Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Phuture - Acid Trax


Phuture, "Phuture Jacks" (YSI link)

Phuture, "Your Only Friend" (YSI link)

Okay, I feel like we had to start here, in lieu of the essential mix and the fact that this 12" by Phuture pretty much created acid house music. DJ Pierre, Spanky and Herb J dropped "Acid Trax," Ron Hardy played it at The Music Box and the rest is history. However, I'm gonna give you the B side to that 1987 Trax release, a little curveball so to speak. Actually, "Phuture Jacks" isn't exactly some unknown little ditty, it too is one of the foundational songs that changed dance music. It's starts slow and minimal, then just goes crazy with a massive acid bassline. The drums drop out occasionally, giving it a greater feel of peaks and valleys.

The real treat here is "Your Only Friend," a bizarrely sick house track about cocaine addiction. "This is cocaine speaking. I can make you do anything for me." From there, you get a male speaking as the drug, detailing the power coke has over the user, although like any drug song, I think it tends to have a rather less than impressive impact as an anti-drug statement. It's got these spooky ghost sounds in the background,

I'm gonna be putting up a little surprise for those who are myspace friends of the blog, so make sure to request Pound for Pound, as we're gonna start utilizing that more and more as time goes by.

Monday, July 30, 2007

DJ Pierre - Essential Mix 1.14.07

DJ Pierre, Essential Mix for BBC's Radio One January 14, 2007
(additional link) (YSI link) tracklisting in comments

I've been wanting to get to this one for a few months now actually, hell it was one of the reasons I started doing these weekly posts. After having the good fortune of catching Green Velvet in Brooklyn Saturday with my girl AS, it seemed like the perfect time to move from Manchester and New York City of the 80s back to Chicago, the birthplace of acid house.

Let's just say it up front, DJ Pierre, a.k.a. Nathaniel Pierre Jones, is a legend, one of the heros of Pound for Pound's world. He's one of the main men responsible for the Manchester (and Ibiza) of the late 80s and the subsequent rave days, having developed the acid house sound that would catch on across the ocean and change dance music forever. It was mostly in the guise of Phuture, where Pierre joined with most importantly, as Phuture (with Earl "Spanky" Smith Jr. and Herbert Jackson) that he made his greatest impact. In fact, you can trace it all to one song in a way, "Acid Trax," a.k.a. "Ron Hardy's Acid Track," a.k.a. "In Your Mind." Those guys came up with a new sound through experimenting with the new Roland 303 which would mark a distinct break in the Chicago house sound. We'll get into all of this more this week, but suffice it to say this is an OG legend.

The mix is 2 hours of house music, some classics, lots of DJ Pierre's production (nothing wrong with confidence), all house, no filler. I know that we post a lot of different types of music and for many of you the notion of listening to house music sits right up there with the dentist and colonscopy. But, I hope that you will give this stuff a chance, get beyond any preconceived notions and listen to some of the most amazing, creative music ever made. A mix like this is the perfect intro, as it gives you a chance to hear a full set like you would hear at the club, where this music comes alive. You can hear all sorts of different songs and microgenres and the skill of the DJ and you may just realize that you love this music after all.

Kampfire Killaz, Genre with DJ Dimitry and a little more

Picking up the ball from the Life During Wartimers (Bald Eagle & Mother Hubbard), Kampfire Killaz have your Monday night activities Chicago. DJs Misa and Campfire Jay are doing their damndest to make you forget about Monday and the start of another week and the end of another weekend. Hell, it's gonna feel like Saturday in there, there being Lava Lounge (1270 N. Milwaukee Ave.) Tonight the residents are joined by DJ Genghiswon, and no, I don't know what to think of the name either. $3 Wittekerke Special Belgian White beers, making this rare dance party that caters to be snobs, good looking out for those dudes. This party is a weekly, so don't forget to make this one a regular part of the week it's free and fun, yeah!

-No, this is not a repeat, this is a different party on a different night with the same fabolous people. DJ S!n and Luv Tek do their Monday night thing, Genre, at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd) and have brought along DJ Dimitry to kill Californians one more time. I'm getting reports that last night was insane, with more than 600 people going crazy and dancing and being happy. How about L.A.? Can you top that? Or are you going to let Riverside win the battle for Dimitry's finest memories? We'll find out tonight. Free before 11, photos by Neil Sharum, be

-Okay, I'm gonna try to do a better job getting out advanced info on RSVP-type shit, as I know a lot of times it's too late the day of. With that in mind, LA people hit up this Scion site to get into the secret LA Ed Banger show at an undisclosed location. NYC, rsvp to get in for free at this Friday's Modular Monthly at 200 Orchard and the official Daft Punk afterparty at Studio B. Daft fucking Punk is coming to NYC!

-Finally, if you have a Monday party going down in Philly or NYC or wherever, let me know. The pickings seem slim right now, I feel like I'm not doing my job well so help a blogger out.

Trentemoller - Moan

Trentemoller, "Moan (Trentemoller vocal remix)" (YSI link)

Trentemoller, "Moan (Radio Slave's Mix For K)"
(YSI link)

I was trying to think of a good follow-up to the Suicide post, trying to think of some current stuff that has just a profound effect on me, that can scare the shit out of me. This track, Trentemoller's "Moan," comes close, albeit in less visceral, immediate way. These two remixes of the punultimate track of Trentemoller's album The Last Resort are both excellent, but it's the epic Radio Slave one that really blew me away.

