Saturday, August 04, 2007

Maurice - This Is Acid

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Maurice, "This Is Acid" (YSI link) 320

Maurice, "This Is Acid (K&T mix)" (YSI link)

Maurice, "This Is Acid (S&T mix)" (YSI link)

More aciiieeeeeeeedddddd! Here's another fucking classic early acid house track out of Chicago, Maurice's "This Is Acid." The original mix really does live up to the title, giving you a nice 4+ minute journey into that definitive early acid sound with squelchy 303 bassline, the 808 drums (although this one has a much fuller, more percussive sound than most), the talking/rapping lyrics about acid, it's all there. Maurice, a.k.a. Maurice Joshua, is actually one of the rare names from that period to have stayed productive and well-known in the ensuing decades. He does remix work for major artists today, still DJs the mega-club stuff,

It's funny, but the far inferior remixes are universally famous, familiar to even someone who loathes house music. Hell, if you've ever heard an 80s club mix or been to the Jersey shore, you've had a pretty good shot at having heard this one played. Both are done by Lee Adams and both pretty much drain the acid out of the original and turn them into generic house tracks. They take any nastiness and replace it with a busier, more FX-y version. It wouldn't be that big of a deal, except the name of the track is THIS IS ACID! Hearing someone say repeatedly "This is acid," it's a little sad to think that people might have thought that was true. Whatever, I'm just being a bitch. The remixes are fun tracks, cheesy, unserious dance music. The original, however, is something special, hope everyone gives it a listen.


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what a classic!!! thanks for the song!

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