Sunday, August 05, 2007

Future Forward - Welcome 2 Chicago

Future Forward, "Welcome 2 Chicago (live mix)" (YSI link)

Future Forward, "Welcome 2 Chicago (Plastique de Reve mix)" (YSI link)

It's taken nearly 20 years, but the early Chicago jackin' sound is making a comeback, as contemporary producers realize how amazing this music is and how new and fresh it still sounds. Leave it to a member of DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo crew, which is very in tune with the history of house music to put this into action, as Matt Nee a.k.a. Future Forward has put out an EP that honors and updates the Chicago acid sound, Welcome 2 Chicago. This one was released on Nee's own Kompute Records, a Chicago-based label

Mang, this is some seriously good shit. "Welcome to Chicago, we'll take you back. Welcome to Chicago, now it's time to jack!" Nee has come up with a real tribute to the sound of the city, bringing that nasty 303 bass and drum machine magic. Hell, he even brings those talked out lyrics with the repetitive phrases about jacking and acid and chicago, awesome. Both mixes, the live one and the Plastique de Reve one, keep it old school.

I'm really impressed by this release, really great to see a new, independent label out of Chicago pursuing the acid sound. Head to the Kompute site for more info and a look at their upcoming stuff, or request them at myspace. I'll hopefully have more to come on them, definitely a label to keep an eye on and support. Cop this 12" right now at Turntable Lab and show some love and money to up-and-comers. Oh, and again, shout out to all the good Chicago people like Bald Eagle, Mother Hubbard, Life During Wartime, Trancid and the Dark Wave Disco crew, Kampfire Killaz. So much great shit going down there out there, Pound for Pound is a big fan, Please get in touch if you are a Chi-town person doing things, let's hope that there will be even more connections between the new and older generations of dance music people in the Windy City.


Bald E. said...

Whether it's a night on the town with friends, a dance for two or a total solo freakout, Chicago has it ALL!

Anonymous said...

after this past weekend, between lollapalooza, ed banger party and the end at smartbar, i really have this pride and extreme happiness to be in chicago right now, being able to work and experience all the amazing music going on right now. i feel so lucky. it's nice to have other people recognize!

bald eagle, trancid, mark gertz, jordan z, zebo, dj major taylor and brock are some of the most talented, hardworking, supportive and NICE people, i have ever known. chicago holds it down!

Misa Killa (Kampfire Killaz)