Radio Slave a.k.a. Matt Edwards has been one of the top remixers for the past few years, reworking everyone from The Knife to Kylie. This one's an 11+ minute affair, a glitchy, cuts and clicks house number, the kind of song that slowly creeps up on you, works its way inside and totally fucks with you. It's all founded on a minimalist percussion sound and a glitchy, sandpaper sound, and that works throughout. The vocals, from Ane Trolle, are chopped and ghostly, singing about an obsessive love in a breathless voice, it's perfect. It's amazing how something this minimal can be so powerful and also leads me to a bigger point.

I'm not sure what it is about electronic music, but it seems to be the only genre able to convey the paranoia and obsessiveness that is such a pivotal part of great art for me. I'm guessing it's because of the machine-based nature of the music, that disconnect helps create some edgy and disturbed music. Nothing in rock or rap comes close, although there are exceptions (Geto Boys, maybe Company Flow and Cannibal Ox?) The glitchy sounds, the haunting vocals, it all reminds me of The Knife, one of my favorites from last year, one of the first to get tagged with the haunted house moniker. Another reference point for me was Tricky's first album, Maxinquaye, one of my all-time favorites, which featured a similarly disconcerting, paranoiac, downright creepy sound (and lyrics). The Trentemoller remix is excellent, much more suitable to the club with its big, farting sound. But, it's the Radio Slave mix that is one of the best songs I've heard this year.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Club Era With Dimitry, Happy Birthday Le Disko and more

The image “http://www.eradisco.com/images/LETMEHEARYOUPROMO.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

My dream has always been to be a facilitator, bringing together my favorite DJs and promoters and artists and writers and good people, the Meyer Lansky of the hipster set, if you will. So it's been with great joy that so many of my favorites have been joining forces lately. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to do with it! While I won't be ascending to the top of the syndicate just yet, it's fucking awesome that my bol DJ Dimitry is the special guest at one of my favorite Cali nights, Era Disco at Club Sevilla (3252 Mission Inn) in Riverside. DJs S!n and Luv Tek have been holding this one down for a while now, two of the hardest working guys anywhere. This should be an amazing night, as I know that Dimitry will bring his A game of rock, rap, 80s and maybe even a special mash-up or two. The residents will do likewise. Oh, and yes this is the longest flier ever. Ever.

-Happy first birthday to LA party Le Disko. It seems like just yesterday you were zero, time sure does fly. I believe that this was the first non-Philly/NYC party I talked about, the first one that showed me how much cool shit was going down out there. Thanks to Daniel Le Disko for cluing me in. He, Paparazzi and Keith 2.0 have turned this into one of the best indie dance nights anywhere, switching venues to the Spider Club (1735 Vine St.) and just getting better and awesomer. Tonight's got free vodka from 10-11, clothing giveaways, free til 11, $5 after that, good deal. It's an amazing feat to be able to keep a party going for a year, so mazel tov to the DJs and Keith Wilson for making it this far. I look forward to the 2nd birthday, which I believe is paper.

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-All's quiet back east it seems, which is good as it's been a shitty day of rain and gloom. What better night than to throw a party for stoner rock, which can only sound right on a night when going out and dancing and all doesn't work. DJs Dentron and Philbot will spin the best stoner anthems at Upstairs at Sal's all night, free, cheap drinks and a awesome flier! Get there.

-Finally, your final night of the DJ Bald Eagle weekend is here, as he and DJ Mother Hubbard spin between sets of the Tigercity/Beat The Devil/Jason Frederick show at The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western Ave). I don't know a lot about the bands, although I would recommend Tigercity for a good, young Brooklyn band but I know that Bald Eagle and Mother Hubbard will kill it and that the Empty Bottle is a super cool venue that's hosted some of the coolest jazz players in Chicago like Fred Anderson and Ken Vandermark along with legends like Peter Brotzmann and Anthony Braxton (oh, you thought your boy didn't know about free jazz, huh?) Brought to you by UR Chicago,

-I expect that all of the DJs above will spin together at some point in the future. It is one of my many goals.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Resurrection, New York City, Project Matt, Saturday Night

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This is it, this is the party we've all been waiting for. New York has plenty of amazing dance music parties, from Lauren Flax to Fixed to Modular, you name it, but there's no where to go for just a great party with all kinds of music, where hip-hop is fair game, where the crowd is mixed and fun and dancing. Thankfully my dude Project Matt has returned to change all of that with his new Saturday night weekly at Revolver (210 Rivington btwn Pitt and Ridge), Resurrection.

I caught the first edition last Saturday (and would have done this post then if I hadn't fucked up publishing some stuff) and it exceeded my highest expectations. For real, this was the one. Catchdubs, Reverend McFly and Cousin Cole provided the tunes and like I said, no genre was off-limits. It was a packed house from midnight til 4 am, when the bouncers had to scream people out. Revolver has been around for awhile under different names and guises, but right now it's a great looking spot on the far east side of the Lower East Side. It's been renovated, nice amount of seating, a big bar, nice-sized dancefloor for this type of venue.

Tonight should be even better, as Spank Rock DJ Armani XXXchange and DJ Elle are the special guests. There should be plenty of rap, some Baltimore club, maybe some pop, these are two of the best. Oh, and Matt will hopefully spin this week, as I'd really like to hear some Cash Money Millionaires tonight.

