Friday, April 15, 2005

Choppped and Screwed/Dirty South Weekend on MTV Jams

Now that I am finally not drunk from last night, I figured that I would check in one more time. No more fucked up feeling then that moment when your eyes open suddenly, and you realize that you are in your clothes from the night before, you have not really slept, and Miller High Life is pumping through your veins. Scrambling to find your phone to see what idiotic calls you made, piecing together events from the end of the night, making a mental list of the people you offended and girls you repulsed. Ahhhh, good times.

There are many remedies that are offered for that fateful morning after, but I was able to find the best one today.

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MTV Jams is giving us a weekend of videos from the Dirty South, with its Chopped and Screwed/Dirty South Weekend presented by Ozone Magazine. A full recap of the programs and videos on Monday, but had to give everyone a heads-up. This is the real Must See TV; fuck a Ross and Rachel. Off to Making Time now.

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