Thursday, May 08, 2008

Living In Narnia

Hannukah Perry

This is Perry and he is handsome. You should see his Purim outfit.

As I am sure you have noticed, there haven't been any posts here at Pound for Pound for awhile. I wish I could give a clear outlook on what the future holds, but I can't. I'm taking a break to take the GREs and putting all of my passion and energy for gay disco and acid house into analogies and polynomials. I hope to be back, but in the meantime, I wanted to spend the next week or so highlighting some of my favorite sites to read, a survival guide of sorts for the P4P hiatus.

There's only one place I could begin: Living In Narnia, possibly the most interesting, most insane writing since Henry Miller was in his syphilis heyday. Narnia is the work of one MF, one of only two real people to have ever gotten their full name listed at Pound for Pound, i.e. she's really important (bonus prize if you know the other name). I have a huge ego and I always like to be thought of as the funniest person in any room, which is why I am never in the same room as M (there's other reasons that may or may not involve a sad breakup, but that's none of your business, to be honest) She is hilarious and funny, the person you plant yourself in front of at a party and just listen to her hold court all night. I'm not sure if she is serious about the stand-up comedy thing, but it would be the perfect forum for her and her neuroses, like a Sarah Silverman who's actually funny. Until then, we're all going to have to be satisfied with getting to read her daily thoughts in the blogosphere.

The site is relatively new, so you can get in on the ground floor now, so when she's world famous and doing an HBO special, you can say you knew her way back when. As far as I can tell, she must sit and blog every second of the day, which is good for us. Her prodigous output is always high-quality, covering pop culture, her own crazy life or whatever else pops into her head. Best of all, there's a nice emphasis on boobs and boob size, which may be just for me. It's just a great, daily read and I truly hope that every one who stops by here makes it a part of their life. I will consider it a personal favorite if you do. Living In Narnia is calling people, go through the wardrobe and enjoy!