Wednesday, August 29, 2007

High Voltage NYC! New Location! 200 Orchard!

High Voltage is all grown up, my friends. I can remember when I first heard about this one in its infancy, before the first one had even happened, before the first kid got completely wasted, before the first mistake hook-up went down, even before the cops came and took the mixer one night. It's entering its late teens phase, as it moves up and out, away from its original home at Sutra to its bigger, swankier, dancier digs at 200 Orchard (btwn Houston and Stanton). It's a great move imo, a nicer spot, one that has shown a lot of support to some of our favorites like Lauren Flax and Modular Records, with a great big dancefloor, old-school video games. Tonight's also the VHS Or Beta afterparty, you get a guest DJ set by Shaun Slaughter from San Fran, Alex English

Congrats to Dimitry

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