Monday, July 31, 2006

Too $hort - Blow the Whistle

Too $hort, "Blow the Whistle"

I've been meaning to upload this song for a minute now, as it's been on steady rotation for a few months here at Pound for Pound HQ in Philly. How could it not? One of my all-time favorite rappers (Top 5 probably), Too $hort drops a great song with nasty lyrics and a nice gimmick with the whistle. As expected, this one features a great bassline, very laid-back Cali feel, summer music. The whistle refrain is just made for a club, I can see the ladies going nuts for that part.

I'm pretty sure that this one will end up in the Top Ten singles of the year for me, although it's still a little too early to make guarantees. It's amazing that Short Dogg is still making bangers after all these years and albums. The man does not get anywhere near enough credit or respect; LL Cool J is constantly lauded for still being relevant after all those years in the game. Too $hort deserves no less, one of the all-time greats still killing it. I've been planning a look at his music for some time now; I'm not sure if people like when I do the extended focus on one person or one genre, so let me know if this sounds interesting or you'd rather I change it up each day.

-Everyone's favorite Christian, Mel Gibson, was arrested for drunk driving and proceeded to blame the Jews for this arrest and "all the wars in the world." Hard to believe that the director and writer of The Passion of the Christ, son of a Shoah denier who has similar thoughts and supporters, would say such bigoted and despicable things. Ari Emanuel and Atrios have it right, in my opinion.

-I'm gonna re-upload some of the songs that I've gotten requests for. Sorry for the delay, it's just been a real hectic, shitty time of late. Thanks to everyone who has gotten at me via email or myspace, nothing makes me happier than hearing from readers. There's also been a growing number of comments, which is awesome. Always love to hear people's thoughts on what I have to say, never want this to just be a place for free mp3s, y'know? Holler.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bob Dylan Sunday - Theme Time Radio Hour 2

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #2 (Mother)
(unlimited downloads)

I love you guys and girls so much, I figured I give you both posts. I'm gonna make a great father, guaratee I have the worst, most spoiled princess as a daughter. We're talking straight My Sweet Sixteen level, tiaras and Tiffanys and Juelz Santana rapping at the party. I'm working on a pink diamond collar for Jezebel, my beautiful little baby.

Anyway, there's been some requests for the Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hours, and I've heard y'all and will try to get us caught up. Here is the second episode from the XM radio show, where Bob focuses us on everyone's favorite person, mom. I won't say a whole lot about this, as I'd rather everyone just give it a listen and enjoy the surprises without me ruining it.

I do want to dedicate this post to my mother, who was in an accident this past Wednesday. It's been a tough time, but I know that she will pull through like all great Philly fighters. I hope that everyone can keep her in their thoughts. I love her dearly and hope that she will be better soon.

Daft Punk live at the Rex Club 1997

Daft Punk live at the Rex Club, Paris, France 1997
(unlimited downloads)

Here is the first Daft Punk treat, for everyone who want to know how these guys translate their sound to the live setting. They do quite well, give it a listen. This comes off of their first international tour, including their first gigs in the U.S., in support of their epic debut album Homework. It's a stunning set, the hour and 15 minutes goes by pretty quickly. It has peaks and valleys, never quite letting you get fixed on one mood or tempo. That throbbing bass is crazy, it's got me wanting to dance and go crazy with the old lady next to me at this cafe, yeah!

I don't know much about this set, I assume that it's a concert but it could just as well be a DJ set by the duo (it sounds like the songs are being mixed, that's the reason for that guess). I believe it's from May 15, 1997, at the beginning of the tour. It's a well circulated bootleg, so I assume that someone might have more info out there. If you do, let me know. Also, if anyone has this as individual songs, please let me know, as I'd love to up that version if it exists.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Daft Punk - Face to Face

Daft Punk, "Face To Face"

Daft Punk, "Face To Face (Cosmo Vitelli remix)"

Daft Punk, "Face Tbo Face (Demon remix)"

I was gonna take the day off, but I missed you guys and girls too much. More Daft Punk, as we're gonna wind down our first look at the legendary French duo. I'm going to try to stick to the week-long focus, as I feel like I occasionally get too focused and overwhelm everyone with too much of the same thing. I've learned from my mistakes, we'll do a better job of balance.

Here's an older single from the boys, "Face To Face." It came out on their second masterpiece, Discovery, a disc that you must own. Go here and buy it immediately if you don't own it, as it is essential music. The album version is a beautiful track, a love song with beautiful vocals and an equally nice keyboard heavy sound. This one should put to rest any notion that their music is soulless or heartless or robot-esque or whatever.

Ahh, the remixes. Cosmo Vitelli speeds things up and gets the drums kicking, turning this into less of a 3 AMslow jam and more of a 1 AM go crazy jawn. The real winner though is the Demon remix, which sucks out all of the love and turns this into a raging, dark killer. The bass gets turned up and you really don't know what else hit you in the 6 minutes. Even the vocals sound different, like they're coming from a scared man choking out the words. Probably not for everyone, but I say "More please."

-For those in Philly, you have a choice of two guaranteed amazing events: Ladies Night at the Popoff Shack or Making Time at Transit with . Since I wrote up the whole Ladies Night jawn in the Philly Weekly, I'm gonna have to stick with the recommendation. You get Oxy Cottontail from NYC, Philly rapper Amanda Blank and Spank Rose of Sweatheart spinning all night. Amanda promised freestyle, bass and The Smiths. For real, this was what the ladies wanted to play, clearly hoping to appeal to the Pound for Pound demographic. Making Time has The Long Blondes from the UK, who will probably be blowing in 6 months. Can't go wrong tonight, people.

-One more request for a recommendation on a good host site. I've heard some complaints about yousendit from people and would like to do away with that whole thing in the next few days. Email or holler at me on myspace. Thanks.

-More tomorrow, leave a comment if you prefer Dylan or a Daft Punk mix. The choice is yours.

Friday, July 28, 2006

CSS - Cansei De Ser Sexy

Cansei De Ser Sexy, "Patins"

Cansei De Ser Sexy, "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above"

I've heard from someone that Cansei De Ser Sexy was already being hated on in some sort of immediate backlash. It got too hyped by blogs and promotion, something along those lines. I figured this would be a good time to join the fray by reviewing their self-titled debut CD, a few weeks too late per usual. First off, thanks to MC for the CD, as she copped it at their Warsaw show and I got an early listen. What really made me want to do the post was their great show at the Mummer's Museum last Friday. I didn't know much about them to be honest, other than they were a part of my most anticipated shows of the year and signed to Sub Pop, a label that puts out very little that I anticipate. They definitely got my attention with a long, loud, noisy set that reminded me of a no-wave band transported 20 years and dropped down in the heart of South Philly. Not surprisingly, that appeals to me and clearly appealed to the packed crowd.

The album is a mixed bag, never quite capturing the energy and recklessness of their live act. CSS seem a little too produced and contrived at times, especially lyrically with a sort of curse words as rebellion mentality. They're at their best when they just go crazy, when except that no wave, noisy vibe or when they allow their dance influences come through, sounding like expat Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Radio 4. You must hear the track above, "Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above," the best track on the album and one of the best songs I've heard in a minute.

