Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Camp Crystal Lake Memories SF, Broadzillaween PHI, DFA/Ghostly International BK and more

The night is finally here, when you can be someone else and watch the Peanuts special and eat candy and act a fool. So much good shit tonight, hard to know where to start. This is a preliminary sketch, think of it as like the Top 3, as I'm heading to a Colbert Report taping right now. I'm stoked though, so lots of exclamation points tonight! Deal with it! Yeah! San Fran, I'm giving you top billing for this amazingly named, amazingly booked party. Camp Crystal Lake Memories with Riot In Belgium! Sleazemore, Rchrd Oh?! and Omar of Popscene! Hot Tub live!

-Broadzillaween! Broadzilla DJs are back! Sal Principato DJing! Liquid Liquid! Pink Skull live! Free Absolut drinks and $1 PBRs from 9-10! Philly! Get Rad!

-Brooklyn, I see you! How can you not go to this? DFA + Ghostly International = Halloween raveage. Matthew Dear's Big Hands live, Juan Maclean DJing, Morgan Geist, Tim Sweeney and Tim Goldsworthy

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holy Ghost Record Release NYC, Outdanced CHI and more

If I was being honest with myself and my dear readers, I would recommend only eggings for tonight. Fuck parties and dancing! It's Mischief Night! But, alas, I'm an old man and I cannot condone vandalism and mischief as they are morally wrong. Thankfully, there are a ton of great parties going on tonight and I won't have to consider my lost youth. The next two nights are DFA nights for New Yorkers, if you so choose. Tonight, hit up 205 Club (205 Chrystie@Stanton) for the Holy Ghost! Record Release party where resident DJs Jacques Reneault and Justin Miller will spin all night with a great mix of dance music from disco to house to electro and back again. I believe the band is playing live, RSVP at to get on the list, show up early to make sure you get in probably as well. I'm a huge fan of the band's first single, love the basement of 205, love these DJs, feel the love people, feel the love.

-Ooh, another great event in NYC tonight, think of this as co-event of the night or something. New York Magazine are throwing a dance party called All Hallows Madness. No seriously, they are and they look to have done the damn thing. Pound for Pound favorites Chromeo and Kudu are playing live, along with Dan Deacon. Not sure if they are going to be DJs, but I'm guessing that there will be. It's a costume party, so try to dress up. There's gonna be cash prizes for best costume, plus a scavenger hunt, and an open bar all night! Like whoa. 21+, $25 tickets on sale here and at the door, doors open at 9 pm, coolest of all is that it's happening at the Judson Church (55 Washington Square South), should be a memorable night if you don't black out from the open bar.

-Sadly, tonight's the final editon of the See You Next Tuesday party in D.C. This one's called See You In Hell, nice to see them go out with a themed bang. DJ People's Champion is joined by Atari Crunk, i.e. Chris O from Yo Majesty and Taxlo and DLake from Taxlo only. Get to Wonderland Ballroom (1101 Kenyon St. NW) and party like crazy one last time and say goodbye. No cover, 10-2 am, 21+.

-Two cool events in Chicago tonight. The Outdanced weekly plays host to the Whitey/Rory Phillips tour we mentioned this weekend and which I got to check out Saturday night. Highly recommended, you already know that the Outdanced night is highly recommended. Combine them and watchout! Joining the UK stars is Brilliant Pebbles live and Jordan Z in the DJ booth. RSVP at to make sure you get in, drink specials and $2 PBRs all night, doesn't look like a costume party for the record, so The Funky Buddha Lounge (728 W. Grand Ave.) should be safe from Amy Winehouse "lookalikes" and slutty [fill in the blank], sorry. P.S. What's the Devil's Night shit?

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-The Smartbar is the choice for those of you looking to get dressed up tonight, as it hosts the Art Brut after/costume party. When The Eagle Met The Wolf and DJ Stv Slv will provide the music, no cover, 21+, doors at 10 pm.

-Whoa, I didn't even know LA had lofts, so you know I had to hype this Hocus Pocus Loft Party in the City of Celebrities. Luv Tek, S!n, Billy Noorlag, DJ Hyphy Crunk, Bul!m!atron!, DJ Dskotk and DJ Score are spinning at this 18+ costume party, there's an outdoor and indoor areas, photos by Red Slurpee, drinks by B.A. Events, all for only $5. It happens at the Purple Loft (430 S. Pecan St.), should be something nice and different out in LA.

-Finally, the New Young Pony Club is wrapping up its US tour, only two more dates including tonight's show in LA at The Echo. You know that we love NYPC, Muscles and Modular, so you know we think that this is a great show to check out. DJ Pube$ supports, $15 advanced, $18 at the door, 18+.

Bloc Party - I Still Remember Remixes

Bloc Party, "I Still Remember (Sebastian remix)" (YSI link)

Bloc Party, "I Still Remember (Speak Junk Bassbin remix)" (YSI link)

Bloc Party, "I Still Remember (Gavron Yes Boss remix)" (YSI link)

I'm a big Bloc Party fan. Their first album, Silent Alarm, still gets listens on the iPod, a few of the songs on that one still strike a chord years later when I hear them they are that good. Their second and most recent one, A Weekend In The City, unfortunately, didn't reach the same heights for me, didn't have quite as memorable and/or dance-y and/or intense songs imo.

