Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sensitive Thug

For the next few days, there is going to be a lot of rap talk here at Pound for Pound. I don't want my readers to think it is going to bitches, money and whips around here 24/7. So, I am going to go all emo on your asses for this post, and show you that feelings sometimes escape the frozen object that is my heart. Whenever I need to highlight said emo side, I turn to this man:

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Look at Morrissey, tell me that bol isn't sitting in his apartment, watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, sipping a nice glass of wine, worrying about the world, and having a good cry. Well, friends, that makes two of us. Here are the lyrics to one of the most beautiful songs that I have ever heard, "I Know It's Over" by The Smiths. It is a wonderful look at unrequited love, self-loathing, loves lost and loneliness, one that seems so perfect and real to me. I will return to The Smiths, Morrissey, New Order, Joy Division, The Cure et al down the road, as it is this incredible world that I am just now discovering. How the hell did I not hear this shit in high school when I was a really miserable shit?

I Know It's Over

Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
And as I climb into an empty bed
Oh well. Enough said.
I know it's over - still I cling
I don't know where else I can go
Oh ...
Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
See, the sea wants to take me
The knife wants to slit me
Do you think you can help me ?
Sad veiled bride, please be happy
Handsome groom, give her room
Loud, loutish lover, treat her kindly
(Though she needs you
More than she loves you)
And I know it's over - still I cling
I don't know where else I can go
Over and over and over and over
Over and over, la ...
I know it's over
And it never really began
But in my heart it was so real
And you even spoke to me, and said :
"If you're so funny
Then why are you on your own tonight ?
And if you're so clever
Then why are you on your own tonight ?
If you're so very entertaining
Then why are you on your own tonight ?
If you're so very good-looking
Why do you sleep alone tonight ?
I know ...
'Cause tonight is just like any other night
That's why you're on your own tonight
With your triumphs and your charms
While they're in each other's arms..."

It's so easy to laugh
It's so easy to hate
It takes strength to be gentle and kind
Over, over, over, over
It's so easy to laugh
It's so easy to hate
It takes guts to be gentle and kind
Over, over
Love is Natural and Real
But not for you, my love
Not tonight, my love
Love is Natural and Real
But not for such as you and I, my love
Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my ...
Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
Oh Mother, I can even feel the soil falling over my head
Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my ...

(Thanks to It All May End Tommorrow, an amazing Smiths/Morrissey fansite)

(Dedicated to CS, the only man I will ever slowdance with to "Love Will Tear Us Apart. You have my word.)

Ok, we will now move on to what really matters: Money, Cash, Hoes. I will put up the Mike Jones review and mp3s later today, recap the Dirty South Weekend on MTV Jams, and take a look at Bun B, Lil Wayne, Rapid Ric and whoever else is killin' right now. For those who think that being emo means being a pussy, just look below:

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Grin-din', when you know what I keep in a lining (Whooof...)
People better stay in line, when (Whooof...)
When you see a bol like Morrissey shinin' (Grin-ding!)
Grin-din', when you know what I keep in a lining (Whooof...)

People better stay in line, when (Whooof...)

When you see a bol like Morrissey shinin' (Grin-ding!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Take the Arrested Development Pledge

No, this is not another pledge to get into a Bush/Cheney event. Instead, as Gail Shister tells us, this is Fox's ploy to bring some attention to the show Arrested Development and placate its rabid fans. As one of those fans, I cannot say enough about how amazing, funny and brilliant this show is on a weekly basis. I know that anyone who watches an episode will be hooked for life. Unfortunately, time is running out, as Shister's piece quotes one insider saying that this is simply a smokescreen, as the show is already cancelled. [This same guy, Marc Berman, mentions my fantasy situation, which would have Fox cancel the show allowing it to move to HBO. That's right, even my fantasies are dorky. Get over it.]

Go here and sign the pledge, as it seems like the least we can do to keep this show on the air for as long as possible. People, I don't ask you for much, do I?

