Saturday, October 13, 2007

ZZT - Lower State of Consciousness

Lower State Of Consciousness - Front Cover - ZZT aka ZOMBIE NATION/TIGA

ZZT, "Lower State of Consciousness (Justice remix)" (YSI link)

Okay, not our best week here at Pound for Pound, sorry. I actually have a ton of shit ready to post, have just been running around quite a bit and falling asleep, possibly After listening to that Digital Mystikz track more, I needed more synth in my life, but party synths if you know what I mean, club-storming synths, not drug-paranoia synths. Not hard to predict that I would turn to my Parisian Justice bols to satiate that need. Here's their remix of ZZT's "Lower State of Consciousness" on the Turbo label, one of the best for current dance music. ZZT features label head Tiga and Zombie Nation and this, their first single, is everything I hoped for. The guys let some abrasiveness into the mix, something that's lacking in the electro-house scene, with some synth squeals that go right up to that dog-whistle border. The rumbling bass on this one is massive, would love to hear it on a big system. arcade game sounds are the rest of the picture. You're gonna wanna buy this 12" to hear this one, or even better, perhaps we will get to hear more from these guys with an album.

I've put up the Justice remix, where the guys turn in a more-dancefloor friendly version. The original's still there, including the great buildup part with the video game sounds, but it's been cut and pasted into a more maximalist, banging track with insistent drums and smeared synths and that slightly off-kilter beat the guys utilize. This one's got that classic Justice sound, pretty essential.

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