"I Still Remember" was one of my favorite tracks from the album, nothing amazing, just one of those emo-y, anthemic tracks that these guys can put out and not make you feel like a 15 year old girl for liking. Like all Bloc Party singles, it's gotten the full treatment, being reworked by various producers. The main draw here is the SebastiAn remix, as the Frenchman has put together another amazing remix, one of his best in fact. He takes the original and strips the emo away with beats and bass. Add in some gorgeous, swirly synths, a fragile opening minute, a nice use of vocal snippets and you have yourself an epic remix. Not sure if this one's for the dance floor or what, but I do know that this one's made for headphone listening on the L (or F or Septa bus or whatever)

I was hesitant about the Speak Junk remix (it's the Speaker Junk bols sans the -er), as I kinda felt like it was a cool choice, but maybe not the best choice. The fidgety, bass heavy sound is a favorite, but wasn't sure it would translate to the indie song without feeling forced. I was happily wrong, as this is an excellent remix too. It's definitely more dancefloor-ready to my ears, a rubbery, snaking bassline kills me. Joshua Harvey and Trevor Loveys chop the shit out of the vocals, slicing and dicing them nicely, taking it completely out of the indie song world. Finally, I know little about Gavron or his Yes Boss duo, other than what I can read on the Internet. I do know that they are the ones who retain that epic, emotional sound, with repetitive, slow-building keys and synths. It's the incessant beat that does the trick most for me, brings some needed urgency to the original.

Grab a copy of the new(ish) Bloc Party album here and if you don't already own the debut, wtf!?! Grab that immediately as well or face the consequences.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fucking Awesome LA, DJ Funk Club Genre LA and Muscles/NYPC SF

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It's a West Coast night to the fullest, as LA and SF aren't waitin' for Halloween night. These are all excellent choices I feel like, so let's give some props to an amazingly-named new weekly from Franki Chan and the IHeartComix crew, Fucking Awesome. I should say that it's more of a remix or edit of a party that used to go down awhile back, it's being dusted off and updated. Each Monday, Franki and Har Mar Superstar are going to take over the Beauty Bar (1638 Cahuenga Blvd) and bring in special guests and start your week off right. Tonight, Fab of The Strokes will be there, but the main reason you're gonna wanna make it out is to catch Philly's own Adam Sparkles spin. Dude deserves a much bigger audience, part of the Making Time/RVNG crew, he will melt blow your mind for real. Free Sparks from 10-11, photos by Red Slurpee, no cover,

-Of course, it's Monday in LA, so Club Genre goes down at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd). This one's extra special though for real. First off, it's Genre Goes Monster, a Halloween dance party, a great chance to get dressed up and get all of that out of your system. More dear to this blog, the special guest DJ is Chicago booty house legend DJ Funk, making his only stop in LA, a one-night only thing, i.e. do not miss this. Residents S!n and Luv Tek will hold down the main room with Funk, while Zendo, Joaquin, Billy Noorlag and Jimmy Boy keep the Living Room area jumping. Free before 10:30, $5 all night with a costume, free candy, 18+, prizes for best costume. I mean, DJ Funk, for g-dsakes!

-San Francisco will not be outdone in the battle of California tonight, as Robot Rock has teamed up with Modular Records for a rad concert/dance party at Mezzanine (444 Jessie St.@Mint). New Young Pony Club and Muscles are both playing live, while resident DJs Richie Panic and Jefrodisiac spin all night. Grab advanced tickets for $15 at ticketweb or $18 ones at the door (and there should be tickets available). 21+, doors at 9 pm, this is gonna be an amazing night and you don't even have to put together some crappy last-minute costume to enjoy it! Yeah!

Interpol & Arthur Baker - Obstacle 1

interpol 2

Photo by Jelle Wagenaar (2005)

Interpol, "Obstacle 1 (Arthur Baker's Return To NY mix)" (YSI link) 320

Interpol, "Obstacle 1 (Arthur Baker's Return To NY mix - edit)" (YSI link) 320

I love bringing it all together and this post, featuring electro legend Arthur Baker re-doing Interpol's "Obstacle 1" ties in our recent look at indie and electro. This one originally came out in 2003, when Interpol burst on the scene with their debut LP, Turn On The Bright Lights, and the post-punk sound made its return. It was very cool that the band chose and got Arthur Baker to do his own mix of this track, a nice nod to one of the legendary figures from that period that influenced the band. We've mentioned him many times here, a Mount Rushmore figure for us, from his pioneering electro tracks to his production work with bands like New Order to remixes of everyone from Joy Division to Le Tigre, dude is a stone cold legend.

Anyway, I can't say I was floored by the Return To NY mix the first few times I heard it. I think that you kind of expect this to be some crazy reinterpretation, like Interpol doing "Breaker's Revenge" or something. It's not, it's a really subtle edit that makes the original a litlte dancefloor friendlier with some effects, busier drums and extending a few parts (I assume, since it's a minute longer). It's one of my favorite Interpol tracks, so I guess it's nice that Baker didn't do too much.