More Shout Outs

While I have tried to make this blog an ode to my city and an intellectual forum, the only posts that get any response have been those where I name names (or at least, their initials). Well, like any good whore, I need to keep my regulars coming back for more. Actually, I do want to make this blog more of a personal expression, and there are no people more important than my friends.

I want to give some props to my roomate and friend, BD, who will matriculate at Duke University Business School in the Fall. Congrats, buddy, as I expect to hear big things from you in the future. Oh, and I expect to NOT see you on TV at Duke b-ball games, painted in blue and white, holding up a sign saying how much you love J.J. Redick. Hate to have you leave Philly, but I expect you to be back in a few years armed with an MBA and a plan to win back the red states.

Happy belated Birthday to LD, who is holding down Boston for a little while longer. While Cowboyz 'n' Poodles is my blog crush, LD is my real-life crush. Unfortunately, she has taste, my mortal enemy. I am very excited for her to come back to the Illadelph, as she truly belongs here. She is up at Boston University, finishing up law school, putting the finishing touches on a distinguished academic career. Is it any surprise that the school continues to move up the law school rankings? She is a beautiful, talented, brilliant girl, with nearly impeccable taste in music (Ja Rule? Seriously?) I hope that your b-day was great, that you got all the gifts that you asked for, and that you write me the fuck back. Shout-outs don't come for free, y'know?

Finally, my bol MM is down in our nation's capital, and he finna take over the establishment. Congrats on the new job, as you were way past due, bro. I wish that it could have happened up here, but the city probably would not have been able to handle us going out together too often. Oh, I hope that it isn't a problem, but the National Bar Association asked me for a good anecdote about you. Of course, I had to tell them the time you egged the dude in the wheelchair, as it is the funniest moment ever. Those lawyers don't have a sense of humor, though, as they didn't seem to get the joke. Say hi to our bol McStallen, as I enjoy his comments (no homo).

Okay, that wasn't so bad. I am going to drop my Philly links post and the Mike Jones review later today, as promised.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Sunday Sightings, Omens and Friendster

While walking around last night, I saw a giantess walking at 12th and Spruce. She was 8 feet tall, or possibly 6'7"; hard to say as I was trying to decide if I fear giants or midgets more. Earlier, I saw a smaller, Hispanic version of Corliss Williamson. I am unsure if he was more upset by my staring or the fact that I referred to him as the Big Nasty. He has to be used to it, though, as he sort of likes like a decent 6th man in the NBA!

What does any of this mean? Well, I think it either means that Elijah will be coming to this year's seder, and I will see you in Jerusalem next year. Or it means that this is going to be a HUGE week at Pound for Pound.

Whenever in doubt, where do I turn to for advice? You got it, Friendster. I got 5 stars across the board on my Energy Meter (money, love and attitude) today, confirming that these sightings were not meaningless. The giant woman and compact Hispanic Corliss Williamson were omens of momentous things. Let me just quote the opening line of my horoscope: "Here's another day just chock-full of the joy of being you." Oh, Friendster, you so know me. It is a joy to be me, as who wouldn't want to be a blogger? But, it also offers this little caveat, "Of course, feeling this good means that you really should share it with someone you care for -- and you probably know just the person to invite along for the ride. Lucky them!" I do know exactly who I am going to invite along for the ride-my dear readers. We are going to take this to the next level for real, with more posts, more mp3s, more real talk about Philly and cities, more pictures. All the bustas, we givin' y'all five seconds to get close to an exit. It's about to get real ugly in here. So focused.

Check back often, as I will be doing the Mike Jones (Who?) review, recapping the MTV Jams weekend, dropping some Philly news and adding more and more links.

