Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Black Strobe - Essential Mix 11.28.2004


Black Strobe, BBC Radio Essential Mix November 28, 2004 (YSI link) (Sendspace link) tracklisting in comments

Okay, I've been trying to get back into the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix posts, think I finally have the perfect entry point. This is the real deal, death disco and haunted house, spun by the dudes who helped bring the underground back to dance music, Ivan Smagghe and Arnaud Rebotini, a.k.a. Black Strobe.

We've talked about them recently, but I don't think that their most recent work, which Smagghe doesn't seem to be involved in, doesn't hold a candle to the stuff that they were doing at the turn of this decade. You can get a good sense of that with this 2-hour mix, which moves effortlessly from twisted house and disco to electro and industrial, a journey into the darker side of dance music. Lots of familiar names like Depeche Mode, Metro Area, Ricardo Villalobos, Phuture, Front 242, Joey Beltram, Playgroup, Miss Kittin and Hacker, Ministry and Sisters of Mercy, plus lots more shit that will hopefully become more familiar. I cannot recommend this more highly, in many ways it's a primer course in many of the main threads of music at Pound for Pound.


Jack said...

::: Blackstrobe
::: 28/11/2004

Rene Breibarth - 'Bob - Joss' (Treibstoff)
Dextro - 'Can I Help' [The Mfa Remix] (Border Community)
Unique 3 - 'S/T' (Warp)
Test One - 'Test Four' (Warp)
Metro Area - 'Miura' (Environ)
Blackstrobe Fx 1
Château Flight - 'Les Antipodes' [Joakim Remix] (Versatile)
Agent 86 - 'Spezial' (Freudinnen)
Musk - 'Extra Stop' (Musk)
Depeche Mode - 'World In My Eyes' (Mute)
Sisters Of Mercy - 'Lucretia' (Warner)
Killing Joke - 'Primitive' (EMI)
Miss Kittin And The Hacker - 'Life On MTV' (Gigolo)
Playgroup - 'Number One' [Black Strobe Remix] (Output)
Joey Beltram - 'Mentasm' (R&S)
Blackstrobe Fx 2
Anthony Rother - 'Space' (Datapop)
Wolfskull - 'Unknown' (Wolfskull 005)
Rocco Branco - 'Kapital' (Platzirsch)
Gigi Galaxy - 'Lips So Sweet' (White)
Blackstrobe - 'Italian Fireflies' [Special Decks And Fx Version] (White)
Anthony Rother - 'Back In Time' (Datapop)
Nylon - 'The Mouse' (Rebel)
Fixmer And Mc Carthy - 'Freefall' [The Hacker Remix] (Planete Rouge)
Ministry - 'Mystery Of Love' (WEA)
Ricardo Villalolobos - 'Easy Lee' [Soundhack Mix] (Playhouse)
Purpose Maker - 'The Bells' (Axis)
Garbage Queen - 'S/T' (White)
Phuture - 'Cocaine' (Strictly Rhythm)
Dirtcrew - 'Unknown' (Mood Music)
Front 242 - 'Operating Track' (Wax Trax)

C-TOWN said...

Sucks Ivan left and Blakstrobe is now just a crappy live act. Those were the days

Anonymous said...

about 24mins in... the track with the 'something for your mind body & soul' sample,

what was it? the setlist is unhelpful

must find that trak...

Dr Rave said...

@anonymous - The 'mind, body and soul' speech is taken from an old 1990 track -

C'hantal - The Realm (Powertraxx)

A number of remixes have been done of this over the years plus countless tracks have sampled parts of it.
The original releases all came with an acapella track

There's a number of copies of this for sale at www.discogs.com if you're interested

Lea said...

I missed them..