-Miami Vice opens today in theaters, possibly the only movie that I've thought about seeing before its release. I'm definitely going after this review by A.O. Scott in the Times, which has even more excited to see this one (reference to Stan Brakhage?!?!?). The Philly Inquirer had a nice piece on the TV show and how its style and brilliance had such an impact. DVD boxed sets are so necessary, for sure.

-Your bol keeps on rolling with his writing. Peep my two pieces in this week's Philadelphia Weekly, the first one a preview of Ladies' Night at this week's Popoff Shack in the A-List section. The other is a look at Genghis Tron, Philly's newest residents and grindcore/electro madmen.

Simian Mobile Disco Remixes

The Go! Team, "Ladyflash (Simian Mobile Disco remix)"

The Presets, "Are You The One? (Simian Mobile Disco remix)"

Air, "Cherry Blossom Girl (Simian Mobile Disco remix)"

The Simian Mobile Disco remix of Peaches' "Downtown" has been killing it around Pound for Pound headquarters lately, so it seemed like a good time to take a look at some of their other remixes that have made them a big name in dance circles. I feel like these British boys are ready to become even bigger, given a few more high-profile remix jobs like the one for Air. That one takes the original and gives it some balls (no offense to Air fans, as I am one too). It's got some glitches, bass, takes out the guitar strumming that defines the original. It's a really original take using the basics of the song and turning it into something better.

I don't know much about The Presets, so I can only tell you about this particular remix. It's much more of a raging beast than the Air one, coming at you with a strong, consistent bass. Less drastic tempo changes. They utilize these gorgeous squelches throughout, giving it a bubbly, joyous feel that reminds me of some Paris discotheque.

The Go! Team remix is my favorite of the bunch, taking what is a good sound and making it exponentially better. We've looked at the Go! Team before, and commented on how it all sounds the same after awhile. Their music seems to be designed for dancing (at the very least jumping around), but it always seemed to be missing something. The Simian boys take care of that, putting a thumping bass under the vocals, chop them up and create straight heat. Love the countdown around the 1st minute, makes you wanna go crazy when they start things right back up fast and furious.

-I briefly got into using a wireless mouse last year, then I got robbed at gunpoint and not so much. It looks like Mac is trying to bring me back with this new mouse for Mac users called Mighty Mouse, bringing their typically great design and utility. If I don't spend the money on music, it's mine.

-In other news directly impacting me, the United Kingdom appears to be considering a ban on overweight men walking around with their shirts off. I'm actually all for this ban, as I cover all of the mirrors in my own place to avoid the possibility of seeing myself without clothes. Now, if only governments will take up my idea for a ban on shirts for women with large chests, I will be satisfied. P.S. The quotes are great in the article, such wonderful British understatement.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, "Stars Are Blind"

CSS, "Meeting Paris Hilton"

Mu, "Paris Hilton"

Who better to reflect girl power than everyone's favorite socialite and reality TV co-star, Paris Hilton? Don't answer that, actually. Don't front either, as you know she's your favorite heiress and you totally follow every gossip item that comes up about her. I'm really not sure what to make of her on a bigger level, as she represents the pinnacle of pop culture and has that "Fuck what people think of me" attitude that I love. On the other hand, she is the perfect example of how obsessed our society has become with celebrity. Even celebrity that has done nothing more than be born rich and attend lots of parties and make a sex tape.

Perhaps as an answer to the people who think she has no talent, she has decided to release an album. This is the lead single, "Stars Are Blind," which sees our girl singing over a reggae-flavored beat. It's already been panned to death, so I'm not here to skin the carcass. I don't think it's awful to be honest, as I like Paris' voice (or at least the voice that they altered it to), it's got a nice, lazy feel, could work as an end of the night, cool down joint. The single has 5 or so remixes, so I get the sense that the label thinks this has club potential too.

It's not great, though, not bad either, which kinda gets to the heart of the trouble with Paris. She really just seems average at everything. She's fine in The Simple Life, but Nicole Richie steals the show every episode with her humor and attitude. There's a blandness that I can't get past, and it's hard to believe that people are so obsessed with her.

The other two tracks are decidedly not bland, taking Paris Hilton as inspiration for some electronic and punk madness. Mu is a collaboration between Maurice Fulton and Mutsumi Kanamori, who've recorded for Trevor Jackson's Output Recordings. Mu's "Paris Hilton" is a crazy house song, with Kanamori bringing her broken English to a "Shake your body-body" rap. Fulton puts it all over a classic house sound fleshed out with congos, a fun song for real. I'm gonna assume that this is a tribute, just like CSS' "Meeting Paris Hilton" must be. I will have more to say about CSS in the next day or so, but for now give this a listen. It's a very different take on Hilton, and not the punk blowout you expect. In fact, it's great a filthy, slinky song that is a must-hear.

-New York, do you want hear really great music tonight? Then, head to Hiro Ballroom to hear DFA label head and LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy spin. He'll be joined by LCD partner Pat Mahoney and the Cheeky Bastard resident DJs. I've heard Murphy spin one other time in the basement of and it was phenomenal. He focuses much more on the roots of his sound, as opposed to spinning the disco-punk stuff he is associated with. Highly recommended, advance tickets here.

-I also hope that people can take a look at the comments section for my post on Christina Aguilera, as there's been two intelligent, eloquent responses to my criticism of Aguilera and her new look (and one on the Olympics in Philly). I will drop my reply soon and would love to get an even bigger discussion going, as it touches on a lot of important issues.

Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country

Camera Obscura, "Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken"

Camera Obscura, "Come Back Margaret"

Where my indie kids at? Did ya think I forgot ya? I really haven't been listening to much, as it's kinda tiring keeping up with all of the new releases and ridiculously hyped band. Plus, it's unbearable reading the majority of Pitchfork's reviews, so I tend to just avoid this music for as long as possible.

Camera Obscura are a Scottish band that have been around for a few years, finally getting lots of buzz and attention for their latest, Let's Get Out of This Country. The best comparison might be to their countrymates, Belle and Sebastian, who also deal in pop music with a twist and melancholy lyrics. While this might give you a vague sense of what to expect, it's not the whole story. Camera Obscura seem to delve further into country music, along with a clear love for the orchestral sound of the girl-group sounds of the 60s. There's something a little darker about Camera Obscura lyrically, too, although I can't say I am an authority on B+S's music, so don't hold me to that.

This new album seems to be getting some buzz and attention, but it seems hard for me to believe that such a sad, consistent album would really blow up. My guess is that they will continue to enjoy a loyal fanbase that will grow with each amazing album, which isn't a bad thing.

It's a wonderful album, heartbreaking at times, dealing with love and love lost in a way that isn't the best for someone coming off of a breakup. The first song on the album and one of the best is "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken," which is such a beautiful, tragic line. The song is a jangly affair, featuring lead singer's Tracyann Campbell's unique, not-quite perfect voice leading the way for my ears. " The title lays out the ideas behind their songs, that vulnerability that one needs to have to fall in love and which dooms you to such sadness when it ends. "Come Back Margaret" picks up when the pieces have fallen, giving us the album's best track. It's a beautiful, yearning song, Campbell's sweetly singing "No, you never stay" over and over at the end to wonderful effect.