We're gonna keep going down these two paths this week, I think, definitely gonna look at some more indie band remix stuff, possibly some classic electro tunes too. Yeah!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Whitey & Rory Phillips Tour America

Whitey/Rory tour

Motor, "Bleep #1 (Whitey 'Clean Machines' mix)"
(YSI link)

Kleerup featuring Robyn, "With Every Heartbeat (Rory Phillips remix)" (YSI link)

Late update: It's definitely at the DUMBO spot (65 Jay Street), not the West Village.

It's always great to get a chance to check out some of the great DJs from outside when they come to the US, even greater when it's a Halloween party in a sick DUMBO loft. I figured that I'd let everyone know that UK DJs Whitey and Rory Phillips are starting a mini-North American tour starting tonight in New York City. There's a bit of confusion on where they are spinning tonight, as the PR people originally sent out info for a party at a new place in the West Village 7th and Leroy. However, the Cheeky Bastard/GBH guys sent out an email for a loft party in DUMBO tonight (65 Jay Street), plus an email to RSVP, so I'm gonna assume that this is the place to see two of the UK's best indie dancers. RSVP to, give your name and the number of guests, then say that you are on the GBH list when you get there. $20, open bar, 10-4 am, 21+.

For the rest of y'all, check the flier for the rest of the tour dates: Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Newport Beach CA, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Calgary. For the rest of y'all who aren't in any of those places, enjoy two of their most recent remixes and don't be sad.

Lose Your Shit BK, Nightmare On S. 1st St. BK, Bliss D.C., Are Friends Electric? SF, Blow Up Halloween Ball LA and more

As a kid growing up in Philly, Halloween went from being a holiday for the night of October 31st only to daylight the day of to a day before, all in the name of safety or something. Not really sure what this has to do with anything, but basically it appears that the closest weekend night to the 31st has now become the official night to dress up and freak out like a crazy person. Lots going on in my current home of Brooklyn, what with the White/Rory Phillips party in the other post, and the two in this one. First up, the Lose Your Shit goes down in a loft in Bed-Stuy (172 Classen Ave.) and features a ton of great DJs, like Tim Sweeney of Beats In Space/DFA fame, Ron Morelli, Lloydski of Turntable Lab and Peter Gunn, $mall Change and Reagonomics of Broklyn Beats/Pure Fire! Whoa, those names may not be the biggest in the game, but trust me, this should be an amazing night of dance and debauchery. $10, starts at 10 pm, presented by Mean Red Productions.

-On the southside of Williamsburg, my bol Project Matt is back and he's spinning at the grand opening of a new spot called the Southside Speakeasy (245 S. 1st St.) Nightmare On South First Street could turn into one if you utilize the drink specials, $1 PBRs, $3 well drinks, $4 PBRs and a special shot (I think). It starts around 10, prizes for best costumes, Matt and guests dropping rap, reggae and bangers, head there after the KCDC Halloween Party at the skate shop on N. 11th btwn Berry & Whythe, which has art, skating and a tribute to metal music. Yeah! Williamsburg!

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-A late addition, for those who don't wanna leave the L train world, McKibbin Lofts (255 McKibbin St.) are doing their thing for Halloween, which means an insane, packed party in various lofts. Amazingly, I feel like people being dressed up in make-up and masks and slutty costumes won't really be a huge change of pace. Lots of bands, art and DJs will be there, but you're gonna wanna find the room on the first floor that Lauren Flax and Dances With White Girls are spinning and camp out there.


-Down in D.C., that dude DJ Will Eastman (check back for an exclusive remix from our dude early this week) is doing a Bliss Halloween party at the Black Cat Backstage (1811 14th Street@S Street). He's promising ghouls, sexy robots, dead rockstars, Crunkenstein and most of all, pure, simple bliss! There's also guest DJ Pogo, costume contests. Please watch this video flier (!!!) and you will feel a little better about the world:

-Columbus Ohio, stand up! While many believe that Pound for Pound has never left the East Coast, I did have a great time in Columbus hanging with an old friend who went to Ohio State. I know that this isn't a football game, it's better! It's Nick Catchdubs and D.C.'s Dave Nada spinning at Skully's Music Diner (1151 N. High Street) for the 5th Annual Halloween Party with a $500 costume contest and haunted house. This should be a cool event, good to see Ohio doing big things. Shout out to my bol DR.

-Hell, I've also been to Chicago, shout out to SS. Tonight, Club Jamz and UR Chicago do their Halloween bash, Monster Mash-Up. Residents Mother Hubbard of Life During Wartime and Mister Wolf have brought in guests Miss Gab of Club Jamz, Willy Joy of Fly By Night, Vyle of Flosstradamus and Beatkids for a huge party at Mix Lakeview Lounge (2843 N. Halstead). Free before 12, free all night with a costume, $2 Jello shots, $2.50 PBRs, a Wii set-up in the bar for video game playing, giveaways from Rock Star Games, 9-3 am.

