Friday, August 31, 2007

Crimp Yr Hair - The Endless Summer

Crimp Yr Hair XM Radio mix at Discobelle

It's here, those final days of summer, the final days before school starts, before the weather starts to turn a little cooler and the concert season kicks in to full gear and that amazing romance comes to an end and the Phillies break your heart again and dudes can stop wearing jean cut-off shorts (enough already!)

I can't think of a better way to bring it all to a close than with the Crimp Yr Hair bols. Philly, this is your Friday and Saturday night (you're Sunday is covered too, more on that later) First up, it's a soundclash between the Crimp Yr Hairers and the Hot Cops - Stumble and Nick the V. First, let me say that this is the greatest DJ crew name ever, if it's an Arrested Development reference. Secondly, this is gonna be a great time, lots of different music being thrown at you, the perfect warm-up for the absolute rager tomorrow (Saturday) night. The boys are doing their monthly first Saturday jawn and they're being joined by JHN RDN. I mean, this might be the best party of September and it's only a day old. Dance music for rock kids, rock music for dance kids, a night spent with some of the best DJs anywhere. Upstairs at Sal's, both nights, no cover, lots of cheap drinks (including free Sparks)

More to come with these guys, this is just a taste. Huge weekend, party like it's the end of the summer 2007! Yeah!

Paris Terror + Fixed NYC, Ruff Club NYC, Frisco Disco and more

What can I say, I'm predictable. Paris Institubes DJs + Fixed + Cut = my Friday night. There's not a lot for me to add, one look at the line-up above should make you pee your pants with happiness. Live sets by Para One and Curses, DJ sets by Surkin and TTC's Orgasmic, not to mention the amazing residents Dave P and JDH. It's brought to you by the Cut bols, who were the ones responsible for the amazing Green Velvet night a month or so ago and are great DJs in their own right. $12, Studio B (259 Banker St.), let's make this happen.

-For my fellow Francophiles who live in Manhattan, Ruff Club at The Annex (152 Orchard St.) is the place to be, as Data and Wide Shut play live there tonight. This is a great chance to hear two new, great bands esp if you missed them last night at Hiro. But, of course, that's not all. You also get guest DJ sets by the amazing Shaun Slaughter of Sacramento's Lipstick party, along with Carmine Filthy, plus the regular people like Denny Le Nimh, Spencer Product and 24Court&Micprobes will do their thing. There's reason why people love this party, go find out tonight.

-Make sure to stop by the one-night only return of Lauren Flax's White Lightning to Home Sweet Home (151 Chrystie St.) I don't know a ton about this one, but there's def live sets by Nicky Click and Diamond Beats. Click is a electro pop artist, Diamond Beats is Courtney Trouble, feminist pornographer, artist and musician, touring as support for Click. I believe Lauren will spin, which should wipe away any of the confusion that I've caused with this intro.

-This one brings tear to my eye. On of the first spots that I made a regular place was Nublu (62 Ave. C) on Tuesday nights, when the band Kudu used to play a set every week. This was back in my LES days, so many fond memories come back that it almost brings a tear to my ironic, dead, hipster eye. Tonight, Syvia of Kudu is celebrating her birthday at that spot, and while I don't know her, I love her music immensely and want to wish her a happy birthday! I do know Lauren Flax and I do know that she will absolutely destroy your mind and naughty parts, one of the best DJs in the country. You also get a short set by Trouble of Trouble & Bass, all for $10. That's well worth it, excuse while I go cry now.

-One more party to hit downtown tonight, as The Musebox and Paper Magazine throw their monthly party at 200 Orchard tonight. I'm most excited to see that Philly's Mixel Pixel is playing live, along with Madison, The Start and Lions&Tigers. Mixel Pixel are a great band and this is a great chance to check them out for free before they are selling out Webster Hall or something. Dance music will be provided by DJs Mr Pharmacist, June D of White Doves and Julie Twinkle. 9-4, free PBR til it's gone, rsvp to

AUG_31_07 1

-When I think of Chicago, I'm reminded of Ibiza. Okay, actually, I'm not, but tonight you can celebrate the capital of dance music in the Windy City and enjoy the last days of sunny summer before the mind-numbing cold winter comes through. Tonight is the final Fierce Angel party of the summer at the Victor Hotel (311 N. Sangamon) and they're going out with a bang with an Ibiza Summer Beach Bash. They've brought in DJ Eric Kupper straight from the island to make all of your balearic dreams come true. Our boy Trancid is also spinning, along with DJ Madrid and Tim Baker of Digital Punks. RSVP at the site, then go ASAP to get in on the complimentary sushi and cocktails from 8-9:30, brought to you by Mt. Gay and Cointreau. There will be drink specials all night, raffles for cool prizes including tix to see Jeff Tweedy. $5 before 11 if you RSVP, this should be an amazing night.

