Friday, November 30, 2007

Masters of the Universe BK, One Step Beyond NYC, Daft Crunk BloomingtonIN and more

Don't ask me why, but I have a feeling tonight is going to be a great night. It's hard not to think that way when you see what's on tap, especially in NYC. I'm gonna give the top spot to the Masters of the Universe II party at Studio B (259 Banker St.) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York. Cut and Trouble & Bass have brought in two of my favorite DJs in the world from two favorite cities, Philly's Diplo and Paris' Surkin, and that's about all you need to know. You also get Trouble&Bass, South Rakkas Crew and Drums of Death for an amazing line-up, such a nice mix. $18 at the door, 18+, 10-4am, Diplo & Surkin.

-Damn, Williamsburg is comin' alive. A few other options for either pre- or post-Studio B or for those who want something a little more intimate. First, Sweatshop Labor takes over Hugs (108 N. 6th St) for their weekly Friday night dance party, where you will dance, drink and debauch. 21+, starts at 10, ends at 4, drink specials. Stop by, thank these guys for bringing Williamsburg back.

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-For those of you looking for something a little more chill and downtempo-y, head to the Ottoman Bar (318 Grand St) to catch Studio !k7's Boozoo Bajou of Germany and Giant Step's Erik The Reed from New York. This is presented by Bastard Jazz Recordings, so the Bastard Jazz Soundsystem - DJ Sema4, DJ DRM and Paul Digs - will also spin tonight. No cover, 10-4 am, 21+, try something and someplace new tonight. Yeah!

-Speaking of a new place to party, this would have been the pick of the night. Flavorpill presents the One Step Beyond party tonight at the super-rad Rose Center For Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History. It's a night of amazing dance music spun by DFA's Juan Maclean and Dave P & JDH of the Fixed party, plus cool visuals, a screening of a mvoie and a chance to hang out under the stars. I'm super psyched for this! Alas, there's no flier, but you can get all the info at the AMNH site. $2o before 10, $35 after, doors at 9 pm, so leave now if you wanna save some money, party goes til 1am. The Upper West Side is gonna be a rave tonight! Afterparty at Zabar's? Please?

-After that, head back downtown and check out the Top Billin' weekly that Project Matt, Ms. Nelch, Pegleg NYC and a ton of other great NYC people have going at Lotus (409 W. 14th St.) Tonight, The Rub's Cosmo Baker is spinning, one of the best anywhere, take advantage of living in the same city and hear the man teach you about funk, soul, house, hip-hop, life. RSVP at to get on the list, 21+.
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-If Brooklyn seems a little less great tonight, it's because DJ Lauren Flax isn't here. Instead, she's in Bloomington, Indiana for the Daft Crunk party tonight at Jake's Nightclub. What a party it's gonna be, I mean, seriously. Flax is joined by one of the godfathers of Baltimore club music, Scottie B of Unruly Records. There's also residents Flufftronix and Action Jackson, I'm worried taht Indiana isn't ready for this much bass and filthiness. Oh well, too late now. Free with promo ticket, $5 otherwise I believe, 21+.

-Over in Chicago, there's another NYC invasion as the Nacotheque party comes to the Windy City. DJs Marcelo Cunning and Amylulita spin the best of Spanish music from all over the world, their Fontana's party gets bigger and bigger each time out. Spot 6 (4433 N. Clark) plays host tonight. Make sure to check out the basement where the dark electro can be had. Dark Wave Disco's Trancid, Victor Lula and DJ Cedeno will spin the underground under ground. $10, 21+.

-I always love a good battle between cities, always nice to see someone take on the overrarated NYC. Seattle's Comeback party is doing just that, as resident DJs Fucking In The Streets, Colby B and DJ Porq have brought in special guest from the Big Apple, DJ Sammy Jo, the Scissors Sisters official tour DJ. Chop Suey is the site of the battle, who will win? You will, as there's going to be great music, dancing, prizes, go-go girls and lots more. $5 before midnight, 21+.