This album didn't hit me hard at first, but has slowly seeped into my listening over the weeks. It seems underwhelming, sounds too similar throughout, etc. However, soon I found myself seeking out specific songs, then the whole album and now I am writing about it. It may not be in the Top 10 at the end of the year, but it is well worth a purchase. Go here to buy it, as it is recommended. More indie to come in the near future, so keep those white belts and crossed arms at the ready.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man

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Christina Aguilera, "Ain't No Other Man"

I figured that we would take a little break from Peaches, while still continuing our grrl power week. Christina Aguilera has always been an odd person to me, clearly talented but never able to put out singles that catch my ear the way that Brittany has ("Toxic". It's even stranger when you consider how much closer she is to the hip hop world, evidenced by Busta and others.

Anyway, this song seems to be a part of her new strategy to be a more wholesome, classic look (note the Marilyn Monroe look in the picture). I assume that this is all an attempt to erase the memory of the woman in that "Dirty" video from a few years ago. You remember, ass chaps, booty panties, stripping down to her bra, piercings, girl fight. I'm disappointed by this development, as it seems like another example of a double standard that women can't be sexy and risque without being called a slut or worse. I'm mean, why is wrong for her to dress skimpily and act like a sexual being? I know the argument against this look: that is intended for the male eye, which is oppressive and exploitative. She doesn't have the ability to make it on her talent alone, a woman always has to use her sexuality. Great arguments, but for some reason I don't agree with them. Can anyone persuade me?

To further my point, look at the lyrics to this song. It's all about a man, about how she is in love with a new man and he has made her so happy. I mean, this seems like a far more damaging and antiquated mindset than showing cleavage or a little bit of heiny.

The song itself is a good one, love the horns. The drums are sparse and sound great. Who is behind the sound? None other than one of the greatest producers of all-time, DJ Premier!!! He's done a great job here, allowing her to sing to her fullest without sacrificing anything instrumentally. It sounds like everything else Primo touches, both classic and timeless at the same time.

-Speaking of new looks, Penguin Classics have introduced a new line called Graphic Classics. Basically, it involves taking some of their more famous works and allowing the best graphic artists in the world a chance to do a new cover. Each edition also has the rough pages, a flap on the inside cover redesigned the covers of some of their most famous books. This is a phenomenal idea that looks great, long overdue in my opinion. I'm especially feeling Paul Auster's City of Glass, cover by Art Spiegelman (!!!!!) and essay by Luc Sante (!!!!!). A dream team, to say the least, three of my all-time favorites, one of my all-time favorite books.

-Philly's bid for the 2006 Olympics is over before it got started. Houston and Philly were eliminated from the bidding, which is disappointing. I hope that people will continue to consider what improvements are necessary to put us on par with the world cities that host this event. Mass transit, anyone? Big thinking is only a good thing for the city and its future, I do hope that this setback doesn't do away with that.

Daft Punk - Harder Faster Better Stronger

Daft Punk, "Harder Faster Better Stronger (Neptunes remix)"

Daft Punk, "Harder Faster Better Stronger (DJ Sneak remix)"

Daft Punk, "Harder Faster Better Stronger (Jess and Crabbe remix)"

Some more Daft Punk remix heat, this time from one of the big singles off of Discovery, "Harder Faster Better Stronger." I've always thought this to be one of their best tracks, although it's not really a club banger. It's got a killer sound, vocoder madness for the kids. But, it also has an intelligence to it in the simple lyrics, intelligence with losing sight of the dancefloor. It's a great rebuke to those rockists and IDMers who think dance music is only for meatheads and idiots. It's a wonderful attack on the computerized, high pressure, commodified culture we have created, with the nice irony that this critique is coming from a band accused of making robot music.

The remixes don't equal the original, but that doesn't mean they're bad. Far from it, in fact. The DJ Sneak remix takes this one to the club, limiting the vocals and setting it to a 4/4 house beat. Since I'm into the words, it's hard to have this as a favorite, but it seems perfect for DJs who want to spin this into a set. DJ Sneak, a.k.a. Carlos Sosa, was a big influence of the French duo and has come out and developed the Chicago house scene. His music first came out on Cajmere's label in the mid-90s, which connects this whole circle here at Pound for Pound, doesn't it?

The other remix comes Jess and Crabbe, and they fiucking kill it. This one keeps the vocals, but speeds them up with the music. In fact, the more listens I give, the more I like this one. It takes you to a few spots in the course of 6 minutes, ending up on a bass heavy, sinister sound at the end. Amazing stuff, you must hear this.

The weakest of the bunch is the Neptunes remix, which basically takes the vocals and places them on top of one of their slow jam template. Slow tempo, female voices providing "ahh" background sound, Pharrell's terrible loverboy rap and keyboards galore. Think "Frontin'." It might be a nice intro for hip hop fans to Daft Punk, or a nice way to mix some into a hip hop set. That's right, your bol is starting to think like a DJ. More to come on this, you best believe dat.

Make sure to grab Discovery, one of their two masterpieces, in my and many other people's opinion. You can also pick up a copy of the "Harder Faster Stronger Better "12" at Tunrntable Lab.

-"Big" news: Lance Bass is gay. The world says: Yeah, that sounds about right.

-For the record, Bernard Hopkins walked in again when I was writing for the blog. Another big day is in the works at Pound for Pound, that omen has never failed us.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Peaches and Pan Sonic Live at Sonar

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Peaches and Pan Sonic, Live at Sonar June 14, 2002 (unlimited downloads)

Here is the first surprise, an awesome one-off collaboration between Peaches and experimental electronic unit Pan Sonic. I will have a review up tomorrow of the show Sunday night, Peaches at the TLA in Philly. This seemed like a nice appetizer for that, a crazy, avant-garde appetizer.

I don't have a lot of details about this show or why it came about. It was a part of the infamous SONAR Festival in Barcelona on Friday June 14, 2002, what I believe to be a one-time only collaboration. For those that don't know, Pan Sonic are a pivotal figures in the more experimental side of electronic music. Originally named Panasonic, which they changed after being sued by the company, the Finnish duo, Mika Vanio and Ilpo Vaisanen, has always explored the noiser terrain that one associates with Einsturzende Neubaten and Throbbing Gristle. This ain't gonna be bringing down the house at Emerald City or Crobar, if you catch my drift.

On this particular set, Pan Sonic (not sure how involved Peaches is with the instrumental stuff) blasts lots of noise, cracks and pops, drawing on the clicks and cuts movement of Germany and Austria (Mille Plateaux people) and the noise/silent music of Japan (Merzbow, Otomo Yoshide, etc.). It's quite powerful at times, not for the melody-obsessed amongst us. Peaches delivers raps at a few intervals, when the music has calmed down, a sort of intermission until things go in another direction.

It's really interesting stuff, a document of three creative artists doing their thing. It should put Peaches in a whole new light, as she is often unfairly attacked as a novelty or joke. She plays here with the most serious of the serious at a highly respected festival and holds her own. I'd love to hear what people think of this, curious if this sort of experimental electronica has much of an audience. You can get more Pan Sonic at Insound, lots of good choices. I may take a look at their music again if people want me to.

