Thursday, August 16, 2007

Editors - An End Has A Start

Editors, "Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors" (YSI link)

Editors, "An End Has A Start" (YSI link)

I'm not even sure why I'm reviewing this new Editors CD, I guess out of habit having liked their debut one, The Back Room, in 2005. I don't even know what made me come across this band in the beginning, although it was more than likely the references to Joy Division that ridiculously are placed on this band. I honestly have no clue how any music writer could make that comparison, I can only assume that they have never heard the music of JD. The band's music is guitar-heavy, anthemic, hook driven, indie rock,

The new album, An End Has A Start, treads similar ground to their last one, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I can't front, I like their sound at times, it's a sorta emo-indie stuff. It reminds me a lot of Coldplay and you're lying if you say that you don't love to jam out to that song "Clocks" or "Yellow." I think fans of Interpol and Bloc Party might find something here as well, especially as all three bands have risen to the level of arena bands and are developing bigger sounds as a result. The tracks above are my favorites, highlights for me amongst a fair number of decent songs and a few fast-forwards. I really love "Smoking Outside The Hospital Room" right now, just sounds so good to me right now as I'm searching for sad, emo-ish stuff with a vengeance. Lead singer Tom Smith's voice is actually one of my favorite parts of the band, a baritone that has an almost-whinish quality that really works for me. It fits well with the massive guitar build-up at the end of the tune. "An End Has A Start" is similar, perhaps a little less dramatic.

I'd recommend the album for fans of the band, it's a solid follow-up to the debut. For everyone else, I'd listen to the songs and see if the sound works for you, as they don't vary much throughout the album. The biggest problem is that the music tends to the forgettable, even the songs I like just don't hold up to extended plays, never to a moment 6 months later where you just have to hear it. Grab a copy here and see what you think. I'd recommend their debut album more, I think that there are better individual songs on that one.

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