Saturday, July 22, 2006

Peaches Remixes

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, " Cheated Hearts (Peaches remix)"

Le Tigre, "TKO (Peaches Knockout mix)"

Basement Jaxx, "Get Me Off (Peaches remix)"

Basement Jaxx, "Get Me Off (Mr. Aurel's Extended "Peaches remix")"

I wanted to take a look at an underrated aspect of Peaches music, that is her remixes for other artists. It shouldn't be surprising, since she puts together her own music and I clearly love that electro booty sound to death. I already upped her most famous remix, the Daft Punk "Technologic" one, but these three are just as good. The most noticeable thing about her reworks is that she really does make them her own songs, putting her vocals on top of the the song. I'm not sure that I can think of anyone else who does this, and I know that it bothers a lot of people. It's probably another case of you either love her or you hate her, not sure.

"Get Me Off" is my favorite of the bunch, a dirty electro banger that should be a dancefloor staple. Minimal bass, maximal effect. Peaches turns Le Tigre's "TKO" into a electro rock song, using the same bass with guitar chords that deliver the knockout. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs one might appeal to the most people, as there are no added vocals. This is a more traditional remix, taking the best track (sorry "Gold Lion") from the YYYs last album. It's a clearly reserved look for our girl, as she puts in a fuzzy bass, extended mix of the original.

-What can I say about last night? Epic, drunken, sweaty times, all that I could have hoped for. The Diplo/Bonde/CSS show at the Mummer's Museum was the highlight for me, surprisingly. The place was fun, Mummers costumes on the way in, strange pennants on the wall, a sorta VFW feel to the concert space downstairs. It was a lot more open, you could hang back and talk with friends, or dance with strangers. The open bar was a real deal thing, alcohol all night, didn't seem to run out of much. Bonde was better than I had heard, a work in progress. CSS were phenomenal, totally reminded me of some sort of reincarnation of The Slits. Screaming, madness on stage, punk music, not to be missed. And of course, Diplo absolutely killed it. It's been awhile since I've caught him DJing, forget the way that he can take an entire crowd with him for an hour or so. I'll just say that he had me at Dem Franchize Boyz' "Gettin' Some Head."

-Philly, the weekend ain't over. Steven Bloodbath is spinning tonight at Starlight Ballroom for Stay Local website launch party. This'll be a new monthly called Monster, free Sparks, free Bloodbath mixtapes, 18+ (!!!). I'll have more to say about Stay Local in the future, but in the meantime, check out the newest addition to the scene.

-NYC, Peaches tonight at Roseland Ballroom. Do it.


Anonymous said...

hey. so much fun friday night. close to perfection, and exactly what i needed. thanks for the company, for doing your thing, and for bringing me to the ukie all that while ago. -TA

music is art said...

i love that le tigre remix, thanks for sharing :)

Rudy said...

hey man, these remixes are so kewl!! and the fact i've just recently got into peaches just makes all this ace :D :D u heard of the downtown (simian mobile disco) remix!! that is just amazing, u probably have hehe :D btw thankx for the yyy track

Anonymous said...

it was a great night, drunk and sweaty, just like old times.
however, they didn't seem to run out of much? um... if you were drinking beer!
regardless, one of the best nights i've had in a while. thanks. -MR