Monday, July 30, 2007

Kampfire Killaz, Genre with DJ Dimitry and a little more

Picking up the ball from the Life During Wartimers (Bald Eagle & Mother Hubbard), Kampfire Killaz have your Monday night activities Chicago. DJs Misa and Campfire Jay are doing their damndest to make you forget about Monday and the start of another week and the end of another weekend. Hell, it's gonna feel like Saturday in there, there being Lava Lounge (1270 N. Milwaukee Ave.) Tonight the residents are joined by DJ Genghiswon, and no, I don't know what to think of the name either. $3 Wittekerke Special Belgian White beers, making this rare dance party that caters to be snobs, good looking out for those dudes. This party is a weekly, so don't forget to make this one a regular part of the week it's free and fun, yeah!

-No, this is not a repeat, this is a different party on a different night with the same fabolous people. DJ S!n and Luv Tek do their Monday night thing, Genre, at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd) and have brought along DJ Dimitry to kill Californians one more time. I'm getting reports that last night was insane, with more than 600 people going crazy and dancing and being happy. How about L.A.? Can you top that? Or are you going to let Riverside win the battle for Dimitry's finest memories? We'll find out tonight. Free before 11, photos by Neil Sharum, be

-Okay, I'm gonna try to do a better job getting out advanced info on RSVP-type shit, as I know a lot of times it's too late the day of. With that in mind, LA people hit up this Scion site to get into the secret LA Ed Banger show at an undisclosed location. NYC, rsvp to get in for free at this Friday's Modular Monthly at 200 Orchard and the official Daft Punk afterparty at Studio B. Daft fucking Punk is coming to NYC!

-Finally, if you have a Monday party going down in Philly or NYC or wherever, let me know. The pickings seem slim right now, I feel like I'm not doing my job well so help a blogger out.

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