-Let's end this post across the ocean in a land called Europe. One of my favorite bands/remixers, South Central, are spinning tonight at the Alwayz Frydaze party at Egg (200 York Way) in London. Presented by Deadly Rhythm and Temba, this one looks to be a blast. Doors at 9:30, things end at 6:30 am, 6 pounds before 11, 8 pounds after with flier, cheap vodka, Red Stripe and draughts all night.

-In the land where raves never stopped happening, Berlin, Death By Pop goes off tonight at the Bang Bang Club (Neue Promenade 10).
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Bloc Party - Flux

Bloc Party, "Flux (12 inch version)" (YSI link)

Bloc Party, "Flux (JFK Remix)" (YSI link)

Bloc Party, "Flux (Punx Soundcheck "Tenebrae" Remix)"
(YSI link)

Sorry, sorry everyone, I've been working on a job application and haven't had a chance to spend much time here. Anyway, I'm going to make it up to y'all in the next few weeks, as I've got lots of stuff ready to go.

Anyway, I was going to say that I chose this to pick up the dance reinterpretations of dance-y rock music ball and run a little further with it, but really I just went with it because the song's called flux and fits perfectly with the state of my life, i.e. the job applications, the GRE studying, the blog announcements coming up. Fuck a parade, we love a theme at Pound for Pound!!! Here's another single from the band, although this one didn't make it onto the last Bloc Party album, A Weekend In The City. It's a shame, as this 12" extended version is one of the best things I've heard from the band since the first album. The band has traded that bigger, fuller sound from the album for something more subtle and slow-moving. With an almost oscillating synth sound dominating and rapid, flittering drums, you get a less hook-laden track. If you haven't done so, make sure to buy a copy of the CD, which grows on me with each passing month more and more.

The biggest news on the remix EP is that one-half of MSTRKRFT, Jesse F. Keeler, has done a remix under the alias JFK. He has stripped things down, added a cool piano and sharp, stuttering drums that focus the original. This one grooves a little more than the usual MSTRKRFT stuff, but it should appeal to their fans. I actually prefer the Punx Soundcheck "Tenebrae" remix, which brings in a nice, massive bass to make me happy. It also chops up the original, which works really well.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BPM Holiday Party SF, Get Low LA, Cobra Kai One Night Stand NYC and more

Tonight's on some LA vs. SF for event of the night, battle of California, I decided to lead with the San Fran jawn cos I think I may move there. BPM Magazine, Blow Up SF, L Star and Harlot have decided to beat the holiday party rush by throwing before December even starts! Okay, RSVP right now to, before you even read who's gonna be at this party, you trust me, right? The BPM Holiday Party is guest list only, so it's the only way to get the chance to go to an amazing party, so send the email! Okay, with that out the way, it's time to tell you that the special guest DJs tonight are actually from Los Angeles, which hopefully alleviate some of the intra-city tension. LA Riots and Them Jeans join up with San Fran's own Jeffrey Paradise (a.k.a. Jefrodisiac from the Frisco Disco) for an amazing night of dance music at Harlot (46 Minna St.) Hosted by The Rachels, Rachel Esterline & Rachel Mann, photos by Silke Labson, it doesn't get much better than this San Fran.

-Here's the other great Cali party, again featuring lots of Pound for Pound favorites. It's called Get Low and it's a new Wednesday night party for everyone in LA. The resident DJs - Luv Tek, Joaquin and Hyphy Crunk - are rising local stars , although I feel like they've already kinda risen a lot. For tonight's grand opening, you get a special, late-addition set from the Tronik Youth duo, along with local stars DJ Paul V. of 103.1 Neon Noise, Royal Rumble and Classixx (formerly known as Young Americans) It all happens at Crash Mansion (1024 S. Grand Ave), which features 2 stages with dance floors, 5 bars (!!!), outdoor terrace, the place fits 1500 so it's up to you to fill it up! RSVP here and get in for free before 10:30 or for $5 before 11, 18+. 500+ people already signed up, don't be left out!

-For those of you caught in the crossfire, I recommend the Databass party in San Jose tonight. The guys, Basura and Disaster, will be bringing you the best of indie electronic music, expect to hear lots of the stuff they post up at their excellent site, but instead of listening to it in your room on your shitty headphones, you get to hear it a bar on a nice system with friends. Win win. Doors at 9pm, $2 cover, 21+.

