Friday, August 24, 2007

[click.] Tonight! Special Guest! Switch In Philly!

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For those in Philly, tonight is a really special night. One of my favorite parties, [click.], is going down tonight at Fluid Nightclub (613 S. 4th Street) and there's a late addition super special guest. Who is it you ask? It's Switch, a.k.a. Dave Taylor, the man behind some of the sickest dance tracks and remixes of the past few years, one of the dudes who put together the new MIA album. Switch! He's gonna be doing a set later tonight, joining up with Dave P and Pink Skull. I mean, like whoa. This is sick, a chance to hear Switch in a tiny club, three of the best DJs in the world, free Colt 45 from 9-11, it's gonna be like Ibiza in there. As my bol Dave P says, "Can we please freak out people?" Philly, I know you can, make me proud tonight, get to Fluid ASAP. Switch! Dave P! Pink Skull! It's gonna be a rave, Dave.

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