So, seriously, I kinda wanna keep this secret, y'know. Like just keep it as it is, not get too hyped about it so that the inevitable wave of people who have ruined the LES otherwise, the lawyers and bankers who have turned my favorite hood into every other spot in Manhattan, who sit at Norfolk bars and talk about "macking chicks" or lawyer girls slumming it for the night. Ugh, Monk Eastman and Kid Dropper are rolling over in their graves. But fuck it, this is too good to be a secret. If you are in NYC tonight or any Saturday coming up, this is the essential stop, this is a chance to relive or bring back the old days of the LES. See ya there!

Put Your Hands Up 4 NY, Frisco Disco and more

Holy shit Brooklyn! Put Your Hands Up 4 NYC! I saw fliers for this one about a month ago and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the guest DJs coming in to Studio B (259 Banker St.) Chicago house legend Green Velvet headlines, so be prepared to jack your body, jack your body, jack your body. That's not all though, as Junior Sanchez, NYC house legend, will also spin, I mean this is fucking serious dance music people. The main room also has the Trouble&Bass dudes and The Captain & Shark on the decks, to give a harder edge to the night. I'm still not done, as the Back Room is held down by Modular Records with Andee Van Damage, Robot Blair and unnamed Modular DJs. I'm almost speechless, which is rare as you know. Complimentary Colt 45 from 10-11, $5 Howling Monkey and vodka from 12-1, rsvp at going.com for reduced admission, $15 otherwise which is pretty damn good for this talent level. Huge props to the Cut guys for putting this one together. Now it's up to us NYCers, are we ready for this?

-Not to be outdone, the Frisco Disco is giving Bay Areans their dance party fill tonight. We've mentioned this one many times, Richie Panic and Jefrodisiac's monthly party at the The Transfer (198 Church St.) Tonight they have a special guest in the booth as Blake Miller of the band Moving Units comes by to prove he's not just pretty indie rocker. He knows that being a DJ is way cooler, expect lots of great indie dance and remixes and whatnot, should be a rave Dave!

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-Don't forget, Chicago, your Bald Eagle weekend continues tonight with the amazing Life During Wartime. This is a special one, as the midwestern syndicate continues to come together, as Minneapolis' DJ/party maven Soviet Panda comes to town to join forces with Bald Eagle and DJ Mother Hubbard to send a warning to any and all parties that this is the big leagues. You also get a live set from Prarie Cartel, continuing my gangster theme and giving everyone a chance to cool down from all of the dancing. It's at The Hideout (1354 W. Wabansia), 21+, $5 before 11:30, $8 after. This is your Saturday night. Bah-caw! Blam!

-Oooh, almost missed this one, but Will Eastman's monthly Bliss goes off tonight in Washington D.C. at The Black Cat (1811 14th St. NW) One of our nation's capital's best parties, this edition features a guest DJ set by DJ D-Mac. You'll hear everything from the genre of good - disco, rap, Britpop, indie dance, booty bass - exactly the kind of stuff that people in D.C. need to hear. You can't be a neo-con when you hear Chic or Daft Punk or 2 Live Crew, now can you?

-Finally I've got to end on a sad note, as tonight's the final OG Philadelphyinz party upstairs at the Khyber. Not sure the reasons for the end, but hopefully it's just time for Apt One and Skinny Friedman to take a break and figure out their next moves. The boys don't want you to be sad though, so they will play their usual mix of booty, dance classics, remixes, rap, Muppets songs. You need to get there and party like it's the end and you need to go out with a bang.

LA Riots - LA Riots Volume 2

LA Riots, LA Riots Volume 2 (YSI link)

It's been awhile since we posted a mix from one of our favorite DJs. Sensing that lack, my bol Daniel Le Disko sent me this 43 minute jawn and I had to share it with you. Daniel's one half of the LA Riots, along with Jo'b, who've come together in the past year and have quickly become the people to watch in the dance music scene.

Wow, this mix, LA Riots Volume 2, is just soooo good, start to finish, on the indie dance side of the spectrum, just banger after banger, including a few edits from the boys themselves. This is a peak-time set, great songs, no let-up. The duo have some big events coming up from their weekly Sunday night jawn Le Disko at The Spider Club in LA to a LA Times event to a Modular Pool Party. The one thing I noticed though was that these events were all in Southern California. This needs to change, as it's time for the rest of the country to recognize game. San Fran, Chicago, New York City, Philly, Miami, bring these dudes in and let them take your party to the next level. Get at them on myspace to get in touch, say hello, thank them for the mix, book them for your next party. These dudes are Pound for Pound approved, two of the nicest and most talented guys out there, they're finna blow up so get in at the beginning.

For those of you in LA, I can't recommend the Greyscale party more highly. LA Riots will be there to rep the home city, with special guest James Fucking Friedman coming in from NYC to up the dance ante. You also get a showdown between Sean Patrick and Dirty Dave, meaning Temporary Spaces 1 (5100 Fountain@Normandie) is gonna be in a permanent state of dance.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is guest list only, so you need to RSVP by emailing ideaevents@sbcglobal.net. Repeat, you need to email ideaevents@sbcglobal.net to get into this party, no ifs ands or buts. Once you get in there's free vodka from 9:30-10:30, packed house, cool venue.