-In Minneapolis, they are already getting for the debilitating cold by throwing parties referencing that time. Christmas Sex is a celebration of all the August births living and dead, hilarious party name. Not sure on a lot of the details, but I do know that Soviet Panda is spinning, which is good enough for me. It happens at The Kitty Cat Club (313 14th Ave. SE), starts at 9, 21+, go out and celebrate the month of my birth. Yeah!

-Oh mang, I'm almost afraid to put this one up, as I feel like tonight's Frisco Disco could get completely out of control. Richie Panic and Jefrodisiac have put together a special end of summer edition of their award-winning party and it's not to be missed. Sick line-up, headlined by P4P favs LA Riots, along with DJs Basura & Disaster of the amazing blog, live show by Wallpaper, hosted by Ronnie Buders & Kimi, photos by Lady Meleksah, Silke Labson (best name evah!) and Vaindeer. As always, it goes down at The Rickshaw Stop (155 Fell), but unlike always, the place is now air-conditioned!!!!! RSVP at to get in free before 10:30, otherwise it's $12 for 18+, $10 for 21+. This is the start of a huge weekend, San Fran, do it up right.

Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Spoon, "Don't Make Me A Target" (YSI link)

Spoon, "The Underdog" (YSI link)

Spoon, "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb [alternate take]" (YSI link)

Okay, here's the end of the road for now on the male-fronted, indie rock front. Spoon is the Austin-based band led by guitarist and vocalist Britt Daniel, who have slowly but surely built up quite a following. I jumped on the bandwagon with their last one, Gimme Fiction; well, I didn't jump on the bandwagon, that was just the first time I listened to them. For me, it was an uneven record that had nice highs, but not enough of them.

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga came out two months ago and that makes me lame and irrelevant, but by procrastinating, I was able to get the bonus edition extra disc. Tortoise and the hare, my friends, tortoise and the hare. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is a better album than the previous one, more consistent and a little more musically adventurous. It's high points, like "The Underdog" and "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb," are beautiful, infectious, pop songs. They make you tap your foot and singalong, augmented by horns and tamborines that give them a timeless feelk, like they would have fit perfectly in a 60s AM radio set. For the most part, they stick to this formula, despite all of the talk about experimentation and whatnot. You do get the dub-like vocals of "The Ghost Of You Lingers," which attempt to evoke a haunting atmosphere. It doesn't work for me, just seems gimmicky and dilutes whatever power could have been had for a song about love lost. That's one of the few missteps. While it's one of the shortest LPs I've heard, clocking in at 36 minutes, it doesn't feel like it's missing anything. Initially, it feels like a you got shortchanged, but repeated listens make you realize that this is just an extra focused album, like they wrote 10 great songs (in their opinion) and that's that.

I'm recommend this album, although I cannot recommend purchasing the deluxe edition. It's basically a disc of 1 minute instrumentals and throwaway, a pathetic attempt to get fans to buy the CD again. Don't. I included the alternate take of "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb," one of the best songs on the album. This version is sort of a lo-fi space-y rock song; they chose the right take. Grab your copy here, it's hard for me to believe that this one wouldn't appeal to almost everyone.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Common Folk NYC, Swerve LA, I Don't Get Down With Zombies, Yo SF and much more

It looks like New York City is first out of the gate for the huge holiday weekend, the last days of summer. Of course, it's not always who runs the fastest, but who perseveres. What does that mean? I have no idea, I'm exhausted. Anyway, make it a Lower East Side night tonight, as there are three really nice parties below Houston featuring some of my favorite DJs. First up, the Common Folk bols - Johnsville and Pizza and Piano - play host to the Walter Meego afterparty tonight at Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie St.) They have Jess Jubilee from Modular Records as the special guest DJ. There's a Zygo energy vodka open bar from 10:30-11:30, watch yourself with that one. This is another NYC party that deserves a much bigger audience, but all in due time, all in due time.

-A few blocks away, Even Further does its weekly basement party celebrating disco and dance and debauchery. Oh, tonight they are celebrating Marisa's 25th birthday. If she's a friend of Even Further, she's a friend of Pound for Pound. Happy birthday Marisa, you've chosen a great spot to celebrate, as Carmine P. Filthy and Rudy Mungi have brought in Crush Calculator to deliver the party rockers. Get to Happy Ending (302 Broome St.@Forsythe) and try to remember how amazing it was to be 25 years old again.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

-There's no flier, but trust me it's happening. The Lewd bols - rekLES and Seanmuthafkkinroberts - are doing a one-night only set at Revolver (210 Rivington St.@Pitt) I caught these guys at Happy Ending the week before and can say that they are two of the best DJs around right now, imo. I'm also a big fan of Revolver and the Lower East Side, so this one comes highly recommended. No cover, drink specials all night long, what more do you need?