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-This Wednesday party with the Tactic guys at NARA in Kansas City, Missouri serves as a nice segue from West to East, love a good segue. Anyway, they say that this is "officially the most fun thing to do in KC on wednesdays." I'm not one to argue and I like the confidence. The duo will be spinning disco, funk, electro, new and old. The place features a reverse happy hour which lasts from 10-12. I have no idea what a reverse happy hour is, but how bad could it be when they promise drink and food specials? Doors at 9:30, goes til 1:30am, 21+.

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-Yeah! The Barbary (951 Frankford Ave) parties finally have fliers! Yeah! The new venue in Philly has been putting together all kinds of nice-looking stuff and now they are adding nice-looking fliers and the world seems right. Tonight is Doyle and Devore featuring Chris Doyle of the A-Sides and Don Devore of Souls She Said and Ink & Dagger, who will alternate between DJing and bartending, the equivalent of running a triathlon in the nightlife olympics.

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-The grind don't stop for DJ Scotty Ack (TooDope), as he's back at Sal's (200 S. 12th St.) for his Riot! party with Ryan Todd. You know I love exclamation points, you know I love free PBR and while I don't love Scotty, I think that he is an excellent DJ who is another great addition to the Philly scene. No cover, 21+, the free beer is from 11-12.


-You know I love me some High Voltage! Well, I'm super psyched tonight as Dimitry!!! has brought in guest DJ Sam Sam from the Dance Robot, Dance crew of Oklahoma City. I've recently caught on to the good stuff these guys are up to, nice work by Dimitry to bring them to New York City. Again, this party moved to The Annex (152 Orchard St), but everything else still goes - open Zygo vodka bar from 11 until its gone, great music, people actually dancing, young, beautiful people being young and beautiful. RSVP at the site, don't sleep on this one, have a feeling this one's gonna be a good one.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Disco Down NYC, Rebel Rebel NYC, Girls Rule Boys Drool PHILA, Dolce Grand Opening DLS TX and more

Hard to believe, but it's nice to be back in New York City. Clearly, people wanted to celebrate my return, as there seems to be more going on tonight than there has been in a while. Let's start off with the Disco Down party at Happy Ending. I must apologize to Jeremy first, the man behind this party, i.e. DJ Bastard. I mistakenly attributed it to his DJ partner for the NC-17 parties at Lit, DJ Jess. I was wrong, but I wasn't wrong in recommending this as a necessary stop for your Tuesday night. DJ Bastard and host Marika a.k.a. Sparkle Nation do this one every Tuesday night at one of my favorite spots in NYC, expect lots of good music from the genres of Britpop, disco, indie, and new wave. Sounds good doesn't it? No cover, 21+, doors at 10pm, open bar from 11-12. The Six Six Sick party is in the basement too, this has the potential to be a really amazing event, so get behind. And me, I need to get my facts straight.

-Speaking of Lit (93 Second Ave) sadly tonight is the final ever Rebel Rebel party there, the night dedicated to the music of David Bowie.

-A lot of people don't know this, but post-crunk was actually my concentration for my English major. Think of tonight's party at the Southside Speakeasy (245 S. First St.) in Williamsburg as a 6-hour recitation with the coolest, most talented professors/TAs in the city, Lauren Flax and Social Work. They will take you to school all night on the various party tunes that have come out in the last few years. No cover, 21+, $1 PBRs.

-Close by in the hood, a new Tuesday night weekly at Hugs is getting started called Do It. I'm not gonna lie, I love the name of this party, I feel like I use that exact phrase here often at Pound for Pound (I'm actually not sure, since I don't read this blog, just a hunch I guess). Resident DJs Supervixen of Now That's What I Call A Party! and Carrie White[noise] will bring you a night dedicated to dancing and getting drunk and making Hump Day a real struggle. You're only young once, though, so stop complaining! Expect a great night of music of electronic and punk music and everything in between. They've brought in a special guest for this one all the way from London, DJ Squideyes. Don't let the name scare you, the dude will fit in perfectly with the night, should be an excellent set. No cover, 21+, this is definitely going to be a great look on Tuesdays for Brooklyn.