Update: For those who still have doubts about all of this above, I want to point out that we broke our single day high for hits. Broke isn't the right word, as it was crushed. Our previous high had been 52; today 105 stopped by. Can you feel it in the air?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Philadelphia Beer

"To alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems." - Homer J. Simpson

In honor of the drunken mess I was Thursday night, and of a substance so powerful that it can make even me attractive, I wanted to mention the fact that the Brewers Association National Conference is meeting in our great city, Philadelphia. It is a closed conference at the Convention Center, so that's why I am getting info to you as it ends.

Don Russell, a.k.a. Joe Sixpack (unfortunately, I am not joking about this), had a great piece in the Daily News, which is your required reading for the day. He takes a look at the process of picking one beer to represent the city, a tradition for the brewers in the convention's host city. It's an interesting look at the pivotal role the city has played in brewing in this country, and the resurgence of small-scale brewers in the region over the last decade. Check out the Philly beer map (a PDF file on the right-hand side), which gives you a great map of the city and all of its wonderful drinking establishments. I wanted to highlight this passage from the piece, as it is so perfect that I have to quote it all:

I asked Arthur what came to mind when he thought of Philadelphia Beer. "The lager-brewing culture, of course," he replied.

But there was something else. The night before, some locals had taken him on a pub crawl through some old-time joints in Northern Liberties and Fishtown - Standard Tap, 700 Club, Johnny Brenda's.

"We just don't have 150-year-old buildings that have that kind of character in San Diego," Arthur said. "There's just so much texture and flavor."Link

Just like a well-made, hand-crafted beer.

And it's not just the physical buildings. It's the people inside them, so much character.

"It's a sense of community," Arthur said. "Philadelphia has this pub-drinking culture. It's comfortable, it's casual."

It's not mass-produced, pre-packaged, chain-store vanilla. It is diverse. It has raw edges. It is real.

The beer, the pubs, the people... Maybe, in a town where craftsmen have been brewing for 300 years, there is still no such thing as just one Philadelphia Beer. At our best, we are a blend.

Perfect. I can think of no take on what makes this city unique, and the urban environment so necessary. Diversity, grittiness, community, originality and history. Is it any wonder that people are so afraid of cities? These qualities are anathema to our modern society, which wants conformity, safety and homogeneity. For my readers, it would seem a fundamental question to decide which world you want to win out.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Choppped and Screwed/Dirty South Weekend on MTV Jams

Now that I am finally not drunk from last night, I figured that I would check in one more time. No more fucked up feeling then that moment when your eyes open suddenly, and you realize that you are in your clothes from the night before, you have not really slept, and Miller High Life is pumping through your veins. Scrambling to find your phone to see what idiotic calls you made, piecing together events from the end of the night, making a mental list of the people you offended and girls you repulsed. Ahhhh, good times.

There are many remedies that are offered for that fateful morning after, but I was able to find the best one today.

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MTV Jams is giving us a weekend of videos from the Dirty South, with its Chopped and Screwed/Dirty South Weekend presented by Ozone Magazine. A full recap of the programs and videos on Monday, but had to give everyone a heads-up. This is the real Must See TV; fuck a Ross and Rachel. Off to Making Time now.

Who Is Mike Jones? Coming!

The review "Who Is Mike Jones?" coming soon! The review "Who Is Mike Jones?" coming soon!

That's right, everyone, I will be posting up a review and some mp3s for the long-awaited Mike Jones album on Swishahouse, "Who Is Mike Jones?" Unlike this album, you will not have to wait four years for said post.

Oh, and for everyone besides the 10 nerds who get the jokes here, I am know that you are asking Who Mike Jones? Check back, and you will soon know.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Shout Outs

I just wanted to take a second to shout-out some friends, as lots of things are going down this weekend. First, a Happy Birthday to my bol TK, celebrating his 27th tonight. My oldest friend, I am honored to be able to celebrate his birthday with him tonight. This kid is going to be running shit down the road, so show the proper respeck. Oh, any random readers coming from Guam or Iceland or somewhere remote, more than likely you are one degree removed from him on Friendster, as the kid knows the whole world. MA is also celebrating her birthday on Friday, her 21st or 26th or something like that. Aries doing real big things this year.