-For those of you who want to stay a little further uptown, you must hit the Cheeky Bastard Thursday night party at Hiro Ballroom (371 W. 16th St.@9th Ave.) This one features live sets by two of my favorite up and coming electrorockdiscopunk bands, Data and The Passions. If you get on the list, it's free and therefore an amazing deal. DJ sets by Sam Sam, Alex English and Peter Makebish, 2 for 1 vodka drinks from 10-11 and 2-3, 21+, get there early for free Lucky beer from 10-11 and an early show by Wide Shut.

-Oooh, here's a late addition. There's a party called Gully Action at The Knitting Factory in the basement, following the Meat Puppets show. There's a plethora of DJs, no cover, a chance to party and dance at the legendary concert venue, this looks like it's gonna have a semi-regular status too.

-Okay, what am I talking about? Chicago is quick out of the Memorial Day weekend gate as well, kicking off the massive Institubes Paris Terror Club tour tonight at Darkroom (2210 W. Chicago Ave.) It features Para One, Surkin, Curses! and Orgasmic along with special guests for tonight only, DJs Zebo and Josh Rodriguez. It's brought to you by Boombox Disco and Eudora plus lots of websites and magazines and good people, hosted by Vyle. Here's the final reminder to rsvp at for free entry, things start at 9, enjoy.

-There's also the Thursdays at Debonair with your resident DJs Trancid and Mark Gertz, the weekly party at Debonair Social Club (1575 N. Milwaukee Ave.) 10-2, no cover, amazing DJs, a logical stop every Thursday if you ask me.

-I don't remember if I mentioned this one before, but there's a new Thursday weekly in LA. It's called Swerve and it features the resident DJ Daniel of LA Riots. For real, the dude doesn't sleep, as that's the only explanation for how he could spin like 900 times a week. Hardest working man in show biz, I do believe. Anyway, this one's brought to you by Tapatio de la Noche and Collin Thalken, it goes down at Scorpion (6679 Hollywood Blvd) There's some flicks from the last one and all I can say is that there are lots of beautiful people at this party having lots of fun.

-Finally, I could barely wait to mention this party. It's called I Don't Get Down With Zombies, Yo, it has one of the best fliers ever, it features Rev. Underpants, Academik and some special guests, it's $5, 10-2, it happens at the Rx Gallery (132 Eddy@Mason). Whew, I just had to get that out there in one fell swoop, that felt good. San Francisco, check this one out, I like this one, just a gut instinct.

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Bald Eagle Edits!

Photo by Clayton Hauck of

Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal, "Everybody Rocking (Key of Bald Eagle edit)" (YSI link)

Basement Jaxx, "Take Me Back To Your House (Key of Bald Eagle edit/Speaker Junk remix)" (YSI link)

I think my favorite part about having this blog is getting to meet and hear about all of the amazing, talented people out there, grindin' away in the DJ booth, the studio or the party circuit. If I can help get these people a little more attention, I'll feel like it's all been worth it. (If Scarlett) When I think of people who deserve a much greater audience, Chris Baronner's name immediately springs to mind. We've mentioned Chris here often in his DJ guise, DJ Bald Eagle, he of Life During Wartime and Primetime Of Your Life fame, he's been one of the main reasons I've come to know and appreciate all of the amazing stuff going down in Chicago.

I'm super excited to finally put up some of the edits that Chris has been doing recently, as they're amazing and a brilliant idea. Basically, like Pound for Pound, Bald Eagle has been a big fan of all the amazing house music coming out from the likes of Sinden, Switch, Herve, Claude VonStroke, etc. but wanted to make it more dancefloor friendly for DJs not spinning for a roomful of househeads. So, he's taken the glitchier, bleepy stuff out, cut it down to just the raw bone. I'm not going to drone on about them. I'll just simply say: download them, I promise that you will love them, they are that good. It's simple, really.

For those of you in Chicago, you can catch the man himself spinning tonight at the Smartbar (3730 N. Clark St.) for the Ye 'Ol House of Fidget party. This one's brought to you by Potty Mouth Music and Prime Time of Your Life, it features DJs Bald Eagle, Santiago & Bushido, James Amato, Popstatic and Konsept. If that's not enough, if you get there before 11, you will get a ticket for a raffle that will give away free tickets to any upcoming Smartbar show. That list includes Diplo & Switch, Justice & Erol Alkan, Digitalism, Boys Noize, Matthew Dear & Superpitcher. Like whoa, right? I mean, like 5th place is a pretty damn good prize. Oh, and did I mention this night free? I should have, because it is. Chicago, this is your Thursday night.

For the rest of you, head over to the Bald Eagle myspace page and make friends. Non-Chicago party promoters, bloggers, music people, get up on this now. This dude's finna to blow up, don't make me say I told you so. Bring him to your party, post these edits, say hi, just don't sleep!

Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe Remixes

Simian Mobile Disco, "I Believe (Switch mix)" (YSI link) DJs

Simian Mobile Disco, "I Believe (Prins Thomas mix)" (YSI link) DJs

Okay, I just wanted to do a quick post on our normal fare, wonderful, glorious dance music. Just a reminder that I haven't given up the throne yet, we're just expanding our horizons here. Don't get it twisted, we're still pound for pound the best around.

