Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Daft Punk - Human After All Remixes


Daft Punk, "Robot Rock (Soulwax remix)"

Daft Punk, "Robot Rock (Daft Punk Maximum Overdrive remix)"

Daft Punk, "The Brainwasher (Erol Alkan's Horrorhouse dub)"

Daft Punk, "The Prime Time of Your Life (Para One remix)"

Here's a few more remixes from the last album, again the best of the best interpreting Daft Punk's music. It's fitting when you think about it, as all of these artists, from Justice to Erol Alkan to Peaches, owe some debt to Daft Punk, who've really made this whole new electro/disco scene viable. What makes it even cooler, as the boys are still doing their thing and teaching the kids a few new tricks. This ain't like the whole no wave/disco-not-disco influence, where bands like DNA and artists like Arthur Russell that are no longer around influence a new generation.

Saying all of this, it makes sense to look at the Daft Punk remix of their own song, "Robot Rock." It's called the Maximum Overdrive remix, and they ain't lyin'. This one is 100 mph from start to finish, not normally my type of thing, but it works the more listens you give it. Love hearing the drums underneath keeping, hi-hat never losing a step. It's an echo-y bass that puts the song in overdrive, a far cry from the trippy, keyboard-led original. It almost has a punk feel at times, the raging drums and wall of noise, which should appeal to those who think this music is soft.

The other remixes come from the creme de la creme of Europe, Pound for Pound favorites Erol Alkan, Soulwax and Para One. Soulwax take that keyboard riff out as well, making it more bare bones. It's one of those songs that you keep waiting for a release, it's all buildup in a sense with the bass and drums. Not bad, but it's a little too repetitive for repeat listening. Erol Alkan stretches out "The Brainwasher," another fast number from DP. He adds what sounds like a flute, slows it down incredibly halfway through, almost dealing in feedback, then slowly builds it back up. I love the drum sound here, they sound smaller and almost muted. This one outshines the original, imo. Finally, Para One, he of Institubes fame, puts together the first remix I have heard from him. His reworking of "The Prime Time of Your Life" picks the pace up and brings the drums to the forefront. Again, I like this one better than the original, but it's close.

-Sound Team/Cold War Kids at the North Star tonight, your bol (me) has already written his recommendation of this show. Feel the blog hype, tell everyone you saw Sound Team and Cold War Kids way back when, get out and support one of the best bars in the city. Metro Distortion has a great review of this same bill at D.C.'s Black Cat, along with mp3s of all three bands playing. You Ain't No Picasso has a look at the show in Cincinnati. kissatlanta.com has some more tracks from the bands, as does Cable and Tweed. Macktronic has some Cold War Kids songs from their debut EP.

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Ween said...

Thanks for those. It would be good also if you posted the original Robpot Rock to compare these too.