-Or how about a Dark Wave Disco Halloween with Tommie Sunshine? The NYC trancerock DJ is the special guest at Sonotheque (1444 W. Chicago Ave.), along with Big Stereo's Rchrd Oh!?, joining residents Trancid, Mark Gertz and Greg Corner for a night of dance music from all over the spectrum. Hosted by Paul In Chicago and CK Couture, it's $10 before 11, $15 after, $3 Goose Islands and Halloween drink specials. RSVP at, then go get crazy.

-Let's keep pushing further north and west, into Minneapolis. If we are talking about that city, you know we are going to mention Soviet Panda and the Too Much Love party. Panda, Jonathan Ackerman and Million$ Billion$ will spin all night at 1st Avenue (701 First Avenue North), you should wear a costume, pay your $3, then dance like crazy people. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Oh, and there's an afterparty, Late Night Creepin', at Defi with Soviet Panda and many more. I'm not sure if that's the name of a bar or house or what. How can you find out more info? Go to Too Much Love, they'll tell you there!

-In the actual middle of the country, Nomathematics and Thunderous Olympian are doing a pre-Halloween bash at the Embassy Bar (3945 Main St.) in Kansas City, Missouri. Costumes are encouraged, so put some fake blood on or a mask, don't be that guy.

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Lovin' the Midwest kids doing it big with afterparties til dawn, nice to see the spirit lives on in the heartland or something like that. West Bottoms Collective host, Thunderous Olympian and Ben from Tactic spin, 1409 W. 11th St., 2nd Fl, rave on.

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-It's the eternal question, one which Plato himself wondered: Are Friends Electric? Thankfully, the people of San Francisco can come up with an answer once and for all tonight at Fat City (314 11th St.). Or else you can just go have the time of your life with MSTRKRFT playing a live set at this Halloween Monster Mash!!!! This one is the event of the night, no doubt, as Al P and JFK will melt your faces, then Sleazmore and Shane King will take you over the edge. Okay, advanced tickets are gone, but there will be some tickets at the door. Get there early if you want to guarantee entry, doors are at 9, I'd suggest being there in advance of that for real. $20, costumes recommended, there will be treats, candy, surprises, Blasthaus have given you a chance to have an unforgettable Halloween. Oh, sick flier, btw, best of the night.

-Last but not certainly not least, Blow Up LA have put together a huge party, check the DJs at this all-night rager. A few highlights: The Juan MacLean DJ set, Le Castle Vania, Philly's JHN RDN and Adam Sparkles (do not miss these dudes, LA!), lots of LA and SF's best, three rooms, haunted house. Costumes required, Shadowscene will take your picture in said costume, $2 vodka monsters from 10-11. RSVP to ASAP and get on the reduced list of $15 before midnight, $20 otherwise, 18+, doors at 10 pm, goes until it can't go no more. Brought to you by Anne Lee, Shadowscene and Double Fisted Underground, it's Blow Up Halloween Ball LA. Yeah!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Craig Murphey Memorial Fundraiser Royal Oak WBurg BK Tonight

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I wanted to take tonight's party post and dedicate it to an event happening in my current home, Williamsburg Brooklyn. It's the First Annual Craig Murphey Memorial Fundraiser, happening at Royal Oak (11th and Union Ave.) tonight from 11-4am, dedicated to remembering and honoring the life of this young man who was taken far too soon in a bike accident not far from here. I never met him, but I've been incredibly moved by the story and the outpouring of love for him, he has clearly touched the lives of many many people, including some who are friends of Pound for Pound. I am going to repost the message that organizers Finger On The Pulse sent out for the event, as well as a letter from the director of the West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty that includes info on donating money to the group. I hope that all readers will send a few dollars to WHANAP, a wonderful organization fighting to make this city fairer and more just. For those in Brooklyn, head to Royal Oak for a celebration of CM's life with the Finger On The Pulse bols and Lauren Flax from White Lightning, all proceeds go to WHANAP, no cover.

-As many of you know, one of our close friends Craig Murphey was killed early last Thursday morning on his bike. He was one of the most passionate, devoted and caring human beings we have ever met. He lived each day to its fullest and would take time for his best friend or a perfect stranger if they needed someone to talk to.

While we are still dealing with the loss of one of the most amazing people we have ever met, we know that Craig would not want us crying about him, but instead celebrating his life (with our arms and fists waving wildly above our heads!) This Friday night at Royal Oak, we are going to celebrate the man we remember with his unique dance moves and his joy for being around the people he loved.

We will be holding the first annual Craig Murphey Memorial Party Fund Raiser to raise money for Craig’s charity work, West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty. Below the flyer we have attached a letter from the Cathedral Craig worked out of which has more information on his life work and on how to donate if you cannot attend the memorial.

Craig was one of the best of us and, as someone put it this weekend, he was just too good for this world. We miss him so much and look forward to celebrating his life this Friday and for many years to come.