I can't think of a better way to get back to our roots than a Simian Mobile Disco song remixed by Switch and Prins Thomas. One of the most exciting developments of the past few years for me has been the way that so many of the best names in dance music have been involved in each other's music. Whether it's Justice being redone by MSTRKRFT or Erol Alkan redoing Hot Chip, it seems like there's a nice crossover between the people who are responsible for some of the most exciting music today. Well, that one fits right into that lineage, bringing together two of the UK's most important dance producers.

I remember the first time I heard "I Believe," the brilliant opener to Kitsune Maison 3. It was a departure in some ways from the more raging, main room jawns that many of us knew them from, i.e. "Hustler." It was as if the boys were maturing, like they had found their lady and they were moving away from the club and trying to hang out and tell her how much they love her and they are so excited about the future. Dave Taylor, a.k.a. Switch, comes along as the single, fun guy, subtly trying to bring them back out for that Friday night of mayhem. He doesn't turn this one into a full-on banger, rather he hints throughout with full-on bass and synth madness. This is really nice, love the catcall whistles, the progression of the keys into the higher registers during those interludes, the nice use of the vocals. The Prins Thomas one is even better, a long, space-y disco track, one the best things I've head from the Norwegian. This remix hews much closer to the original, letting the vocals stand more, but it has a much more muscular, focused feel in spite of its 8+minute length.

Don't forget to pre-order a copy of SMD's new album Attack Decay Sustain Release. In this year of neoelectro, this will be another essential purchase.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

High Voltage NYC! New Location! 200 Orchard!

High Voltage is all grown up, my friends. I can remember when I first heard about this one in its infancy, before the first one had even happened, before the first kid got completely wasted, before the first mistake hook-up went down, even before the cops came and took the mixer one night. It's entering its late teens phase, as it moves up and out, away from its original home at Sutra to its bigger, swankier, dancier digs at 200 Orchard (btwn Houston and Stanton). It's a great move imo, a nicer spot, one that has shown a lot of support to some of our favorites like Lauren Flax and Modular Records, with a great big dancefloor, old-school video games. Tonight's also the VHS Or Beta afterparty, you get a guest DJ set by Shaun Slaughter from San Fran, Alex English

Congrats to Dimitry

No Disco Comprehendo NYC, Ruff Gemz Seattle,

I mean, New York, do you see this flier? Do you see this party listed above? No Disco Comprehendo has brought life to my cold, dead, blogger scenester blackheart. I'm not even going to ramble and try to be funny. Just the facts, m'aam. Prince Language, Lee Douglas with special guest from Full Pupp and Norwary, Todd Terje. 205 (Chrystie&Stanton), in the basement, free, 11-4am, 21+, brought to you by I Heart boutique. Let disco set you free.

-If you don't feel like walking down a flight of stairs, there's a new party called Heartime at 205 upstairs starting tonight. Resident DJs are Marc-Alan Gray, June Deuell & Coco Martinez, they'll be spinning lots of dance tunes, many of the indie rock variety. 205 (Stanton & Chrystie), free, new weekly.


-Further uptown, G-Spa goes to the next level, bringing in one-third of The Rub, DJ Ayres. You know what the man can do, so you know that you'll want to be at the Gansevoort Hotel (18 Ninth Ave.@13th Street) tonight. Brought to you weekly by Project Matt, Jeremy Asgari, Yossi C, Cipha Sounds, Jamal, Jess, Daniel, Lara and Brian Bongard, this one's for those of you who want to do it up in style.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

-Down in the motherland, the Seclusiasis stars Damn You All To Hell with their street bass, grime, dubstep, heavy choons. They're joined by Funkshun's Owen Howard for this party at Upstairs at Sal's (200 S. 12th St.) It's 21+, free, it's not a bad way to spend your final night before going to hell.

-Here's another new party at Pound for Pound, Ruff Gemz in Seattle. I learned about this one b/c of the special guests tonight, NYC's own Rezound and Workweek. But, a few other factors held my attention, namely a nice, lo-fi flier, a DJ named Jack and $1 High Lifes. What else do you need to know? Let's happens at The Baltic Room, free before 11, $3 after that, residents are *F.I.T.S.* a.k.a. Fucking In The Streets and Sam Rousso Sound System. Seattle, this is your Wednesday from here on out, okay?

-Down the coast, Club Moscow does its thing, workmanlike, quiet, skilled. Keith Wilson just keeps on bringing dope parties, and tonight is no exception. Pound for Pound favorites LA Riots are in the house; the dancefloor has been warned. There are three bands playing as well - Black Palms, Buddy Akai and A For Attack. Plus, resident DJs Raulie and Keith 2.0 hold things down as always. Get to Boardners (1652 N. Cherokee Avenue@Hollywood Blvd), 18+, free with flier before 10:30, $5 after that.