Daft Punk - Human After All Remixes

Daft Punk, "Robot Rock (Soulwax remix)"

Daft Punk, "Robot Rock (Daft Punk Maximum Overdrive remix)"

Daft Punk, "The Brainwasher (Erol Alkan's Horrorhouse dub)"

Daft Punk, "The Prime Time of Your Life (Para One remix)"

Here's a few more remixes from the last album, again the best of the best interpreting Daft Punk's music. It's fitting when you think about it, as all of these artists, from Justice to Erol Alkan to Peaches, owe some debt to Daft Punk, who've really made this whole new electro/disco scene viable. What makes it even cooler, as the boys are still doing their thing and teaching the kids a few new tricks. This ain't like the whole no wave/disco-not-disco influence, where bands like DNA and artists like Arthur Russell that are no longer around influence a new generation.

Saying all of this, it makes sense to look at the Daft Punk remix of their own song, "Robot Rock." It's called the Maximum Overdrive remix, and they ain't lyin'. This one is 100 mph from start to finish, not normally my type of thing, but it works the more listens you give it. Love hearing the drums underneath keeping, hi-hat never losing a step. It's an echo-y bass that puts the song in overdrive, a far cry from the trippy, keyboard-led original. It almost has a punk feel at times, the raging drums and wall of noise, which should appeal to those who think this music is soft.

The other remixes come from the creme de la creme of Europe, Pound for Pound favorites Erol Alkan, Soulwax and Para One. Soulwax take that keyboard riff out as well, making it more bare bones. It's one of those songs that you keep waiting for a release, it's all buildup in a sense with the bass and drums. Not bad, but it's a little too repetitive for repeat listening. Erol Alkan stretches out "The Brainwasher," another fast number from DP. He adds what sounds like a flute, slows it down incredibly halfway through, almost dealing in feedback, then slowly builds it back up. I love the drum sound here, they sound smaller and almost muted. This one outshines the original, imo. Finally, Para One, he of Institubes fame, puts together the first remix I have heard from him. His reworking of "The Prime Time of Your Life" picks the pace up and brings the drums to the forefront. Again, I like this one better than the original, but it's close.

-Sound Team/Cold War Kids at the North Star tonight, your bol (me) has already written his recommendation of this show. Feel the blog hype, tell everyone you saw Sound Team and Cold War Kids way back when, get out and support one of the best bars in the city. Metro Distortion has a great review of this same bill at D.C.'s Black Cat, along with mp3s of all three bands playing. You Ain't No Picasso has a look at the show in Cincinnati. has some more tracks from the bands, as does Cable and Tweed. Macktronic has some Cold War Kids songs from their debut EP.

-Just wanted to let everyone know that I am always glad to re-up songs that have expired on yousendit. Just email me politely and I'll take care of it as soon as possible. No problem at all. If you have any recommendations on a good host for our blog, please email me as well, as I hope to have something set-up by August. Repeat, recommendations are requested for a good host site, which will mean that you can enjoy these songs for longer periods and many more people can share in the good tunes. Holler.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Peaches Miscellany Part 2

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Peaches and Mocky in Berlin looking cute and demure

Playgroup, "Fourth Sex Baby"

7 Hurtz with Peaches and Bitch Lap Lap, "Sexy Dancer"

Chicks on Speed feat. Peaches, "We Don't Play Guitars"

Mocky, "Heavy Shit"

The next installment of our look at some of the random songs that Peaches has made an appearance on. This time, we've stuck with her guest vocals on the songs of kindred spirits. Playgroup might have the winner here, a dirty, sex obsessed song that is actually kinda funny at times. It's a synth-y monster, club ready for sure.

Wait, the Mocky joint is sick too. Listen to the eerie piano chords, the heavy, low bass. Phenomenal, not sure if I wanna get crazy or hide in my closet listening to this one. It's got that this great vocal ending too, as Mocky and Peaches repeat the refrain over and over, a cool buildup for a song that you wouldn't expect to tap your foot to. Chicks On Speed's "We Don't Play Guitars" seems cool on paper, but never takes off in practice. It's got a fun concept, wish that Peaches' role was bigger as her verse is my favorite.

"Sexy Dancer" might be the most interesting thing here, a Prince cover on the If I Was Prince tribute compilation. I really would love an entire album of Prince covers with Peaches, as he seems like a major influence on her works. The cheap keyboards, machine sounds, the sexuality, the explicit lyrics, all of its there. This version stars 7 Hurtz, a duo featuring Lascalles Gordon and Ben Cowan, who've recorded for Output. I'm gonna try to come up with some more of their stuff, as this has me intrigued.

-I shit you not, this is one of the lead stories on Yahoo news tonight. It's an article about Rep. Robert Wexler's interview with Stephen Colbert, where Wexler went along with a cocaine quote that he was asked. It was pretty hilarious stuff, which you can watch for yourself. But, seriously, journalists, this is not news, you can't see that this is exactly the sort of response that makes the joke funnier and sadder, and dude was right. We all enjoy cocaine and prostitutes because they're the fun thing to do.

-More cool Pound for Pound news: Brooklyn Vegan, the super popular indie blog, has linked to this site as a part of his Sirius radio show playlist. Vegan played the Peaches remix of Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Cheated Hearts" I uploaded, one of many great selections. Love the Love Is All, Justice vs. Simian, MSTRKRFT remix of "Mother," Os Mutantes, very nice. Not sure if you can listen to this show online, but for those with Sirius satellite radio, tune in to the Left Of Center station tomorrow night at 10 pm.

Daft Punk - "Human After All" Remixes

Daft Punk, "Human After All"

Daft Punk, "Human After All (Alter Ego remix)"

Daft Punk, "Human After All (Guy Man After All Justice remix)"

Daft Punk, "Human After All (Sebastian remix)"

Onward with Daft Punk Week, this time with a look at the remixes from their last album, Human After All. Today we're gonna concentrate on the title track and its reworking, tomorrow we're delve into some other joints from the import-only Human After All Remixes album.

"Human After All" was the third single from the album, an underrated song on an underrated album (shockingly, Pitchfork led the way on this perception as always). It sets the tone for the theme of the album, an ironic look at their machine music and its criticisms. This is vocodered to within an inch of its life and I like it. The drums are a little more rock-y than I like, but the bass carries the song.

The remixes all take very disparate routes. Justice actually trims some time off the original, an uncommon remixing feat. They don't make the song any more dancefloor friendly, fuzzing the bass and making the song very choppy and inconsistent. It's good, but the other two outdo it. Sebastian takes out the vocodered bass, which I don't get behind. He tones the drums down a bit, adds some great feedback towards the end, nothing too crazy.

All of this is overwhelmed by the simply massive remix Alter Ego does. That name hasn't been mentioned around these parts, a tragic mistake. We will rectify that in the near future, but for now, download this song and listen to it 1000 times this week. This is a bass train running at full steam, you're not sure if it's gonna go off the tracks or what, but who cares? It is exhilarating, one of the best remixes I've heard in a minute. Huge buildups with a driving bass and synth sounds, hell I even duck calls towards the end. I can't stop listening to this one, you need this in your life.

-Browsing through Tower yesterday, I saw that the three classic Depeche Mode albums - Violator, Speak and Spell and Music For the Masses- have been remastered with lots of extras and a DVD. I'll try to cop those soon, go here to do the same and enjoy some of the greatest albums in the history of music.

