Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Philadelphia Story

As mentioned, I am going to begin featuring more links-only posts, as I don't want my readers to think that I am the only writer going today. Lots of interesting stuff happening here in Philadelphia, good and bad, and this will be the subject line for all future recaps of the news in Philly.

-The Brookings Institute, a Washington D.C. based think tank, put out a report entitled "The Price is Wrong", which looked at Philadelphia and what life is like for those in poverty here. Its findings might be surprising for many, as it is a marked contrast to the scapegoating of the Contract for America years. The authors show that the poor pay more for goods and services than others, trapping them in a poverty cycle. The Inquirer and Daily News have done a nice job summarizing, highlighting the suggestions that the paper recommends to alleviate the higher costs directed at the poor. Here is an excellent piece putting a human face on all of this. The Daily News' editorial from yesterday strikes at this country's ignorance of life below the poverty line and the hypocrisy of those in power making life worse.

-John Baer has a great article on the gun control issue, reminding everyone of the Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia. It came out last year, the product of the input of judges, cops, community activists, and the schools. Why has this blueprint not been followed, funded and furthered, asks Baer. Good question for Mayor Street, Governor Rendell and City Council.

-Some great news on the development front, as the city has done blown up. Great stories on development on Chestnut Street, which runs through Center City, in Chinatown, on North Broad Street and in North Philadelphia. (North Philly stuff via Philadelphia: America's Hometown) North Philly for life!

-More great news, this time for my South Philly people. Craig LeBan reviews the newest addition to the Restaurant Row developing on Passyunk Avenue, Paradiso, and finds this one to be the best yet. Go here for Laban's tour of this new restaurant mecca, as there is so much going on outside of the safe confines of downtown Center City. Here is the Philadelphia Weekly review of Paradiso, if you are looking for a second opinion.

-The defense rested in the FBI corruption trial without calling any witnesses. Closing statements begin on Thursday. Go here for all of the news about this pivotal case.

-For those wondering why this is so pivotal, read this story on the widening federal probe, which now has Councilman Rick Mariano in its crosshairs. (Via Attytood) You remember him as one of the NO votes on ethics reform. Or read this article on another NO vote, Councilman Darrell Clarke, and his need for his own bathroom as programs are cut and city employees laid off.

-Finally, the Phillies won their home opener for the first time since 1980 (!!!!). The 76ers are in the eighth spot to make the playoffs, and play a real a sport without the use of steroids. Terrell Owens hired a new agent, who is meeting with the team today to renegotiate his contract. The Eagles almost traded Corey Simon Monday for some draft picks.

I will take a look at the news of Philly every other day or so, as this should give you an idea of the new way this blog will look.

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