-Back in the home city I just left, two nice weekly parties to choose from. First, another great-named party, Girls Rule Boys Drool takes over Sal's (200 S. 12th St). DJs Scotty Ack (nee Too Dope) and Diamond Girl will resolve the eternal battle between men and women tonight, or at the very least, throw a great dance party and make your Tuesday rad. No cover, 21+.

-A little further West in Center City, you can land on Sex Planet at Bar Noir (112 S. 18th St.) The Turbostation DJs - Steven Bloodbath, Strawberry Mansion, Jacci Stallone and Oh Murder Inc. - provide a world of slow jams, classic rap, indie, whatever pops into the heads of the many DJs in the house for this one. This one's each and every Tuesday as well, good to see Tuesday making a case for your weekday night out in Philly. Yeah!

-If it's Tuesday in Chicago, it's Outdanced time at the Funky Buddha Lounge (728 W. Grand Ave) Tonight, Avant Trill and Odd Obsession Movies has brought in DJ Skyrka, a.k.a. Erika from the band Office, and Rene Gold Metal Romero to keep the dancefloor moving. The $1 drinks should keep said dancefloor swaying and spinning.

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-In Dallas, Texas, a new club called Dolce is opening and they had the brilliant idea to bring in the LA Riots to destroy the place on the first night. Presented by Be Scene Productions, this

-Back in LA, the dANCE party at Arena (6655 Santa Monica Blvd) keeps on impressing with its DJ line-ups. This time, everyone in LA is gonna want to see this up to catch headliner Tronik Youth, another of the amazing DJ/producer/remixer working in London. This is the second stop of a mini-LA tour, catch him while you can as he will be leaving sweaty, tired dancers in his wake. He joins up with some of LA's best, Paparazzi, DJ Hyphy Crunk, Joaquin, Bip Jeffington, DJ Score and Bul!m!atron! for another huge Tuesday night. Doors at 9:30, 2 rooms, free parking, smoking patio. $5 before 10:30 with a flier (print out here), $10 after

-Finally, another great San Fran party jumps off tonight with the Hold Yr Horses party at Aunt Charlie's (133 Turk and Taylor) Brought to you by, Rchrd Oh?! brings you the best of new indiedanceelectronitemusic every second and fourth Tuesday, all for a measly $3! Yeah!

New Order - Acid House Mixes By 808 State (1988)

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New Order, "Blue Monday (So Hot mix)" (YSI link) 320

Okay, I'm not ready to give up the whole acid house focus just yet, it's not completely out of my bloodstream despite drinking lots of water and listening to a steady diet of bland, sexless indie rock. I have a few more things that I want to get to this week, a nice mix of stuff from Chicago and the UK, you'll love it.

One of the main goals is to introduce the music of 808 State, an important group in the evolution of that sound, an important player at that pivotal moment in the late 80s, early 90s when this acid house sound was on the charts. I'm a really big fan of this release, the Acid House Mixes by 808 State, where the producers took on two of the biggest and best tracks from New Order. These were originally done in 1988 by the original line-up of 808 State, which included Gerald Simpson, otherwise known as A Guy Called Gerald. They were never intended for release, but Rephlex pressed them up a few years back in a limited pressing. I guess you could called this more of a proto-acid sound, taking the more rock sound of New Order and others and adding in the squelchy basslines that would be a hallmark of the next few years. Interestingly, this "Blue Monday (So Hot mix)" was the unofficial anthem at Jon Da Silva's Hot night at the Hacienda in 1988. This perfectly sums up where these songs stand, a bridge which helped take the UK from the Factory days to the rave world.

