Saturday, August 11, 2007

Resurrection! Pound For Pound Birthday Party! Saturday August 11

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That's right people, the man behind the Pound for Pound blog is celebrating another year on this planet. I've decided to do it at one of my favorite NYC parties, the Resurrection party at Revolver (210 Rivington Street@Pitt). I couldn't think of a better place, away from the terrible weekend crowds, in my favorite neighborhood, the Lower East Side, with my dude Project Matt. I couldn't think of a better DJ line-up, as Mr. Andersonic, Matt and Rev McFly will give everyone their proper dose of booty, Southern rap, slumpers, party music, the music you want to hear when you go out. I couldn't ask for more than seeing a lot of people come through Saturday night, dancing, having fun and making me feel young in spite of the facts.

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