Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bald Eagle Edits!

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Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal, "Everybody Rocking (Key of Bald Eagle edit)" (YSI link)

Basement Jaxx, "Take Me Back To Your House (Key of Bald Eagle edit/Speaker Junk remix)" (YSI link)

I think my favorite part about having this blog is getting to meet and hear about all of the amazing, talented people out there, grindin' away in the DJ booth, the studio or the party circuit. If I can help get these people a little more attention, I'll feel like it's all been worth it. (If Scarlett) When I think of people who deserve a much greater audience, Chris Baronner's name immediately springs to mind. We've mentioned Chris here often in his DJ guise, DJ Bald Eagle, he of Life During Wartime and Primetime Of Your Life fame, he's been one of the main reasons I've come to know and appreciate all of the amazing stuff going down in Chicago.

I'm super excited to finally put up some of the edits that Chris has been doing recently, as they're amazing and a brilliant idea. Basically, like Pound for Pound, Bald Eagle has been a big fan of all the amazing house music coming out from the likes of Sinden, Switch, Herve, Claude VonStroke, etc. but wanted to make it more dancefloor friendly for DJs not spinning for a roomful of househeads. So, he's taken the glitchier, bleepy stuff out, cut it down to just the raw bone. I'm not going to drone on about them. I'll just simply say: download them, I promise that you will love them, they are that good. It's simple, really.

For those of you in Chicago, you can catch the man himself spinning tonight at the Smartbar (3730 N. Clark St.) for the Ye 'Ol House of Fidget party. This one's brought to you by Potty Mouth Music and Prime Time of Your Life, it features DJs Bald Eagle, Santiago & Bushido, James Amato, Popstatic and Konsept. If that's not enough, if you get there before 11, you will get a ticket for a raffle that will give away free tickets to any upcoming Smartbar show. That list includes Diplo & Switch, Justice & Erol Alkan, Digitalism, Boys Noize, Matthew Dear & Superpitcher. Like whoa, right? I mean, like 5th place is a pretty damn good prize. Oh, and did I mention this night free? I should have, because it is. Chicago, this is your Thursday night.

For the rest of you, head over to the Bald Eagle myspace page and make friends. Non-Chicago party promoters, bloggers, music people, get up on this now. This dude's finna to blow up, don't make me say I told you so. Bring him to your party, post these edits, say hi, just don't sleep!

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