Friday, November 02, 2007

The Black Ghosts - Some Way Through This

The Black Ghosts, "Some Way Through This" (YSI link) YSI link corrected

The Black Ghosts, "Some Way Through This (Plastician & Skream remix)" (YSI link)

I'm actually gonna try to get better over the next few weeks with just posting, without any sort of genre or artist focus. However, I couldn't pass up this chance to comine our recent focus on indie dance and dubstep, I mean, seriously, who was expecting that crossover? Okay, maybe some of y'all were, but I wasn't. One listen to this recent remix of The Black Ghosts by dubstep stars Skream and Plastician and it was clear that I wasn't looking hard enough for the meeting points.

I'm getting ahead of myself, as the original version of "Some Way Through This" is a fantastic song in its own right. The Black Ghosts have enjoyed a lot of buzz, mainly off of the strength of a ton of great remixes of their songs. This track, though, shows that this band has a huge upside, it's seriously one of the best things I've heard in a minute. So many nice things here, first off, love love love Simon Lord's voice, you know that I love a less-than-perfect, unique voice and this dude's got it. It's a little more than four minutes, standard rock song length, but it seems so much longer and stretched out and relaxed, unlike most of the indie dance stuff. From there, a gorgeous instrumental brings it home with perfectly placed strings, bass buzzes and bumps and a clicking drumtrack.

Skream and Plastician are two of the biggest names in the dubstep scene and this track seems perfect for that hazy, slowed-down sound. For the most part, they don't mess with the original too much. They add a lot of subbass, throw in some effects, quicken the beat. Most notably, they take the strings out (or bury them in the mix), using the bass and an Eastern-y sounding synth to drive the rhythm. It's a nice remix, but pales in comparison to the original for me.


mirapa said...

Jack - both the YSI clicks link to the remix...

cor said...

Thanks so much for posting the original! Everyone else has only been posting the remixes. Have you heard the 'Anyway You Choose To Give It' acoustic version? A great song no matter which way you slice it.


peter said...

GREAT song - thanks for the high bitrate mp3s