-Finally, Club Redd continues to give me size anxiety with their massive fliers. But, with some of the best DJs around

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Soiree LA, Outdanced Chicago and more

The East Coast seems to be in a bit of a quiet time, hopefully as we all get ready for lots of amazing events starting tomorrow night. LA picks up the coastal slack with a new party for Pound for Pound, the Soiree karaoke party. I've told my horror experiences with karaoke before, from losing my k-card in the presence of famous musicians to doing it with four people in a tiny room who were practicing for an actual karoake night at a bar. I say all of this to let you know that I don't have any obsession with this, this is a really cool looking party and could possibly even convert a self-professed karaoke. It happens every second and fourth Tuesday at Ola Cita (336 Hill Street) and it's a real party. With real DJs. Including one of the best LA has to offer, Daniel of LA Riots. He's joined on the decks by Bianca O'blivion, Maurice de la Falaise and Larry of Club Underground C.E.O., they'll all bring you the best in indielectronewnowave fun, the perfect soundtrack while you figure out what John Denver song you're gonna pick. It's hosted by the lovely Scarlet Casanova, Linda Love Lace is the MC for the night, go out and see beautiful people butcher good music. Yeah!

-Up north a bit, Hold Yr Horses goes down in San Fran. brings you this dance party every second and fourth Thursday, as resident DJ Rchrd Oh?! brings in a special guest to help drop some of the hottest electro, house, post-punk, Pound for Pound music. Tonight, he's got one of the best joining him as Lights Down Low's Sleazemore comes through to destroy you and this dancefloor. That's the dancefloor at Aunt Charlie's (133 Turk & Taylor), 10-2, $3 cover.

-Chicago, they don't seem to take any nights off and tonight's no exception as Outdanced does its weekly thang. Tonight, you get to hear live music from Laser Crystal and Clique Talk, plus DJ sets from Hunter Husar and Rotten Milk. It happens tonight and every Tuesday at the Funky Buddha Lounge (728 W. Grand Ave.), hosted by, $1 shots and $1 drinks. RSVP for the guestlist tonight at, you know this party's gully as they're using yahoo accounts, none of that new-fangled gmail shit. Get on their level, one of another of the great Chicago parties that warrants your full attention. P.S. Is it true that one of the hosts got arrested at the party last week? Did I say this was gully or what?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

-What's a way to catch my eye? Mention that you spin The Smiths, Morrissey and the Cure at your party. It's that simple. Case in point, the Petit Mort party going down at Club Midway (25 Avenue B), where Dylan Nirvana spins those aforementioned bands and other great ones from NYC to London. It's upstairs and downstairs, dance party up with Dylan Nirvana and Chlorine Jackpot and go-go girls Amelia Danger, Stormy Leather and Lil Miss Lix, bands down with headliners The Dollyrots. 21+, free to dance, $10 for the bands, goes til 4 am, free shots from 10-12.


-A few more upcoming things that need your attention now, a free concerts edition. First, Chicago, rsvp for free admission to the Para One/Surkin/Institubes/Paris Terror Club party at Darkroom. Yes, you read that right, free. All you need to do is rsvp at the site and you're all set. New Yorkers, you can get an amazing free concert too. Thanks to Bass Ale, Myopenbar and the Finger On The Pulse, all you need to do is rsvp for free entry to the VHS Or Beta/Walter Meego show at Studio B this Thursday night. No plus ones, so tell your pals to sign up as well.

Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha

Andrew Bird, "Fiery Crash" (YSI link)

Andrew Bird, "Scythian Empires" (YSI link)

I'm new to the music of Andrew Bird, which is kinda sad since this album, Armchair Apocrypha, is the dude's 10th release and he has a hardcore following. But, you gotta start somewhere and this is the place for me. To be honest, if it hadn't been for someone's recommendation, I would never have given this a chance. One listen and it just seemed a little too mellow and far out of my comfort zone, the stuff I read constantly highlighted his amazing lyrics and retro sound (swing, early jazz, etc.) and his time with the Squirrel Nut Zippers didn't help matters. But, I gave it a few more listens and it started to work more and more for me.

From some reviews I've read, it sounds like this album, his first on the Fat Possum label, is quite a departure from his original albums, so I'm not sure I can be of much help to people schooled in those. Not to mention the fact that songs here are reworkings of previous songs, all of which probably makes this more interesting for long-time fans. The sound's not easy to classify, straddling the line between indie, folk, classical, it really seems like the stuff that could make waves with the NPR set, indie kids, those into the singer-songwriter scene, jazz and classical fans, a wide range. This is not a bad thing; it's more an indication that this music could appeal to lots of people, none of it is abrasive or too experimental, the lyrics are witty and literary.

