Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Green Velvet - Shake and Pop


Green Velvet, "Shake and Pop (original mix)" (YSI link)

Green Velvet, "Shake and Pop (Gant Man remix)" (YSI link)

Green Velvet, "Shake and Pop (DJ Sneak remix)" (YSI link)

Okay, I've been dying to put this track up for so long, what better time than now after we looked at Green Velvet live in the club. Here's one of his recent songs, another popular track that the man seems to effortlessly throw off every year or so. "Shake and Pop" is just so much fun, it's not as acidic as the stuff he drops under his Cajmere alias. But, there's nothing wrong with some good old fashioned entertainment and fun in dance music, is there? My favorite thing here is the lyrics, simple but so good for the club. "I like electro. I like retro. I like ghetto, house and techno." A close second is that

The remixes are all quite excellent and well-worth your time. I'm partial to the Gantman remix, since booty music is in my DNA and all. It basically cuts the original in half, adds those Dancemania clapping drums, adds some new vocals and turns out something more immediate and just as good. The DJ Sneak remix is good, although it never gets to the level of the original. It does bring much more bass to the mix, which is never a bad thing. I think it's a little too hurried, it doesn't have that wonderful pacing of the original with that synth pop nor is it ghetto-banging. Make sure you grab the Remixes vinyl for the remix that coms closest to topping the original, the Mark Grant remix. So acid-y.


Chris Mora said...

Saw this guy DJ my friend's party's 8 year Anniversary (www.epoplife.com) this past Saturday. He killed it. I don't think anyone left the dance floor until his set was finished.

Anonymous said...

What's this I see? Green Velvet vs DJ Sneak now playing on tired old Hype Machine?!? FUCK YEAH!!!

But wait...this post is from August, and now it's November ; ( And it's a YSI post!!! Wah!!!!!