Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IHeartComix vs. Modular, Redline 1 Year Anniversary and more

It's fitting that the coldest fucking August night ever would see me looking West for parties. I mean, seriously. It's fucking August. It's 57 degrees right now in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. That's not cool. What is cool, you ask? Besides nice segues. Well, this massive party in Los Angeles put on by many of Pound for Pound's favorites. Franki Chan's IHeartComix are combining with Modular Records for a sick night of electroaciddancemagik. You get the first US appearances of Riot In Belgium and the Bang Gang DJs, Australian stars to be (heck, I guess they already are), along with a DJ set by Mr. Chan. What takes this into epic territory is that it's all free. Just go RSVP at the going.com site and you're all set for an unbelievable night. A full night out for the cost of your drinks. Not bad. It goes down at The Roxy Theater (9009 W. Sunset Blvd.), 10 PM, 21+, essential.

-Also in Cali, San Francisco to be precise, the Redline SF party celebrates its first anniversary tonight with a special night. I've never mentioned this party/DJ crew before, which is a big oversight. This party is put on by female DJs and promoters exclusively; specifically Redline is Ultraviolet, Empress, Femme Fatale, Kozee, Dymphna, Scarlet and Sylvia aka La Loca. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a woman in this ridiculously phallocentric world of DJs and parties (even more amazing, they spin lots of dnb and dubstep!), so it's always good to see women taking things into their own hands and making moves. But before I start discussing The Feminine Mystique or some shit, lemme just say that all of these women are talented and can hold their own anywhere, putting on a great party that specializes in dubstep, drum'n'bass, electro and debauchery. Sounds good to me. Tonight, they've brought in Frisco Discoer Richie Panic to take things up a notch for the celebration. Get to Underground SF (424 Haight St.), listen to some of SF's best DJs, dance and remember that the Grateful fucking Dead used to live on that very street. Mazel Tov Redline ladies, here's to another year!

-Chicago keeps on takin' it. Tonight, another Outdanced!, this time featuring the East Coast Overdose Tour of Smalltown DJs and StinkMitt. This is a straight Canadian invasion, as Vancouver dancepunk band StinkMitt and Calgary crew Smalltown DJs are launching a full-out invasion. Look for the tour in Boston, Lincoln, Baltimore, D.C., Philly,and NYC in the next week or so. Outdanced! isn't done there, though, as Jillian Valentino and Scott Cramer have brought in Mark Gertz from Chicago's Dark Wave Disco to deliver the knockout punch. Funky Buddha Lounge (728 W. Grand Ave.), $1 shots and drinks, no cover.

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-Finally, Rhode Island, stand up! That dude Knowlton Walsh is holding it down in the land of Brown, spinning tonight at a birthday party at Energy (69 Union St.) in Providence. He's joined by The Savant Brothers and Jack MacDevitt, for what looks like a fun and drunken time. Oh and I love this notebook steez flier, not sure if this would work all of the time, but it really looks good and fun here. Nice work!

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