Wednesday, August 08, 2007

James "Jack Rabbit" Martin - Rabbit Trax

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James 'Jack Rabbit' Martin, "Rabbit Trax (original full length version)"
(YSI link)

James 'Jack Rabbit' Martin, "Only Wanted To Be (unreleased acid version)"
(YSI link)

Okay, this is gonna be the last one we put up on the Chicago acid house front for awhile. But, oh mang, what a way to end. This is one of those songs that everyone in the world needs to know, proof of how amazing and fertile this period was for Chicago and its house scene. James 'Jack Rabbit' Martin released four 12" singles ever, that's it. He's an almost-anonymous figure who comes up with a stone-cold classic like "Rabbit Trax," one of the sickest, darkest things I've heard, and then he slipped back into the ether by the 1990s. This one's all about the 303 and spooky vocals, he even went for the ghostly howls to take it up to 11. It reminds me a lot of that Winx track, "Don't Laugh", we put up before. So dark and disturbing, clearly the drugs and the machines had turned ugly at this point. "Only Wanted To Be" gets the acid treatment as well, it's a little more standard fare, but that ain't a bad thing. Just a sick, sick I really like this one, might actually be a little more dancefloor friendly today, really have no clue how something like "Rabbit Trax" would go over for the nu-ravers. FYI< this is the recent reissue, not the original release from 1988 on Yoton Records. That one goes for upwards of $500 on ebay, still searching.

We'll come back to this perod again in the future, I'm sure. Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with some more goodies, dig a little deeper next time. For now, we're gonna move onto, we might even put up our next focus for a vote, get up on some choose your own adventure shit. Shout out to Harlowe Thrombey!

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