Just to be clear, these aren't just historical curiousities, they sound effing rad! I love the "Blue Monday" mix, a really great take on a classic that you've probably heard to death if you've ever gone to a club. The original seaps through occasionally, but for the most part this is something new and original.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Jack Master - Basement Trax Volume 1

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Jack Master, "Bang The Box" (YSI link)

Jack Master, "One Trac Mind" (YSI link)

It's been a less-than-stellar trip back this weekend. As Mr. Dylan once sang, "I'm going back to New York City, I do believe I've had enough." While I'm in transit, I want to leave you with two songs that also look to another city, the birthplace of acid house, Chicago. While one might think that this is just another unheard masterpiece from Trax Records, what with the name of the artist, the song titles, the sounds and even the design, don't be fooled. Jack Master is actually an alias of Richie Hawtin, techno's Zelig, an ode to the jackin' style of Chicago done by a Canadian who I always thought was British. Originally released in 1993 on Jack Records, an offshoot of the Plus 8 label, this one is a phenomenal record, another example of the skill and diversity of Richie Hawtin and his music.

The songs may have sprung from a desire to pay respect to a classic sound, but they easily rise above simple homage, especially on the opening track, "Bang The Box." On this one, you get a male voice repeating the word "bang" over and over, a la so many classic Trax joints, but the heavy, static-y drums give it a less-stripped down sound than the originals. While "Bang The Box" has gotten the attention from this release, " the B side should not be overlooked. "One Trac Mind" is a nice mental

P.S. Richie, you named the label Jack, took the alias of Jack Master? I mean, we already love you! It's awesome that you want to make it onto Pound for Pound, I just don't think you need to be that obvious.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bob Dylan - Theme Time Radio Hour Thanksgiving
Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #30 (Thanksgiving Leftovers)
(YSI link) (Sendspace link)

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #26 (Halloween) (YSI link) (Sendspace link)

Thanksgiving is over, so why not put up the Theme Time Radio Hour devoted to that great American tradition, the Thanksgiving leftovers? I am right on the breaking point with this whole return home thing, so it's probably more about me needing some Dylan in my life now more than ever. I recently re-read the New York Times Magazine profile of Todd Haynes, the director of the newly released Dylan biopic I'm Not There, and this part stood out for me:

After "Velvet Goldmine," Haynes went into a deep funk that lasted a long while...And this is where the Dylan story begins, when Haynes is down. "I've heard this from other people, that he crops up in life, in times of crisis, " Haynes told me. By he, Haynes means Dylan.

I know it's nothing profound, but it was amazing to have such validation of my own relationship with Dylan's music like this, out of the blue. It does come to me in the darkest times, when things seem off, the dark clouds won't go away. I've been listening to a lot of his music recently, it's been especially effective this weekend for what has been a horrible time, from realizing what much things change when you leave to finding a gift from an ex, it seems like both the present is unmanageable and the past is inescapable. I don't quite have a good explanation as to why Dylan's music seems so right at these times, but I'm gonna try to figure out here by thinking aloud. I don't even have a good reason for wanting to figure this out, to be honest.

Of course, none of this has to do with anything related to the two episodes of Theme Time Radio Hour available below. The first one is a collection of leftovers from the previous 29 TTRHs, songs that didn't make it in to those broadcasts. I chose the other one because it had a holiday theme and I screwed up and didn't put it up last month. We may do one more Theme Time Radio post this week, but look for some new stuff on the Dylan front in December. We will be making a more concerted effort to post up some of the goodies and try to connect it with the usual, dance-oriented fare here.

"I haven't know peace and quiet for so long, I can't remember what it's like." I hear ya Bob. I hear ya.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Fever LA, Too Much Love MPLS, Life During Wartime CHI and more

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Okay, we're gonna get back into the swing of things, as the Thanksgiving holiday comes to an end. Since I'd rather be anywhere tonight than where I am, let's start on the opposite side of the country in LA for our party update. You've got it, I've got it, now there's a party to celebrate it - Turkey Fever! Clearly, look at the line-up, people really love turkeys, as this one is jam-packed with amazing DJs like Pound for Pound favorites Franki Chan, Luv Tek, Anne Lee, Bul!m!atron! and Keith Wilson, plus bands and artists. It's happening at 314 Pico Blvd, no clue what the name of the place is, I'm guessing it's a warehouse-y kinda thing, you know that we love those. Things get start early (8pm) and end late (4am), 18+, $7 before 10:30, $10 after. Hosted by Frank Venada's The Hear Gallery and Scarlet Casanova's Hang The DJs, this is the one LA. Get turkey fever! Yeah!

