Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sebastien Tellier- La Ritournelle

Sebastien Tellier, "La Ritournelle (original edit)"

Sebastien Tellier, "La Ritournelle (Jim Noir remix)"

Okay, these songs are old, especially in dance music, as 2004-5 is like a different century for clubgoers. But, this is all part of my master plan with this focus on French music, so trust me, there's a connection here. Plus, it's great music, so what are ya complainin' about?

Sebastien Tellier is another Parisian doing big things in the world of psychedelic pop music. He came to fame in 2001 as the opening act for Air on their worldwide tour, but his second album Politics established him as a name to be reckon with. "La Ritournelle" comes from that album, which seems to finally be getting a better push outside of Europe a few years late. Most of the info on Tellier mentions his eclectic collaborators, such as Tony Allen of afrobeat fame and theremin master Pamelia Kurstin, which is a pretty good indication of just how unique his music is. This is definitely not coming from the same place as the Ed Banger, Justice, Mr. Oizo shit, dancefloor heat. It's much more atmospheric and lush, strings and pianos dominate, providing a chamber music feel at times. His label is Record Makers, which was created by the members of Air (and two partners), should provide another reference. So too should his connection to soundtrack work, creating the right music for various French films.

Give a listen to the original version of "La Ritournelle," which is not typical Pound for Pound music. It's so heartfelt and emotional, even moreso when there's no singing. It's a great example of how varied and flexible this type of music is, it doesn't have to be cold, machine music. The Jim Noir remix is okay, it adds a more distinct beat and a harsher sound. However, it's the original that is worth the price of admission.

-Project Runway starts again tonight! Possibly the best show on TV, that rare beast that values creativity and intelligence as opposed to Joe Cocker lookalikes and people being mean to each other. Here's a great article in the LA Times about life after Project and how it isn't as fabulous as expected. I'll have lots to say about this show each week, but for now just make sure to tune into Bravo at 10 pm.

-For those in Philly, great show at The Fire featuring Dabrye. Dabrye is one of the most interesting musicians in dance/electronic music today, nearly revitalizing IDM by himself. His Ghostly International work is classic, putting that whole Ann Arbor scene on the map. He's touring tonight in support of his new album,, no clue what to expect in a live setting. It's an R5 Productions jawn, more info at their site.

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