Suicide - First Album


Suicide, "Ghost Rider" (YSI link)

Suicide, "Cheree" (YSI link)

Last night I was able to catch one of the greatest, most influential (for me) bands of all-time, Suicide, playing a rare live show in their home city. I can barely put into words how cool this was. I mean, fucking Suicide man! Unfortunately, it was a part of the summer-long South Street Seaport free Friday night concert series, which meant that it had that amazing mix only South St. Seaport can attain of disgusting lawyers and bankers from the nearby Financial District, tourists dying to hit up Pizzeria Uno, drunk people. But, whatever, Suicide! The boys were in good form, Alan Vega (real name: Alan Bernowitz) doing that aging punk Elvis thing, Martin Rev providing the music, as the night wore on they got better and better. They played for about an hour and 10 minutes, cleared out a good portion of the crowd and made my month.

Their first album was released in 1977, 7 years after they had formed. I didn't hear until 2000 or so, when Mute Records remastered and re-released. I can remember hearing the first track, "Ghost Rider" and being blown away. It was that moment when a sound you hear in your head comes to you full formed. This is the real disco punk, or synth punk, No Wave, whatever. It's some of the darkest shit I've ever heard, more punk than anything that gets labeled that. For me, the secret is Martin Rev, the man on the drum machine and synth (a farfisa organ in the beginning) and keys. The sound is so brutal, stripped to a core, the perfect compliment to Vega's tales of New York City, Vietnam vets, obsessive love, etc. Listen to the songs above and tell me that this doesn't sound completely contemporary; you could look at it as holding the seeds for so much to come, like synth pop, industrial, electroclash, new wave, you name it.

We'll have more from these two, fill in some of the history of the band. In the meantime, buy this CD immediately, it's a bona fide masterpiece and something everyone needs to hear in its entirety including the 10+ minute "Frankie Teardrop." This release has the added bonus of an extra disc of live stuff from 1977-8, thanks to Mute for an amazing package.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Spend The Weekend With Bald Eagle Chicago


Broadzilla & Finger On The Pulse, Secrets, Lights Down Low and much more

It's Friday, it's time to get serious people. I'm not even gonna try to be all cute here, let's just down to business. I love when some of my favorite awesome DJs join together to be even awesomer. The awesome is going to be overwhelming tonight in Williamsburg, as the Finger On The Pulse bols - DJ Never Forget and DJ Terry Diabolik - have invited Philly crew Broadzilla to be their special guest at their bi-weekly party tonight. Mang, Philly + Williamsburg + cheap drinks + dancing = Chapters 1-7 of my autobiography. This one's gonna be so rad, an oasis from the Bedford Ave weekend invasion. Get to the Charleston (N. 7th and Bedford), in the basement, free, 21+. So much coming up for the FOTP dudes, we'll let you know about it all when the time's right. Big things, big things.

-Or make it a Manhattan night and catch my girl Lauren Flax's bi-weekly party Secrets at 200 Orchard. I caught the beginning of it last time and by 11 it was as crowded as the Modular parties were at peak hour. In other words, this one's started off with a bang. Lauren's brought in more guests this week, including a live set by Passions and a DJ set by Star Eyes of Trouble&Bass and Kitsune fame. Great line-up, drink specials from 11-12, one of the best dance music parties in the city, a sick venue with a huge dancefloor and stage and everything, what more do you need?!?

-Mang, it's been way to long since I mentioned the Lewd bols - RekLES and SeanMuthafukkinRoberts - but I'm happy to correct that tonight. They're gonna be holding it down at The Skinny (174 Orchard St.) every second and fourth Friday, which means twice a month you are guaranteed filth, raunch and the music you play to accompany that. Can I also just say that this is the best flier I've seen in forever? Literally, this is the flier I'd use for my imaginary party, whoever made this please take a bow or get in touch. $3 well drinks from 11-12, no cover, so you'll have money to really take advantage of that.

-One last one in the LES, Seventeen is the new party put on by the Ruff Kids at a new spot Revolver (210 Rivington btwn Pitt&Ridge). You know that this one will be filled with youngsters in the prime of their sexual and drinking lives acting young and carefree. The music is spun by DJs Erick Hart of the Morphine Generation and Mr. Pharmacist, a.k.a. Gregg Foreman. RSVP at going.com and take advantage of the 11-12 open bar, I mean this is sponsored by myopenbar.com, so they kinda have to have one, right?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-More Debonair Social Club happenings, as tonight the fourth Friday party jumps off with DJs Ryan Paradise and Heather Doble, hosted by Jillian Valentino and Scott Cramer. RSVP at outdanced@yahoo.com or say "Teen Spirit" at the door for free entry. Oh, did I mention free pizza until 11? Yeah, there is. Remember to wait a half hour after you eat to get on the dancefloor.

-This looks to be one of the bigger editions of Lights Down Low, one of San Fran's best parties. Curtis Vodka and Flufftronix are the guests, expect no rules as any and all genres will be covered. I'd be happy just to have a night featuring the regulars, Sleazemore, White Girl Lust and Rchrd Oh?! but who's complaining? It all happens at the 222 Club (222 Hyde and Turk), I mean San Fran is really stepping its game up and this party is a big reason.

-Things are quiter tonight in LA, but not dead as Club 82 does its thing with special live performance by IMA Robot. In addition, the regular assortment of DJs are on hand to make you dance, Keith 2.0, LA Riots (more to come on them) DJ Paul & DJ Raulie. It happens at Avalon Hollywood (1735 Vine St.), tickets are $10 before 12 at the door, $15 after 12, 19+, should be a great night for all things indie.