-For those not in the city, there's always Trust at the Proof Bar (215 N. Broadway) in Santa Ana. Tonight, special guests Dan-O and Eli Smith join residents DJ_SHH, Mr_Peaches and DJ Quantum at one of those rare parties dedicated to any and all electronic music, regardless of genre. Hosted by Whiskey Pete, it's free before 10:30, $10 after, to get on the mailing list and find out about what's coming up and how to get in for cheap. 21+, just don't call the area The OC, for everyone's sake.

-Or how about you Lose Control in Oakland with DJ Basura of the most excellent blog This one goes down every Saturday night at The Uptown (1928 Telegraph Ave), $5, doors at 9 pm, 21+, special guests and great music.

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-Speaking of losing control, you will at the Frisco Disco. You will, don't fight it, just let it happen. Richie Panic and Jefrodisiac are joined tonight by Glass Candy, who are going to be playing a live set for everyone. San Fran, do not miss this duo, you will have your mind blown by this Italians Do It Better act. They go in around 11, get to The Transfer (198 Church St.) when the doors open at 10. Trust me. 21+, 10-2am, Frisco Disco + Glass Candy = your Saturday night.

-It's not all West Coast, as the Midwest has a big night ahead too. First up, the Too Much Love party in Minneapolis has imported one of the West Coast's best DJ/producer/band member, Blake Miller of Moving Units, to make this an extra-special version of the weekly. Soviet Panda and Dan Cruise are also going to hold court, this party just keeps on doing it. As always, First Avenue (701 First Avenue N), 18+, doors at 10 pm, $3 or free with student idea. What are you waiting for, it's Saturday night, you already knew you were going here.

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-Ahhh, yes, the original Pound for Pound Midwest favorite, Life During Wartime in Chicago, Illinois. It seems like just yesterday this was a tiny, little soiree in this fledgling city that is windy, featuring two young kids known as Bald Eagle and Mother Hubbard and now look at it. It's all grown up, taking over The Hideout (1354 W. Wabansia Ave), featuring special guests The Republic Tigers and Ultra Sonic Edukators, the talk of the town. G-d, I'm very emotional this weekend, I'm sorry. Hell, this little preview of the party had me in tears, hearing about the beginning days of the party and how it came about. 21+, $8, $5 after midnight, awesome flier, help legalize freedom.

-Down in the city that figures in one of my favorite (but not the favorite) Counting Crows song, Omaha, DJ John Bourke of the Dance Robots, Dance crew spins at Lit Lounge (209 Flaming Lips Alley). I cannot say for sure, but the likelihood of hearing a song by Mr. Duritz and company is as close to zero as you can get. You will hear the best in electro, indie dance and robot rock, all for $5, plus $2.50 well drinks and free keg party, yes, you read that right, keg beer! "Omaha, somewhere in Middle America, get right to the heart of matters, It's the heart that matters more. I think you better turn your ticket in and get your money back." Wow, that don't look good on paper, let this party make up for that.

-All's quiet on the Eastern front tonight it appears, except in Providence where The Get Down gets down again at Local 121 (121 Washington Street) Knowlton Walsh is holding it down all night with the bassiest, bestest music around, all of which goes nicely with the $3 Naragansett pints and food menu til midnight. No cover, 21+, 11-2am, get down!

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-In my two cities that I am thoroughly sick of, hit up the Beauty Bar in NYC where Dimitry!!! will be spinning as he does every Saturday, while Philly should not miss the Mad Pu$$y party at Transit where Spank Rock is playing live and the Taxlo DJs from Baltimore (Dave Nada, Cullen Stalin, Chris O and Simon Phoenix) are in the basement with Brendan Bring'em and the drink specials are insane (ciroc vodka and whatever $2 from 10-1). Buy a $5 ticket now for guaranteed admission, this will be crazy and fun and is probably just what I need.

