Monday, July 31, 2006

Too $hort - Blow the Whistle

Too $hort, "Blow the Whistle"

I've been meaning to upload this song for a minute now, as it's been on steady rotation for a few months here at Pound for Pound HQ in Philly. How could it not? One of my all-time favorite rappers (Top 5 probably), Too $hort drops a great song with nasty lyrics and a nice gimmick with the whistle. As expected, this one features a great bassline, very laid-back Cali feel, summer music. The whistle refrain is just made for a club, I can see the ladies going nuts for that part.

I'm pretty sure that this one will end up in the Top Ten singles of the year for me, although it's still a little too early to make guarantees. It's amazing that Short Dogg is still making bangers after all these years and albums. The man does not get anywhere near enough credit or respect; LL Cool J is constantly lauded for still being relevant after all those years in the game. Too $hort deserves no less, one of the all-time greats still killing it. I've been planning a look at his music for some time now; I'm not sure if people like when I do the extended focus on one person or one genre, so let me know if this sounds interesting or you'd rather I change it up each day.

-Everyone's favorite Christian, Mel Gibson, was arrested for drunk driving and proceeded to blame the Jews for this arrest and "all the wars in the world." Hard to believe that the director and writer of The Passion of the Christ, son of a Shoah denier who has similar thoughts and supporters, would say such bigoted and despicable things. Ari Emanuel and Atrios have it right, in my opinion.

-I'm gonna re-upload some of the songs that I've gotten requests for. Sorry for the delay, it's just been a real hectic, shitty time of late. Thanks to everyone who has gotten at me via email or myspace, nothing makes me happier than hearing from readers. There's also been a growing number of comments, which is awesome. Always love to hear people's thoughts on what I have to say, never want this to just be a place for free mp3s, y'know? Holler.

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