Saturday, July 29, 2006

Daft Punk - Face to Face

Daft Punk, "Face To Face"

Daft Punk, "Face To Face (Cosmo Vitelli remix)"

Daft Punk, "Face Tbo Face (Demon remix)"

I was gonna take the day off, but I missed you guys and girls too much. More Daft Punk, as we're gonna wind down our first look at the legendary French duo. I'm going to try to stick to the week-long focus, as I feel like I occasionally get too focused and overwhelm everyone with too much of the same thing. I've learned from my mistakes, we'll do a better job of balance.

Here's an older single from the boys, "Face To Face." It came out on their second masterpiece, Discovery, a disc that you must own. Go here and buy it immediately if you don't own it, as it is essential music. The album version is a beautiful track, a love song with beautiful vocals and an equally nice keyboard heavy sound. This one should put to rest any notion that their music is soulless or heartless or robot-esque or whatever.

Ahh, the remixes. Cosmo Vitelli speeds things up and gets the drums kicking, turning this into less of a 3 AMslow jam and more of a 1 AM go crazy jawn. The real winner though is the Demon remix, which sucks out all of the love and turns this into a raging, dark killer. The bass gets turned up and you really don't know what else hit you in the 6 minutes. Even the vocals sound different, like they're coming from a scared man choking out the words. Probably not for everyone, but I say "More please."

-For those in Philly, you have a choice of two guaranteed amazing events: Ladies Night at the Popoff Shack or Making Time at Transit with . Since I wrote up the whole Ladies Night jawn in the Philly Weekly, I'm gonna have to stick with the recommendation. You get Oxy Cottontail from NYC, Philly rapper Amanda Blank and Spank Rose of Sweatheart spinning all night. Amanda promised freestyle, bass and The Smiths. For real, this was what the ladies wanted to play, clearly hoping to appeal to the Pound for Pound demographic. Making Time has The Long Blondes from the UK, who will probably be blowing in 6 months. Can't go wrong tonight, people.

-One more request for a recommendation on a good host site. I've heard some complaints about yousendit from people and would like to do away with that whole thing in the next few days. Email or holler at me on myspace. Thanks.

-More tomorrow, leave a comment if you prefer Dylan or a Daft Punk mix. The choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll post the Torti mix of 'Harder Better Faster Stronger'? Its one of my faves and I haven't heard it for years.

Richard said...

Thomas and Guy for sure!

Anonymous said...

How about some Dylan, the earlier XM-Session was great, but any Mr Z. would do.

kevin said...

I love your site, and am really digging these Daft Punk mixes. I've recently become a desktop DJ, and these are great to drop into the mix....

Anonymous said...

AAH! It says the download limit has been reached for all the "Face To Face" remixes you posted. That's one of my favorite Daft Punk songs. Could you please repost them? I'm a big fan of your blog and I love all the great electronic stuff you're posting. Thanks so much.

David S