JB is in Puerto Rico for his bachelor party. Unfortunately, I am not able to make it down, but I will play Big Pun and Fat Joe songs all weekend to feel a part of the festivities. "Puerto Rico, Ho! Puerto Rico, Ho!"

Unfortunately, two friends who have become essential parts of my Thursdays (and all of the other days) are away in far-off lands tonight. I already miss them, but know that they will return shortly and that they will join me at 700 Club next week, listening to me self-loathe, dance like a white boy par excellence, and slowly but surely get drunk. There are no two other people that I would rather roll with, and I am sad when they are not around. They are intelligent, beautiful and kind, acting as perfect foils to myself, who lacks all three qualities. I will hold things down tonight, although it will be with heavy heart. And you thought Pound for Pound didn't have a heart, huh? Well, now you know.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Taxi Cab Confessions

A few Saturdays ago, I hailed a cab to take me to Old City to meet up with friends. Upon entering the cab, I realized that the driver wanted to talk. No big deal, as the topic was basketball. Of course, he immediately told me that he was rooting for West Virginia because they had a lot white guys. It naturally went downhill from there, as he then preceded to tell me how little I knew about basketball. Clearly he hadn't seen my post on Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble, right? Am I right? Exactly. To make a long story short, the ride ended with him threatening me, telling me he had been in the Marines, and that I need to respect people.

Why did I feel the need to get that story off of my chest? I tell this story not only to highlight the fact that I live a Larry David-like existence, with conflict a permanent state, but also to discuss the sorry state of the taxi-cab industry in Philadelphia. I see this story and am happy to say that real change is coming. This past Sunday, the Philadelphia Parking Authority took control of taxi regulation, and it promises to implement a complete overhaul of the industry. Their promise of cleaner, safer cabs is welcome news. Anyone who has ever tried to hail a cab with their light on and passengers inside, gotten a driver who doesn't know where he is going, where the meter is rigged, or feel like the cab might fall apart the next time it hits a bump, change is finally coming. While fares will rise, it seems like a small price to pay for better service, cleanliness and safety.

Many cab owners and drivers are upset, threatening to strike. Their complaints ring hollow, a plea to allow business as usual. These cabs are one of the represntatives of the city, and it should be mandatory that they present a clean, safe image to those who use them. They had years to implement any changes, and they failed. I look forward to seeing the results of the PPA takeover, as their decision to adopt the regulations and blueprint that NYC set a few years ago proves that they are serious.

[Via Philadelphia:America's Hometown, who was on this story first, as always.

Monday, April 11, 2005

A Message to Philadelphia Sports Fans

Having read this, I felt the need to speak to the fans (and their enablers in the media)that booed throughout the opening series of the Philadelphia Philies' season. My message is brief: Get a fucking life. Is your life so meaningless and pathetic that you need to ruin a beautiful day for everyone? So pathetic that you need to get any attention at all, even as an annoying loser?

Unfortunately, this is not some isolated incident, but rather a recurring theme here. The city has become defined by obnoxious sports fans, and these same fans revel in their infamy. You know the type. The ones who booed Donovan McNabb on Draft Day. The losers who harass women in the Eagles' parking lots. The 'tough' guys fighting in the stands at games. The trash who call into WIP all day and all night to complain about how pathetic (insert some team or person) is/are. The ones who break into "E-A-G-L-E-S" cheers at bars.

They know nothing about sports, evidenced by booing the team in the third game of a 162-game season (!!!). They are fair-weather fans, turning at the first sign of trouble. They bask in their masculinity, but spend much of their time with only men (No homo?). They stress their toughness and ability to intimidate other teams' fans, but spend most of their wallowing in misery and self-pity likke bitches. Read Frank Fitzpatrick's response, as perhaps his sarcasm can get through your anger, self-pity and drunkeness to show you what idiots you are.