-Finally, one of the best Philly parties does it again as [click.] takes over Fluid (613 S. 4th St.). This one should be a monster, as Dave P is joined by Pink Skull on the decks for a night of the sickest dance music. As Dave says, "It's like Ibiza in there!" It sure is, Philly, now get there and feel the aceeeedddddd! Oh, and I have no idea what the zebra does at the party, you'll have to show up to find out.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kudu at Hiro, Soviet Panda and Dark Wave Disco, Club Lyfestile and more

I mention this party all the time, the Cheeky Bastard Thursday night at Hiro Ballroom (371 W. 16th St.@9th Ave) jawn. It's hard not to when they bring in some of the top DJs and bands week after week, the only party in Manhattan that's taking it to that major league level. Tonight's edition is a really special one, as one of my favorite bands in the world, Kudu, are playing. I really cannot recommend this band and show more; in fact, I need to do a post about them next week, no doubt. Anyone, not only do you get one of the best music groups around, you also get two of the best DJs in the form of Devlin & Darko, better know as the Spank Rock DJs. It's also the 11th Anniversary for BPM MagazineExpect lots of Baltimore club, dance, hip-hop, hell I don't need to sell you on thse dudes. RSVP at their going.com page for free entry, 2 for 1 vodka drinks from 10-11 and the always dangerous 2-3 period. Oh, and APT is a few blocks away, where the Dirtybird party is. Just sayin'.

-Speaking of Thursday night regulars, my dude Carmine P. Filthy's Even Further always has a place here. There aren't a whole lot of NYC parties that really get it, that know that good music, good vibes and debauchery are much more important than who's taking pictures or what famous person showed up. This is just an old-school party, it takes over the basement of Happy Ending (302 Broome@Forsythe) every Thursday. Tonight's special guest is DJ Homeless Steve, although I imagine he has a home and will not ask to crash on your couch.

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-One of New York's finest has decided to begin his campaign to conquer the West, as my bol DJ Dimitry hits up San Diego tonight. Oh and what a way to kick it off, Djing the Tokyo Police Club show at The Beauty Bar (4746 El Cajon Blvd), $10, brought to you by Gabe Vega, it goes from 10-2, although I don't know if that includes the band's time. Anyway, San Diego, we have sent you one of our finest, treat him well.

-G-d I love you Philly. You're the only city that continues to floor me with the craziness and dirtiness of your parties, loft shit, warehouses, the underground actually exists here. Tonight's a good example with this new-to-me Club Lyfestile. They're throwing down a dance party tonight called Adventure Island, or the place is called Adventure Island, whatever. It's happening at 3217 Collins St., DJs Heavy Flow and Wytear are joined by the heavyweight champ of dance JHN RDN. This

-Chicago joins up with Minneapolis, the Dark Wave Disco crew - Trancid, Mark Gertz and Greg Corner - with Soviet Panda of MNPS' Too Much Love. Like whoa. Too many of my favorites in one room, this will be complete dance-y mayhem. It's the Kill Hannah afterparty, which doesn't mean a lot to me as I've never heard them. But, they must be dope if this is the celebration for their show. It happens at Debonair Social Club (1575 N. Milwaukee Ave.) and amazingly there's no cover. That's right, you can hear some of the best DJs around for FREE. The Midwest is beginning to form bonds, the coasts better recognize.

-Finally, in my attempt to not be so flier-centric, that kid Will Eastman is spinning at Cafe Saint Ex in their basement club called Gate 54. The place has an aviation theme. Enough said. Actually, I should say more. Will is one of D.C.'s best and he's gonna be playing nothing but heat tonight. Head out, drink, dance, forget that you live in the same city as Alberto Gonzalez.

Martin Brothers

Martin Brothers, "Stoopit" (YSI link)

Tricky Disco, "Tricky Disco (Thizzy Disco remix)"
(YSI link)

In honor of the latest installmet of the Dirtybird monthly at my new favorite spot in Manhattan, APT, I figured I'd up an older track from the label tonight's DJs and a remix from tonight's DJs. Martin Brothers are literally the Martin Brothers, Justin and Christian. Justin has been one of the main men along with Claude VonStroke at the Dirtybird label dropping a majority of the early singles. Christian's the older brother, so presumably he beat the shit out of Justin before, during and after the recording of this EP, The Martin Brothers.

"Stoopit" is a pretty damn good intro to the whole Dirtybird sound, possibly a less jackin' version of it. I can honestly say that right now, this sound is simply killing me. Those synth bleeps, massive bass, detached vocal tics, the house beats, it really seems like the best stuff I'm hearing right now. The remix is the only one the Martin Brothers have done so far, under the alias of Thizzy Disco, a name that honors its hometown of San Francisco. Hmm, I'd love to hear these guys throw some Bay rap into their mixes. I'm just sayin'. Anyway, the remix is brand new, a reworking of the classic rave track Tricky Disco's "Tricky Disco." It's actually more on the minimal side to my ears, with more of a shuffling drum patterns that pushes the song along in bits. You still get little vocal bits that are fucked with, but everything else is reserved, much more subtle than I expected. I can't lie, there's a few moments I wished the boys had let loose on the bass and went bananas, especially since they're working with a acid
classic. All in all, a nice track and a possible sign of a more minimal approach coming.

