy" is a great example of the exuberant pop music on the album, this one featuring what seems like a whole chorus singing back-up.

This one's highly recommended, a great, focused album that sounds like little else out there today. Buy your copy here, it's a good bet that this will end up on some best of the year lists come December.