Friday, November 09, 2007

Coki - Red Eye

Coki, "Red Eye" (YSI link) 320

Coki, "Bleep"
(YSI link) 320

Well, I've got a doctor's appointment soon and since I'm human - and not yet the robot I want to be when I grow up - I'm filled with a nervousness and dread. All of which is to say, I love a good intro and that seems like as good as any for another look at dubstep. Here's some more dark and paranoid tunes for you, Coki's Red Eye EP, perfect title, conjuring up images of red-eyed pot smokers, bolting the door shut, pushing the dresser against it, quietly freaking out inside their heads.

Here's the A side of the 12," the title track starts off with some sub bass, itchy drums and effects, which sets the mood perfectly. You're just dying for that massive bass to come in and it does at about the 30 second mark. From there, it's all about the wobbly bassline that withstands a few attacks from an oscillating effect and various synths/keys to remain supreme throughout. "Beep" showcases the dancehall/reggae roots of the genre nicely, with some sampled deejay talk that brings back junglist memories. Again, things start off with a hesistant, nervous start, there's something very ominous about the whole track. There's a nice use of found samples here, with a liquid-y sound coming in intermittently, something I haven't heard much of from this genre. Both songs have much more upbeat, hard charging sound, but the sandpaper-y percussion leaves a wonderful uneasiness to the proceedings.

Cop the vinyl at Boomkat right now, as it won't be there much long. Another amazing release by one-half of the Digital Mystikz.

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