Friday, October 05, 2007

Piano&Scene! New York Times! Modern Love! Yeah!

Today's all about happy thoughts and nothing makes me happier than telling the amazing news that Pound for Pound favorite Piano&Scene had an essay published in the New York Times two Sundays ago. The New York fucking Times! The paper of record, bitches! Honestly, I am so proud of Jen, I can't think of anyone who deserves this attention and props more. I hope that everyone (especially publishers and editors, hint hint) take the time to read "A Painful Reminder Of My Ex," as it pretty much sums up why I think she's a great writer and deserves an audience. While some people blab on about this new song or that party, the good ones are unafraid, unafraid to let readers in, to CONNECT. Like Emily Haines or Bob Dylan or Joan Didion or whoever, great writers are fearless, not afraid to be embarassed or hurt or weak, wiling to let us in to help us know more about ourselves. This is a great story about the past, memories, love, identity, told eloquently. It's also the beginning of great things, I know it.

I'm re-upping my OG post about her blog, her business and the goal of 20 button orders. If you slept before, now's your chance to make up for that mistake. Take the time to buy some of her amazing buttons for an insanely low price, be her friend on myspace, say hi, thank her, ask her when her hair got curly or find out what she's got coming up next, check our her booklog to figure out what to read, hell just click on her article a few times and see if we can make it one of the most viewed on the Times site. Old post starts now:

Since I'm hyping up all the up-and-comers grindin', I wanted to mention one of the coolest sites/businesses I've come across on the Internets. Piano&Scene is a one-woman enterprise devoted to making reading a fashion statement. Ms. Jennifer Cacicio makes buttons to celebrate your favorite authors, a cool tribute to those writers who've made your life better and a great way to put a little style into your look. You can also go with magnets to spruce up the fridge, a nice reminder to get back to your book and stop eating.

Head over to Piano&Scene and order your pack of 4 for $12. That's 12 bucks, people! That's two beers or 1 CD or 1 record or whatever. Here's the goal: 20 readers cop 1 pack each. Think of it as your way of giving back for all of the free music here. Or a way to support an independent grinder. Or an artist. Or a city person. Here's the 3 simple steps it takes to make this happen. I'm working on my 4 choices as we speak. I think that I'm gonna go with Samuel Beckett definitely, lots of maybes like Pelecanos, Chandler, Hammett, Malamud, Bashevis Singer, Auster, Camus, Ellison, Richard Wright, Dos Passos, Dostoevsky, Kafka. Yes, that's more than 4, I said I'm working on it. How about everyone leave their 4 choices and let us know that we reached the goal. Go here for a look at some samples to help with the selection.

Yeah yeah yeah, Piano&Scene! Let's do this people! 20 people!

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