Monday, April 18, 2005

Sunday Sightings, Omens and Friendster

While walking around last night, I saw a giantess walking at 12th and Spruce. She was 8 feet tall, or possibly 6'7"; hard to say as I was trying to decide if I fear giants or midgets more. Earlier, I saw a smaller, Hispanic version of Corliss Williamson. I am unsure if he was more upset by my staring or the fact that I referred to him as the Big Nasty. He has to be used to it, though, as he sort of likes like a decent 6th man in the NBA!

What does any of this mean? Well, I think it either means that Elijah will be coming to this year's seder, and I will see you in Jerusalem next year. Or it means that this is going to be a HUGE week at Pound for Pound.

Whenever in doubt, where do I turn to for advice? You got it, Friendster. I got 5 stars across the board on my Energy Meter (money, love and attitude) today, confirming that these sightings were not meaningless. The giant woman and compact Hispanic Corliss Williamson were omens of momentous things. Let me just quote the opening line of my horoscope: "Here's another day just chock-full of the joy of being you." Oh, Friendster, you so know me. It is a joy to be me, as who wouldn't want to be a blogger? But, it also offers this little caveat, "Of course, feeling this good means that you really should share it with someone you care for -- and you probably know just the person to invite along for the ride. Lucky them!" I do know exactly who I am going to invite along for the ride-my dear readers. We are going to take this to the next level for real, with more posts, more mp3s, more real talk about Philly and cities, more pictures. All the bustas, we givin' y'all five seconds to get close to an exit. It's about to get real ugly in here. So focused.

Check back often, as I will be doing the Mike Jones (Who?) review, recapping the MTV Jams weekend, dropping some Philly news and adding more and more links.

Update: For those who still have doubts about all of this above, I want to point out that we broke our single day high for hits. Broke isn't the right word, as it was crushed. Our previous high had been 52; today 105 stopped by. Can you feel it in the air?

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