Here are a few suggestions for those who are so overcome with rage that the Phillies lost two of their first three games. 1) Don't watch or attend any games. Spend time with your wives, girlfriends, friends, family. 2) Watch the games for the entertainment and fun intended. Since you consider yourselves such sports fans, it should not be difficult to enjoy the fucking sport, right? 3) Take all of that anger over losses and the end of Y100, and put it into something worthwhile. Get involved, and address some of the problems and injustices in the actual, everyday world.

They should be an embarrassment to all of the great fans who have hope and optimism every year, in spite of the losses and disappointments. The ones who cheer great performances, who know the nuances of the game, and who know that being a tough sports town only applies to those who don't hustle, or work hard or play for the team. The ones who cheer fighters on at the Blue Horizon in meaningless fights, who loved the Broad Street Bullies like family, and who love Allen Iverson all the more because of his foibles. Take back your city and your sports teams.

While this might seem like a meaningless topic, it does have an underlying theme that I have made one of the foci of this blog. Tom Ferrick wrote about the season opener, and had this to say about a guy who screamed at Jim Thome late in the game:

He must have lapsed back into a Philadelphia state of mind: consigned to expecting the worst, with periodic outbreaks of anguish and despair.

Sorry, Tom, but this is not my state of mind. This is not the state of mind of the people investing their money and time to develop and build the city up, the ones putting on art shows or concerts, the ones opening their own stores or businesses, the ones who stayed while cowards ran to the 'eden' of the suburbs. I am tired of hearing this same old shit about the city, and how the worst will always happen here. I am tired of hearing all of the negativity and hate. For those who feel this way, take my earlier advice. Shut the fuck up, move away, fade away, die, whatever it takes. You are the past, and you are reading the future.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Thoughts for Your Weekend

Okay, I am sitting here at the end of an inconsistent week, which started with a rainy weekend, followed by the beginning of Spring, and finally a return to rain. When I think of inconsistent, I think of my blog, and so I wanted to put some thoughts down. Actually, I just wanted to do anything, since I found myself watching this movie, and I know the ending is coming up, and I always cry when Hooch dies, and then I feel like a pussy, and that begins a cycle of self-loathing and life evaluation. Oh, Hooch, why did you have to stop the bullet? Why, I ask?

-What were Tom Hanks and Roger Spottiswoode, the director of Turner and Hooch, thinking in having Hanks in his underwear (black briefs) for any scenes, let alone quite a few? Was this something anyone in the world wanted to see? Was this an appeal to some sort of extreme fetish for people who liked the Tom Cruise Risky Business scene but couldn't help but wish that the scene featured an older, less attractive, more pallid man? I started to feel alright about my own body after this shit, and then I realized that this was just another example of Tom Hanks doing whatever it takes to make people feel better in this crazy, mixed-up world. Thanks, Tom, for showing us that one does not have to be well-endowed or built to become a star.

-I have hired CBS to put together a video package a la "One Shining Moment", the sappy montage that airs at the end of the NCAA Tournament. My video will feature brief clips from my year, set to the inspirational song you have all heard. But, instead of scenes of basketball action, you will get to see me, one moment typing on my computer (maybe even working on a Pound for Pound post!!!), reading at a cafe, drunk on a Thursday night at the 700 Club. I believe that anything can look good in a four-minute segment with a catchy ballad. In order to prove this theory, I will show that this format can make even my life look interesting, emotional and inspiring. If successful, most copies will go to my parents, ex-girlfriends and haters, while all remaining ones will go to storage for me to watch when I am a 47-year old single guy typing my blog, drinking coffee at a cafe, and being drunk at the 700 Club. Glory days, motherfucker, glory days.

-Words to live by from the man who penned "One Shining Moment", David Barrett:

It took 10 years of playing and writing songs for other people. That song was in a batch when I said, 'I'm not going to pay attention to anyone. I'm going to write what I know.' That was the lesson.