Craig Murphey Memorial Fundraiser
Friday Oct 26 @ Royal Oak
All proceeds go to WHANAP

-Craig started working at the Cathedral in November of 2003 as a VISTA volunteer for CCC. He was 22 years old, just out of college, and excited about the chance to live in the very “heart” where everything happens. His task was to strengthen the work of the Upper West Side Colloquium Against Poverty, which consisted of about 5 emergency food providers in the Morningside Heights/West Harlem area. The group wanted to have a VISTA volunteer coordinate its efforts. It was important that the group met regularly, that there were minutes, and an agenda, not just a lot of discussion about poverty. As soon as Craig started his work with the group, membership expanded and the group was able to accomplish a number of projects: a membership agreement and mission statement (as well as the changing of the group’s name to “West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty, or WHANAP), the publication of a resource guide, the sharing of a web database, and a Community Supported Agriculture Project, better known as the “West Harlem CSA.”

Through his ability to build relationships as an organizer and using his creativity and intelligence he fundraised for the continued coordination of WHANAP and stayed on as the Cathedral’s Community Organizer after his VISTA year was completed.

Just this week, we ended the first West Harlem CSA growing season. This collaborative initiative ensured that fresh produce would reach low-income families and the emergency food programs he worked with through WHANAP. This project was close to his heart. He was passionate about the issues of hunger. He understood that combating this issue was not just about feeding people but that it involved getting the freshest and best nutrition to everyone regardless of one’s income.

He ran the WHANAP meetings as if he was an experienced organizer for 20 years. He knew that his job was not to tell people what to do, but to listen and connect folks, pull resources together and make things happen. The CSA project alone involved 5 different organizations and 7 WHANAP members. Somehow he was able to juggle all of this at the same time.

Each week Craig also sent out the “Feed the Solution” newsletter. This newsletter informed church leaders, program heads and volunteers what was going on with social policy issues on hunger and the advocacy work needed to change the systemic issues that lead to hunger. He participated in lobby days in Albany and Washington DC, speaking directly to elected state and federal officials. He testified about his own experience with the Food Stamp program in front of the City Council’s welfare committee. He was in constant communication with the City Council office, working on setting up meetings for WHANAP members so that they had an opportunity to talk about what was wrong with the food distribution system and how to make it better.

He worked tirelessly to make sure that these small emergency food programs had the tools necessary to do their job as best as possible. This included sending out pleas on “Craigslist” for things like computers, volunteers and materials.

Although to many his dress screamed hipster, youth and rebellion his demeanor was completely adult and self-assured. The CCC staff sometimes poked fun at his vegan lifestyle. However his lifestyle was consistent with his personal convictions. He was passionate about ending cruelty to animals, changing the food systems in this country, and was critical about how things were made and produced. Craig talked about the problem with sweatshops and labor and then unlike many others, he only purchased “non-sweat” items. He inspired us every day.

He served as a mentor to many VISTA volunteers at the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. He always took the time to explain to them the projects he was working on and how they could create similar opportunities for others. In his free time he even started a volunteer service, Right Rides for Women’s Safety, to make sure that someone was available to walk women home late at night in his Williamsburg neighborhood.

An active listener who would let you know that he understood when he gave his beautiful smile and someone who was the embodiment of what social justice means at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine….this is why Craig Murphey will be sorely missed.


Raquel Granda, Director

Cathedral Community Cares
1047 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025
The World is as you dream it-- Message of the Shuar People, Ecuador

Newcleus - Jam On It

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Newcleus, "Jam On It (original 12" mix)"
(YSI link)

Newcleus, "Jam On It (DJ T remix)" (YSI link)

Newcleus, "Jam On It (Claude VonStroke & Galen Disco Kryptonite remix)" (YSI link)

Yeah, we're back where we need to be, back in the heart of electro darkness. It's sad that I haven't put this one up before, as Newcleus' "Jam On It" is a classic slab of 80s electro goodness. Originally released in 1984, this is actually the follow-up to "Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)," just as classic, just as essential. Newcleus was born in Brooklyn, originally more of a DJ outfit in the late 70s, they would become a band in the early 80s and release 2 albums, have a little success and then fade away as so often happens. From the first plucked bass notes, you will immediately recognize this one. "Jam On It" sits on the electro/rap border, as each member puts on a rhyme over a great synth/drum machine track. There's not much to add this one, it still sounds fresh 2+decades later.

The Swedish label Deeplay Soultec dropped a cool vinyl featuring 4 remixes from some of the best in the house music world today. We have discussed Claude VonStroke as much as anyone here, always good to see his name on a remix, especially for a song so dear to me. However, I can't say that this is one of his better ones, it sounds like he just sort of upped everything, sped it up and made it busier without making it a better song. DJ T of Get Physical does a better job, although his sounds more like an edit than a remix. Both utilize the vocals, but only a little. They both make the original more dancefloor friendly, but for the dancefloor of my mind, the original is peak time shit. Believe dat!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interpol Remixes (Erol Alkan & Phones)


Photo by Jelle Wagenaar (2005)

Interpol, "Mammoth (Erol Alkan remix)" (YSI link)

Interpol, "Heinrich Maneuver (Phones remix)" (YSI link) 320

This seems like a good follow-up to the Crystal Castles mix, something more for the indie kids who like to dance. I always feel a little removed from this music and scene, not really sure if Interpol hold as lofty a position as they once did or if they are sell-outs now or whatever. But, who gives a shit if they are going to keep releasing dope remixes of their tracks?!?

