Friday, July 14, 2006

Digitalism "Zdarlight"

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Digitalism, "Zdarlight" (here it is at 320 for the DJs)

Digitalism, "Zdarlight (Edition Moonlight)"

Digitalism, "Zdarlight (Edition Discodrome)"

I think that this was Digitalism's first big hit of their own making, but I could be wrong. I do know that "Zdarlight" is the best thing I've heard from this dude (it is one guy, right?). It just sounds so great, it's got an beautiful melody throughout. I love that farting bass comes in a few minutes in, gives the whole thing a nice bottom. I also love how the beginning and end are just a simple melody calmly bookending the madness.

The two remixes make the song a little more club-friendly. Not surprisingly, the Discodrome Edition takes the original and picks the energy up quite a bit. This gets to a breakneck speed towards the middle. Love the handclaps too, no surprise there. The Moonlight Edition almost outdoes the original, a huge bassline does it for me. It's Friday night and my brain is kinda slow, so just listen and hear for yourself what's goin' down. Grab the 12" of the original version and one of the remixes at Turntable Lab. Or grab a copy of the Kitsune Maison 1 for the CD crowd.

-Great stuff in NYC this weekend. Tonight, you've got White Lightning at Home Sweet Home in the LES. Ghetto tech maven and booty guru Disco D is spinning in the basement, a can't miss event for anyone who reads this blog. Shit, this looks so necessary as a weekly too. I'mma try to be there, look for the white guy in glasses.

-PS1 has an amazing Saturday afternoon series called Warm Up 2006 going the entire summer, and tomorrow's edition is my personal pick for the best of the season. Pound for Pound favorite Kudu are playing a live set, and Todd Terje will be spinning. On second thought, this is in the top 3, The Juan MacLean, Adam X and Jeffrey Sfire (July 29) and Rub 'n' Tug (August 12) might be a few notches ahead. Grab tickets here, take summer to the next level.

-As always, though, Philly is the place to be. Spank Rock is in town the entire weekend; well, Naeem is. FiftyOne:FiftyOne have the whole story, and a pretty good itinerary for your weekend in the greatest city on Earth.


Kitty Laverne said...

This French kick you're on is so much fun. I also think the Juan McClean and Rub N Tug dates are going to be some of the best at Warm Up, along with A Guy Called Gerald (look for the white girl with glasses) but the Body & Soul reunion that kicked off the series set a really high bar. Thank you for event announcements around NYC--please keep it up!

your friend moxie said...

actually, digitalism is 2 guys... can't remember their names at the moment tho. Palermo disko machine (another kitsune artist) is one of the guys on his own.

Nerious said...

, Don't use "Yousendit" because we don't have the time to dowload. And your post is nothing if we don't have the time. :'(

Nitz said...

i love this version of the song! the video is quite weird though... 0_o

Will said...

Can you please reupload Zdarlight (Moonlight Edition) please?