Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vitalic - You Prefer Cocaine

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Vitalic, "You Prefer Cocaine" (YSI link)

Vitalic, "La Rock 01" (YSI link)

The biblical storm that hit New York City last night hit the Pound for Pound HQ, as it burst a pipe there and flood out the sleeping area. Luckily, the vinyl, computer and Scarlett Johansson photos were spared, so things can keep on rolling here. It gave me a chance to look through the crates and I saw this older Vitalic 12" from 2005, the Poney EP. I'm not gonna lie, I saw the song "You Prefer Cocaine" and love that name and felt like it was a good follow-up to our ecstasy song on Monday.

Mang, is there anything better than songs about drugs? I mean, the only more surefire song topic to get you on this blog is women's asses and breasts. Thankfully, my bol Vitalic is the man behind this song and he fucking kills it imo. It's sort of like a techno-electro hybrid with the cold relentless beat of techno and the synths to give it a housier feel. But it's the mechanical voice repeating "Prefer cocaine, dance like a machine." Oh but that's not the end of it. "La Rock 01" might be even more devastating; actually I think it is. It's an electro stormer that builds for about two minutes, kicking those drums, giving us a taste of bass and synth and laying the foundation. 2 minute mark, you will lose your head, as Vitalic just lets it rip on the bass. Totally mental, dancefloors might not survive this one. Can you?

Speaking of cocaine, I promise that we'll have the party info up tonight. When I said tonight yesterday, I was actually seeing into future. Seriously, we'll have all of the fliers and fun happenings so that you too can dance like a machine.

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Anonymous said...

on the drugs tip with vitalic - this post has given me a new perspective on the vid to "La Rock"; dogs jumping through lasers? - now it seems all Vice-Squad-sniffer-dog-of-the-future.