Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Outdanced, Paris Terror Club and more

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Hmm, an oddly quiet night on the party front, perhaps everyone can sense my sadness and desire to run away and hide right now. Nicely, the two main events represent the two cities I will hopefully be living in soon, Chicago and Paris. First up, Outdanced! does its weekly thing. Jillian Valentino and Scott Cramer's party brings in Rand Sevilla and Michael Miles for DJ duties; expect all sorts of genres, running from dance to pop to rap, all dancefloor friendly. All the usual details: it goes down at The Funky Buddha, $1 shots and drinks, awesome flier, super funness. Will you be outdanced? Best bring your A game, as this is one of the best weeklies anywhere.

-The time for me to get Paris is drawing nearer and nearer and each party listing like this makes me speed things up. This one actually happens in the south of France in Aix en Provence at Studio 88 (RN7, Route de Avigon), but it features some of Paris' finest. Let's see, it's all put on by Paris label Institubes, you get a live set from Para One, DJ sets by Orgasmic and Surkin and a guest appearance by TTC's Teki Latex. Wow. It costs 16 bucks, but it's well worth that imo. Americans, get ready as this madness is coming to our shores in a few weeks. Frenchmen and women, do it up tonight and get at me and give me advice on what to do and where to go and who to talk to in Paris.

-Finally, my current home is relatively quiet, so it makes for a good opportunity to mention this new-to-me party, The Factory at Lotus (409 W. 14th Street). Normally, I shy away from these Meatpacking club nights, but to be honest, the crowds here are no different than the LES crowds on the weekend. Plus, I'm always meaning to mention the whole Motherfucker/Rated X/clubglamgaystraight craziness. Well, here's a good chance to check out that scene, as Michael T, Richie Rich and Michael Formika Jones do their weekly Tuesday night party with DJs, bands burlesque, photos, video art, this is going out as spectacle, a reminder of an older NYC. Anyway check it out, say Formika or Michael T for free entry.

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Heart said...

Coming to live in Paris soon? We have to get in touch! I'm DJ and party promoter here, and regular reader of your blog ;)

Heard the party at studio88 was great. That's one of the most insane clubs in France, and it was hosting one of the craziest label... Blast!

I was also pleased to see the part about Lotus... one of my friends is doing some PR there.
I'm hoping to come to NYC to spin real soon.

See ya

Julien "Heartbeat"