Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Grame Park - Essential Mix 1.29.94


Graeme Park, Essential Mix January 29, 1994 (YSI link) tracklisting in comments

It's time to take it way back, back to the beginning period of the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix series. More than that, it's a chance to look at a pivotal DJ from the late 80s, Graeme Park. Not sure how many people know that name, although with the level of intelligence and taste with my readers I figure most, but let me fill in some details. Park is one of the key DJs at The Hacienda, the legendary Manchester club that was founded by Factory Records' honcho, Tony Wilson, and the band New Order, the spot immortalized in the film 24 Hour Party People. The club introducing new sounds, first with house and later with acid house. The Friday night Nude party brought Chicago and New York house sounds to the UK, as Park and the original DJs Mike Pickering and Little Martin created a legendary party that brought the sounds of black dance music.

This is Mr. Park's first Esssential Mix for BBC's Radio 1 from January 29, 1994 (we'll put up his 1996 one down the road, just remind me!) and it's excellent. It should give you a sense of what it was like in the Hacienda on those Friday nights in the middle to late 1980s. I really really really hope people give this a chance, even though it isn't an electro bangerfest and that there might be a lot of tunes you've never heard before and it tends to a house-vibe that many sound right at first. Give it a chance, it is so worth it. This is on some life affirming, ecstasy, summer of love shit. This is for all the people who've had to deal with shitty yuppies asking them what it's like to deal with poor people, people who have to experience the final dis from an ex,

This is also the opening salvo of a series of posts dedicated to the 80s, to the Hacienda, to the major 12" releases, the new wave bands, whatever else comes up. I've been meaning to take a look back at this period, but usually feel like it needs more than a post or two every so often. Plus, I


Jack said...

Eternal - "Just A Step From Heaven"
Sound Factory - "Good Times"
Arizona - "Specialise In Love"
Volcano - "More To Love"
Bottom Dollar - "You Can't Turn Around"
Lex Loofah - "Freaky Deaky"
Politics Of Sound - "How Come Ya Gone?"
Sting - "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You"
Degrees Of Motion - "Shine On"
Luv Tribe - "All Things Nice"
Inner City - "Do Ya?"
KWS - "It Seems To Hang On"
Dance Utd - "Freedom Of Life"
Diva Convention - "Never Leave You Lonely"
Incognito - "Pieces Of A Dream"
Joe Roberts - "Lover"
River Ocean - "Love & Happiness" (Cooltempo)
Janet Jackson - "Because Of Love"

Mark said...

Ah yes Graeme Park, great DJ from back in the day. I remember him being a resident at the 'Kool Kat' in Nottingham(used to go there every week religiously) before he moved to the Hacienda. Great times.

Cool blog btw.

Mark. said...

Oh and the Kool Kat changed its name to 'the Garage' sometime in the late 80's where he played too.

Check some of his older (better IMO) mixes here -