All I really know is that Erol Alkan and Paul Epworth hold lofty positions here at Pound for Pound and these remixes do nothing to undermine their positions. Y'all know Alkan, the DJ who came through last weekend and destroyed Philly and Brooklyn, the dude behind the Trash party, producer of Mystery Jets, Late of the Pier, remixer of Daft Punk, Hot Chip, Death From Above 1979 and everyone else. He seems to have been listening to some heavy metal lately, as this remix turns the drums up to 11. Banging, heavy drums that will knock a new hole in your head, in a good way. That focus only makes the addition of guitars that much more effective

Y'all know Paul Epworth too, mainly through his production work with bands like Bloc Party, Future Heads, White Rose Movement, but also through his remix later ego Phones. Under that guise, he's had big impact on the indie dance scene, remixing Annie, New ORder, Bloc Party and more. This one's my choice of the two, an excellent remix that perfectly utilizes the original's vocals in my opinion. It probably won't surprise you that this one is much more about the bass, a real wicked one that eats alive the lovely piano from the beginning and the vocals that bubble up later. He adds some vocodored vocals just to take this one completely into the stratosphere, one of the best remixes I've heard in a minute.

Go buy the most recent Interpol album, Our Love To Admire. You can grab the vinyl for this at Phonica, grab it fast as it will not be around for long.

Howler Monkey - Crystal Castles Mix

Howler Monkey, Crystal Castles Omnibus Mix (YSI link) tracklist in comments

I wanted to take a break from the mixes the past two weeks, as I know it's a lot of music to constantly being throw at you. This mix was sent to me around the beginning of this break by the man himself, finally got around to giving it a listen this week and knew immediately I needed to return from mix hiatus.

A DJ by the name of Howler Monkey straight outta Pittsburgh put together this 30+ minute mix using all of the material from electropunk band Crystal Castles, touching on all of their output, originals and remixes (except for "Excuse Me" from a 7" split release). There's 12 tracks total, all seamlessly mixed, hyped by Pitchfork. I'm sure a lot of people are kinda turned off by what they just read: a mix for a band that barely has its own discography, one that has gotten more than its share of blog hype already, now getting its own mix. Well, get over it, this one's both a great mix and a great idea, never coming across as gimmicky or forced, a great intro to one of the more interesting up and coming bands. I'll let you check out the music, let me just quickly add how much I love this concept; many of my favorite mixes focus on one band/artist, give me a chance to hear their music in a sustained way. These type of mixes definitely cut through the glut of mixes out there and make me take notice of the DJs behind them.

Normally, I'd write a paragraph about the DJ and his/her past, their other stuff, upcoming parties, the whole works. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no clue who Howler Monkey is, as he has made his myspace page private and can only receive messages from friends. I like the mystery, always great to not know everything about someone like , but in this case, hopefully we'll be able to remedy that and let you know who the dude is and what's coming up. Write in if you can add some details to the picture, especially if you are Howler Monkey!

Okay, I'm gonna begin a diagonostic GRE test, wish me luck, more music later today. Yeah! That's a Yeah! to the mix, not the test.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bass Cadets BSTN, High Voltage NYC, Modest Hustle CHI and more

I mean, how could this not be the featured event of the night? The Bass Cadets are in Cambridge, ready to destroy with a arsenal of booty music and dance bangers. Who are the Bass Cadets? I'm glad you asked. They are some of New England's best DJs - Knowlton Walsh, Scott Bliss and the Savant brothers, Michael & Matthew. They are behind the Hot Pink party and Volume and Sonar and A-Kult, holding it down in New England. It sounds like this one will become regular thing and the crew will add a few more DJs to the army, but for now get to the Shine Lounge (One Kendall Square) and dance your asses off and feel the BASS. No cover, 19+ (love screwing over the 18 year olds), good

-It's Wednesday night in New York City, that means it's High Voltage time. Dimitry's party keeps holding it up each Wednesday at 200 Orchard, tonight's might be the best one yet. Junior Sanchez is the guest DJ, a really great move, a chance for everyone to hear a bona fide house music DJ spin dance music. While that should be more than enough to get you out, there's also two Zygo open bars, one starting at 11 until its gone, the second at 3 until its gone. Not even sure how this works or when the second shipment comes, but I'll leave that to the professionals. I'll just say that this is one of the best weeklies in NYC and this could be the best one yet tonight.

-Not far away, the Hopchank/Ninja Sonik party takes over Happy Ending (302 Broome St.) for the night, as they do every second and fourth Wednesday each month. DJs Reverend McFly, Morsy and Teenwolf bring you just the right mix, lots of rap classics, new stuff, fun stuff, no filler. There's also no cover, 21+.