-Finally, we go across the ocean where I most want to be, for the We Are Your Friends party in Berlin at the 103 Club (Falckensteinstrasse 47). Mr. Ed Banger Busy P is headlining, D.C.'s own DJ People's Champion is spinning too, along with residents Benji Hanoban and Emil Doesn't Drive and guest Schowi. G-d, someone please get me a job in Berlin and/or Paris and get me out of this country. Stat!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

[click] PHILA, Family Affair NYC, Smartbar 25th Anniversary CHI, Robotic Thanksgiving OKC, Loose Joints SEATTLE, MUTE vs. Busywork LA

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It's here, one of the three biggest parties nights of the year, or ratrher it is for the cousin you are going to see tomorrow and the douche-y lawyers back home in Jersey. For my dear readers, I know that this is just another night supporting all of the great DJs and party people, offering you the bizarre chance to pretend you are back in high school, waking up hungover in your childhood bed. Anyway, let's get right to business, short and sweet tonight,starting from where I am and expanding out. Oh, but wait, I'm not in Brooklyn! I'm in Philly! Dave P & Pink Skull are moving his [click.] party to Fishtown, taking up a spot in the monthly lineup at the new Barbary. They've got special guest David Gilmour Girls from Relish Records, the regular dose of nitemusic, they may have a special blogger in the house. 21+, $5, Philly, give thanks, freak out!

-The White Ts and White Belts guys - Emynd and Bo Bliz - are doing The Pre-Thanksgiving Jump Off at the RUBA club (414 Green St). This one goes late, until 3:30, but you know it's a small space and it fills up quick, so get there early to make sure you get in and enjoy cheap drinks and good music.

-For those who really dread tomorrow or who could care less how hungover you are when you do hang with the family, hit up the late-late night party at Frantic nightclub at Post 153 (24th & Passyunk) where dev79 and Darrell Asbury will give you a healthy dose of booty music that you can store away in your head and return to at dinner the next night. Free before 2 am, $10 after, party goes until 6 am.

-Near my current home, the FUN party does a special Wednesday version at Studio B (259 Banker St.) for the holiday. The Bangers are spinning with Devlin and Darko of Spank Rock fame, best of all you get a live performance by Kap10Kurt from the amazing NYC label Plant Music. RSVP at for free entry, $5 otherwise, 2 for 1 drinks from 2-3, 21+, doors at 10 pm.

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-LATE ADDITION: Sweatshop Labor comes through at the last minute with a party at Hugs (108 N. 6th St.) with DJ Kevy. Williamsburg, be thankful that these guys are around keeping things interesting in Brooklyn and that this place just opened and has brought the hood back to life. Yeah! 9-4am, no cover, 21+.

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-We can't choose our families, but if I could it may very well be the people behind the Family Affair party - DJ Dances With White Girls, host and future NYC party empress Lorraine Sangre and bartender Nikki Sneakers. They will be holding down the basement at Lit (93 Second Ave), getting you drunk and happy and allowing you to forget that you have to hang with your real family tmrw or that your family didn't want to see your ass this year. BTW, if you can name where the image above DWWG's head comes from, you can request any song you want.

-It may be a big, special night for the amateurs, but for us, it's a Wednesday night. Therefore, it's High Voltage. The party's moved to The Annex (152 Orchard),a much bigger space, which means more people can check out one of the best weeklies in the city. My Brooklyn brother Dimitry and Jason Hates You have a live performance from Vampire For Hire, some special guests and the equivalent of turkey on Thanxgiving, Zygo open bar from 11 until its gone. I mean, you know the deal, let's do this people!

-Happy Ending keeps impressing me with their weekly party line-up. This Diabolik party looks to fit perfectly where Pound for Pound's head has been. Darkwave, electro and industrial, served up by DJ Patrick, Ian Fford and .DZGRA, no cover, free Bass Ale from 11-12, plus free Vitamin Water and energy drinks all night. Shout out to the Revive Fruit Punch Vitamin Water, best drink ever, get at me Vitamin Water people, glad to hype it for money and/or free drinks. Anyway, if you want some hip-hop, mash-ups and the like, head upstairs where...

-Cousin Cole, Rev McFly and DJ Morsy will give you just what you need. Open from 11-12, 21+, no cover for all of this funness in one space.

