Thursday, April 07, 2005

Le Josh Exhibit at Ground Floor Cafe

If this blog can serve any purpose at all, it is to showcase people doing real big things. One such person is a friend, Josh Smith, an artist here in Philadelphia. He is an incredibly talented individual, creating amazing works of art on canvas and the walls of the city. He has been a part of the mural arts project in Philly, and has had a few shows here in the city, including a recent one at the Abbaye.

Coincidentally (or is it?), you don't have to take my word. You can check out his most recent exhibition, which is running the entire month of April at the Ground Floor Cafe at 2nd and Poplar in Northern Liberties. See some of his smaller works, check out his most recent mural on the wall directly across the street and enjoy a cup of coffee. It is a great chance to check out an up-and-coming artist, support a cool spot and see a neighborhood that too many have never stepped foot in. There are tons of places nearby, like Standard Tap and N.3rd, where you can eat, drink and discuss the greatness of Josh's work and my blog.

Le Josh Exhibit
Ground Floor Cafe
209 Poplar Street
Through the entire month of April

Unfortunately, Josh is a Luddite, so there is no other way to find out about his work or upcoming shows except here at Pound for Pound. But, be sure, you will be hearing lots more, as he is set to put the art world on notice. Get in on the ground floor.

[As a personal aside, some of you received a similar email a few days ago for the opening reception. I want to express my disappointment at the many who did not respond, even to say that thay had prior committments. I do want to thank LK (and her brother AK), who came down with me to check out the show on a rainy day. I cannot tell you how happy I was that they came out, as it only made everyone else's wackness that much more apparent. TA, MR, BD, TS, DH and JC all came through with some form of contact, which was appreciated. The rest of you are on notice. Step your games up, or else.]

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