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-I'm conflicted on this one, as it seems like a cool event, especially for the rock kids. Live music from Team Facelift, Semi Precious Weapons and Darkroom, Michael T of Motherfucker, Twig the Wonderkid, Lady Starlight plus resident DJ Nellee Dii spinning, burlesque with the World Famous BOB, Dirti Martini and Darl'in Amber Carr, no cover, open bar from 9:30-10:30. But, yet, it's at the Delancey (168 Delancey St.), which is like a giant -1000. Ugh, worst night in NYC was there, whatever, don't let my ghosts haunt you. Go out and have a blast, be glam at BackSeat Honey.

-In Philly, first there's a new party for me called Shing-a-ling a go-go that looks like a lot of fun. DJ Papa Deux Fois will spin all sorts of music including psychedelic, funk, soul and more, the Peek-a-Boo Revue will provide the go-go dancing. All you have to do is show up at Silk City (425 Spring Garden St.) and provide yourself and it's a go! No cover, 21+, 9 pm.

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-There's also an old party at a new spot, as the 90s Party has set up upstairs at the Khyber (52 S. 2nd St.) and rebranded as Come As You Are. This looks like it's the new weekly that will replace Driz Horse. Those are big shoes to fill, but I'm sure that Crystal Steph, DJ Tanner, Mista Seever and Dr. Beard are up to the task. No cover, $2.50 well drinks + $1 PBR & High Lifes until 11, starts at 9 pm, grunge, rap, alternative, relive those

-Finally, The Gold Party takes over at Sal's on 12th and they really mean it. Deck yourself out in your best gold clothing and jewelry, there's free "bling" for the first 50 people and a prize for the person who does gold the best. DJs Scotty Too Dope and Joe Licht will play the music, hopefully not golden oldies stuff. Hosted by Jess K., free PBR from 10-11, no cover, 21+, another great stop tonight in the 215.

-Not surprisingly, there's something cool going on Chicago tonight. It's the Modest Hustle party which also serves as the Aesthetic Response launch party. What's Aesthetic Response? Good question. It's "an arts and culture magazine that represents a collective of visual artists and writers, intent on solidifying roots and providing a unique creative outlet for the Chicago creative community - they very community that made them." Sounds good, doesn't it? It makes sense than to have some of the best local musical talent like When Eagle Met The Wolf, J SKWR, DJ Chris Mix and DJ BJ provide the stuff to listen and dance to, while artists like Peabe, James Beckman, Aga, Conor Dempsey, Paul Pater, Santi Khairassame and Ryan Jiloca provide the stuff to look at. All of it happens at the Darkroom (2210 W. Chicago Ave.) for free, as long as you are 21+. This is a great party and great project, show support.

-Ahh, Miami, it's always to nice to hear from you. It's fitting that a huge event would go down as we discuss BASS music, very fitting. Anyway, Finger Lickin and IHeartComix bring the latest stop on the Toxic Avenger/Franki Chan world tour, a live show by the former, a DJ set by the latter. They join with the local Deuce Crew, who will also spin, for a big night at PS 14 (28 NE 14th St.) in downtown. $5, 21+, 2 for 1 drinks from 10-11, I hope that someone will play Clay D.

-It's pretty quiet out West, for the most part. If it's Wednesday in LA, you know Club Moscow is going down. Keith 2.0, Mr. Sleep, Daniel Le Disko and Marshall Barnes bring you a night of indie/dance at Boardners (1652 N. Cherokee) in the heart of Hollywood. It's 18+, free til 10:30 with a flier, new party from these guys starts this Friday, fyi.

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-The Ruff Gemz party is going down in Seattle sans flier. Fucking In The Streets and Sam Rousso Sound System take over the Baltic Room (1207 Pine St.) every Wednesday with dance and indie dance and indie music galore. This one seems extra special as the guest DJ is known simply as Jack. It is not me, for the record, but all Jacks are one in this world, a secret brotherhood so it might as well be me. Free before 11, $3 after that, $1 PBRs and $3 well drinks (not sure the time frame, so get there early just in case), 21+.

DJ Milton - Back Stroke

DJ Milton, "Playground" (YSI link)

DJ Milton, "Under A Spell" (YSI link)

DJ Milton, "Funky Bitch" (YSI link)

Ahhh, it's so good to be home, back in the realm of ghetto house and bass music. It's like returning to womb for Pound for Pound. Not sure why we got away from it, but who cares? We're back, back in Chicago with DJ Milton and Dance Mania and the world is right again.

Here's the A side to the 1995 Back Stroke EP, another sick piece of house music from the city where it all began. "Playground" leads off with a pounding drum, a 909 (?) comes in and away we go. This one's all about the drums for me, those kick and bass drums are so driving, yet so sparse. "Under The Spell" is similar, another vocal-less track dominated by the percussion. It's a little more than 2 minutes, so not really a whole lot say. This one's a lot busier, with drum claps and a bouncy bass, but in a similar vein to the opener. Finally, "Funky Bitch" brings those longed-for vocals, a great back and forth that turns Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three's "The Roof Is On Fire" into something nasty and filthy. This one has a really warm, elastic bass sound, just a great track to kill th dancefloor and get everyone going crazy. "Burn mothafucka, burn mothafucka!"