If that's corny, well, then the world is corny. I'm OK with that.

I'm OK with it to you, Dave. The world is corny, now that's some real talk.

-At the gym a few nights ago, I looked at the TV and saw this movie playing on NBC. I immediately went outside to see if the world had ended. It had not. Yet.

-This eventually lead to me waking up screaming in the middle, drenched in sweat, afraid, paranoid, unable to get this image out of my head.

-Also, at the gym, I wanted to talk to this girl who I think is cute, as she sat next to me on the sit-up mats (or whatever the hell they are called). I was unable to get any words out, paralyzed in . I realized that I am coward with women, and it made me sad.

-My horoscope from a few weeks ago read, "Sex and the City's Kristin Davis and comedian Steve Martin have been seen holding hands and acting cozy. Meanwhile, Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood has gotten engaged to business executive Keith Zubchevich. With Venus pepping up your house of pleasure, you could be immersed in some hot snugglebunny behavior too. If you're single, adopt a frisky strategy and cure this condition. Sidle up to that hunky new neighbor who just moved in across the hall. "Coffee, tea, Red Bull or me?" This strategy did not work for me. Upon asking said hunk, I was beaten mercilessly by the Red Bull six-pack, then scalded by my cup of coffee. I am unsure why this did not end with "hot snugglebunny behavior", but fear that Venus had left my house of pleasure. Damn you, Venus! [As an aside, Coffee, tea, Red Bull or me? will be either the title of my auto-biography or epitaph.]

Well, I began writing this on a rainy Sunday, and am now finishing it up on another beautiful Spring day. I never put much stock in the seasonal mood disorder stuff, but have come to fully accept its existence over the last two days. It was a long winter, as Spring's inability to arrive took its toll. This perfect weather makes everything seem a little better, y'know? Before, I would scream "Bush, you fascist", pulling my hair out, sobbing uncontrollably, lying in the fetal position on my bed. Now, I say "Bush, you fascist, you adorable fascist", all with a smile, while getting ready to go for a walk. Spring is here, people, and real big things are coming.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Le Josh Exhibit at Ground Floor Cafe

If this blog can serve any purpose at all, it is to showcase people doing real big things. One such person is a friend, Josh Smith, an artist here in Philadelphia. He is an incredibly talented individual, creating amazing works of art on canvas and the walls of the city. He has been a part of the mural arts project in Philly, and has had a few shows here in the city, including a recent one at the Abbaye.

Coincidentally (or is it?), you don't have to take my word. You can check out his most recent exhibition, which is running the entire month of April at the Ground Floor Cafe at 2nd and Poplar in Northern Liberties. See some of his smaller works, check out his most recent mural on the wall directly across the street and enjoy a cup of coffee. It is a great chance to check out an up-and-coming artist, support a cool spot and see a neighborhood that too many have never stepped foot in. There are tons of places nearby, like Standard Tap and N.3rd, where you can eat, drink and discuss the greatness of Josh's work and my blog.

Le Josh Exhibit
Ground Floor Cafe
209 Poplar Street
Through the entire month of April

Unfortunately, Josh is a Luddite, so there is no other way to find out about his work or upcoming shows except here at Pound for Pound. But, be sure, you will be hearing lots more, as he is set to put the art world on notice. Get in on the ground floor.

[As a personal aside, some of you received a similar email a few days ago for the opening reception. I want to express my disappointment at the many who did not respond, even to say that thay had prior committments. I do want to thank LK (and her brother AK), who came down with me to check out the show on a rainy day. I cannot tell you how happy I was that they came out, as it only made everyone else's wackness that much more apparent. TA, MR, BD, TS, DH and JC all came through with some form of contact, which was appreciated. The rest of you are on notice. Step your games up, or else.]

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Philadelphia Story

As mentioned, I am going to begin featuring more links-only posts, as I don't want my readers to think that I am the only writer going today. Lots of interesting stuff happening here in Philadelphia, good and bad, and this will be the subject line for all future recaps of the news in Philly.