So yeah, we'll probably mention this whole label and roster many more times. In the meantime, head over to their website and cop the entire catalogue on mp3. These guys are really putting out some of the best stuff today, deserve our full support. For those in NYC, do not miss tonight's Dirtybird party at APT, where the Martin Brothers are joined by [sic] in the basement for a night of filthy bass in decidely unfilthy space.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Broadzilla & Colt 45, Rapture-ous Awesometown, High Voltage with DJ Eleven and more

Holy shit, it's a huge midweek kids, so let's get down to business. The Broadzilla crew continues to get bigger and stronger and meaner, as they are moving up the food chain, destroying everything in their sights. Seriously, these guys have been working hard and I feel like this is a nice big step up, as they take over Silk City (it's back!!!) with Colt 45 and Vice for a night of debauching and dancing. They're being joined by Mike Z of Sorted fame, RSVP at talesofphiladelphia@viceland.com, but don't stress if you didn't as you'll still be able to get in. Free Colt 45 from 9-11, free, 21+, this is it. I'm really psyched for this crew, expect this to be the start of bigger and better things. Do this, Philly

-Holy shit, LA, are you guys just feeling or what? Daft Punk over the weekend, The Rapture tonight and tomorrrow. Well, one of our favorite parties, Awesometown, is doing the afterparty for tonight's show and it's gonna be a doozy. You get the Throne of Blood DJ crew, i.e. The Rapture guys spinning, along with Dirty Dave and Cosmic Kids. Oh, and did I mention the last minute addition to this line-up? Some dude called DJ AM is going to stop by and do a set. I'll quickly add that recent reports about Mr. Nicole Ritchie have been amazing, people telling me that he's the best DJ they've heard hands down. Anyway, Anne Lee and Dirty Dave have done it again, this is gonna be massive and packed and fun. RSVP at going.com, you have to if you wanna get in here. Once you take care of that, head to The Short Stop (1455 W. Sunset Blvd) and continue the greatest week evah. Don't forget to RSVP.

-Los Angelenos, also make sure to check out this Vapors Magazine party at the Rec Center (1161 Logan St.) where the second episode of skate TV show United By Fate will show. There's some open bar action and lots of sponsors, but the main reason to stop by is to catch one of NYC's best DJs, Mr. Stretch Armstrong. Since I'm doing Friendster testimonial shit tonight, lemme just say that Stretch has been one of the best DJs I've seen over the past year, a dude who kills it everytime no matter what, dancefloor dominance, all genres, skill, a pro. RSVP here and you can find out for yourself.

-Last but not least, Club Moscow jumps off with Daniel Le Disko of LA Riots, who will be hearing more about later this week. Live music by Emma Burgess, Audrye Sessions and Wallpaper, residents DJs Paul, Raulie and Keith Wilson. Get to Boardners (1652 N. Cherokee) before 10:30 with the flier and it's free.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

-Ahh, High Voltage. It's more than 6 months now that Dimitry has been doing this one and it's pretty established as one of the best parties in the city, packed house, sweaty dancefloors, young beautiful people. It's one of those ones that doesn't need any special guests or anything to sell itself. But when you have DJ Eleven from The Rub, you know that it's gonna be real serious. Rob Hitt will also be in the house and Dimitry, the next DJ AM, will hold it down too. Sutra (16 First Ave.) tonight, Zygo vodka open starting at 11, yep yep.

-Earlier, hit up For Those About To Rock for some amazing sake deals and a chance to drink said sake while listening to Def Lepard and Lynryd Skynrd played by DJ Nick Hook. It happens at Koca Lounge (76 Orchard St.) and really is the perfect way to start the night and being in perfect position to hit Sutra and Savalas later.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

-I'm gonna wrap this post up with non-fliered parties, as these are dope events with great DJs and sometimes that's what matters. Brooklyn, hit up Savalas (285 Bedford) where Project Matt and Reverend McFly kill it with booty bass, rap, bangers, you will drink fun, girlie drinks and show how thug you really are. Frozen margaritas are the new Cristal.

-The Smashing Pumpkins/Moving Units afterparty happens in San Fran tonight at Beauty Bar (19th and Mission) and you get Blake Miller of Moving Units, Sleazemore Rchrd Oh!? and Joselito keeping that Billy Corgan high going.

-Finally, there's a new monthly starting in San Francisco at The Ambassador featuring the deadly DJ duo of Vin Sol and Jefrodisiac. There's no flier, but I'm hoping that my mention of this fact will be the gentle chiding that is needed to get one for next time. Last Wednesday every month, soul and disco music all night to chill you out midweek.

Para One - Midnight Swim

Para One, "Midnight Swim (original mix)"
(YSI link) 320 DJs

Para One, "Midnight Swim (Beckett & Taylor remix)"
(YSI link) 320

Oky, so here's the new format, older tune, newer tune, subsequent posts until I cn't do this no more. What better place to start than Paris, my future home, the land of overthinkers, cafes and fast Internet. Most importntly, there seems to be an entire generation of kids raised on synthesizers, like were cribs outfitted with them in the the 80s or something? Whatever, I ain't complaining. Para One is one of the biggest names on the Parisian dance scene, Institubes dude, remixer, producer, you know dude.