Tes La Rok - Mental Break

Tes La Rok, "Mental Break" (YSI link)

Tes La Rok, "Roll Out"
(YSI link)

I can't think of a better title right now to describe my state of mind, having spent the past two hours going through my email. I've come to realize that lots of stuff has been going into my spam folder, including ones from people I want to hear from. So, if you feel like you've written and not heard back, feel free to re-send as I try to reply to every that isn't a mass one. I love all of you, forever.

Anyway, we're gonna keep the focus on the BASS, which also allows us to keep our focus on dubstep. Yeah! Tes La Rok has had a huge 2007, with at least 8 releases so far and a remix or two. Surprisingly (not really, but I still expect everyone to be British for some reason), he's from Finland, where he has been an integral part of the underground music scene, putting on raves and now a monthly dubstep party called Step Ahead.

"Mental Break" (Mode Recordings) is sick, do not play this while walking down a dark street late at night. Seriously, after a few listens on the headphones, I am now writing this on the floor of the tub, with all lights on, the bathroom door locked and a stuffed animal. Tes La Rok uses the same wobbly bass that Speaker Junk does, but he sloooooowwwwwws it down to where you think you might be able to hear each wobble. It gives way occasionally to a big blast of subbass that sounds like a ship's horns. Underneath this, you have drums that sound like a clock ticking (down?) with little creepy effects thrown in just in case you hadn't already pissed your pants. Amazing stuff, you're gonna wanna grab the 12" vinyl for the excellent B side, "Warehouse." I'll update this if I can find a place to cop this one still.

"Roll Out" (Contagious Recordings) shows how versatile Tes La Rok is and the genre can be, as this one has none of the creepy, paranoid, druggishness of "Mental Break." Rather, it's almost bouncy and catchy, with much warmer synths than I ever expected. The drums have a staggered sound, retaining that unsettling effect that dubstep effortlessly trades in. This one will appeal to fans of Skream, those who love that guy's ability to create hooks in a music not know for them. You can still grab a copy of this one at Boom Kat, a rare chance to get one of these on vinyl and get that full bass effect.

P.S. Just to make this an extra sweet listening session, Tesla's "Signs" came on the ole iTunes as I listened to these songs. Yeah! " Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs/Fuckin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind/Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign." Have there ever been truer words spoken?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heartthrob BSTN and Booty Bassment NYC

Hmm, it's a little quiet tonight, I sense that everyone is still recovering from the CMJ Festival and are laying low until the madness of Halloween descends upon this weekend. Not Boston, though, a city that seems to dance to the beat of its own drummer. Tonight, the Heartthrob party goes off in Cambridge at the Middlesex Lounge (315 Mass Ave) and it is no joke. Ottawa & Fool's Gold's Jokers of the Scene join up with Australia & Modular's Muscles for a huge night of electro and indie and rap. It's also the latest stop on the Shadowscene US tour, so get your photo taken and be famous. 21+, $5, Boston, stand up! Do not miss this one!

-If only you could see the upcoming music posts..until I post them, those of you in NYC should head to the Knitting Factory (74 Leonard St.) for the Booty Bassment party featuring bands Ninja Sonik, Nanachill, Benny Blanco, Anamanaguchi and Anton Glamb. Here's a chance to see some up and comers who aren't afraid of the booty and the rocking of said booty. No cover, starts early at 8:30 PM, mistress of ceremony Rosemary will take care of the rest.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogger's Delight NYC, Dance Party Magic CHI and more

Ugh, what a fucking day! Nothing quite like another pathetic communication with one's ex, Fittingly, I will now be heading to see Mr.Stephen Morrissey perform at Hammerstein Ballroom. Some of you are heading to Justice at Terminal 5. Might I suggest heading to Tribeca to catch the Blogger's Delight party at the Knitting Factory (74 Leonard St.)?

-Of course, many of you don't live in NYC and could care less what goes down in this self-absorbed metropolis and/or don't know me and could care less what happens in my self-absorbed life. Chicago, tonight's the 1 year anniversary of the Empire Liquors bar/club (1566 N. Milwaukee Ave.) and they've brought in DJ Benzi to destroy the place, risking . The dude behind the Clipse mixtapes and so much more is joined by residents E6 and Roan for the Dance Party Magic party.


-Club Genre looks to be going off tonight, as Dave Gahan's CD release party happens at the weekly tonight. More importantly, residents Luv Tek, S!n, Zendo and Joaquin are joined by Shaun Slaughter of Sacramento's Fuck Friday and Lipstick parties, expect real dance music and only the best stuff. It all goes down at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd), 18+, free before 10:30, get there early and dress nice.

-Finally, tune into East Village Radio tonight from 10-midnight to hear Pound for Pound favorite DJ Dimitry spin. I'm putting in an early request for either "Let Me Love You Down" or anything from The Queen Is Dead. Tune in and hear what transpires.