Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Implog - Hudson Tunnel Dive

Implog, "Hudson Tunnel Dive" (YSI link) 320 DJs

Implog, "On B'way"
(YSI link) 320 DJs

Oh, I've been wanting to put this one up I think since the day I started the blog. But, I had to be in the perfect frame of mind and for those who know me, the idea that I would be in a good frame of mind is hard to imagine. Well, I'm there, people, I'm there. We've moved the Pound for Pound HQ and this one should be permanent. We're now on the Bedford stop on the L, where the beautiful people roam and look beautiful. The visions of Johanna have stopped. The Democrats are getting some balls. I'm reading a great book. The weather has been good. Good parties, good shows, good people. The time is right.

Implog's "Hudson Tunnel Dive" is one of the craziest dopest tracks you will ever hear. It's one of those ones where you just listen, say "What the fuck?" three or four times, hit reply, repeat. It's a classsic from the No Wave period, dropping in 1980 on the In-Fidelity label, one of only two releases by the group, which was mainly the work of Don Christensen. It eventually moved out of its downtown NYC world and became a secret weapon for DJs like the Hacienda guys, Erol Alkan and Optimo. It probably fits more comfortably under the concept of disco-not-disco that we discussed awhile back, with its beat being kept by what sounds like a dude banging a stick on a rock. There's so much good stuff here, from the weirdo vocals to the inside-an-airplane-during-takeoff sound interludes, I just want you to listen. "

Don't sleep on the B side, which I don't think gets much attention. "On B'way" is not quite as weird or good as the flip, but it's still great. It has more of a no wave feel, with the strummed guitar chords throughout, feedback and background noises, but even this one grooves. It's a twisted cover of the Leiber&Stoller-penned Drifters song, "On Broadway." What a record, both sides are classics and that's it for impLOG. There wouldn't never be another release.

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