What made this a winner for me, however, was the way that Bird is able to make music that isn't pop, yet it can be incredibly catchy. "Fiery Crash" is a great example, with its subtle change of pace on the refrain and its wonderful guitar and organ work. The only references that come to mind are Belle and Sebastian, that mixture of beautiful sounds, great lyrics, catchy hooks. "Scythian Empires" has a much more political tone, with its references to exiting empires and Halliburton attache cases. What makes this one of the album's best for me is Bird's voice, so fragile and beautiful. There's no anger here, just a sadness at what has happened. It works perfectly, elevating the haunting lyrics.

I'd definitely recommend this one, it's an excellent album one that will keep bringing you back for one more listen. The only thing that keeps it from making that upper echelon for me is the lack of an edge both musically and lyrically. Especially on the longer songs, it just leaves me drifting. Buy your copy here, you won't be disappointed. If you really wanna dig into Bird and his music, I can't recommend the Official Unofficial Andrew Bird Fansite more highly, an amazing resource for new and old fans. Let me also take the time to shout out and thank my girl TB, who reminded me of this album and recommended it. She's got the wine game on lock, I think she may be looking to take over the music game too. Watch out.

Essential Mix - Celebrating Tony Wilson

Pete Tong & Mike Pickering, BBC Radio One Essential Mix: Celebrating Tony Wilson August 26, 2007 (YSI link) tracklisting in comments

Wow, it's clear now that Pete Tong and I are on the same wavelength. Perhaps he's a Pound for Pound fan and is doing what it takes to keep the weekly Essential Mix post going. Or maybe not. Whatever the case, he and the BBC Radio One Essential Mix program have outdone themselves with this most recent episode, Celebrating Tony Wilson. It's a two hour tribute to Tony Wilson and all of the music that he helped foster and promote with his Factory Records and Hacienda nightclub. The first hour of the mix is a journey through the Factory Records catalogue with Pete Tong, . The second hour features Mike Pickering, giving us an hour of Hacienda classics, the songs that set the club on fire back in its late 80s, early 90s heyday.

Not surprisingly, I recommend this highly; in fact, it really encapsulates what we've been doing here at this site for the past few weeks. You'll hear all sorts of familiar stuff, from Joy Division and New Order to the Happy Mondays and A Certain Ratio to the house classics that dominated parties like Nude at the Hacienda. G-d, it's so wonderful to have a nice two-hour trip back to such a magical place and time, Manchester in the 80s. It's interesting to hear how much of the music I love and put up here connects, how the kids in Manchester discovered Chicago and New York house music and would make it there own, the same way the U.S. kids heard Kraftwerk and made that their own with hip-house and early rap and house, or kids in Rio and Sao Paolo heard Miami Bass shit.

We're gonna keep going with the Tony Wilson tribute here, as there's still some goodies I'd like to get to and I'm enjoying it. We're gonna be simulataneously continuing our look at lots of new stuff, including the return of dance music to complement the indie. I feel like Tony would want it that way.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Club Genre LA with Dave P, M at Darkroom NYC and one more

Okay, I'm not really in the mood for parties and shit, as I've had to encounter firsthand the fuckedupness of people towards animals this weekend and night. But, I don't get paid to bitch and be serious, so let's try to focus on the good times. The good folks of Club Genre make that easy, as they continue to put together one of the best up-and-coming parties in LA. I've been mentioning these dudes a lot lately - DJs S!n and Luv Tek - and for good reason. They've quietly put together a roster of dope parties in the LA area. Tonight, one of my favorite DJs anywhere, Dave P, is the special guest, making this a special night. For real, do not let LAers, do not let Mr. Pianka get out of town without catching him once. This one goes down at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd), 18+, free before 11. I can't recommend this party and this particular edition more highly. It's a rave, Dave, be there. Make sure to check out that flier above, btw, one of the best I've seen, love the image, the clear party info and DJ list, whoever did this knows what's up.

-On the opposite coast, things are just as focused. M At Darkroom (165 Ludlow St.) goes down in New York City every Monday night, as the two-thirds of the Ruff Kids, Sean Fightcats and Mike Nouveau, give you a place to get rid of that case of the Mondays. Tonight, the guys are joined by our hero DJ Dimitry and Louisahhh, which is a pretty fucking awesome line-up for a Friday, let alone Monday. Drink specials all night, you won't even remember what day of the week it is by the end.

-Up in the East Village, DJ Nick Hook of Men, Women and Children is DJing at Sake Bar Satsko (7th St. btwn Aves A & B). Crazy drink prices with $3 beer and $4 wine and sake, Nick will provide the soundtrack for this drunken ride, lots of jams, I promise and he does too. 11 pm until you can't take anymore.

