Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interpol Remixes (Erol Alkan & Phones)


Photo by Jelle Wagenaar (2005)

Interpol, "Mammoth (Erol Alkan remix)" (YSI link)

Interpol, "Heinrich Maneuver (Phones remix)" (YSI link) 320

This seems like a good follow-up to the Crystal Castles mix, something more for the indie kids who like to dance. I always feel a little removed from this music and scene, not really sure if Interpol hold as lofty a position as they once did or if they are sell-outs now or whatever. But, who gives a shit if they are going to keep releasing dope remixes of their tracks?!?

All I really know is that Erol Alkan and Paul Epworth hold lofty positions here at Pound for Pound and these remixes do nothing to undermine their positions. Y'all know Alkan, the DJ who came through last weekend and destroyed Philly and Brooklyn, the dude behind the Trash party, producer of Mystery Jets, Late of the Pier, remixer of Daft Punk, Hot Chip, Death From Above 1979 and everyone else. He seems to have been listening to some heavy metal lately, as this remix turns the drums up to 11. Banging, heavy drums that will knock a new hole in your head, in a good way. That focus only makes the addition of guitars that much more effective

Y'all know Paul Epworth too, mainly through his production work with bands like Bloc Party, Future Heads, White Rose Movement, but also through his remix later ego Phones. Under that guise, he's had big impact on the indie dance scene, remixing Annie, New ORder, Bloc Party and more. This one's my choice of the two, an excellent remix that perfectly utilizes the original's vocals in my opinion. It probably won't surprise you that this one is much more about the bass, a real wicked one that eats alive the lovely piano from the beginning and the vocals that bubble up later. He adds some vocodored vocals just to take this one completely into the stratosphere, one of the best remixes I've heard in a minute.

Go buy the most recent Interpol album, Our Love To Admire. You can grab the vinyl for this at Phonica, grab it fast as it will not be around for long.

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