Here's his most recent single, "Midnight Swim." This one dropped at the beginning of the year and has been getting a lot of love, especially the remixes. In fact, I feel like the original has almost gotten overlooked. It didn't do much for me the first time around, maybe even after the second listen, but after coming back to it recently, it sounds amazing. It almost sounds like 20 different pieces at first, like they're too apparently disconnected. But, on repeated listens, it gels nicely into a stuttering, bastard house song complete with sampled vocal. The Beckett & Taylor remix might be even better, as they send the song to speech school and get rid of that stutter. It's more dancefloor ready, as the drums and bass stay throughout and a cool sample woman breathing turn this one into something special. The crunching drum sound and deep subbass especially kills with the jacking elements on top. Yeah! FYI, Beckett and Taylor are Laszlo Beckett and Steve Taylor, heads of Hand On The Plow Records, just fyi since I had knew nothing about them before hearing this song.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Outdanced, Six Six Sick and more

Chicago, this ain't just a party, this is a challenge. Outdanced? Well, will you be? Or are you going to show up to the Funky Buddha (728 W. Grand Ave.) and prove that you've got what it takes on the dancefloor. My dude Bald Eagle, who'll be receiving an email from me shortly, and Nightfox will make your task easier by spinning the best dance music from today and yesterday. Oh and the $1 shots and drinks should make things even easier (and possibly a little blurry tommorrow). You can do it, you just need to believe in yourself.

-Hmm, here's a new party for me, Six Six Sick. Micprobes is the resident DJ, bringing you this weekly at Happy Ending (302 Broome St.) with Jon Pierce. This is not a slight to the party, but rather a testament to the fact that I am easily intimidated and sadly ignorant of parties featuring beautiful, hip, fashionable people doing debaucherous things. Tonight looks like a good night to see what's up, as they host the video premier party for Gravy Train's "Club Situation." Hosts 66S Girls - Christina, Tiffany and Feng Feng - are in the video, which you can mention to them when you are wasted late in the night. You also get guest DJ sets from Mr. Pharmacist, a.k.a. Gregg Foreman, and White Dove's June D, handbag giveaways, pictures by thenightlight.net and most importantly a chance to be young, beautiful and fashionable.


-I mentioned this new weekly Bad Music For Bad People last week and this week they take it up another notch. He Said/She Said and Joe Licht are joined by seclusias boss and one of Philly's best DJs, dev79, at Upstairs at Sal's. Expect lots of heavy bass tunes from dubstep and grime to rap and reggae. Take note of this party now, seriously.

-San Fran, it's your turn this week, as the Daft Punk light shines on you this Friday. Get it in the right mindset with Hold Yr Horses, the second and fourth Tuesday party at Aunt Charlie's (133 Turk@Taylor). DJ Rchrd Oh?! of bigstereo.net brings in the perfect dude to get SF ready, DJ Sleazemore, who will undoubtedly kill it. $3, 10-2, c'mon San Fran, get ready!

-LA, now's no time to quit. Like party sharks, you must not sleep after the Daft Punk weekedn or you will perish. Hit up Seven Sins tonight at newish spot Seven (7929 Santa Monica Blvd) where resident DJ Josh(ua) will throw chum (dance-y music) onto the dancefloor. Helping him out tonight will be Mark Roble, Nico the Ego and Maria Holland, with photos by shadowscene. It's free, 21+, time to cue the Jaws music.

New Order - Confusion

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New Order, "Confusion (12" version)" (YSI link)

New Order, "Confused Beats"

New Order, "Confusion (Instrumental mix)"

New Order, "Confusion (Rough mix)" (YSI link)

New Order, "Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction remix)" (YSI link)

New Order, "Confusion (Koma and Bones Remix)"

Okay, I assume everyone saw this coming, with all of the Factory Records talk and Joy Division post. The label's most successful act, New Order, was formed out of the ashes of Joy Division after lead singer Ian Curtis killed himself. Okay, I'm predictable, sue me! Once you get that taken care of, you need to remind yourself of how amazing New Order's music was and how open they were to the sounds of the time.

"Confusion" might be the track that could be held up as a Pound for Pound track. It was a New Order single, produced by Arthur Baker, mixed by Baker and John "Jellybean" Benitez, mixed in New York City in 1983. Everyone steps it up to create one of the group's best tracks, although not everyone has probably heard this amazing version. Oddly, the band decided to re-record this for Substance, the double LP collection of their 12" singles. While that one's good, it's a far cry from the electro masterpiece Baker and Benitez first dropped. This one's got it all - drum machine, handclaps, methodical bass, keys, shouts of "Confusion!," lyrics about a confused woman the dude's trying to date, ooh wee, this is the cat's meow. The Rough mix is also essential, a stripped down version of the 12" and a great chance to hear that colder, more robotic electro sound.

