Thursday, November 08, 2007

Matthew Dear - Don and Sherri

Matthew Dear

Photo by Will Calcutt

Matthew Dear, "Don and Sherri (MANDY remix radio edit)" (YSI link) 320

Matthew Dear, "Don and Sherri (Hot Chip version)"
(YSI link) 320

Well, Pound for Pound is still struggling a bit; since the posts aren't coming fast and furious, I figured that we need to go with quality over quantity until we feel better. I can't think of a better or more interesting artists working in the dance/electronica field than Matthew Dear. The dude can do no wrong, whether releasing stuff under his real name or under aliases like Audion or False. His album for Ghostly International from earlier this year, Asa Breed, has been highly acclaimed, represents another shift in the man's music (or at least a more successful version of the more song-oriented, vocal dance-pop stuff he's been working on under his own name).

"Don and Sherri" is the first single dropped, one of the standout tracks from the original. Dear's version is fascinating; a dance floor number with neurotic, dark lyrics (How could I let you forget me/If you don't even know me already./My name doesn't change very often/but it's never been Don and Sherri.") He's got two of the biggest and best producers in the game on the remixes for this song. Get Physical's M.A.N.D.Y. delivers something for the dance floors, a jacked version that was not expected. The boys have made this one all about a nasty bassline that hits you in the belly and never lets you go. The vocals are tweaked and filtered, which may bother some people. Overall, the brilliant pacing and colder, more minimalist sound work for me. However, it's the Hot Chip version that I love most of all. That shouldn't be much of a surprise, since I've been a groupie for the band ever since The Warning made my life infinitely better. Here, they slow the pace of the original, use their own vocals and let a more heartbroken and bittersweet vibe into the original. They add these sort of choral "Ahhs" in the background, introduce a nice, shuffling drums/claps beat and great organ/keys that are amazing. Not sure if this one's club-ready, but it sure is ready for late at night, headphones listening, end-of-mixtape-for-someone-you-have-a-crush-on selection.

I recommend buying Asa Breed right now, it will surely factor in the best-of-the-year lists that are right around the corner. You can also grab this 12" at Turntable Lab right now, a fully stocked slab of vinyl. I'd also recommend inviting me as a friend on myspace, we're gonna start giving out some extras there. It's time to take over the social networking sites too.

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