Thursday, October 11, 2007

Awesometown LA, Alan Braxe LA, GSPA NYC and more

Big night in LA, yowza. Let's start off with Awesometown, presented by Anne Lee and Shadowscene. This one might be the best one they've ever thrown, as they have special guest DJ AM (real name: Adam Goldstein!) in the house. For real, everyone I've known who has caught him spin considers him one of the best DJs they've ever experienced, consummate party rocker. You also get DJs Paparazzi, Skeet Skeet and Cosmic Kids, plus a special surprise guest who is a surprise to me as well. Shadowscene will be taking the photos, Dewards ($3 all night!) will be getting you drunks and AM and crew will get you laid (and the Dewars too). Head to The Short Stop (1455 W. Sunset Blvd), 21+, free, 10-2am.

-This one is pretty much a co-headliner tonight, the fact that Scion is putting it on took it down a notch. But, seriously, Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon have landed in the States and this is the first night of their mini-tour. These dudes are house legends and from Paris, so you know I have a man-crush on them. Head to the Viper Room (8852 W. Sunset Blvd) to see if you have one too, once you've RSVP'd to, 21+, get there early to make sure you get in, for real. Whoa whoa, the Viper Room still exists!?! Isn't that where River Phoenix died from a speedball?

-Finally, there's the V.I.M.B.Y. (Video In My Backyard) launch party at Safari Sam's (5214 W. Sunset Blvd) First off, love the reference to early 80s suburbanite political movements. Second, Shadowscene is a fucking grinder. Third, The Willowz, Wounded Cougar and Bedtime For Toys play live. Fourth, DJs Sean Patrick and City West spin. Fifth, all three of these parties are on Sunset Blvd, this one starts at 8, can you do all three? Go for it. Also, go rent the movie, shout out to Billy Wilder. Sixth, RSVP is required for this all ages, free party. Seventh, numbering is the new bullet point.

-LA's rival, New York City, carries the rest of the weight tonight. I've mentioned this GSPA party before, but this one seems to have taken it all up a notch. First, the flier game is next level. Secondly, the DJs are top-notch tonight with Prince Klassen (midnight on) and Project Matt (10-midnight), making it the perfect night to get to the Gansevoort Hotel (18 W. 9th Ave@13th St.) and check out one of the poshest places you will ever party and do it with dope DJs. 21+, no cover, doors at 11 pm.

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-It's Wednesday night, it's High Voltage night. FYI, it was named best new party in NYC by L Magazine, voted on by readers, best in the whole city. Just FYI. Tonight, Dimitry and Jason Hates You is joined by Defedelity 6-5000 and Alex English at 200 Orchard. The regular Zygo open bar from 11-it's gone, RSVP and let them know you're coming, then go party with award winners. 21+, no cover, yeah!

-Finally, you can also hit up the Hopchank/Ninja Sonik jawn at Happy Ending (302 Broome btwn Forsythe & Eldridge) for a nice downtown night. DJs Reverend McFly, Morsy and Teenwolf hold it down upstairs all night every second and fourth Wednesday with rap and pop and rappop and other good music. No cover, 21+, a good look.
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