-I wanted to hype myself a little more, if you don't mind (if you do, keep it shut). Check out my preview for the Diplo/CSS/Bonde show this past Friday, which is the headline banner on the Philadelphia Weekly site. Yeah. Also, check out my preview for the Sound Team show at the North Star. Yeah yeah. Finally, as I write, Pound for Pound is the 8th most popular blog on Hype Machine with 4 of the top 50 songs. Yeah yeah yeah. Let's keep this rolling people, take a second to click on a Hype Machine link, let's take this to Number One.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Peaches Miscellany Part 1

Gonzales feat. Peaches, "The Joy of Thinking"

Louie Austen feat. Peaches, "Grab My Shaft"

Bloc Party, "Helicoptor (Weird Science remix (feat. Peaches)"

Iggy Pop feat. Peaches, "Motor Inn"

We're gonna wrap up our look at Peaches over the next few days, so I figured that I would throw up some random stuff on a random Sunday. Most of these are guest appearances, although the last one is a Peaches remix that I had never heard of until I looked at her complete discography. Some great stuff here, with varying degrees of Peaches involvement.

The Bloc Party remix is spectacular, but what Bloc Party remixes haven't been? The Weird Science remix makes the original more club friendly with an insistent. Peaches adds a nice verse towards the end, an inspired decision imo. The Gonzales song only features our girl on the chorus, but it's something. Plus, Gonzales seems like a kindred spirit. I only have this one album, but there is the same minimal electro sounds, humorous, explicit lyrics, both involved with the label Kitty-Yo. Louie Austen's "Grab My Shaft" is my favorite of the lot, a long electro workout, an actual as Austen and Peaches trade lines at various points.

-Did anyone catch Miami Vice last night? They showed the entire pilot episode, in advance of the movie release. Thanks to NBC for adding an extra hour of commercials and pointless chatter from Jamie Fox and the white guy. In spite of that, this shit was phenomenal. I was too young for this the first time, but I am serious about it. I'm thinking of copping the DVD seasons, once I get all The Wire ones. What does this mean for Pound for Pound? Possibly some annoying intellectual talk about the show down the road, including referencing a great essay that sees the show as film noir on the small screen. More importantly, it means that it's time to get into Miami bass again, I'm fiendin' to drop some. I'm thinking that we'll get to it next week, after Daft Punk and our grrl power shit. Other blogs, game over. Give up.

-I'll be at the Peaches show tonight at the TLA, stop by and say hello to the guy in hipster glasses (who is not a hipster!) and shirt that says Nobody Moves Nobody Gets Hurt. I will probably be the one towards the back, cowering at the sight of an intimidating, strong woman, engaged in deep thoughts about sexuality and gender. Or maybe I'll show my tits.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Peaches Remixes

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, " Cheated Hearts (Peaches remix)"

Le Tigre, "TKO (Peaches Knockout mix)"

Basement Jaxx, "Get Me Off (Peaches remix)"

Basement Jaxx, "Get Me Off (Mr. Aurel's Extended "Peaches remix")"

I wanted to take a look at an underrated aspect of Peaches music, that is her remixes for other artists. It shouldn't be surprising, since she puts together her own music and I clearly love that electro booty sound to death. I already upped her most famous remix, the Daft Punk "Technologic" one, but these three are just as good. The most noticeable thing about her reworks is that she really does make them her own songs, putting her vocals on top of the the song. I'm not sure that I can think of anyone else who does this, and I know that it bothers a lot of people. It's probably another case of you either love her or you hate her, not sure.

"Get Me Off" is my favorite of the bunch, a dirty electro banger that should be a dancefloor staple. Minimal bass, maximal effect. Peaches turns Le Tigre's "TKO" into a electro rock song, using the same bass with guitar chords that deliver the knockout. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs one might appeal to the most people, as there are no added vocals. This is a more traditional remix, taking the best track (sorry "Gold Lion") from the YYYs last album. It's a clearly reserved look for our girl, as she puts in a fuzzy bass, extended mix of the original.

-What can I say about last night? Epic, drunken, sweaty times, all that I could have hoped for. The Diplo/Bonde/CSS show at the Mummer's Museum was the highlight for me, surprisingly. The place was fun, Mummers costumes on the way in, strange pennants on the wall, a sorta VFW feel to the concert space downstairs. It was a lot more open, you could hang back and talk with friends, or dance with strangers. The open bar was a real deal thing, alcohol all night, didn't seem to run out of much. Bonde was better than I had heard, a work in progress. CSS were phenomenal, totally reminded me of some sort of reincarnation of The Slits. Screaming, madness on stage, punk music, not to be missed. And of course, Diplo absolutely killed it. It's been awhile since I've caught him DJing, forget the way that he can take an entire crowd with him for an hour or so. I'll just say that he had me at Dem Franchize Boyz' "Gettin' Some Head."

-Philly, the weekend ain't over. Steven Bloodbath is spinning tonight at Starlight Ballroom for Stay Local website launch party. This'll be a new monthly called Monster, free Sparks, free Bloodbath mixtapes, 18+ (!!!). I'll have more to say about Stay Local in the future, but in the meantime, check out the newest addition to the scene.

-NYC, Peaches tonight at Roseland Ballroom. Do it.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Daft Punk Mashups

Daft Punk vs New Order, "Blue Monday Alice"

Daft Punk vs. Michael Jackson, "Around the World"

Daft Punk vs Green Velvet, "Daft Land"

I'm not a big fan of mashups, never quite understood the whole phenomenon outside of the club. Maybe now it will be a little easier to listen to them, as their status as a fad has disappeared and every Tom, Dick and Harry isn't putting something out. It's not surprising that Daft Punk would feature in lots of mashups, since they write some of the best instrumental music. There's nothing spectacular here, nothing truly awful either. It's always good to hear "P.Y.T." and "Blue Monday," no matter what. The Daft Punk vs. Green Velvet is the best of the lot, you don't feel like it's all about the novelty and catchy song titles and in-jokel. It's just a decent track, pure and simple.

I have a few more Daft Punk mashups, which I'd be happy to put up over the weekend if people so desire. Leave some comments, otherwise we will resume on Monday with Daft Punk Week. Things will get real serious then, be prepared.

-Hollertronix Reunion at Transit! Diplo at the Mummer's Museum with Bonde do Role and CSS! I am breathless with anticipation, this is the night of the year. Last post of the day, I'm too amped to write, we'll back all weekend with more Peaches, Daft Punk and possibly some music from the reunion.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Peaches - Impeach My Bush

Peaches, "Boys Wanna Be Her"

Peaches, "Two Guys (For Every Girl)"

This is my look at Peaches' new album, Impeach My Bush. It shouldn't surprise anyone that this is one of the best albums I have heard in a minute, a definite Top 10 right now. Hell, I'd be surprised if this one wasn't still on the list when the year ends. I'm assuming that most people have heard Peaches' music and have a certain idea of what she's all about. She's definitely not the type of performer that has a lot of fence-sitters, people have strong opinions about her both good and bad. You know where I stand, so this isn't going to be the most reliable review.