-For my NYCers looking for something big and massive and packed to the gills, I'd recommend the YoYo party at Love (169 MacDougall St.), which has a special live appearance by Mark Ronson himself and Rhymefest. Resident DJs at the London version of this party, Seb Chew and Leo G, are spinning with guest Aaron LaCrate, should be an insanely fun night, going from 9-4 am. $10 before 12, no clue about after, I'd recommend getting there early regardless as I imagine this will be a big draw with so few big name events going down.

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-Cambridge, get ready for the big day and Bass Your Turkey. I mean, amazing flier and party name, love it! DJ Die Young, Knowlton Walsh and Matthew Savant take over Shine Lounge and will give thanks to BASS, just as the Pigrims did, not far away from here. 19+, no cover, 9-1 am, this is Boston.

-I give thanks for Chicago, as they have kept the party posts constantly supplied with amazing events this year. I also give thanks to Chicago house every day and therefore I give thanks to Green Velvet. If you are in Chicago tonight, say celebrating with your family, staying at your grandma's place, sleeping on an air mattress, get to this! Smartbar 25th Anniversary! Green Velvet live in Chicago for the first time in 5 years! Like whoa! DJs Sombionx and Dysqo are also there, you need to be at Smartbar (3730 N. Clark St.) too. RSVP at the site, $15, 21+, 10-late. Yeah!

-Check out Mamby at Moonshine (1824 W. Division Ave) also, where Sativa, Hiroki, Trancid of Dark Wave Disco and Chris Santiago provide the perfect start to the night, as things kick off at 8pm. From 8-10, it's make your own margarita/mojito, which sounds like a dangerous concept, but I trust the party pros. 21+, this one goes down every Wednesday night.

-I dream of a Robotic Thanksgiving, passing the cranberry sauce to a mechanic being who thanks me with a vocodored voice. In the meantime, I'm happy to settle for the Robotic Thanksgiving at Electro Lounge (5929 N. May Ave) in Oklahoma City. The Dance Robots, Dance DJs and DJ Sam Sam will play robot music all night. $3 or free if you dress as a pilgrim or Indian, 21+w.

-Mang, Seattle might be the place to be tonight. I like everything about this Loose Joints party at Moe Bar (925 Pike St.) Amazing flier, amazing. "Italo Disco and Classic Dirtbag"? Yes, please. Great guest DJ, Rezound from NYC. Great resident in Pretty Titty. Party named for classic Arthur Russell project? Check. No cover? Thanks. Presented by Death of the Party every fourth Tuesday, we will definitely keep up on this one.

-You'll also want to check out Hot Mess, which returns to Neumos (925 E. Pike St.) Resident DJs Colby B and L.A. Kendall, special guest DJ Barbeau of Dirty Sanchez and D$ have prepared a dance feast that will have you giving thanks for 4/4 beats and remixes. No cover, 21+, doors at 9 pm. For the record, these two parties are right next together, no excuses Seattle!

-Lots going on in the LA area, let's start off in Riverside where the Liquid Wednesdays party happens at Sevilla's (3252 Mission Inn). Give thanks that Le Castle Vania is the special guest DJ, dude is one of the best in the game now and will melt your face. Damn, you also get Eli Smith and Mr. White, plus residents Mochee, Nineteen and M@rio, lots to be thankful for. 18+, 21+ to drink, doors at 9 pm.

-Like I said, it's a Wednesday night for us, so it's time in LA for Club Moscow at Boardner's (1652 N. Cherokee) Keith Wilson has put together a bigger-than-usual night this week, with DJs Keith 2.0, Mr Sleep and DJ (N) and guest Black Light Odyssey, plus bands Black Palms, Pink Enemy and The Mulhollands. Free before 10:30 with flier, everyone is young and beautiful and you will feel that way too for a night. Now, that's something to give thanks for!

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-Finally, the pick of the night in the LA area is this MUTE vs. Busywork party at Detroit Bar (843 W. 18th St) in Costa Mesa. Tons of DJs - VNDLSM, Skeet Skeet, Luv Tek, Dan-O, Chris White, Dan Sena, GMO, Mr. Hands and Legit - plus a live show by Pony Boy Curtis. RSVP to for $5 admission, $10 otherwise. Shadowscene will be taking photos, you will be having fun, all will be right with the world.