Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More Shout Outs

While I have tried to make this blog an ode to my city and an intellectual forum, the only posts that get any response have been those where I name names (or at least, their initials). Well, like any good whore, I need to keep my regulars coming back for more. Actually, I do want to make this blog more of a personal expression, and there are no people more important than my friends.

I want to give some props to my roomate and friend, BD, who will matriculate at Duke University Business School in the Fall. Congrats, buddy, as I expect to hear big things from you in the future. Oh, and I expect to NOT see you on TV at Duke b-ball games, painted in blue and white, holding up a sign saying how much you love J.J. Redick. Hate to have you leave Philly, but I expect you to be back in a few years armed with an MBA and a plan to win back the red states.

Happy belated Birthday to LD, who is holding down Boston for a little while longer. While Cowboyz 'n' Poodles is my blog crush, LD is my real-life crush. Unfortunately, she has taste, my mortal enemy. I am very excited for her to come back to the Illadelph, as she truly belongs here. She is up at Boston University, finishing up law school, putting the finishing touches on a distinguished academic career. Is it any surprise that the school continues to move up the law school rankings? She is a beautiful, talented, brilliant girl, with nearly impeccable taste in music (Ja Rule? Seriously?) I hope that your b-day was great, that you got all the gifts that you asked for, and that you write me the fuck back. Shout-outs don't come for free, y'know?

Finally, my bol MM is down in our nation's capital, and he finna take over the establishment. Congrats on the new job, as you were way past due, bro. I wish that it could have happened up here, but the city probably would not have been able to handle us going out together too often. Oh, I hope that it isn't a problem, but the National Bar Association asked me for a good anecdote about you. Of course, I had to tell them the time you egged the dude in the wheelchair, as it is the funniest moment ever. Those lawyers don't have a sense of humor, though, as they didn't seem to get the joke. Say hi to our bol McStallen, as I enjoy his comments (no homo).

Okay, that wasn't so bad. I am going to drop my Philly links post and the Mike Jones review later today, as promised.


Brendan Dugan said...

Gotta love the ACC

Jack said...

$50 to anyone who stomps the shit out of the kid holding the sign.