Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Lauren Flax!

Lauren Flax feat. Chantal Claret of Morningwood, "Dark Somewhere" (YSI link)

Le Tigre, "Much Finer (Flaxdatass remix)" (YSI link)

More happy posts. I've been meaning to do a post on Lauren Flax and her music, as we've been mention her parties pretty much since Go. My lack of organization and tardiness pays off, as I'm able to put up some her music and wish her a Happy Birthday and hype her bday party tonight at 200 Orchard. First, her music. The first one is a Flax original, "Dark Somewhere," featuring Chantal Claret of Morningwood on vocals. It's a great song, it was on the second or third listen where it just clicked. I absolutely love the fuzzy guitars, those arcade game synths and unhurried pace. It's funny, as I always listen to Flax's tunes and expect to hear some filthy, ghetto bass tune, the first listen catches me off guard and then subsequent listens show me that she's giving me what I need, not what I want. The Le Tigre remix is even better, Flax gives the great vocals a lot of room, adds some wicked guitars, especially love how she paces the song, gives it breathing room, it's got a bounce to it, a rarity in the indie dance scene. I've got some more goodies coming up from Lauren, maybe we can even talk her into doing a mix.

Lauren is celebrating her birthday tonight and all she wanted was a legendary electronic music producer. What do you know? She's got it, as the legendary Juan Atkins is the special guest tonight for her bi-weekly Secrets Kill! party. People, it's fucking Cybotron! Dude has been at forefront of techno for two decades, this is a rare NYC appearance, you are not gonna wanna miss out. The birthday girl is also going to be spinning, which is our present, as I consider her to be one of the best DJs in NYC, bar none. Holler at her and bring her to a city near you, for real. Harry Sprout of Bugged Out! is also in the house, along with Alex English, E Frank, Kimyon, DJ Marta and Pow Wow, all graciously brought to you by White Lightning and Working Class Magazine. RSVP at to get on the guest list for free admission, it'll be $10 without; I highly recommend getting there early, as there are nearly a 1000 people expressing interest already. Open vodka bar from 11-12, 21+, 200 Orchard. Yeah! Happy birthday Lauren! Yeah!

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