I will say that Peaches continues to tweak her sound with each new album. Last time out on Fatherfucker, she went more indie, rocker chick, especially in comparison to the electro masterpiece that was her debut, The Teaches of Peaches. On this new one, she seems to have found a middle ground, balancing the electro and rock elements nicely. There aren't really any killer singles on this one, besides "Downtown," but the album as a whole is excellent. It really flows well and you end up listening to the whole thing each time.

I chose the songs above as a quick intro to Peaches for those who haven't heard her. For those who have, I assume you have either copped the CD or have no plans to ever do so. "Boys Wanna Be Her" is scheduled as the second single off the album, a straight rock song with sick guitar chords throughout. "Two Guys (For Her Girl)" is the raunchiest song of the set, a desire to watch two guys have sex for her. A buzzing bassline does it for me, more reminiscent of her earlier stuff. Love the appropriation of the Jan and Brian song, "Two Girls For Every Boy." She takes a classic song about a male fantasy and completely flips it on its head.

-Before I forget, Peaches began her national tour this week, starting in Denver, Colorado. She will be hitting NYC on Saturday night (Roseland) and the Illadelph on Sunday (TLA). Eagles of Death Metal are opening the NYC show, a sick bill if I do say so. I'm gonna do my best to hit both shows, but I can't make any promises. Holler at me and demand my presence.

-FiftyOne:FiftyOne has a crazy amount of music up today, from Diplo, CSS and Bonde do Role goodies to a handful of mixtapes from DJ Ayres and others. Head over there and get your summer listening take care of, as this should last you through August.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Daft Punk - Technologic

Daft Punk, "Technologic"

Daft Punk, "Technologic (Vitalic remix)"

Daft Punk, "Technologic (Peaches No Logic remix)"

Daft Punk, "Technologic (Basement Jaxx Kontrol mixx)"

As I mentioned, I wanted to look at the main influence, the godfather on this whole French new electro/disco scene, Daft Punk. Daft Punk should be pretty familiar to everyone, although I'm not sure how well known they are beyond their bigger club songs like "Around the World" and "One More Time." While those are great songs no doubt, they tend to obscure how amazing Daft Punk's music is. These guys aren't just responsible for a few hits, but rather amazing albums in a non-album genre.

"Technologic" is just one of those great songs, which came out on 2005's Human After All. This album did not get good reviews, although this song was considered the highlight by most. For the record, I don't think the album is that bad, and totally foresee a day 10 years from now when there is whole slew of DJs and producers who worship this album. The original doesn't seem like it should work, but it does. The French duo take a helium-ed voice and have it repeat a series of techological acts over and over. It actually becomes hypnotic, as the words start to lose meaning over the course of nearly 5 minutes. It's the bass that makes this a winner, a huge, vocodered sound that is phenomenal.

The Peaches remix is my personal favorite, as she substitutes her voice for the computer one and gives the song a rock feel (a nice preview of her new album's sound). It's amazing, we'll take a look at her other remix work this week. The Basement Jaxx one is bananas, as the British duo go crazy. I don't even know how to describe all the things going on, so just listen. The Vitalic mix isn't bad, it's just sort of blah compared to the other two. Grab the 12" from Turntable Lab, as this should get played out way more. Buy the album and see if you think it's misunderstood or a mistake.

-Happy Birthday Driz Horse! One of the best parties in Philly turns one tonight, as Julie and AJW's weekly celebrates in style at the Khyber. Dave P of Making Time will be guest spinning, $2 PBRs all night long, Julie and AJW will drop their usual melange of indie, riot grrl, rap, whatever else strikes their fancy and best of all, it'll be air conditioned. For real, this is a great accomplishment for the people involved, look forward to many more months of goodness.

-Just when you thought our President couldn't be more embarrassing, he goes and tops himself the very next day. Check out the video at Crooks and Liars of his attempt at a back rub to German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G8 Summit. For an even better look at what happened, Taylor Marsh has a shot by shot breakdown. I was going to say more on this, but I feel like Lindsay at Majikthise hits the nail on the head. For those who think that this isn't a big deal, can you imagine Bush doing this to Tony Blair or a male leader? She's a world leader at a major summit for chrissakes! You aren't at a Kappa Sig mixer. Thank you again red states.

Peaches - Downtown

Peaches, "Downtown"

Peaches, "Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco remix)"

I've been wanting to get to this single for a while now, finally found the perfect time. This is the lead single from Peaches new album, Impeach My Bush, out now on XL Recordings. I've always been a huge fan of Peaches and her music, which is one of the best examples of the sleazy, electro sound that has been coming back in recent years. I'll have a lot more to say about Peaches, as there's so much to say both about the music and the character "Peaches" that she has created.

"Downtown" is an interesting choice as a lead single in all honesty. This is not as lo-fi, as explicit or as electro as you have to come to expect from her music. It's really just a great song, great catchy, sung refrain. Obviously, the downtown concept has various interpretations, I'm sure some of you with filthy minds can come up with an X-rated one. I have total confidence that my wonderful readers immediately made this association. I personally see it as a paen to urban life, a tribute to Jane Jacobs, a manifesto for the generation of city kids who have fought to have people coming back to our downtowns. What you will notice is a softer sound backing her up, a more synth-y, even her rapped vocals seem a little more chill and inviting.

The remix is bonkers, a Simian Mobile Disco production that stretches the original track out to dancefloor length. They take Peaches and put her in the disco where she belongs, putting a prominent 4/4 beat behind her chopped up vocals. There's no rap, just refrain, really just one more instrument in the mix. The main instrument is the synth that runs the show (it is a synth, right?), it's amazing how these guys can create something totally new while still remaining true to the original. Trust me, you need this in your life.

-While I'm giving props to my girl Peaches, I gotta give myself some as well. Check out my preview for the previous Sunday Is The New Black, which was the top event for last week in the Philadelphia Weekly's A&E section. My bol Naeem was spinning, so I was really excited to spotlight a friend and take my writing to a next level. Also, peep my preview for the Sound Team show at the North Star. Editors, get at me now, this is real serious.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Digitalism - Idealistic

Digitalism, "Idealistic (original mix)"

Digitalism, "Idealistic (Voyage remix)"

Digitalism, "Idealistic (Rampage mix)"

Here's another Kitsune classic, Digitalism's "Idealistic." This one came out last year and helped put the label on the map for good. Oooh weee, I hate to say that this is another classic, as I don't want to get tagged as some exaagerator. Give it a listen and I think you'll agree with me, though, it's another essential new electro joint. It's got all the makings of the stuff coming out on Kitsune, sick farting bass, synths to satisfy the biggest 80s music fan, driving beat. They're some cool vocals too, a clipped phrase that would sound fine on a Bloc Party, Editors and bands of that ilk. The best stuff is the drums on the song, as the German duo sound like they went with live recorded drums as opposed to a drum machine. It gives it a more funky feel, less of that cold, clipped sound favored by electronic musicians (and me).

The remixes are just as good, extending the original and subtly adding or subtracting. The Rampage remix is sick, goes to a few different places over the course of 6+ minutes. It's a little heavier, the bass is harder and the breakdowns seem shorter and less integral. The Voyage remix messes more with the original, chopping up the drums and vocals, adding lots of snare. A slow burner, I would say.