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-Since it's a quiet night and it's the beginning of another week, what better time to look ahead and give you a heads up on some superad events that you'll want to get on the list. DJ Funk is coming to San Fran for the Frisco Disco, get on the list and it's free free free. I mean, seriously DJ Funk is coming, you need to get on the list ASAP as it's filling up tout suite. I'm considering flying there for this one, it's that serious. High Voltage in NYC is moving to new, bigger digs at 200 Orchard and hosting the VHS Or Beta afterparty. We'll have more on this, but get on the guestlist now to make sure you get in. Finally, the Institubes Paris Terror Club Hooligan Disco Tour (Para One, Surkin, Curses! and Orgasmic) starts this Wednesday August 30th in Chicago, then hits Brooklyn the next night, with Philly, the West Coast and Canada getting in on the act in early September. Check out their myspace page for all the info and dates and tunes, really cannot wait to catch this one.

Happy Mondays - Pills n Thrills and Bellyaches

Happy Mondays, "Kinky Afro" (YSI link)

Happy Mondays, "Step On"
(YSI link)

Ahh, here's one of Tony Wilson's most important and impressive discoveries, Happy Mondays. The Mondays are one of the pivotal bands that brigdged the gap between dance and indie music, a group that would define the Madchester sound and influence an entire generation of bands. The story goes that Wilson heard the group play in a battle of the bands in Manchester and signed them at the end of that contest. The fact that they had not placed was clearly not a concern to Wilson. Not sure if the story is true, but who cares? It's a cool story, never let the facts get in the way.

Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches is the band's third LP on Factory Records (FAC 230), and is often considered their finest work. My favorite fact about the album is that it was produced by DJ superstar Paul Oakenfold, along with Steve Osborne, at Eden Studios in London. I'm not actually why I think that's so cool, but I do. Despite the presence of tranceman Oakenfold and the pivotal role the Mondays played in rave culture, this is not what most of us would think of as dance music. It doesn't have the relentless beats, wicked basslines or frenetic pace that many of us associate with that label. However, I think after a few listens, you will start to hear why people liked to dance to the funky bass, jangly guitars and unrushed drums. It's a really nice corrective for this blog's tendency to only consider house, techno, electro and its variants as dance music proper. Anyway, here are two of the biggest singles from the album, great examples of this indie rock meets Northern Soul meets house. What really grabs me with repeated listens is the dark lyrics of lead singer Shaun Ryder, not what you'd expect from the smiley face ravers. But like the Grateful Dead during the acid era, the Mondays captured the inevitable flipside to drug culture, the dark, sometimes violent, ugly side that will always win out.

This one's highly recommended, a really great way to get into the whole Madchester of the late 80s, early 90s, to hear how varied the rave culture of that period was, to realize how diverse Factory Records were and to encounter one of Tony Wilson's great bands. Buy your copy here, we'll def return to these guys down the road and put some more stuff.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blow Up LA, Too Much Love MPLS, Electro Is Dead CHI and more

LA, are you ready? Like, seriously. The City of Angels, La La Land, you know who you are, you have a huge night ahead. I'm gonna give headlining status to Blow Up LA because, well, it's got some of the best DJs around, it's free and it's gonna be a rager at a downtown loft (316 W. Pico@Olive). Let's see, you get surprise guests Bang Gang DJs doing a set, a set by my hero, Philadelphian, Making Time & Fixed bol Dave P and live shows by The Glamour of Milwaukee and SF's Hottub. Oh, did I also mention that a who's who of LA/SF DJs are also there to destroy the dancefloor? Luv Tek, Paparazzi, Royal Rumble, Virgin Tears, Cosmic Kids, Dirty-Lo, Ryan Poulsen and Travis T.K are on hand, whew. Before I continue, go now and RSVP so that you get in for FREE. Photos by Shadowscene, $3 vodka monsters until midnight (no idea what those are, but they sound scary good), 18+, goes til 4. Anne Lee, Shadowscene and Hotwire took two months off, it's clear they were in the conference room planning a serious party. Now you know why it's the top choice, right?

-Oh, but wait, there's more. Warehouse madness with The Return of The After Party Kings. This one's got more big name DJs than you can shake a Serato record at - Eli Escobar, Pase Rock, Franki Chan, Blu Jemz, Lloyd-ski, Dark Alley, Mike B and Pube$. $5 gets you in, cash bar will be at your disposable. Secret location, I'll post it up when I know for sure.

-If you can't make it into LA, there's a great option for the Orange County people in Santa Ana. LA Riots - Daniel and - have left LA for the night, as they've set too many dancefloors on fire there, they're wanted. Don't miss this chance to hear some of the best indie/dance DJs anywhere at the Trust party. It happens at Proof Bar (215 N. Broadway) and those guys are joined by DJs S!n, Buliamtron, Emu and Ricky Def. Yeah, the OC!

-Up north, the Frisco Disco bols just keep taking it up a notch. Tonight, they've invited Juan MacLean to join in on the fun, as he'll bring the house and disco jams to one of the best parties in the country. That's not all, as you also get a guest set by Gabe Vega and Saul Q of the Feel The Noise party in San Diego. Of course, have no fear, you'll also get your regular dose of the men behind the party, Richie Panic and Jefrodisiac. Get to The Transfer (198 Church Street), party like it's 1999.

