Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DJ Milton - Back Stroke

DJ Milton, "Playground" (YSI link)

DJ Milton, "Under A Spell" (YSI link)

DJ Milton, "Funky Bitch" (YSI link)

Ahhh, it's so good to be home, back in the realm of ghetto house and bass music. It's like returning to womb for Pound for Pound. Not sure why we got away from it, but who cares? We're back, back in Chicago with DJ Milton and Dance Mania and the world is right again.

Here's the A side to the 1995 Back Stroke EP, another sick piece of house music from the city where it all began. "Playground" leads off with a pounding drum, a 909 (?) comes in and away we go. This one's all about the drums for me, those kick and bass drums are so driving, yet so sparse. "Under The Spell" is similar, another vocal-less track dominated by the percussion. It's a little more than 2 minutes, so not really a whole lot say. This one's a lot busier, with drum claps and a bouncy bass, but in a similar vein to the opener. Finally, "Funky Bitch" brings those longed-for vocals, a great back and forth that turns Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three's "The Roof Is On Fire" into something nasty and filthy. This one has a really warm, elastic bass sound, just a great track to kill th dancefloor and get everyone going crazy. "Burn mothafucka, burn mothafucka!"

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