-I'm sure everyone has seen this Bush off-camera video, but if not, go and check out our President shooting the shit with Tony Blair. It's kinda funny how the main story the news has focused on is the fact that Bush says "shit." Not the fact that he seems to have no idea whether or not his Secretary of State is going to head to the Middle East during one of the greatest crises the region has ever faced. I'm mean, is this a fucking joke? Shouldn't he be telling Condi Rice to get there ASAP? Is there anyone who will lead at this time? Blogenlust shines more light on why this isn't about the word "shit."

-The Contender starts tonight on ESPN. This is a great show, one of those rare reality shows that relies on the creativity of the people and the drama inherent in the competition. It's not quite on the level of Project Runway, the model show, but it's close and I look forward to seeing what happens this season.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Lady Sovereign Live on 1xtra

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Lady Sovereign, Live on 1xtra December 6, 2004

I just came across this Lady Sovereign live session on BBC's 1xtra, wanted to share it. It's about 25 minutes, a great chance to hear her in her natural element on radio, freestyling and talking over tracks. It should sound familiar to anyone who has ever listened to a garage/grime pirate radio show, although this one is on the BBC and is completely legal. My personal favorite thing is the shout outs to people who texted in. Not sure why, probably because I only use text messaging and dream of a day when phone calls have been abolished. The grime kids seem ahead of the curve on that, substituting texting for the tradional call into the studio.

Not much to add to this set, it really just makes me wish that I could come up with more pirate shows and grime tunes. If you have anything or know where I should be looking, holler at your bol. Love the freestyle about looking so young and not be able to get served, funny stuff.

-Grab the Electric 6 tracks that Who Needs Radio? has put up, including a cover of a Peaches song and a Peaches cover of Electric 6's "Gay Bar." I am sad to say that I don't know much about Electric 6, but definitely plan to remedy that. This is also a nice chance to get ready for our next grrl power focus...

-Peaches, Pound for Pound favorite, legend, one of the greatest of all-time. We'll look at her new album, some her remixes, her older shit and a surprise or two. Be excited.

Hot In Herre

Nelly, "Hot In Herre"

Tiga, "Hot In Herre"

Holy shit is it hot out! Delancey Street feels like the first level of hell, in all honesty, blaring sunlight, the heat killing you after 5 feet, the steady procession of people getting in the way. I do not do well in the heat, I am too fat and sweaty for this environment. Yet, I love this time of year, when it's disgusting and hot and the asphalt turns to goo. There's something so city kid childhood about this, those independent days running around the urban jungle, riding a bike, playing ball in the streets, drinking those juicy boxes, water ice. Anyway, about the only thing getting me through this is the thought that this weather will make Laetitia Casta take off her clothes. She's the greatest supermodel of all-time and a nice French girl to boot, centerpiece of the future Pound for Pound calendar. Holler.

Summer is also the time for nasty, sweaty music and these two songs are a good start. Everyone remembers this ubiquitous Nelly song from a few years back. It's a great one, especially after a few years of not hearing it. I mean, is there any better message than "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes" for the club as things start to get rolling and the temperature starts to rise.

However, the real treat is the Tiga remake of the song, an electro-house burner that should be a staple of DJ sets this week. Tiga takes the rap on and does a great job, I like his higher octave voice, gives it a softer feel. I'm especially glad that he doesn't seem to have any irony or arrogance at the original, this is not some house guy making fun of the materialistic, neanderthal hip hop. No, he simply tones down the bass, gives it a 4/4 beat and uses the organ more. Great stuff, a better dancefloor than the original, methinks.

-Great show in New York City tonight, as Philly's own Mazarin play the Knitting Factory. They are in the studio now and will be for the foreseeable future, so this might one of the last chances to see the band live until they are done with the new album.

-Daft Punk Week will begin tonight or tomorrow, grrl power shit keeps going with a special Lady Sovereign set and I'm gonna try to start to return to our forte, booty music. This heat has me fiendin' to hear some Miami bass and ghetto tech and electro. Mmmm, bass. Wish me luck, hope everyone is enjoying the music.

Bob Dylan Sunday - Paris 2002

Bob Dylan, Paris First 2002 Disc 1 (unlimited downloads)

Bob Dylan, Paris First 2002 Disc 2 (unlimited downloads)

Okay, it's not literally a Dylan Sunday (blame sendspace), but this music is worth the wait. What better way to continue our look at Paris and its music scene than by incorporating Bob Dylan into the mix. The above 2 CD set, Paris First 2002, captures Dylan live in Paris, April 29, 2002. This is an audience recording, but mang, does it sound great! I've always preferred hearing soundboard recordings, I thought that the sound quality trumped any desire to feel a part of the experience. After hearing this, I'm not certain that was the correct decision. Great sounding, love hearing the crowd react to particular lines in songs, so cool hearing a woman say a quick French phrase between songs.

I've been meaning to give everyone a chance to hear what Dylan sounds like live today, and to be honest, force myself to give it a chance. I'm not sure why I've been so hesitant to listen to the man's recent live material. I think it mainly stems from an awful concert experience seeing the man play at the Electric Factory in Philly. The place is the worst for seeing a show, lots of drunk middle-aged douchebags, the acoustics are the equivalent of an airplane hangar. Plus, Bob seemed to go through the motions at times, although in retrospect, I think that I wanted Bob to be Bob Dylan, I wanted him to be the star, to acknowledge the love the audience had for him. Kinda ironic, really, as I've come to love the man because he doesn't give the audience what it wants, he doesn't seek the spotlight.

What do get hear? Well, you get to hear an amazing concerts filled with some of Dylan's greatest songs ("It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" anyone?). You get to hear an amazing band at work, who play with skill and power, the sound of a touring band who knows how they want to sound. You get Dylan's older, more fragile voice. You hear a man re-inventing his sound once again, changing the cadences and feel of songs. I went in with a closed mind on these two discs, and from the first notes of "She Belongs To Me," (the second song of the show) I knew that I was wrong. This sounds so good, so alive. Dylan is not putting on some archival show, some reunion tour so that all of the baby boomers can recall their youth and smoke some weed again. No, this is the real shit, the good stuff.

Download this one, highly recommended. Bob Dylan in Paris, what more could you need?

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lady Sovereign's new song

Lady Sovereign is dropping a new single on the US, "Love Me Or Hate Me." It couldn't be timed more perfectly, since we are focusing on our favorite female musicians doing big things and be filthy or dirty or rude or whatever, in essence, being themselves.

Lady Sov is a perfect example of this new generation of female artists who are killin' it of late. First off, she came out of the hyper-masculine grime scene, a scene that makes hip hop seem kinda open and girly. I'm not gonna get into the debate about how grime she is, as I don't feel like having the authenticity debate now. Suffice it to say, she's making waves in genres, grime and hip hop, that have been boys' clubs. Best of all, she's done it her way, with skills and a degree of realness as opposed to short skirts and cleavage (not that there's anything wrong with that). Secondly, she's got her own style and doesn't appear to be adapting it at all as she comes to America. I love the side ponytail, can't wait for the Williamsburg and South Philly girls to start rocking that soon. That's the template we're dealing with, talented, great music, stylish, confident, real, etc.