-The Brookings Institute, a Washington D.C. based think tank, put out a report entitled "The Price is Wrong", which looked at Philadelphia and what life is like for those in poverty here. Its findings might be surprising for many, as it is a marked contrast to the scapegoating of the Contract for America years. The authors show that the poor pay more for goods and services than others, trapping them in a poverty cycle. The Inquirer and Daily News have done a nice job summarizing, highlighting the suggestions that the paper recommends to alleviate the higher costs directed at the poor. Here is an excellent piece putting a human face on all of this. The Daily News' editorial from yesterday strikes at this country's ignorance of life below the poverty line and the hypocrisy of those in power making life worse.

-John Baer has a great article on the gun control issue, reminding everyone of the Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia. It came out last year, the product of the input of judges, cops, community activists, and the schools. Why has this blueprint not been followed, funded and furthered, asks Baer. Good question for Mayor Street, Governor Rendell and City Council.

-Some great news on the development front, as the city has done blown up. Great stories on development on Chestnut Street, which runs through Center City, in Chinatown, on North Broad Street and in North Philadelphia. (North Philly stuff via Philadelphia: America's Hometown) North Philly for life!

-More great news, this time for my South Philly people. Craig LeBan reviews the newest addition to the Restaurant Row developing on Passyunk Avenue, Paradiso, and finds this one to be the best yet. Go here for Laban's tour of this new restaurant mecca, as there is so much going on outside of the safe confines of downtown Center City. Here is the Philadelphia Weekly review of Paradiso, if you are looking for a second opinion.

-The defense rested in the FBI corruption trial without calling any witnesses. Closing statements begin on Thursday. Go here for all of the news about this pivotal case.

-For those wondering why this is so pivotal, read this story on the widening federal probe, which now has Councilman Rick Mariano in its crosshairs. (Via Attytood) You remember him as one of the NO votes on ethics reform. Or read this article on another NO vote, Councilman Darrell Clarke, and his need for his own bathroom as programs are cut and city employees laid off.

-Finally, the Phillies won their home opener for the first time since 1980 (!!!!). The 76ers are in the eighth spot to make the playoffs, and play a real a sport without the use of steroids. Terrell Owens hired a new agent, who is meeting with the team today to renegotiate his contract. The Eagles almost traded Corey Simon Monday for some draft picks.

I will take a look at the news of Philly every other day or so, as this should give you an idea of the new way this blog will look.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Sorry for the lack of posting, but I have spent the weekend contemplating what I want Pound for Pound to be, what it should like, and how to make it a better read (if there is any greater proof that I need a girlfriend, I am frightened to encounter it).

There has been a surge in readers over the last few weeks, which has made me happy. (I live a life based solely on the approval of others, and I thank Sitemeter for finally giving me the means to measure this.) However, in looking at the content on this site, it has not been interesting or worthy of return looks. It has been an adjustment learning to write a blog, figuring out how to write and organize without any outside editing. My interests lie everywhere, and it is difficult to cover everything that I want to address. My writing has been too long and too melodramatic, as if I am writing pieces for Vanity Fair instead of a meaningless blog. In short, there is a long way to go.

In response, I plan to have more posts with just links to interesting stories and topics, covering anything and everything that interests me. I want Pound for Pound to be a place not just for my writing, but also as a jump-off point to anything important. There will still be long posts, focusing on specific topics such as Philly and cities. They hopefully won't be as wonkish as past ones, but you will have to accept some pseudo-intellectualism. Beyond that, there will be fleshed-out looks at music, art, literature, film, etc., whatever has captured my attention. Finally, I hope to focus my writing, coming with more anger, passion and spontaneity. There will some other surprises, but they will have to wait.

Thanks to those who have stopped by, particularly those who have checked in frequently. I hope that in the next few weeks, your time and patience will have been rewarded with a better blog. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

So focused.