The two recent(ish) remixes are quite good, especially the Pump Panel Reconstruction mix. That one is straight mid-90s, Prodigyesque damage, pounding drums, frenetic pace, twisted vocals, totally unlike the original, which is probably why it's so effective, it's a rager. FYI, this version was used in the "rave" scene during the movie Blade, just FYI. Oh and if you already knew that, you probably need to get out more too or start really taking those netflix recommendations seriously. The Koma and Bones remix is much less claustrophobic,

Monday, July 23, 2007

Stretch Armstrong & Eli Escobar's Star Time, Fix Up LA and more

It's Monday night, time to find that part of the weekend that never dies deep inside and head out. It's pretty much a night for the coastal elites, as NYC and LA make it happen. I've been meaning to hype the weekly Star Time party at 205 (205 Chrystie@Stanton) for a bit, as one of my favorite DJs in the world, Stretch Armstrong, holds it down there every week with Eli Escobar. This is one of those parties that everyone wants, where the DJs play great music that makes people wanna dance. Tonight's special guest is Pase Rock, he of "Lindsay Lohan's Revenge" and Spank Rock and great DJ skills fame. This is the perfect way to extend the weekend or start the week off right, NYC. Doors at 11, dancefloor opens at 12, free all night.

-LA, how are you? Did you survive Daft Punk? Are you still on top of the world, loving life and the power of music? Don't stop now, keep moving and the good vibes won't wear off. First up tonight, there's a super cool event at Beauty Bar (1638 N. Cahuenga Blvd). I'm always a fan of events where all sorts of different people come together and Fix Up is a perfect example. This new monthly is brought to you by United Tradeshow, who are going to bring in the best from fashion boutiques and designers, strating with a jewelry trunk show from Rock N Role Couture. There will also be artists showing their creations, starting with Tara Laura tonight. The soundtrack for the night will be provided by Dirty Dave and HIGHspeedDUB, along with the special guests this month, DJs Mighty Six Ninety. RSVP to fixupla@gmail.com, $1 Malibu drinks from 10-11, shadowscene taking your pic with some girly Malibu drink in hand, good times, perfect way to continue the Daft Punk buzz.

-Also make sure to check out Genre at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd) where DJs S!n and Luv Tek will spin dance bangers and pop candy to bring you down easy from the heights of the weekend. I suggest hitting it early, as it's free before 11

Digitalism - Essential Mix

Digitalism, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix July 16, 2007 (YSI link) tracklisting in comments

We've been looking back recently, but it's time to turn our attention to the now. I feel like this is the year of neo-electro, when groups like Digitalism and Justice have finally gotten the attention beyond loser bloggers like me. They've got excellent albums out, lots of press and most importantly essential mixes on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 program. Last Sunday, Digitalism got their chance to drop a two-hour mix and I felt like this was the perfect way to start off your week of office/subway/home listening.

For those who don't know, Digitalism is the German duo of Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefekci, the men behind monster tracks like "Zdarlight", "Idealistic" and "Jupiter Room", tons of remixes for acts like Daft Punk, Tom Vek and Klaxons and most importantly put out one of the best albums of 2007, Idealism. They've been a personal favorite since I first heard them, so I'm so psyched that these guys are getting the attention and respect they deserve.

This mix starts slow for me, I'm not totally sure why. I tend to like something catchy right off the bat, just to let me get situated and in the mood, the Chemical Brothers' "Hey Boy Hey Girl" is a little too heavy for me. Jason Nevins' Run DMC mash-up got me back on course and for the next 2- hours and it's all good from there til the end. It's got tons of edits, dance classics fromt the past decades, recent stuff from moving through genres with ease, much like the Soulwax guys. Check around the 21 minute mark, the boys drop Daft Punk's "Rollin' and Scratchin'" and you're never the same. I challenge you to not begin pumping your arms and waving them in the air, regardless of where you are. It's like the one potato chip challenge, you're gonna lose, so no sense in denying yourself the fun.

Mang, this one's another great one, essential for anyone who wants to get into that gap between rock and dance, where so much of the best stuff is going on. Of course, you could also read here, but I don't want to toot my own horn. More to come later today, as we're going to begin alternating between new and old stuff from here on out, 80s shit next.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Certain Ratio - I'd Like To See You Again

A Certain Ratio, "Show Case" (YSI link)

A Certain Ratio, "Guess Who" (YSI link)

A Certain Ratio, "Tumba Rhumba" (YSI link)

It wasn't all doom and gloom and angst at Factory Records. In fact, the label was at the forefront of bringing some of the sex and rhythm from the dance music world into punk and rock, trying to bridge the great divide. A Certain Ratio is one of the great examples of this, from their use of horns, their funky basslines to their lyrics about trying to score with girls. In fact, at times you would have no idea that the band had anything to do with the Manchester puink scene, sounding much more atune to the clubs and streets.

I'd Like To See You Again was the third full-length for the band, their final with the original line-up - Donald Johnson, Jeremy Kerr, Martin Moscrop, Simon Topping and Peter Terrell. It was reissued in 2005 by Les Temps Modernes, featuring 5 extra tracks of different mixes and rarities. "Show Case" is my personal favorite track from the album, a vocodered killer. It gives you a good sense of how much this band was willing to experiment and utilize the technology of the era, which for me defines the artists of the 80s. It also gives you a first chance to hear the massive bass of , recalling Talking Heads or a 70s funk band. "Guess Who" is another great track, a much more rhythmic track, more immediately dance-y than "Show Case." I love love love the lyrics about dancing and working your body, something that the punk kids would never had the balls to sing. "Tumba Rhumba" is one of the additional songs added to the re-release, the B-side of the "Knife Slits Water" 7" of 1982 on Factory, an instrumental song that captures the funkiness and weirdness of the band perfectly in 2 and a half minutes.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of this CD immediately, as you never know when it will fall out of print, not to be heard for another decade. This isn't going to be the last time we talk about ACR, rest assured. Essential stuff.