This song is perfect to kick off this grrl power theme. The title should give away the message, basically a love me or hate me, I don't give a shit thing. Even better, the whole song is witty and funny and sees Sov being the girl from the block, albeit a British one. The beats are decent, nice arcade sound at times, nothing too special. Sov runs the show, though. This is the dirty version with the f-word, which you can't get at the other sites. Can't wait for the full-length album on Def Jam, which is scheduled to be released October.

-Speaking of women doing big things, check out Dispatches from the Dancefloor,
Kitty Laverne's great blog dedicated to dance music. She covers music that actually plays in clubs, the house and disco tunes that are popular, while also keeping an eye on the classics and remixes that probably have a bigger following among bloggers. Of special note, check out the Jacques Lu Cont stuff (you must download The Faint remix), the look at KLF and Liberty City's "Some Lovin'."

-Where my Dylan fans at? Check back later tonight for the next installment of Bob Dylan Sunday. Not sure how this fits in with the grrl power thing, but whatever.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Message For Bob Novak

Scarface, "I Don't Snitch"

Bob Novak, king of conservative "journalists," remember the old saying:

Snitches get snitches and put in ditches.

Coward. Rat. Pussy. Traitor. Liar. The fact that you are a lying coward who will compromise a CIA agent is what really come out of the Plame affair. You' re still covering up for someone in the White House, although you were happy to sing when your ass was on the line. These are the phrases you'll be remembered by, Bob. You're despicable.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Digitalism "Zdarlight"

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Digitalism, "Zdarlight" (here it is at 320 for the DJs)

Digitalism, "Zdarlight (Edition Moonlight)"

Digitalism, "Zdarlight (Edition Discodrome)"

I think that this was Digitalism's first big hit of their own making, but I could be wrong. I do know that "Zdarlight" is the best thing I've heard from this dude (it is one guy, right?). It just sounds so great, it's got an beautiful melody throughout. I love that farting bass comes in a few minutes in, gives the whole thing a nice bottom. I also love how the beginning and end are just a simple melody calmly bookending the madness.

The two remixes make the song a little more club-friendly. Not surprisingly, the Discodrome Edition takes the original and picks the energy up quite a bit. This gets to a breakneck speed towards the middle. Love the handclaps too, no surprise there. The Moonlight Edition almost outdoes the original, a huge bassline does it for me. It's Friday night and my brain is kinda slow, so just listen and hear for yourself what's goin' down. Grab the 12" of the original version and one of the remixes at Turntable Lab. Or grab a copy of the Kitsune Maison 1 for the CD crowd.

-Great stuff in NYC this weekend. Tonight, you've got White Lightning at Home Sweet Home in the LES. Ghetto tech maven and booty guru Disco D is spinning in the basement, a can't miss event for anyone who reads this blog. Shit, this looks so necessary as a weekly too. I'mma try to be there, look for the white guy in glasses.

-PS1 has an amazing Saturday afternoon series called Warm Up 2006 going the entire summer, and tomorrow's edition is my personal pick for the best of the season. Pound for Pound favorite Kudu are playing a live set, and Todd Terje will be spinning. On second thought, this is in the top 3, The Juan MacLean, Adam X and Jeffrey Sfire (July 29) and Rub 'n' Tug (August 12) might be a few notches ahead. Grab tickets here, take summer to the next level.

-As always, though, Philly is the place to be. Spank Rock is in town the entire weekend; well, Naeem is. FiftyOne:FiftyOne have the whole story, and a pretty good itinerary for your weekend in the greatest city on Earth.

Uffie & Feadz

Feadz, "Me and Uffie"

Uffie, "Ready To Uff"

Uffie, "Pop That Glock (Curtis Vodka remix)"

I'm totally in love with Uffie, for real. I'm totally ready to uff! Wait, what does that mean? Here is the rest of the stuff that I have by her, all of which keeps the buzz going. The real gem is "Ready to Uff," where you get our girl going with the refrain "I'm ready to fuck" over a sleazy, minimalist electro beat. The Feadz beat here is bewildering at times, it makes you feel like you are dizzy or sick, great stuff again.

He's at it again on "Me and Uffie," which came out on Bpitch Control. It's pretty much an instrumental, although there is a few sampled Uffie parts here and there. It's a great example of how talented Feadz is as a Producer. This one goes all sorts of places in 4 minutes, the tempo goes up and down, the bass punishes throughout. It's not necessarily a club track the way Uffie jawns are (at least in head), but it's not a headphones-only tune.

Finally, the last remix I have of "Pop That Glock," this one coming from the studio of Hollerboard legend Curtis Vodka. He throws the kitchen sink here, from Baltimore club beats to 80s music snippets (not just any song, but Banarama's "Cruel Summer" from the greatest movie of all-time Karate Kid, the scene where Daniel Larusso is going to school and playing soccer and Alli is watching as she cheerleads). I like it, although it doesn't rise to the level of the SebastiAn one.

-Stop what you are doing immediately and head to the comments section

-While this focus on women and music is meant to be celebratory, I felt that I should post this amazing piece by Ruth Rosen at TPM Cafe. She looks at the treatment of Iraqi women during the present war by our troops, including recent reports of the rape of a 14 year old girl by American soldiers. It does a great job shining the light on the lives of ordinary women in Iraq, the sort of double suffering they must endure as Iraqis and women. As Rosen writes, "as detainees in prisons run by Americans, they have been sexually abused and raped; as civilians, they have been kidnapped, raped, and then sometimes sold for prostitution; and as women -- and, in particular, as among the more liberated women in the Arab world -- they have increasingly disappeared from public life, many becoming shut-ins in their own homes."

It's a sobering and sickening story, one that has not been told by the media well. I don't know what to add, really. Go read the whole thing, it's not easy but necessary.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Digitalism "Jupiter Room"

Digitalism, "Jupiter Room (Martian Assault edit)"

Here's the new Digitalism track on Kitsune, a definite banger, so necessary for summer DJ sets in my opinion. Digitalism is a German duo that have mainly recorded for Kitsune, although not exclusively. It's quite an amazing time right now in Europe, as there are so many people worthy of the tag Next Big Thing or MVP or whatever. Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, Isolee, Ricardo Villalobos, just to name a few, all of these names put out heat after heat, it's almost overwhelming. These guys are right up, as everything they've touched turns to gold.

On this track, be patient. It starts off slow, then BOOM! I love the rain storm sound in the beginning, as you know the storm is coming, you just gotta wait. It gets a heavy bass line and liquid effects and we're off. It's really the middle of the song where lift-off happens, that breakdown where things get loud and distorted. In the middle of all this, that thumping bass comes in and I can imagine the dancefloor going crazy. More to come on this duo tomorrow.w

-I've been meaning to mention this new mix put together by Mark Ronson and everyone's favorite blogga turnt spinna Nick Catchdubs called Radio Radio. I'll be placing my order shortly, you should do the same. Also, grab a Catchdubs set and one from his DJ partner DJ Ayers for East Village Radio, which should tide you over until the EVR studios are renovated. Finally, if you just can't get enough of him, Nick has a podcast up on The Fader site, which is my favorite of the bunch. It's called Summer Jams, specializing in those songs that are the soundtrack of these months.

-It's kinda sad that one has to get excited about the renewal of the 1964 Voting Rights Act with no changes, but these are the times we live in. The House voted down 4 amendments that would have eased the requirements for Southern states like Mississippi and Alabama.