Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Para One - Midnight Swim

Para One, "Midnight Swim (original mix)"
(YSI link) 320 DJs

Para One, "Midnight Swim (Beckett & Taylor remix)"
(YSI link) 320

Oky, so here's the new format, older tune, newer tune, subsequent posts until I cn't do this no more. What better place to start than Paris, my future home, the land of overthinkers, cafes and fast Internet. Most importntly, there seems to be an entire generation of kids raised on synthesizers, like were cribs outfitted with them in the the 80s or something? Whatever, I ain't complaining. Para One is one of the biggest names on the Parisian dance scene, Institubes dude, remixer, producer, you know dude.

Here's his most recent single, "Midnight Swim." This one dropped at the beginning of the year and has been getting a lot of love, especially the remixes. In fact, I feel like the original has almost gotten overlooked. It didn't do much for me the first time around, maybe even after the second listen, but after coming back to it recently, it sounds amazing. It almost sounds like 20 different pieces at first, like they're too apparently disconnected. But, on repeated listens, it gels nicely into a stuttering, bastard house song complete with sampled vocal. The Beckett & Taylor remix might be even better, as they send the song to speech school and get rid of that stutter. It's more dancefloor ready, as the drums and bass stay throughout and a cool sample woman breathing turn this one into something special. The crunching drum sound and deep subbass especially kills with the jacking elements on top. Yeah! FYI, Beckett and Taylor are Laszlo Beckett and Steve Taylor, heads of Hand On The Plow Records, just fyi since I had knew nothing about them before hearing this song.

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