-The Midwest isn't taking any backseat tonight, as there's lots going on in the middle party of the United States of America. First up, Electro Is Dead goes down in Chicago tonight at the Spikes Water Works (2135 S. Lombard Ave.) Electro, new wave and industrial provided by some top-notch DJs - Trancid, Sonik, Ciro, Eddie Riot, Therblig and Victor Lua.

-Another Midwest dude who deserves way more attention is Minneapolis' Soviet Panda. Dude has put together one of the best parties anywhere, Too Much Love, dropping some of the best dance music and bringing in some amazing guest DJs from all over. Tonight, NYC's own Star Eyes of the Trouble & Bass crew and XLR8R mag is coming through to drop the grimy bass music. You also get a set at the end of the night from Austin's Bird Peterson, this is definitely a special edition of TML. It goes down at First Avenue (701 First Avenue North, corner of First Ave and 7th St.), 18+, drink specials, goes til 3 am. Tonight, things don't end then...

-They continue at the Fancy Computer afterparty. Soviet Panda, Jonathan Ackerman,, DJ Talk Radio, Millions Billions and more will do the music, video stuff by Time Squid and Danger Havok. It starts at 2, goes til the infamous ????, $7 for the people who have their hand stamped from Too Much Love. Where is it at? You'll have to go to Too Much Love to find out the details, yea to secret locations!

-Kansas, stand the fuck up! Two really nice events going down in the state tonight, first up is the Crunkercise party with the Nomathematics crew. They've brought in guest DJ Iggy Baby and local band Coat Party, put together one of the trippiest, bizarro in a good way fliers and are gonna give you a serious workout Lawrence Kansas. The gym is going to be The Jackpot Saloon (943 Mass St.), 18+, I believe no cover. Wear your workout gear, as there will be a prize for most likely to be Olivia Newton-John.

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-Down the street, the always excellent Tactic bols are doing Bump City at Fatso's (1016 Mass) Dudes will give you the booty, club, crunk shit that makes life worth living. 21+, $2 to get in, make sure you show support to both parties Kansasasassasasasasans, you hear me?

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-East Coast was saved by some of our favorites, although they seemed to be flier-adverse tonight. DJ Will Eastman, actually, has decided to take his and his Bliss party's flier game to the next level, the Youtube level. That's right, he's put the info in video-form, I like it and I feel like this might be a challenge to the rest of the world. Get viral, people, get viral.

-In NYC, my bol Project Matt does his Saturday night Revolver (210 Rivington St. btwn Ridge and Pitt) party with special guest Louisahhh! from LA. Y'all know about it, get there, do not sleep on one of the best parties at one of the last refuges in the LES.

-For Philly people, what better way to follow-up the madness of [click.] than with Sorted at Johnny Brenda's (1201 Frankford Ave). The long-running indie/Britpop party has moved to amazing digs and keeps right on rolling. Mike Z and Dave Pak have been doing this for 8+ years, so you know that they know what to do. Tonight, there's a special live set by Brooklyn's Best Fiends, the DJs will be right in the middle of things tonight for the first time, not up in the booth, making this onea few notches more intense.

-Finally, let me wish K and D a happy birthday tonight, may they be forever young!

Friday, August 24, 2007

[click.] Tonight! Special Guest! Switch In Philly!

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For those in Philly, tonight is a really special night. One of my favorite parties, [click.], is going down tonight at Fluid Nightclub (613 S. 4th Street) and there's a late addition super special guest. Who is it you ask? It's Switch, a.k.a. Dave Taylor, the man behind some of the sickest dance tracks and remixes of the past few years, one of the dudes who put together the new MIA album. Switch! He's gonna be doing a set later tonight, joining up with Dave P and Pink Skull. I mean, like whoa. This is sick, a chance to hear Switch in a tiny club, three of the best DJs in the world, free Colt 45 from 9-11, it's gonna be like Ibiza in there. As my bol Dave P says, "Can we please freak out people?" Philly, I know you can, make me proud tonight, get to Fluid ASAP. Switch! Dave P! Pink Skull! It's gonna be a rave, Dave.

Finger On The Pulse Turns 2! Royal Oak!

There are two special events tonight that I wanted to give special attention to. First up, one of our favorite parties and DJ crews, the Finger On The Pulse with DJs Never Forget and Terry Diabolik, celebrate their second birthday as a party. They're returning to the Royal Oak (594 Union Ave.) to celebrate in fashion, complete with a midnight champagne toast and guest spots by DJ Shit La Merde and PAMMM of Toronto. For real, I'm real proud of these guys, as they've worked hard to turn this into one of the best parties in NYC, they've repped Williamsburg harder than anyone, they've always been supportive of me and this site. It's gonna be a sweaty, dance-y, awesome night. Mazel tov guys, here's to many more years of making the kids dance.