Thursday, July 26, 2007

Martin Brothers

Martin Brothers, "Stoopit" (YSI link)

Tricky Disco, "Tricky Disco (Thizzy Disco remix)"
(YSI link)

In honor of the latest installmet of the Dirtybird monthly at my new favorite spot in Manhattan, APT, I figured I'd up an older track from the label tonight's DJs and a remix from tonight's DJs. Martin Brothers are literally the Martin Brothers, Justin and Christian. Justin has been one of the main men along with Claude VonStroke at the Dirtybird label dropping a majority of the early singles. Christian's the older brother, so presumably he beat the shit out of Justin before, during and after the recording of this EP, The Martin Brothers.

"Stoopit" is a pretty damn good intro to the whole Dirtybird sound, possibly a less jackin' version of it. I can honestly say that right now, this sound is simply killing me. Those synth bleeps, massive bass, detached vocal tics, the house beats, it really seems like the best stuff I'm hearing right now. The remix is the only one the Martin Brothers have done so far, under the alias of Thizzy Disco, a name that honors its hometown of San Francisco. Hmm, I'd love to hear these guys throw some Bay rap into their mixes. I'm just sayin'. Anyway, the remix is brand new, a reworking of the classic rave track Tricky Disco's "Tricky Disco." It's actually more on the minimal side to my ears, with more of a shuffling drum patterns that pushes the song along in bits. You still get little vocal bits that are fucked with, but everything else is reserved, much more subtle than I expected. I can't lie, there's a few moments I wished the boys had let loose on the bass and went bananas, especially since they're working with a acid
classic. All in all, a nice track and a possible sign of a more minimal approach coming.

So yeah, we'll probably mention this whole label and roster many more times. In the meantime, head over to their website and cop the entire catalogue on mp3. These guys are really putting out some of the best stuff today, deserve our full support. For those in NYC, do not miss tonight's Dirtybird party at APT, where the Martin Brothers are joined by [sic] in the basement for a night of filthy bass in decidely unfilthy space.

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