Tuesday, August 14, 2007

!!! - Must Be The Moon

!!! in NewYork 1

!!!, "Must Be The Moon (Emperor Machine mix)"
(YSI link)

!!!, "Must Be The Moon (Hot Chip remix)" (YSI link)

Well it was some weekend, from Daft Punk in Coney Island to Ed Banger and The Rapture in Greenpoint, birthday in the Lower East Side, the Chelsea Hotel, 205, the Brooklyn Heights Promendade, Katz's, Kossar's, erasing all of my ex's old emails and texts, it feels like a weekend that marks the start of a new period. We're going to put some things and people behind us now and move ahead. Keeping with that spirit, I think that this week I'll focus on a lot of the new(ish) stuff that I've been trying to get to, indie, rap albums, non-dance-y singles, stuff like that. We're also going to do a tribute to someone who passed away over the weekend and who is a pivotal figure for Pound for Pound, Mr. Tony Wilson.

What better way to start this week off than with a band from my home borough who I have been meaning to get to for a few months, !!! (chk chk chk). Here's the first single, "Must Be The Moon," from their most recent album, Myth Takes. It's a good choice, kind of captures the band's sense of humor and willingness to stretch a song out and make people dance. However, while I like a lot of the parts of this song, esp. the lyrics about a night trying to pick up a girl, the whole just never quite does it. The Emperor Machine mix is the best of the lot, bringing dub effects and a much deeper bass (70s porno funk stuff) to the song. The Hot Chip remix pretty much takes a little bit of the vocals from the original and put it over their own instrumental. This one sounds darker yet simulataneously dancier, mainly because of a more incessant beat. I'm gonna give these songs a few more listens, they've grown on me each time and I feel like I may not be getting it. Who am I kidding? I've listened to these many times, it's a decent song that's just missing a hook or a buildup or something to bring me back for more. Let me know what you thinkl, go grab the CD this single comes from as we will hopefully get to it later this week or early next one. Yeah!

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